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'nifSDATrMPb??Hru, ? -QtM)'? COMp?C, p, M 9?. 5:I;nbin:I/d, 4 N ENGLISH & WELSH D?CTION?T, ?'?'" "?<?y the Words, but abo the Idioms and pi lI. tS< the Ln??h Lana:ua?e:ire c&refuiiy trans- f jnii "10 f t Pr<>per and equivalent Words and ?hr-? ? P?per and equivalent Words and Bythettev.J?j????g Rector of Landough, in Glamorganshire. 'P'f's only of this vata?bte Work remai In iin- -■xnii tl-e Edition conected hy the Author's ??'n ?tiandts; w"l°h is greasy super?r-m every point of vi? k_ „ JPllt?4,"LL) EDtTMN no? pâutiug in a remote cørner or cd!tJrt|y Sold by E. WFLLIAWS, Booksdler to the Duke and D??liess "fYork, No. 11, Straod, I?ndou; by D. J?Ki?, ?rmtcr of this Paper; and aU other Bookellers. Where, may he had, just published, The °F^K A L WORKS ofEDWARD RICHARD, r v.ei,r'^ in Cardiganshire, with an Account of INS Life i•n feI? nglvish; wMh Notes a?t lustrations, price Ss. (M. !y 'fid Illustrations, price:3s. (id?. CARMARTHEN SHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ^On Tuesday, the 15th day of March, 1814, at the Dwelling- house of Mr. Thomas Evans, Victualler, in the villae of Pmnpsaint, in the parish oT Cayo, (unless disposed of in I, mean time by private contract, ol which timeiy notice- Will be given), subject to such conditions of sale ns shall be tu en and there produced, A LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and called PENARTH-FAWR FARM, con- t' *-m;. ?hout2;)0 Acre, more or tess, of exceMeHt Mfadow j Ul,e Land, now let under a lease, which expires at Tne above Ft-rm is capable of ?reat improvement, deli?ht- Miehadmas next, at the low yearly rent of £50. tuRy situated near the said village of PUlnpsamt; distant .n? ?nsawel th.-ce?nHes, frotn Handovery about si.   seven ?'?s. nearly adjoining the ttuuVrnmpiiiki e load I ?.f.roll, Lampeter to Llandovery. -For a view of the premises apply to the tenant; and for further pavtan ars apply to Mr. Tiiomas Jenkins, of Rhyd- benau, near Lampeter.  TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, (Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of w hien due notice will be given), By S. LLEWELLYN, fit ue ifiackworlh Arms Inn, on Monday, the 7th day of March, 1814, between three and five o'clock in the after noon. TWO SIXTEENTH PARTS OF THE GO,OD BR 'IG ENDEAVOUI-X, Burthen 240 Tons, With TWO SIXTEENTH PARTS of her STORES, &c. The said Brig is now employed in the Transport Servire. For particulars apply (if by letter) post P?'?)? to the "Pioneer. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By THOMAS J HNKINS. On the Premiss, at Grovesend, near Swansea, on Monda.? tne 14th day of March, 1811, ?LL ?e FARMING STOCK and CROP J)1  ?'? said ?'"?? together with various IM- A, L?.,???Ts of IJUSRA,N I)R??,? rr?"? ??, A PART of th~ HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TU Ilb, ??EWfNG UTENSILS, :md a variety of other .ArttcJ(>s too numerous to inspTt. The Sale in-ill coniineuce at 10'o'clock in the forenoon. GEOEGE HAMRIE8, Linen and Woollen BfaperfGrocer, ll7W- 'li'IJllI04ongei'; KARBERTH, ??SPRCTFULLY informs his F?cn?.s and the PnhJÍcln" ?nem!, that he ha" 'hL'}y !-pcci?d a E» ar^e STOCK of GOOCS m the ab?c HraHr;K s, v .ch he is s?.f!i? on ? i,)?.?t Terms* Wholesale a?d R ",aU .N. n. An APPRENTICE W ANTEDwho under-! stands the Language. MarcJi 2, ] SJl. .TAN1'ED,A .?u?y senous PERSON of VansS,™l ^"ne'plw, who has been accu.tonWd i )? VC.Tlu-ild^re„n ,«md is cOlUpdenHo take upon her the Instruc- .t;? of tile lirai"c,l(,s of a 1,tir?ily ?'"S '?? ?? Wekh; with all ki ?? c ? SbX ?f f t':J.chin¡?; tht'll1 to /vfl Welsh; with all kinds of useful ,Nel:rkw(j:-k; aud likewise to ?"? after the Linen of the J.'anily. A Person of '? "? of from 30 to 40 would be preferred.  \'VeIsh and J:.n,;hHhLanguages will C?e afforded. 5^53^^ to the Printer of this ap!'r, sta¡¡n tCJ'ms c: *"il'l be duly answered. All WERTH, t TRWY GYTUNDEB ANGHYHGEDD, ]¥AW o DAIANNEDD, bai aadeil,d- N"Vvytl yn dmwpddar 0 Ddcfnye[d!au da, ac ?n dra Svyda,Km^T.Cb' y'??-???y.nhref L]annvst, wyddDdillbyc1J.. Ymnfyniry'mbellach a Mr. William Owens, o'r rh? 1(ldpvedcdig diet Llanrvvst. CYMMANFA'R EEDYDDWYR YN CROES Y PARC, S(tryz)D FORGANIVG» Af-A A iN- fod Y dydd Mercher cyntafoFehefin XA yndygivydd v iiwvckhn bon ar y dydd cyntaf o'r Inis baruwyd mai buddiol fyddai hysbysu i'r rhai y per- ^nai iddynt wybod, y bydd t'r GYMMANFA uchod ddechreu ar brydnawn dydd Mawrth yr Slain o Fai, ac i tiariiau dros y Mercher a'r lau canlynol, sef ycyntaf a I all F, ehef111.-0 ganlyniad cynlMilir y GYMMANFA Or- ikwillol yn Moleston, bwydd Benfro, Mehetin y seitlifed, >vyMded, a'r nawfed. I CVMMASf'A'R ISKDVODWVR ,H LYYNYS RQN. t)?v? ? ? ? ?? FLYNYDDOL y BEpYODWYR yn YNYS F'ON y ? ??dyn   ?F.n ?" ?'? y ??w'? a r Mercher cyn?f ? Gor? i)heii'»F• 11 dysgwylir ?-? Wcintdug.on o Ddei?b?h bregettill, 4.1. R NEWYDD, LLANVMDDYI-RJ, 8WYDD GAERFYRDDIN. RHqDDI nybysiáeth ,-ÍlWY bytJ, yhydd f'FA I R i gael CI chynnal llw,deisd,,f u,h(,d )'11 ilynyddol, ar y PF,All a'r UGEíN.. )"ED 0 Fis- MA \InTO; y dydd cyntaf i werth'a A Iiifeiliaid €«rniog a CheffylauU'r ail dgdil werS^IoriT-C4anif. iateir i i,ob math 0 Faelenaeth, ( Mertiwndise), gael ei?Kyn- nyg ar werth, ar y ddau ddn) rnod. ° Gan?d y pedwaryddarbHmthpgo Fawrthn dygwyd4d ? twyddyn lwn ar ddydd Sadwrn, o ?iyni?c/ ynh? y. ?'t H<.nr ar ddydd Uun yr unfed ar h "gam. ?'?yddwydyr Slain 0 Jonawr, 1814. SACKVILLE GWYNNE, Yawain, Peuswyddog. F^nachw^i' 7 rb?iX,??e.?in i"f"Taa isod, ? rha?dym clMc;hyl' lneWÍl Antfclhald ? Moch, yn y?wy?.o dyfod J r FfclrJau rha"n,h'ø'¡: oJ ",u. JMvid j()nes 'MSuuuders Otin */ones -?MM?.?t?. ?'M???/M lite* Prickett, pztti ?oMcs, ) yAowa? M?!/<MM.t, ??r, Dabid Pr;i, Beribrook, ? Bavkl Dudes) Ctt'/??M. distresses in Germany. AT a MEETING held at t?e TowN-HAT.L, A NEAT" Feb. 21st, 1814, f", the purpose of CON- 'r?!IB U?rINb towards the REL1 )t).;ie ot- brought on in GERMANS, and other parts of the Con- tinent, by the War; HENRY GRANT, ESQ. M THE CUAni; On the reading of sundry particulars, exhibitipg forcibly the extreme Distress which the Inhabitants 01 Germany have suffered by the War, RESOLYEI), ;■■ That this Meeting cordially approves the benevolent ob- ject of the Meeting held in London the fJi' th of January, and is anxious to participate in the gevierarfeeling which results/roin an elIort so nobly calculated to raise the Christian character of the Nation. That this Meeting has peculiar satisfaction in observing, that the views of the London Commit tee extend to other parts of the Continent as wet: as to Germany; by which relief may be afforded to seme who have been regarded as enemies; and a confidencè be given to others, in the since- rity with which we are disposed to become neighbours in the uiost Christian sensev That the Clergy men, and Dissenting Ministers, in this and the surrounding parishes be, and they are hereby respect- fully solicited to introduce the subject to the notice of their respective Congregations, and to make Collections. That Subscriptions be tiow commenced,—and that the following Gentlemen be appointed a Committee to carry the object of this Meeting into speedy effect, and transmit the ainount they may receive to the Committee in London, with a Copy of tiles -e, ticqolutioiu: The PORTI??EE V i V The PORTREE V E, I J. HERBT. LLOYD, Esq. Rev. J. GRIFFITHS, EVAN REES, iun. v JOSEPH ?, PRICE. That a copy of tbeseResolutiolls be printed in the Cam- Jbrian and Seren Gdmer Papers. H. GRANT. The Chairmanhav.ng left the Chair, II. GRANT. j liESOLVKi),- I, That the thanks of this lvfeetihg are dtit, to H. Grant, Esq. for the handsome manner in which he has forwarded the ob- jects of this Meeting. l^: SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Corporation of Neath 10 10 0 Henry (irant,Esq. ex- elusive of his Sub- scription in London 10 10 0 Mrs. & Misses Wil- liams, Duliryn. 5 5 0 J no. Herbert Llovd. Esq. "3 g o Thos; Walker, Esq. 3 3 0 Mrs.Basspt. 2 201 Edw. Hawkins, Esq 2 2 0 H.J.?mnt, E.q. 2 20 John Plumbe, Esq.. 2 20 2 2 0 William Gwyn 2 2 0 M. rs, Gwyn l i o Peter Price 2 20 Aiiii,,t Pric( 1 1 0 Joseph T. Price 2 20 Col. l,iitti-,deii 2 2 0 Henry H. Price 1 10 Edwin Price 1 10 David Davies 1 10 Evan Rees, Jun. 110 J duathan Rccs. 1 10 I MicliaelAlleii 1 10 Isaac Redwood 1 10 Benjamin Howells 1 1 0 John Morgan 1 10 I,vm.?w ilitt?ingtoil 1 0 Mathew Forstfr. 1 1 001 James Coke. 1 10 ¡ £ s. d. Tho!. Edwards, Mi- ner's Row. 1 1 0 John Had wen 1 1 0 Samuel Jones 1 10 Frincis 1 10 Mrs. Miers. 1 1 0 Miss Cox 1 10 Edw. Gwyn 110 J. Place, Esq 1 10 Philip J ones 1 10 Samuel Morgan 1 1 0 David Morgan I 1 0 Rev. J. Griffiths 0106 James Allen 0 10 6 Wm. Smith Pendrce 0 10 6 David Sims 0 10 6 Misses Jenkins 0 10 6 Mrs. Rachael Morgan 0 10 6 Mi-s. B. Morgan' I) 10 0 .Mrs. M. Y. Price 0 10 6 Miss Vrice 0 10,6 Dd. Rogers & Son 0 10 6 Nathaniel Jones 0 10 0 The free Gift of a few little Girls at Mrs.Priee'sSchool 0 11 0 Collections at N eiith Church. 6 12 3 Do. at the Methodist Meeting.. 2 0 0 Williams, Lk>vellyn, & Gronow, M eath Bank 3 3 0 There will, it is expected, be otherSubscriptiQIIs and Collections made. ^uVscr'pt'ons and Collections reeeive-d- by either of the Committee, or at,IN eath Bank. i





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