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D AVID JEN KIN, PI-CNTER OF THIS PAPER., Bookseller, Binder, Stationer, and Mvsic Seller, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, "13 ETURN^ his grateful acknowted?mpnts to -N-? his numerous Friends :md the PuMic in Kcnem), for tie very fluttering encou.«gempnt and support he has at- reaJj experieiued, and mspectfullv informs tliem that he has received tiom London a valuable Collection of J&ftU COk!); wbicli lie otrersfor sale considerably under their published prices, for ready Money, among which are the following:- Harrv VV orks, -'vol- Ito. BeaiUiesof Scotland, 5 V. SVO 13rois$olift's Travels in Dell. mark and Sweden, 2 vols. 4to. plates Bull'on s Natural History, by Wood, '20 v. Svo. many pl. Collins's Peerage, by Sir E. Bridges, Ð vols. 8vo. Carr's, Sir John, Poems ———— Tour in Scotland, 4to ———————- 4to. Rhine, 4t«. Doddridge's Expositor Dryden's' Works, hy Walter Scott, 18 vols. Svo. European ill India, hy De Oyley, 4to. coloured plates Gilford's Life of Pitt, J vols. royal 4 to. -I fe of llitt, i vols. (iill's Exposition on the New Testament, 3 vols, roval 4to. Gregory's Dictionary "of A its and Sciences, '2 vols. 4to. Gillies on the New Testa- ment, 2 vols. 8vo. Hogarth's Works, by Clerk, 2" vols, royal Svo. ———:———— hy Nieliolsaiid S 2 v. 4io. tiiO eiigrav. Hall's, Bp. Works, 10 v. 8vo. ————— Select Works, by Pratt, 5vols, royal 8vo. j Do. 5 v. royal Svo. Jlowiu' t'ahit.s, plati's iinison's Elements of Science and Art, 2 vols. Svo. Jacob's Travels in Spain^tw ¡ Jones's, Sir W.Worka,l? vols. Svo. Meyrick's History of Cardi- galisiiire, 4 to. Moore's Utopt?, by Dibdin, 4 to. Mosheim'sl 'cclesiastical His- tory,6vo)s. 8vo. Npate s History of the Puri- tan:,2v<j')&Sm. Na,Nlor's of the Ilel- Vl'tir. Republic, 4 Vols. Svo. Nicholson s British Encyclo- paedia, 6 vols. Svo. Owen on the Spirit Palmer's N on-conformist's Memorial, 3 vols. Svo. Romaine's Works, 6 v. Svo. Seeker's, A bp. Works, 6 vols. Hvo. Scattergood's Sermons, 2 v. Svo. Shakspeare's Works, 4 diffe- rent editions Simpson's Plea for Religion, Hvo. Skinner's present State of Peru, 4to. plates Withering Botanical Ar- rangement, 4 vols. Svo. Ycaug's orks, ii vols. Svo. D. J. has also on ..a!e a great collection second-hand Books in the various branches of Arts aild Scietices, on very moderate terms. Magazines, Reviews, and other periodica. Works at the London published prices. Annual Pocket-Books, Almanacks, Court Calendars, &c. and a choice Selection of Children's aud School Books. Writing Papers of all sizes of the Iwt quality. A very extensive Collection ot tlie newest and most ap- proved Musical Publications. A choice Assortment ot Musical Instruments. A g-rat.Stock of Account Books, adapted to any Trade .or Profession. c-r Books bou.;J in plain or clegirt ° at the f shortest uotic-3. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK SS Co. RESPECTFlJLL y infrm the Public, that they have contracted with Coverniiie-iit for a LOTTERY of 8,000 Tickets, to begin Drawing 1th of March, 1814. THE SCHEME CdXTAlNS 2 Prizes of X2fl;fffl 2 i 3 1,?00 1 300 &c. &c. &c. And the Lowest Prizes X17. TrcKEts and SnAREs are selling hy D. JENKIN, Printer of this Paper, IIA VERFORDiVEST, JAMES GRIFFITHS, Stationer, CHEPSTOW, W.MORRIS, Grocer, PEMBROKE, J. TREBLE, Stationer, RUTHYN, ROBERT JONKS. For RICHARDSON, COODLUCK, & CO. LONDOX, Who sold in the Lottery that finished Drawing 26th January, SIX of the CAPITAL PRIZES, in 72 Shares.