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? CEFFYL WHDI El LEDRATA. J LF;??AT\Y\'D, y,? {)wyr Ne:th!w' ncu N? ?? ??tth?,' ? F'\RC?-DY f.S?<c/yt)-ng"s i ? -!n?!?< '.?'. Titu?? P.RAh.Kf?' ??'Ft?br?kc; ?of?w !t\;?? ?' ??!-? i. ? .f??7??y'??-??, .AI,')., '?':s''<yi<'?' L, (?''ut't'tido'tdt?cr; yin hytt?ach An nch''t ? C''«<?? !y)'.ac\i'<s: ?)) c' )i;))'t))HU ot: y)ic4')'(t<!<*(!?n c) !)):)! p ')t-.v?.tNw'?: xoi'?H ?cn f;in<' vn t'! <)<dccn, !L'yH- ??!) M\?j-Lat-?<i i:?.) ei <J)'?\!): .cy))''ih?.].))-, ?'i ,uw yH tdt'!?u:? \<? '!n; o ?yn :t).y ?)'<'c? ii?c'n u?yy., a g\yn ar'et 'd(?\.y ?'<'f/ ()). ? ?' /? j. Pv.y?;;)' r9.!<tu hy-?Y?."pUt ?'')'T''pscdd?)'ncn'f'B)'os- edfhtyr, n?th \ti \\<i!)r, '?: u! ('tctK'?-broii efneUt?'y, ? '¡) 'I)'" S 1 ,)(1J Ddeg r?? a ? eg s?nt, ? -;i? b ti?.4) ?n'l Mr. Pcar?es, tit'os I.cn y Vi ohf a ?nintr.n' ?an -,?!:?,y ?nct!(i. ?cos'Oc?t' na\'t?.),'?\\y )!? u)! j'ofs?nytt'y J?cdr'?, ?c (? cyt't'?d;' un ¡;, )K)j)yn! ci s:y'?'!m? lien èi', ?'. <t?y!'t?t'('?iGn, c?ifi ? r nv, ..?,n ?yi(u<M< ''t:i!y, yn .0!. eut?-, <i;t)')' cyfr,'? !y(?,n:iit' .ncn ?yf!?yi'a.u<)? yr, -yt- uu \\nh)-, H <k?iy(!:)it p'o.) .tto?tHo? ) s;.n'3 innddeu?nt tddo. ?yL't' M?.ft.!), I'Mt?wf 11, '814. ?; rt.? ? n ?'' J BAViD PR NTEit OF TiliS rAPER, -Bo(?eM(? -C<d<:r, .S'??MH<?f, «?? ?u?.«; .SJA,T, CASTLE-STREET, SWANSEA, ? ?TU!-LNS his gt-atcfui !icktMw.!e!?m?nts to JaL? ).? nt't"c:-ous Friends n'?d the PuMic iri ?cncnd, thr t.x' very .'fe bus :d- mxi rpsju'cH'fHy i))<'t)'"js thelH tlkti he baslecehcd .ft0 ;t Lmiduu .). CuHectioii of, j¡;;eh\ 3300!tE:î \I('' hc <?t1.è¡'s fOl' mk considèml\lji tÙf'el'thcj" pnhl;shed ready l¡O¡¡ey, ai"o jg. uLtch a'c tiw i'oUm'. Barry V\ork" 2 voL;: 4:tn. lkauties ot'i'icotlal1l\, !J v.lÎyn 'J\i. 4i.).)tk)t.ps C!)t!i)ts's 13r¡(\ 9 volô. L\'o. C?.f'c, Sii- J(?ni,t'<f:ti''s .———To' i" ?'(?i<)'td ltn :Dnd'i.n.?s?:x?.??- Dfy()t'u? ',V"h'yW:d!.cr Scott,lt).?s,?..o. I ]?nr0jjc..i.n it) !)!(!-< "y?c) O?IpY,4tc.<'()!f"Tcdi"3i<n <«!f'ttf\?LitC<'i?t'? '-i?ML. r<.v-t!lw. I i <'<tti' t¡:, 1f'ijt'nn on uK N r'T, t". 0).f i.rts j a.M't :'(!'i)'ips<)n<cKeu Tc-,t..t- Fwnt, '2 \(11. ? V- 11"(:'1'" \Vn)'k:,¡IY Cic-:k,¡ 2 S\< 2 v. n.di'r',)J,)).).?"0. ———?-t?c.t \<4:s,t)yi ?mtt, 5 \"I".my?'h\ ——)?. 5 .t'f'yul S?:). I n<i)tHt:t?.<tt?te3, ?';t.s i: \enkllÎs of Science .1 Aa-, 2 VF)ISI HV,). -hicob's Travels in S").t)n,4 tf) Jo"es's,Sh-W. Works, li 1 ( ? a 8 ) j J'i'ir:: ¡[(;j¡;ry or'cardi- g:-H's''h'o,?io. A)?-t:s?()?i?,!)vDib()m,? 4?.? !?us;)C!m%'F''cct''s!:ts?c:i!i'IiB-? ii;i-y, ()\').)s. 8vo. l. (\t;;))r theÙwi- t.u?,??()h,!jvo. 'j ?'?)'Yi-'a .t)'))y<!f t.?C-Hc1.- ?!?tc f{.eTi<)'c,4 'v<s.. 8\'o..t ptPr,ia., i\t't. r ,1, 'J: V} .I: R!'i.'a'ne'?W(h'l(s,6 v. {;t'). \Y o. i<) () 8::i:.X:;ù\ See'mons, .2 y. -et cf''t'nn-i. J )ti'l"O!l'S ,'lea rH.- S\ inncr's 'prc>ellt S<le of"1 i>,> .1 í.. Jte ? s Ar- 4 v<'i-OW).. J vols. 8vo. D..?:'asR???'?L!ca'T<\?r<!ec??!?f.?co)?tn.nd B'n!<'< i. '.c\?;)t'?'!C'ik'bM.)'a'i(?(;icu{-c:n?vc.y :(;1,)<¡'1(1 'o,\(' perio(¡cl, WQ\s tÎle Ln:.]f'o,!?.' ? ;C?. i c< ? A -t.'tj.tt.?nc???.«.o?. ')anac?'(?Hri'C.&?nr??,&? ajH??<th-r.??.c;-?.)<r:???,, 's;i-if! P.cbo< i;<'<'?. ?\???-??O?????L???????n??? pro'<c('i.?"c.?"?. ? Ac'MUc?.' .?r.???oi?.i' j??ie?LIagt.w?ents.. '¡!ock ijool;s, ;ublted tÚ any '['rade er'*).'<). r j' t' jn 1'' "no C'C;"11ll. ,Rt:thp I "c:c: F "(. -J ,r-

"-'C-WC""j ' ' : ' ' ' 'LL(.?Ku?DIAET?ANrAD.''''?'''??

?'-?——??ATEIN?OHEB?YR. ' '"''…

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