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LLTNI) AIN...•1 ,. I ,:

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y MAE II. GRIFFITHS, LLIEINIWR A JiRETIIYNWR, Wrth y FABCHTJADFA, ABERTAWE, YN cymmeryd y ey fie, hwn i dalu diolch i'w JtL Gyfeillion Uiosog yngyffredinol (ac yn fwjafneillduol yn awr i'r rhai sydd y, ii y Wlad), am eu careaigrwydd a u cynnortlitvy para us iddo ef; ac ar yr un pryd yn deisyf eu hystvriaeth yn neillduol o'r amrywiacth tra holaeth ag sydd ganddo'n hresennoi o Ddefnyddiau Jlin a gw lan yn gvftre- dinol, y rliai y galluorfr ef i Nv gwertim (ar gyfrir y codiad digymhar yn eu prisodd), yn llawn 25 y cant o dan bris y rhai sydd yn eu gwneuthur, am arian parod. Dymtinlr ar deuluodd, ac ereill. i hwrcasn yn gYiinar; gan y bydd i'w gynnysgaeth, er el bod yn hehjelh dros ben, i ddarfod(cyn y byddo'n hir. iN tvyfau Angladdau yn barod- or y rlkybuil(I byraf. THOMA3 WALTHHS, CYFAN-WERTH A MAN-WERTH, Pei'lysieuwr a ClumlncyUydd (Grocer fy Chandler), HEOL-Y-GWYNT, gerllAtv'r FARGHNADFA, ABERTAWE, SYDQ yn deisyf cenad yn y, jnodd mwyaf parchus i ddychwelyd diolch diledrith i'w GyfeUJion ac i'r Cyffredin,^am yr amryw jryminwynasau à roddwyd iddo ef yn y watth uchod dros lawer o flynyddau a aethant heibio; ac y mae ynobeithio, trwy yinlyniad diysgog wrth ei alwad, a thrwy gfidw amrywiaeth didwvll ac hclaetli- nvydd o Dclail lJrvs^wydd China (TeEl) o'r fath orru, a phob peth arall pertfiynoli-w hi wad, y bydd kldo haeddu parftad o'r caredigrwydd hyny ag y mae pfe wdi ei gswl Al.w? .ad,n'?iod ,Oro od' l n ? a g y in4e'e fe 4vedi ei gt' wl mewn modd rhagorol, oddiar pan ddechreuoda ddylyn y galwadau uchod. i At ar yr 011 amser y rtiae T. WALTERS yn deisyf ceanad i sylwi ei fod ef yn awr yn gwerthu SI\r;lU lawer yn is na phriso^d Llundain a Chaerodor (Bristol). Gall y Cyffredin ymddibynu ar gfiel y Dail China ^r»re« a mvvyaf didwyll ganddo, gan ei fod ef yn eu'cael o'Dy'r India IMwyreiniol ci hui).   a X mae T. W. hefyd yn gwerthu Caws gore'" L!&egr a Chymru,C? Moch,&c.&c. ? J ?. S. Rhoddir y pris goreu am Wer, Brasder Ci^yddion, <&c. .• ?' Jtist Published, Atto may-be'had?fC?ADOC? andJo, Paternoster Row, I London; D. JEN?K, Swansea, and ail other iokseiler .t! ¡ In Orfe Volume. 8tm. with ailop of the í PRICE 3s. JN BO ARBS, i. M. VIEW of -CAMPA:I."C,,N;in?' ,Russia, in the year 1812, coUeftcd from dteo!<ncia!Rnd other documents of both Nat ions, from the ti, of the en- trance of thfe French into.Kowno to their retreat from Alos, N c ow, ind the cow; and the sa?qne)M disasters attending thfir m&rch, from the time Bahapafte ?ed from?b aFmy at SmwgetMe; V By an OFFICER. Of isftwm also may be had, ih one vol. 12mo. 3s, boards, A PLEA for the DIVINITY of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, in a Pastoral Letter addressed to a Congrega- tion of Protestant Dissenters at Cambridge; by R. ROBIN- V' "1'( Ai 1. 8u0. 2s. stitched! I ,à., so, lTI one t'O ,post vo_s, II lc.C «c, A DESCRIPTION of SWANSEA and «s' ENVI- RONS, comprehending every thing worthy of iMitkse for the .information of the Stringer. ,;)■■■ POPULAR SCHOOL Published by C. CRADOCK and W. Jorj 3*2, Paternoster Rote, London; s' r And may be liad of-D. Jenkin, Printer of this'^ftppr,,and ■ J. Harries, Swansea; Williams, Metrhvr^TydfH'}; Evans,. Cflr:tn:uthetl; Le\ris, Cardigan; Gee, Denbigh?; ;Philiips, Ruthyn; Sanderson, Bala; Jones, Lewis, {JjFejarport} and all other Booksellers, 1. The SECOND EDITIOW, with n-irtierotis and', iiiiieh improved, prjee 6ii. sewed, ?  UY'S NEW BRITISH PRIM ER; W Ont- ?jr drenofaneariyAge: intended toprecedfdte?EW 11'" drel,l()f anf'a rlY A C:, il1tendedtOPI'C,'Cèd e"tb,'NEW ,BØ8ks., TMs little volume consists of such very eay whrdsahd I¡sentc,'títes and interesting lessons, as tire calcinated H> lead chMren, step by step, from theAtphabet. Ttw SQbject." while (a! a [eyel with their ?tdcrstandings,wiU not fower lower their ideas. It is 'h6PM that, ?-iii4)n- the nHm?roMs attempts to lead the youn^ mijidi)vertimthrgsitold fkjo, ledge, dli§ little work may meet the wants of the ik? and the wishes of the Teacher. ?. 2. The SEVENTH EDTITTON, on fine paper, ^on^ctfed 2. and much improved in tb6 arrangement, with 40 new CIIta added, price Is. 6d. bound. J GUY'S NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, or an Introduction to Spelling and Reading, in Seven Parte, con- taining a great variety of easy Lessons exactly adapted to the capacities of Youth, and arranged in a new, easy, and pleasing order; the Tables of Words are divided and accented according to the purest modes of pronunciation. In this book the reading lessons are more numerous, the subjects more choice, the order more pleasing, and the gra- dation from the most easy to the more difficult far bettur preserved, than in other spelling and reading books; thesek also anew and most convenient division and arrangement of the spelling tables; and the outlines of geography, grammar, &c. exhibit the very ideas which children should first commit to memory. In short, teachers will find in it, throughout, all that a spelling book should possess. I t has been pronounced, by able instructors, to be greatly superior for all the purposes of teaching to any thing of the kuid yet published. Mr. Guy seems perfectly to understand the powers and nature of the infant mind, and the best means of enabling it to comprehend the value of letters, syllables, and words, with their relation to things. He has had experience in teaching, has reasoned on his experience, and evinced his knowledge in arranging this Spelling Book. We btve coinpart- d I it ivitli Mavors, and several other generally esteemed first books for children, and found it in almost every particular more simple, more congenial w ith the language and powers of the young mind, and better adapted for instruction, than any other work of its kind. The spelling and reading lessons are placed on opposite pages, and the selection of the latter is such as must naturally expand the mind and improve the morals of ciiildr" l'ittuac(ibiri Review. 3. On fine paper, and handsomely printed, price Is. neatly hound, > GUY'S NEW BRITISH READER, or, SEQUEL to his NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK^lcontaining a great variety of easy Lessons, selected from the most ap- proved A utliors exhibiting a very easy gradation, and adapted to the junior classes of Ladies' and Gentlemen's ) Schools. j This w ork contains a larger selection of very easy reading, both in prose and poetry, than has yet been made for schools. The lessons are not only such as are easy t > read, but easy to comprehend, and suitable both in subject, style, and arrange- ment; AND, WHAT WILL BE DEEMED A MOST ESSENTIAL IM- PLLOVEMENT, THE MORE DIFFICULT WORDS ARE DIVIDED AND EXPLAINED. ILTTHE IJEAD OF EACH CIIAPTER. is one of the easiest and most useful guides to read- ing that we have seen; aad ttuTgradaiion from plain and fa- lnilier to the higher orders of composition is very judiciously contrived.and executed: an agreeable variety, both in prose and verse, is also introduced, as are some interesting tales. Tbe book is remarkably well printed, and of a very moderate price."—British Critic, Jula 1811. 4. Just Published the THIRD EDITION, enlarged, very considerably improved, and handsomely printed, price h.6d, bound in red, IGs. UfiYd. 'S ENGLISH SCHOOL GRAMMAR; in which Practical Illostration is, in every step, blended with Theory, EL x tinn ?ies,' and Exercises: adapted throughout to by I? ule9s, f Schoo s amI Private Teachers. t  e, US6 In this work English Grammar is rendered easy to the capa- city of the learner, not only by giving a concise outline of its general principles, but by Combining theory with practice, by adapting Questions and Exercises in a well'digested Order, to each Rule, by concentrating every thing essential, and bringing it at »nce to the test of vrac By it chiMrpn will not he engaged so long as they now are, w ith so much labour of the memory, and so little assistance of the under- Dr. Lowth. stanSdEinCgO.ND EDITION, enlarged .and much Improve d 5. SlCOND EDmON, enlarge (I and much improwd. Royal 18mo. with seven handsome Maps, price 3s. bound iGnU.reYd',S SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY; on anew, easy, and SCHOO" GEOGRAPHY; °11 'anew, t'asy, and highly approved Plan; comprising not only a complete ge- neral Description, hut much fopographicaf Information, in a well digested Order; exhibiting three distinct Parts, and yet forming one connected Whole. Expressly adapted to r siv tdai)ted to every Age and Capacity, and to everv Class of Learners, both in Ladies'and Gentlemen's Schoofs. We think this work entitled to unqualified approbation. It unites utillity; with cheapness. Its method is simple and practicable, and well adapted to the first wants of the mind. Mr. Guy is already known as the author of some other works of a similar nature, and this Will add to his merit in that species of composition.JJiiwersal Magazine, April, 1810. The Maps on a handsome drawing paper, neatly co- loured, ti -fe sold separate for the convenience of Teachers, price 2s. seaced. 2s. sewGeUd. AM'S SCHOOL CIPHERING-BOOK for Begin- ners; contp&ng a complete Set of Sums iu the first four Rules of Arithmetic, printed in large Figures, the Copy-book Size, of Arithmetic, "Slims feet, and all the Lines ruled: on excellent writing paper, SECOND EDITION, price 3s, 6d. itw. half bound.. Also, a KEY to the alii ove Sums, price 6d. This work will be equally acceptable to Ladies' and Gen- tlsinen's Schoot. and private Families. It-comprises every essential in the above Rules, aud will save Teachers uclt needless trouble, both in setting and and correcting ,su-ch Sums. u The subject of this book is to simply a course of sums and questions, quite on a level with the capacities of learners, yet copious, various, and systematic; to .'place' tlie bperdtions in that easy succession which w ill materially lessen, if not J altogether remove, first tlifftcvilties; and enable the learner to comprehend the whole with abusdantly more tfase to himself, and less from the master, than can he effected -by tt,e usnllIlltltory modes of instruction.Re- I'I), Yr X, -on fine paper, handsomely printed, with near two Inquired new articles added, and the whole cart'fidlf corrected, ctiid-mtwh iiuprovw, price iii. boards, or 7s. 6d. neatly l>ound. J,0( |S-IJT (yiVGLOP.EDI A or, Miscellany of CSEFUILWAWLEDGE, from the latest and best Authorities, desigifr4 for senior Sd^olars In' Schools, and for young Trer- sonsan "general;; containing much tiseful Information on various Subjects necessary to be known. by all Persons, and yet not to be/amul in Hooks of general Use in Schools. By JÓSEPuGU'Y', late Profpssofof Geography, &c. Royal Mili- tary College Great Mailow. u In company, to fliscovcr gross ignorance of things be- coming one s station m life to know, is msupportably morti- fying and degrading."—Anon, ,is insiipportablyinerti- Six Editions of this must pwflil Work having been called for by the Public. In this Edition the Arts are brought down to die. present time, new discoveries introdBeed, near 200 new articles added, Aiui the whole re-written and made familiar to the youthful capacity. ."The,Rev.,¡Ji. Evans, Author 01" Sketch of Denominations of Christians," gives the following Testimony of this Work, in his Essay (m'Edttcatton' T-he,.Wi4 BøOk of tois kind ih his Essay On 'Edacat4on :,—a thatevfr camemtomy hands is entitled,' GUY'S POCKET ÇXCLOPJDJA; &c, I have transcribed the Title-page at length; since 'it may Snduee mine persons to prbciuse it. It is «a; v.'dnable'rQjwpendiuip, and i^lects erjAlit on the Compiler." ,8. GUY'S CHART ofGENERAL HISTORY, Ancient and Modern. On a!large sheet of OoliftfiHier drawing paper, me SECOND EDITION, corrected, price 7s. coloured; on 'cqinvass'and jollers, 10s, lid.; and varnisiicdj price 1-ls. A .Chart of this kind will greatly facilitate the student's 'Progress, and give him clearer ideas of the rise, duration; and fall ofeachhldÓIÍl dnd empire, than the perusal of anany Vdium* e;. It is, tn short, to History, %vhat Maps are to Geogra- phy. Itk a mode Iff repretentation which gives a kind of locality to fevents; anfl conVC3,9 oot wdy distinct ideas of dutaat e»qa1&in any twe coiintry, but thejhelative occurrences of diitereot nations. 9. In Royal 4to. price 18s. neatly half-bound; or full co- toured, 11. L,. :OSTE.LVS. NRW GENERAL ATLAS; containing dis- tioct Maps ofa^l tlie pirncipal States and Kingdoms through- I but the World, from the latest and best Authorities, including a'Map of ancient Greece, aud of the Roman Empire: the. whole correcdy engraved upon JO plates, royal quarto, and beautifully colonrçd Outlillei The Publishers olFer the above Atlas to School as the most correct, the most useful, and, at the same time, the cheapest, ever executed. They have no hesitation in saying, that it wants only to be seen to be universally iidopted: it i> already used in many of the most respectable Seminaries iu the Empire. 10. The FOURTH EDITION, just published, with considera- ble Additions and Improvements, price 7s. W- 121no. neatly Itound. An INTRODUCTION to GEOGRAPHY and A, TRONOMY, by the Use of Globes and Maps; to wwcJ1 are added, the Construction of Maps, arid a TnOle of Lati- tudes and Longitudes. BY E. and J. BRUCE, of New cdstle- on-Tne. u In this Edition, the population of towns in Great itritatn is taken from the Population Returns made in 1811, and laid before the last session of Parliament. 11, 7" Now first published, price 2s. 6d. sewed, A KEY to BRUCE S GEOGRAPHY, >containing, Answers to the Problems in the <kv,-raph.y-. B.Y JOHM BRUCE. 12. Just published, the 5th Edition, corrected and iTHieh improved, with a Geographical Frontispiece, price 4s. A SYSTEM of ANCIKNT and MODER'i(;J.:O bouSnYd,STEM of ANCIENT and MODERN GEO G?APHY, with a series of Geo??aph?ca? Ev;n.)i?:.(mi.. By ?ot?r HOLLAND, of Manchester, author of M} ci. mentary Books. 13. SECOND EDITION, illustrated w ith Copper PbU.es and v Wood Cuts, .price &. 6d. A TREATISE on the CONSTRUCTING nnd COPY Iall kinds of GEOGltA PHICA L M A I'N.-in -l-'cur Parts. BxThomas Dix, Masler of North WabtMuu Aca- dt-M and ffaatlior of a Treatise on liind 4n &c. PAHT 1. Elucidates the Globular, Sit-reograiihir, ruid Mii- ezitor's Projet-tions of the World.—Part fl. On the Pro- >1 jection of Maps of particular parts of the WorJd.— pAn r 111. A Description of Instruments by the help of whirti the ,Nteridians and flar;tlli-b- of I I ti t "? l? Rift* 'i jis-etrrit at?I d f,,t Meridians and Parallels of latitude, m be Mawn witÍl great facility.—PART IV. Directions forinserting plac. s, dntwiug rivers, sea-coasts, and other boundaries,arid for copying, colouring, mounting, and other minutiie for Ma-* ping. L4.Pricc 4s. bound, the Fourth Edition, (with considera- ble Improvemrnts), ARITHMETIC; adapted to dinen-nt Classes of f..ran.- ers, but more particularly to tile Use of lare Schools. In. Three Parts, arranged in a new manner, aud enlivene'd w ith numerous original oil interestingVuhieets. Witit an Appendix, containing Five Classes (,f Exercises. By Robert GOODACRE, of Standard ititi AGt- demy, Nottingham. 1.3. The Third Edition, very much enlarged, price 5s. fid. neatly bound, A KF-,Y to GOOI)ACILE'.i ARITHMETIC, contain- ing. Answers to every Question in thai Work, with the Solu- tions, nearly at full length, of more than one thousand of the most iinjiortant examples, interspersed with explanatory notes and observations, by the A uthor oftito A rittinietic. 16. An ABRIDGEMENT of GOODACRlvS ARITH- METIC, for the Use of Ladies' Schools and junior Classes price Is. fill, half bound. *#* Also the necessary TABLES in ARITHMETIC and MENSURATION, arranged in one page, post 4to. on a small type, and on fine stdnt paper, price 211. 17. 12mo. price 4s. bound, A TREATISE on BOOK-KEEPING, adapted to the Use of Schools; containing two Sets of Books by Single Ell- try, one by Double Entry, and an Outline St-ttdo be tilled up by either Method; to which is added, a Familiar Disser- tation on the various nills and Notes used in Commerce iti Substitutes for Cash. By ROIIEIIT GOODACRF.. The leading features of this work are these: almost every article requires calculation, only one Trade is assumed in one Set, and the Phraseology is taken from real life. The Outline Set will furnish exercise in filling up; iuitl the A t)- pendix will convev a full, though concise, account of everv particular respecting the most important point of opar paper currency. 18. The Third Edition, very much altered and improved, just published, price 3s. 6d. bound, The TUTOR'S ASSISTANT MODERNIZED, or a regular System of Practical Arithmetics comprising all the modern Improvements in that Art which are necessary for the Man of Business and the practical Scholar. By the Rev. THOMAS PEACOCK, I)enton, near £ )$rHngtnn, Durham. 19. The Second Edition, illustrated with Plates, price tis. 6d. Elmo. bound, The PRACTICAL M EASURER, containing the Use. of Logarithms, GunterV Scale, the Carpenter's Rule,. and the Sliding Rule; the best and most approved Alodes of dpiwiug Geometrical Figures: the Doctrine of Plaiie Trigonometry, and its application to Heights and FHttances; the Mensuriitkin of Superfices, Solids, and Artilk-er's Work, and the Methods .of Surveying, Planning, allll Dividing Land. The whote illustrated with a great Variety of Ex- amples and Figures, adapted to the Capacities of voaag Scholars, and suited real Business, ,H.y the ILcw Ti'iaai, PEACOCK. 20. In 8vo. with nomerons WoodCuts by Be\)irlt,artrf de- dicated to the Lord Bp. of Durham, price 10s. 6d. ftoands. The pnACTWAI SURV £ YOR.4 iieiug it Treatise on- Surveying, designed for the Use of Schools. By the lies. JOHN FURNESS, Ponteland, .Northumberland. 21. In a handsome thick 12mo volume, with an elegfjnt frontispiece, price 8s. fvd. tmufd; (w on la )a )tr for I' Families,forming a large 8vo volume,'(price 12s. 6d. Wards. the WORLD DISPLAYED; «r the Characteristic Features of Nature and Art exhibited,, -fin a JWW plan, 411- tended for.Youtli io genera), as an Outl ^m* of 'ttip most striking Parts of- Human Knowledge, rtnd'ai a Heihem- y I iroplciw,V, i eiv.- of brancer to thos>-of riper Years; being of (ieography, jiarticiilarly (he British Islesthein Ifiitory, 14HVS, Cofistitutions, &c. Of Maps, their aF.Jdl(", Cl- rious Animals, Vetahltis, Fossils, X.C. ftxtraorilfcary Li- forts of I-largan Art and lndiistry, MeohaWcal Pouers; varioiB Philosophical Subjects. On the ,qw-,)rit Thunder, i,ighttiing, Eartnquakes, Vlllds, S}Jrlh: ah, of the Sea, &-c. the Links that join tlie iinwiatoa and ina- mmated parts of the K'reationi Biography, Foreign and Doiaestic, Lives of the Heroes at the Siege of. Troy, &c. By Jonv Grer;, iViVate Teacher of Geography; Aatbor of an Introduction to the Use of the Globes, LwHe:" Arith- metic, Heavens Displayed, Expeditious Instructor, ?. "Geography and Biography, Clieindsrrv Botany and Mineralogy, have all contributed their Portion of striding facts, remarkable discoveries, iuviming exfi,rit,ii- ces, and natural productions, in order to render tlie » ork worthy of attention; and it appears calculated to excite as wen as to gratify the curiosity of young people on all the subjects of whidiit treats.Monthly Iteeicp, Octr 22.1 The Eighth Edition, price Is. in coloured paper. The CATECHISM of N ATURE; for the Use of Chil- dren. By Dr. MARTINET, Professor of philosophy at Zut- phen. Translated from tOC Dutch, by the Rev, Joafc HALL, I of the English Chirrch at Rotterdam. Read nature, niitnre is a friend to truth., ^loung. 23.. Sixth Edition, price 2s, neatly tk)tuiti, M. CORDERII COLLOQUIORUM CtNTURIA. SELECTS er< a Century Of M. (^orderius Collo- auies: in Four Btwks; the two firet accompanied with a Literal Translation. To which are addvd, Two Vocabula- ries the tirst of which contains the Conjunctions. Preposi- I tions Ihterjectifms, and the more t pminon Adverbs that oc- 1 cur in this Selection; the second, the Nouns, Pronouns, t Yerhs, Partidplt-s, and the, less comuwb Adverbs. Also a Scht-ine. of Latin Numbers. By the:tt(.y. J?uy FARILEII, i fonnerlv Master of Witton-le-Weaf Scliool, III the county #f Durham, and late Vicar of Stanwix, Cumberland. ?1 A new Edition, done up in coloured paper, w?t a head ¡ )f the Author price 2.. sewed, The ?RC?NA cf SHORT-HAND; orEtpe<m..M,. Writin? made Easy. By H. E^ r) wtt.ch  11bw addea?!ar Lesson.. torw?t of w luch ft w ntn,au ,>" gai C(I,gerft-ct,Li (,)-.I tlierein. d c"- ?Th?itttework is the most persp.rtious, conr^e, Md e* 1 pcditions method ? hl??, .h(.ell t,id I, J.d II that we do saidents ol s.iof t,h^ a>1/> yie^» .rec?nmendi.? it to Aeir att?f?: ?.?c?<7t ? ?rMar? 18?. f [ ?"' ? < '-Ty'