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()IfN DANIEL, ( t :f i ArisfUer* Stationery ami Medicine Vender?. 1!.W-ER ^^nkET-sTn'Et'r^ ■ (Carmarthen, tNFORMS't?. Publ:c, be has on SAL? f!)? -? tll(',grcatest yartety <)f LA f>lES and GENTLE U V\'C A?NUA? f?(?Et-BOOKS;ALM?NAC? &? ?. for MM, at the i??fM Pf¡8. ????? ?s, ?,  • Whereat*} may be Ji*dy In Demy Twelves, on iint worre paperT coDlaining Kp^ p.nS v of 4JJ pages of Ictter-vrtSS, ^RICE ONLY mVRH. Sf[ILLiNTGS rP AR D S, An E N'(; 1, rq Ij S I f DICTIONAIIY; in \rhicJ\ tte-English Words, and'softietimes the English Idioms- 311ft Phraseology, are accompanied by those which synonymise or correspond with theip in the M'Vlsh Language. The whoii? carefully compiled from the best sources and materials. Jiy W. kWHARDS, M A. • •Thc'Motithly 'Review ?j>eaks of this work in tlie folTowjnl^ handsome manner This Mamr.il appears to- Huti in every, way well c«jculuuyi. to answer thr purpose ivhich il ivas designed I- M'e eoitgratuiale- the pui>iic.on the HC<1 hisi tibn' of atOtupi1atWrT ¡¡(YWit'ftil, and so accesslhIÍ> Carmarthen s prinWd and 6old by J. Oaiiici, soU' ralsQ by Dh Priattf' of-tUh, .Paper, and J. liarrii* Swansea. jilso the folfotemg valuable TVdsh Books; Testament Newydd John Canne, 2s (,anNvN!ll y Cymry; or Wefe'iaiwin's Candle, 4s. Bontid. Taith y Vererin, taR rith breWl^wd, Is. 6d- 1 J)dlll: anctaldd; nll' r J t"rusalem Dydd, 15, Crist yn lachavirdivr CyflaH-n,fld. ■ i Ethtrfedieaeth aCittTthWivtigaaUirSd. i AI)w d? -Z v Allwedd N^^fyddi ddysgn-darllain C'y mrarg, ft}, A liberal allowance in taki a <jn;i!itity of theabose* .g a t f if- abori-, Magazines, Rcvi^A's, an 4 otuer Periodical plied m cheal) us in,L-undain- ijooks for Uie Use of Schools. and for the instgactionauti Ammeftt of Y outh eortstMtlv on sale. ■ Drawing, Go-id, t'atKJy, aiid Wvitfag Paper?, low. '¡ Book's • bouad plaÙ1jn! elegant 0n !ibe? terms. ? CESSlKB A*0 APF?OTBC P?Tt?T MBCtCMEs 'Waritalot. 'Institutions. School'* fr- ?p?:.? wilt ? Tentnmmtti■ fytllfagti. jtattitHprisc.$ ?-?<'n?; M-?!M&!? p.-ka,