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't,.¡ T' q1f: DAVID Argraffydd^Gzverthzsr. Pupi&j Ci IIEOL-Y-CASTELL, SYDD yn cymmeryd y,,tl c p resen n ol 1 da!u; S diolch i'w Garedigion a r Wlad yn ?yflr(-d}n, a?c? hHnno?aeth, ac yn ostyngedi? h?s??M 'Wdvntci fod vn'HA:- weddar wedi derbyn amrywioi o L VT11V > A 8>- GRAFFU NEWYDDMN, add?? i argEall'iJ «ufitn -'o Gopiau yn yr IeJhoedd C??ira6.gt Saps)!eg. 'y hviM? afyddemor?aredi? a dvfod A ?!vrf, npuLTfmH,td<!opf a fyddti inor ?- i'w argrailu, efe agailt waith t6g nt?tdd, an??ns fh?mo), yn Argraff-dy Seren Gomer.. D. S. V iKae gan D. J. ar wertli pnb math f,;ytl'¥  Oymrapg a Saesneg. ;i POPULAR SCHQQL nOOKS Published by C. Gradock (littl Jdl- 32, Paternoster Rot:, London •' And may be had of D. Jenkin, Pnntct-of tills Papelv,'iand 1. J. Harries, Swansea; AVilliaiiis; Mftrtiiyi-'l\dfil Evansi Carmarthen; Lewis, Cardigan; Gee, i)er,i»igji < Phillips, Ruthyn; Sanderson, Jones, ,is;t lieu: Lewis, Newport; and all other Boefesetteta, ;r 1. The SECONB EmTiow, witfi RIOTER HISCRITS, enlarged and much iinproved,.I)rice (2-UY'S NEW 'BRIl'ISH^RIMKR, for Chil- dren-of an early Age.: iatC'jded t» precede die EW BRLTISH SPELLING BOOl., and oUiersimilar Rcadin- Books. '-This little volume cons?Hofsu.? ?v cn.?' ?nrd-?a? sentences, and intercut' ? ipssou?,- a?-arpTa!cxdate<t to iemi cMdt'en, step by stf,, ho)n.t:tcAtpba)'ct. Th?suh}ect? while 011 a ievei -%Y*ii?' t.li?-ir not !ow?"'tt?}r idef; lUs !)t)pMt that, atnon? th?n?mefOUs attempts to Ir?ut thp i,outlw ind 'ki-I ??hol(t of kJ'Il rlt;(lge, thh Utle work may njieet t(ie W3KU of Child,^id the ?h?a( the Teacher, -j. ? I 2..TO SEvi?Nt? EDITTON';?n ?nc"p?r, ??(.? and jhnch iMprovcd im tttt'aniD?m??t??????v?utS! Is. 6d. bound. s GUY? NEW BRITISH SPM.UNG ihdoK.'or? In?ducti<?) torSpeUmg-'aarf ?eadihg, ? Sev?P.n-ts, cOa. ) taining a great variety of easy Lessons exact y adapted to the capacities of Youth, and arranged in a now, easy, and pleasing order; the Tables of \\onls arc divided al, d accented ] according to the purest modes of pronunciation. In this book the reading lesions are more nUrn«*rofts, the I subjects more choice, the order moi E'pleasing, ::I:\1tue gnir datIOn from the most easy to the more difficult f'v better jiresej-ved, than in other spelling and reading books: these i- also a new and most convenient'division an! arrangoftiem ot the spelling tables; and tlieoutlines f geography, graiti^aar, See. cxkibft the very ideas n.liich chiidren should Jirsst cu.nini t to memory, r.1 short, teachers wiii find in it, throughout, ail that a spelling book should possess. It has been pronounced,; by able instructors, to be greatly superior for all the purposes of teaching;to any thin of the kiod yet puMished. i Mr. (??y seems po foctiy to .mderstand the po? cr? and nature of the infant mind, and the best means of enabling h to comprehend the value ofit-ttc-nl syllables, and \vx>rd«, witA their relatiml tcthins. lie has had experience in teaching, has reasoned on his experience, and e\ 'need h? knowlede in arranging this SpeHin? Book. We have compared it with iVlavors, and several other generally esteemed hr?t boos for children, and found it in almost every particular more simple, more congenial with the language and powers of tiie young mind, and better adapted for instruction, than any other work of its kind. The spelling and reading lessons are placed on opposite pages, and the selection of the latter is such as must naturally expand the mind and improve tiie morals of ciiildreii." Rei)ictc. 3. O11 fine pap; r, and handsomely printed, priec lis. neatly It bound, GUY'S NEW BRITISH READER, or, SEQUEL to his NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, conraining a; great variety of easy Lessons, selected from the most ap- proved Authors; exhibiting a very easy gradation, and adapted to the juntor classes of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Seiiools. This work co-wins a larger selection of very easy reading, both in prose and poetrv, than has yet been made for sciioo! The lessops are not only such as are easy to read, but casy iil comprehend, and suitable both in subject, style, and arrange- !n< nt; AND, WHAT WtLL RE DEm'En A MO?r ES?RNTfAL IM- PROVEMENT, THE MORE DWFIC()LT won i?S AM DtVmEU AND EXPLAIN ED AT THE HEAD OP EACH CHAPTER,  This is oticrf ? I easiest and most useful guides to *r' i-,id ing that W? have seen; and the gradation from p!am and fa- milie to the higher Mrders of composiuou i very judiciously I contrived and executed: a1 agreeable variety, both in prose and verse, i,? also -introduced, as are some inLercstin? tate?. The. book i.? rem?rkabiy vrell printed? and of a very moderate T 1)()Ol? i;? 1)i-int(?d, a-ridofa verv iiiiTietate 4. Just Published the TitHM) LIHTI0, <-N!a?ed, very considerabl'y d Improved, and handsomely printed, prk I Is.fid.bonndinred, IGs. U(idI. 'S ENCLtSH SCHOOL G?A ?Af.\H: in which Practical IlSustratiou is, in every 5kp, hlew!rdwith Theon', j Practice H nst'' ever y step, tended with Theory, by Rules, Examples, and Exercises: adapted throughout to the Use of Schoois and Private Teachers. .In tiiis work.Engli.-h Grannuur is rendered easy to the capa- dey of the learner, not only by giving a concise outline of its general principles, butbv combining theory with practice, by adapting Questions and Exercises in a well digested Order, to each- Rule, by th-iii essential, and it at once to the test of Practice. "I Bv it children w'ii not he en?a?f'd so long as?they now are, with 3V much  hihour Cf the i.?nory, aad iio 4tile i!istance of the unqc1: II stantling. Dr.Lowt:).  5. L(:OD EDITION, eHtar?ed'nHd much improved. Royal Hhno. nth acve? uandsorne Ma?M, price 3s. bound in rMi, < j i?, "S SCHOOL GEOGRA PI1Y on anew, easy, and i highly approved P!an; co!npnsin?-!?<toa<y a co'?pletc ge-! neral Description, bntmuch;Topo?raphicaf tufofmat??, iu a we? digested Orderexhibiting three distinct Parts, and yet farming one connected Whole. Expressly aThipti-d*to ¡ ?ve Age and Capacity, and to every Class of Learners, both m iddies'and (<entieme!!? Schools. W e think this work entitk? to unqu?iSedapprohatron. It unites nt:!Uty with cheapness, fts method is Sn?pje and practicab!e, and wd¡adapted to thctiij?hva?ts of tas mind. Mr. Guy i ,fhrady ,known as the anthorofs^me other works ofasiHiHarnatnre.and this will add tohisntprit?tiiat .1r.(l this to ilis titprit 1810. '?*: ?Ke Jt?<?' ft)! ? handsome </ra'm??'' patier, Mf«<?' co- loured, are sold separate ?b? the conveRitnce<oj'Teachersj price xgwed. i 6. GUYTS SCHOOL CIBHERING-HOOlv for Begin- ners; coiitaiiig a complete Set of;Suras in the first four Rides of Aritiimetic, printed in lii-e Figures, the Copy-book Size, having all the Sums set, and all the Lines ruled on excellent writing paper, SECOND EDITION, pricc 3s. 6i. Ito. half bound. 1 Als.o, a KEY to the above Sum, price 6d. This work will be equally acceptable to Ladies' and Gen- tlemen's Schools, and private Families. It comprises e?rry thing!essential in the arn.ve Rules, and will save TeacUets much needless trouble, both in setting and and correcting such SmTIS., The subject of this hook is to supply a course of sums and queii(Jh, quite on a Icn"1 with the capacities of learners, yet copious, various,and systematic; to place the operations ,.e t c'oi)ioiiz, virioiLi,,iii!i til(? ()i)cilatiolis altogetlier rennive, ttrstdiiiicHities and ejmhie the tem'ner to tir,,t diiiiewities; -itidfl andi less assistance from the master, than can he eMecu d by !LIA 'less :i?,,ii4taii'?e fl-()Iil iii? th?t?, can fie Ity the usOat initiator^ modes* of i"?ruc?u."—??,?, Ue- thetis(141 i?iiiitt6r?? printed, SJXTki hundred new ar!d'.adrl, and the whnk careft?? cbt'??ted, aM.'nn&h hnprovf? price 7s. boards, .?r? Uotfndfc • a <an's Y"OP-L,'T)i A or. Miscenanvof ?E?XNp??)8?<K.?'<? the latest aj?d h?t Authentic., designed for^eniivr Sc.Hilars in Schoob ¥d for Y(iui?i Per- sons in ?efiH'xt'cohtAuung t?uph 'Msffui -Information on varij Suhjact?'tpt'eMary tot)? kna?a hy all Persons, and e? -?toha k-" of Use in ScnookBy I JosEt'H &c. Roya)Milt- ta?(?M!?<\C!eat<\tar!??. In company, ?tod?t')yor ?)o'.s' iterance of things he- coming one's ?.tiun in li? to Know, ii insupportablv inorti- fyjag;anddegraduig."—Juan.  n! Six'Edition of .this. trips t useful Work ^having been tailed for bV the 1'nMic. t?th!b Fdiii6n the A,.tare tfreu?bt t!ie present ii<)?,M'?j);scovfrte?httroduce<? near '2,Q ai-l the -%Yhot?'?e- ii and made fatmnartathe\:ottthfi))capacity. 'i'he Rev. J. ??ns, Author of ?Sketch of Denominations ,of "-iv,?s Ht€ following T?tn?nny of this Work, in his t?ssa? on i?ducatton: 'l?e best J?ook of this kind that ?r came it,to-mVh:mds'i?eMtif!ed,' RU Y'S POCKET CYCLOP HD{\ &c. 1 have transcribed d)e Ttde.pa?e at length, since it may induce some persons to procure it. ,4. (if a yahiable, Compendiuai, and reflects cceiiit on the Cpnjpiler." GU Y'9 Si!& RTofGENER AL ttlSTORY, A ncient and Modern. On a Uirgp sherH af Gwlumbier drawing paper, I the SECOND EDITtON,corrected, pricc 7s. coloured; on ¡ ca?fva?s and wHels, 10?. (M.: -and riiilied, pi-ice Us. A Chul't üi thi. kind will ?reatty faciHtate the st?driit's progress, and give him cl('moerdeas of the rise, duration, and fall of each kingdom and empire, tlum the perusal of jnauy volumes, It is, in short, to History, what Maps are tL (^ogra- phy. It is a mode «f representation WhlCU g;ivesak)nd of locality to events; &HU coR\pys not only distinct ideas of distant events in any one couutry,;bntthe Relative eccurreuces d i- taiit events in any oiie Velalive occurreacc-s ?. In Ro)?i 4to. price 18s. neatly; Mf-bound; or full co- ? )oM?d,lH?'. ? PSTEEL'S NtEW G;nL -WLAS».containing dis- linct MapspfaH.the uBnen)fil .^tes and Ki^doms through- put the World, froni lfie lrfftst and bet A uthhrities, incJudu a. Mop öf ancient Greece, Iti'ld of tte Hoinaii Empire: the whole correctly.engraved upon 30 ylates, myal quarto, and peautifolly poloured outlines. The.Publishers otfer -the ahovl" Atlas to School5 as the most correct, tire most us!*f«l; and, at the same time, the cheapest, ever executed. They lmve no hesitation in say in"- that.it wants only to be seen to be u/iiversally adopted it i- already used in many of the most respectable Seminarios in the Empire. 10. The FOURTH EDTTIOX, just published, with considcra- hie AJditioas and Improvements, price 7s. Gd. ISmn. neatlv hound. An INTRODUCTION to GEOGRAPHY and AS TRONOMY, by the Use of Globes and Maps; to which are added, the Construction of Maps, and a Table of Lati- tudes and Longitudes. By E. and J. BRUCE, of Newcastle- upon-Tyne. In t!;I Edition, the papulation of towns in Great Britain is taken from the Population Returns made in 1811, and laid before the last session of Parliament. 11. Now first published, price 2s. fid. sewed, A KEY to PJiUCE'S GEOGRAPHY, containing Answers to the Problems iu the Geography. By JOHN BRUCE. 12. Just published, the 5th Edition, corrected and much improved, with a Geographical Frontispiece, price 4s. bound, A SYSTEM of A NCIEXT amt MODERN GEO GRAPHY, with a series of Geographical Examinations. Ivy JOIIN HOLLAND, of Manchester, author of many ele- mentary Books. 13. SECCNO EDITION, illustrated with Copper Plates and V\ ood Cuts, price Ss. 6d. A TREATISE on the CONSTRUCTING and COPY ING all kinds of fJEOGRAPHlCAI. -Ni NPS, in Four Parts. By THOMAS HIX, Master of North Walsham Aca- demy, and Author of a Treatise on Laud Surveying, &c.— PART i. Elucidates the Globular, Stereogranhic, and Mcr- eator's Projections of the World.—PART II. On the Pro- jection of YJaps of particular parts of the World.—PART 111. A Description of instruments by the help of which tin; Meridians and Parallels of Latitude, may be drawn witii great facility.-PART I V. Directions for inserting places, drawing livers, sea-coasts, and other boundaries, and for copy tug, colouring, mounting, and. other minutiae, for Map ping. 14. Price 4s. bound, the Fourth Edition, (with considera- ble I mprovemmts), ARITHMETIC; adapted to dilierent Clares of Learn- ers, hut more particularly to the Use of large Schools. In Three Parts, arranged in anew manner, and enlivened witii numerous original Examples on interesting subjects. With an Appendix, containing Five Classes of Recapitnlatorv Exercises. By RORERT GOOUACRE, of Standard 11 ill Aca- demy, Nottingham. 15. "The Third Edition, very much enlarged, price 5s. Sd. neatlv hon:: A KEY to GOODACR'E'S ARITHMETIC, contain- ing Answers to every Question in that Work, with the. Solu- tions, nearly at full length, of more than one thousand of be m'ost important examples, interspersed with explanatory notes and observations, bv the Author of the Arithmetic. ARITH- M :Vn C, for t" e Use of Ladiea' Schools and junior Classes, price is. 6d. half hmud. Also i:,e ncccs-ary TABLES in ARITHMETIC ana M ENSU. RATION, arranged in one page, post Ito. on a small type, and on line stout paper, price 2JL 17. lirao. price is. bound, A TREATISE on BO(jK-KEiiPING, adapted to the Use of Schools; containing two Sets of Jioolc by Single En- try, one by Double Entry, and an Outline Set to be fiHed up by either Method; to which is added, :i Familiar Disser- tatlon on the various Bills and Notes used in Commerce 2U» Substitutes for By ROBERT GOODACRK. The leading features of this work are th'\se: almost everv caloi,.[N, one Trade is assumed a one Set, .-vnd the Pnraseolr.gy is taken from real life. The Outline Set vvillfurui.shexerei.se in iiliiag up; aud tiie Ap- pendix will convey a full, though concise, account of every particular respecting the iiiost important point of our paper currency. 118. The Third Edition, very much altered and i mproved, just pui»tis!ied, price 3s. dd. bound, The TUTOR'S ASSISTANT MODERNIZED, or* regular System of Practical Arithmetic; cÓJliDrisinir all the modern Improvements in that Art which -it i-e"t)r iheMan of Business and the practical Scholar. By the Rev. THOMAS PEACOCK, Denton, near Darlington, Dnrham. 19. The Second. Edition, illustrated with Plates, price 4s. t>.l. Uimo. bound. The PRACTICAL MKASURER, containing the Uses of Logarithms, Gmiter's Scale, the Carpenter's Rule, and the Sliding Rule; the best and most approved Modes of drawing Geometrical Figures: the Doctrine of Plane Trigonometry, and its application to Heights and Distances; the Mensuration of Superlices, Solids, and Ariilicer's Work, and the Methods of Stwveying, Planning, Variety of Ex- Land. The whole illustrated wiUi agreat Vsxetv of Ex- amplb and Figures, adapted to the Capacities of yoHng Scholars, and suited to real Business. By the Rev. THOMAS PEACOCK. 2U. IivSvo. with numerous Wood Cuts hy Ijcv-fi.-k, and de- dicated to the Lord Bp. of Durham, pnrc h)-.?J. boards. The PRACTU A L SURVEY OR being a Treatise on S!ti'\<?!n?, d?-.i?nf'd f«r the Use of Schools. ?y the Rev.  tite I- Tc of L?.ev. ¡ .1 nu,FcRXC; IJontdand, Northuml)'rb8d.. 21. In a handsome thick 12mo volume, With an elegant F^ rontispiece, ppce 8s. fid. bound: or on large paper for F'llmlw, fOrmHJ a larp- ??,o volume, pri,c,- 12s. '?oard?. The WORLD DISPLAYED: Mr.U? Chara?t-ri?- Feat'ires cf \;u'):'f and Art exhibited. On a new plan, in- tended for Youth in general, a; an Outline of the most I striking Parts of H;tman Knowledge, and as a Remesa- branccr to those of riper Years bein» a concise. View.flf (ieography, particularly the Briti_sh Isles: their liist;>o, Laws, tlii, ,.r Varl,- ti(.S. rious Anisuals, egetables, Fwssils,&c. Extrawdinary Ef- i forts of Human Art and lndu.-lry, Mechanical Powers.; various Philosophical Subjects. 0.?t!n' Aurora Boreal ii, 'rmjndff, Li?!'t?):)x. Karthquakf?, Winds, Spring*, Sahnfss 'of tiie Sea, &c.: UiC Links that jObl the anht?tof' ?nd ina- niinated parts of theOeation; Jiiography, Foreign and Domestic, Lives-of 'lte Heroes at tiie Siege of Troy, &1" Teac))er of Geography; Author of nn introdueti'Mi to the Use of the Gfolws, Ladies' AriUsr metie, Heavens Displayed, Expeditious Instructor, iVe. Geogi-aphy and iiiography. Chemistry and History, Botany and Mineralogy, have all contributed their Portion of striking facts, remarkable discoveries, amusing experien- ces, and natural productions, in order to ren ler this Work wprthy llf attentiun: and it appears calculated to excite as well as to gratify the curiosity of youns people on all the subjects ot r which it treats."—MaiMy Rxvisw, Oct. 22: Tiie ]'.igi;th Edition, prin 1; in coloured paper. The CATECHISM of N ATU RE; for the Use of Chil- dren, ByDr. MARTINET, Professor of Philostiphv at Zut- phen- Translated from the Dutch, oy the Rev. JOHN HALL, of the Etiglish Church at Rotterdam. ? Read nature, nature is a friend to tnath:'Young. Sixt!! Edition, prie,' 2.. I¡"tl.v bound, M. CO:{D};{Hf t ()LLOQHO!HM (K?TUFMA SELiXTA; or, a Select Century of M. Corderius' ?tnif?: or t Se-lec? the two first accompanied with"u Literal Translation. To which are added, Two Vocabnla- nc?.taeiir?t of which contains the Conjunctions, Preposi- tions, h)t< r?'ctions, and the more common .\?Frbs HI<H oc- etir in this" Selection: the second, the Noeas, Pronouns, Verbs, Participles, and the less common Advvrbs. Also a Scheme of Lstin Numbers. By the Rev. Jou v FARHER, formerly Master of Witton-le-Wear School, in the county of Durham, and late Vicar of Stanwix, Cumberland. 24, A new Edition, done up in coloured paper, w ith a head of the Author, price 2s. 6:1. sewed, The ARCANA of SHORT-HANI); or, Expffiiûou, Writing made Easy. Bv H. l^wtvoToy. To ""¡lidl are now adaed, Regular Lessons, for want ot which tew have gained a perfect knowledge therein. P,, This Uttle work is ti. most perspictoH", conei-C, and ex- peditious method that has been Jiifcierto proposed, and we are persuaded that we do students of short hand 11 service, in reeollJmendiM St fe their attenttau"—ArMjacoMn Scokw, February,