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v 31.11 E J. IIARRIES, Tn- yr Ileol-fazr, gcrllatc 1/ Liez ARKIITAAVE, ,,TN gwprthu pob math 0 Lyfrau Ycgn), Saec- JL neg a Chvmra^; Papar o amryw .fatli; Ine; olau (Pens) ? ("wyr Selio, (S'utct), 0 amryw faintioli a prais; lJublunar, o 121 win tiu ( Mark Lead Pellcil); Blvehau Darlun-liw (Painting JJo.vm) byCijain, addas i lilant ac eroiil a, fyddo yn ymhvtVydu i dvnu llunku: — .Geiriaduron, ac ieitbaduron ("Gram- mars), &c.; — liawer o Lyfraa yn- yr iaith Saesneg ar i><iuninydiiia.eth; Ilvmnau Cymraeg a Sassneg; a gdlir caej pob Llyfrsydd ar werth yn LlurSain fpinddo ef am yr un bris ag y rnae YIW, end rhoddi rhybudd bvr, Y mae J. UARRIKS yn gobeithio y bydd i'w Gyfcillion yu y v. lad a'r dref, i ddyfod ato ef pan fyddont yn meddvv 1 prynu ,,(.f.! o'r N wvfan uchod ac 05 dea]lant na's a.allunt pethau aai bris mor isel ganddo ef ag y maent i'w caclgaa lICÍJ ereill, efe a rydd genad iddyntfyaed He y mviiont. DAVID JENKIN, ArgraJfijdd, Giccrtlncr Papur, Lhjfrau, S'c. IIEOL-Y-CA STELL, ABERTAWE, QYDD yn cymmeryd y cyfle presennol i dalu dioleh i'w (iarrdigton a r M iad yn yfrredin, am eu hannogaeth, ac yn ostyngedijr hysbysiiiftdynt ei fod yn ddi- Aveddar wedi derbyn amry wiol o.LYTHYRENA U A It- (îRAFFU NLWY i) I); O addas i argralfu pob math o Gopiau yn yr ieithoedd Cymraejr a Saesne«r. l'wy bvnuj a fyddo inor garedig a dyrod ft IJyfr, uou Lyfrau, iado ef 'li t? I 1)r i s r i ies y iiiGI. i'w arjfraftu, efe agaiffwaith teg a hardd, amuris rhesymol, yn A rgrafi-dy Seren (Jomer. D. S. Y Maf an D. J. ar werth pob math o Lyfralf, Cymraeg a Saesneg.. Just Published, And may be had of CKAJHICK and JOY, Paternoster Row,, London; D. JEKKIX, Swansea, and all other Rooksdlers, In One Volume Sro. icith a Map of lite rr-ar, rnirE f,s. IN BOARDS, A VIEW of the FRENCH CAMPAIGN in Russ:ia, in tSie year lHl'i, collcckd from theofikial-and other documents of both Nations, from the time of the C-it- tranceof lne French into Kowno to Uieir retreat from Mos- cow; and the subsequent disasters attending their miiuu. from the time Bonaparte, lied from his army at Sniori;t,ric By an OFFICER. Ofnhom also n,, Itad, in one vol. 12wo. 3s. boerdj, I A PLEA for the DIVINITY of our LORD JESUS Ci RI ST, in a Pastoral Letter addressed to a Congrega- tion of Protestant Dissenters at Cambridge; by R. Uouix- soN.—A new edition. .Alllo, in one vol. post 8 to. 2s. stitched, A DESCRIPTION of SWANSEA and its ENVI- RONS, comprehending c-N-cry thing wwriby of notk'e for tlle inforvfiRtion of the Straiu-rer. POPULAR SCHOOL BOOKS Published by C. Crabock and IV. Jor, 32, ■ Paternoster Rozc, London And may be had of D. Jenkin, I-i-iiiter of this Paper, and J. I fai-riei, Sivansea; WiUiams, Mertlvyr-Tvdul; Evans, Cat'tiiartiien; Lewis, Cardigan (Jee, IJenbi^ri; Phillips, H llthyn; Sanderson, Bala; Jones, Dolgelieu; Lewis, Nevsport; and all other Booksellers, 1. The E) with numerous Cuts, enlarged and much imjJro<,<I, price (id. seued, ?UY'S'iT?H PRIMER, for Ch;i- ?.? drt'n of an early A«e: intended to premie the NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, and other similar Reading Books. This little volume consists of sucII very rosy words and sentences, and inlereituiff lft.on, as are calculated to lead childreh, step by step, from the Alphabet. The subjects, I whii!' on a ie? wit:) th<ir und?r?afid)S?,wi)!n()tiower !ower their ideas. ? t is hoped that, amon? the numerous attempts to lead the yonn?mind over the t!m'ShOId of know- thii little work may meet the wantJ of the Child, and the n i?hes of the Teaeher: 2. The SEVENTH EDITION, on fine paper, corrcc!ad and much unproved in the arrangement, with 10 new Cuts add-d.prict-l-i.od. bound. added, NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, or an IntrodtMtton to SpelL:? and Keadiug, in Sc? .'u Par, c»n- t taining a great variety of easy Lessons exactly adapted to the capacities of Youth, and arranged in a new, easy, and pleasing order; the Tables ofWurdsare divided and accented according-to the purest modes of pronunciation-. In t;iis book the reading lessons are more uu:nerotis, the subjects more choice, the order more pleasing, and the gra- dation from the lJ10t easy to the more difficult far better preserved, than in other spelling and reading books: these i, also a new and most convenient division and arrangement of the spelling tables; and the outlines of geography, gmrmilar, &c. exhibit the very ideas which children should"iirst commit to memory. In short, teachers will find in it, throughout, all that a spelling hook should possess. It has been pronounced, by able instructors, to be greatly superior for all the purposes of teaching to any thing of the kind yet published. Mr. (iuy seems perfectly to understand the powers and nature of the infant mind, and the bfst mean3 of pnahling- it to comprehend the value of letters, and words, with their reltioll t thing-s. He has had experience in teaching, has reasoned on his experience, and evinced his knowledge in arranging this Spelling Book. We ha\e compared it with Mavors; and several otiter generally esteemed first books for children, and found it in airiest every particular more simple, more congenial with the language and [lowers of the young mind, and better adapted for instruction, than any other work of its kind. The spelling and reading lesnons are placed on opposite pges, and the selection of the latter is such as must naturally expand the mind aid improve the morals of children."—Antijucobin Review. S. On fine paper, and handsomely printed, price -Is. neatly bound, GUY'S NEW BRITISH READER, or, SEQUEL to his NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, containing a gr.-at variety of easy Lessons, selected from the most sip- i proved Authors 5 exhibiting a very easy gradation, and adaotetl to the junior classes of Ladies' anil Gentlemen's Schools. Tuis work contains a larger selection of very easy reading, both iaprot.e and poetry, than has vet bern mad.- for schools. lis are not only such as aj-e easy to read, but easy to comprehend, and suitable both in subject, style, and arrange- mcut; AND, WHAT WILL BE DEEMED A MOST ESSENTIAL IU- PROVEMENT, THE ,mn E DIFFICULT IVOTLUS ARE DIVIDED AND EXPLAINED ATTHE lIEA OF EACH CHAPTER. „ 1 "is is one ot tae easiest and most useful guides to read- ing that we have seen; and the gradation from plain and fa- unlier to the Higher onefs of composition i* very judiciously contrived and e.vecutcu: a..J.1 agreeablevariety, fxith in prose and verse, is als> introduced, as are some interesting talcs. Tt' book is ivtnarkab! v well printed, arid of n very moderate price. —Hriii-Jt C. itic, Jul,, 1311. 4. Just Published theTIHRD EDITION, enlarged, very considerably improved, and haudsomely printed, price Is. 6;1. bound in red, I Gi!i'S ENGLISH SCHOOL GRAMMAR; in which Practical illustration i, in every step, blended widi Theory, by Rules, Examples, and lijereises: ailapted throughout to (lie Use of Schools a .nil Private Teachers. In tii is work Englisii 1 Grammar is rendered easy to the capa- city of the learner, not only by giving a concise outline of its general principles, but by combuiifcg dieorv with practice, by adapting Questions and Jixereiies iu a well digested Order, to each Rule, by concentrating every thing essential, aud bringing it at once to the test of Practice. lb it children willllot he engagid so long as they uotv nre, with so much labour of the memory, and so little a?Ai?tance of the under- standing." Dr. Lowib. 5. SECOND EDITION, enlarged 3Rtl much Lnprovfd. Royal 18mo. with sevc? h?ndso/ue ?aps, ptic 3. bound red, in red',S SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY; on ancw,c?y, and highly approved Plan; eomnrising not only a complete ge- neral Description, btit iiiuci. Topographical Informatio: in a well digested Order; exhibiting three distinct Parts, and yet forming one connected Whole. Expressly adapted to every Age and Capacity, arj to every Class of Learners, both in Ladies' and Gentlemen's Schools. We think this work entitled to unqualified approbation. It unites utillitv with cheapness. Its method is simple awl practicable, and well adapted to the first wants of the mind. Mr. Guy is already known as the author ofsoine other works of a similar nature, and this will add to his merit in that species of composition.—Universal Magazine, April, HUO. ) *#* The Maps on a handsome droving paper, neatly co- loured, arc sold separate fu,- ihe cofwdnicncc of Teavhers, price c2$. seiGveUtf.Y'S SCHOOL CIPUERt?G-BOOK?rB?n- 6. GUY'S SCHOOL CIPTIERI(;-n00K f,,r Bf'O'in- ners; contning a compldt' Set of Sums in the first four Ru!f? of Arithmetic, printed in large Figures, the Copy-book Size, having all the Sums set, and all the Lines ruled on excellent writing paper, SECON D EDITION, price 3s. Gd. 4to. half bound. Also, a KEY to the above Sums, price 6d. This work will be equally acceptable to Indies' and Gen- tlemen's Schools, and private Families. It comprises every Rules, ami will save Teachers t; juble, both iu setting and and correcting of-this book is to supply a course of sums .<1, ,Ii tl" 011 a 1('(') ilil Üte CI1 'I1!eiti¡'s of learners, v >u-, and s ystematic; to pwee the operations 4n that <s, *v t which will materially lessen, if not .iU.>»il ■ r • >o'.e, hrit diSiiealaes; and enable the learner to comprehend th-p^hole with abu daiitlv vaove ease to himself, from the master, than can be effected bv the modes of in-truction."—AntijacobUt lie- '7 on fine paper, handsomely printed, v, tui ne«it,-i.<.» mi.Kired new articles added, and the whole carefully corrected, an-! milch improved, price 7s. boards, or 7s. 63. neaily bound. •GL S POt.ivEl I VCLOP/EDIA; or, Miscellany of ISM' 1 KNOWLEDGE, frolll the latest and best Authorities, ,,igprit.forj,euit)r Seliol:ii-s in Schools, and for voun Per- sona in general; containing much useful Information on v:: ruiut Subject necessary to be known by all Persons, and yet not to be found in Hooks of general Use in Schools. Bv JOSEPH GUY, late Professor of Geography, &c. Royal Mili- tary College, Great JVIarlow. In com;¡<1ny, to discover gross ignorance of things be- coming one's station iu life to know, is insupportably morti- fyiug and degra.ling."—Anon. Six ivditions of this most useful Work having been called for by the Public. In this Edition the Arts are brought down to the prefect time, new discoveries introduced, near 200 e- w articles added, and the w hole re-written and made familiar to the youthful capacity. The Rev. J. Evans, A utlior or 11 Sketch of Denominations of Christians," gives the following Testimony of this Work, in his Essay on Education:—" The best Book of this kind that ever came in to my hands is entitled, GU Y'S POCKET C YCLOP.E.")! A,' &c. I have transcribed the Title-page I at length, since it may induce some persons to procure it. j It is a valuable Compendium, and reflects credit on the I Compiler." 8. GU Y'SCH A RT of GEN ERA L HISTORY, Ancient and Modern. On a large sheet of L'olumbior drawing paper, the SECON D corrected, price 7s. coloured; on canvass and rollers, 10s. (id.: and vainisl)e< price Us. A Chart of thij kind is ill greatly facilitate the student's progress, and give him clearer ideas of the rise, duration, and of each kingdom and empire, than tne perusal of many volumes. It is, in short, to History, what Mapsare to Geogra- phY. It is a mo?e ef representation whki gives a kind of j locality to event!; and conveys not only distinct ideas of d?m'tt events in auv one country, but the relative occurrences ofdiSercnt n&ttons? 9. In Ho" Y?l 4to. price 18s. neatly half-bound; or full co- loured, 11. Is. OSTELL'S NEW GENERAL ATLAS< containing dis- tiud Mals of all the principal States and tlir6i,isit- out the \torld, from the latest and best A uthorities, iududmg, a Map of ancient Creece, and of the Roman Empire: the whok corrcctiy engrmed upon JO pities, roya! quarto, and beautifully coloured outlines. The Pub!)?)e)-s offer the above Atlas to Scho.!? as the I most correct, the most Bsefrsl, ant!, at the same lime, the cheapest, ever executed. They have 110 hesitation in sayiasr, that, it wants only to be seen to be universally adopted i it is already tised in many of the most respectable Seminaries in the Empire. 10. Tnc FOURTH EiHTttw, just published, with cOnsidcra* ble AddhioAs and ImprovemenM, price 7s-. 6d. 12mo neatly bound. An INTRODUCTION to GEOGRAPHY and AS- TRONOMY, by the Use of C?hesand M<"s: to which arc added, tne Construction of Maps, and a l?bte of Lud' tudes and Longitudes. By E. and J, BKUCE, of Newca-t!c- '.udes ;trd l,on.?i tud(,s.. By F-Illd r? Liiucr-, of-N-ewea?tit-A In tLi< Edition, the papulation of towns in G"-at B' it:'?n is taken from the Population Returns made in lEll, and laid before the last session of Parliament. 11. Now first published, pric; 2s. 6J. seV) ed, A KEY to BRL'CE'S GEOGRAPHV, ontainin» Answers to the Problems in the Geography- By Jon BRUCE. 12. Just published, the 5th EditioD, C'ITtèted and much improved, w kh a Geographical Frontbpiecc, price 4? bOIWd, bouSnYd,STEM of ANCIENT and MODEHN GEO GRAPHY, with a series of Geographical E\aiainatim;s. By JOHN HOLLAND, of Manchester, author of manv ele- mentary Books. 13. SECOND EDITION, illustrated with Copoer Plates and Wood Cuts, price 3s. G A TREATISE on the CONSTRUCTING and COP" IG all kinds of GEOGRAPHICAL MAPS, in Fo r Parts. By THOMAS DIX, .Master of North Walsham Aca- demy, and A ether of a Treatise on I.and Surveying, &c. PAnT I. Elucidates the Globular, Stereognfj)hte, and M<-JH color's Projection*; of the World.—PART if. Oil the PTT- jection of Maps of particular parts of the 'k" Oi r III. A Detcriptioii of Instruments by the help of which ti C Meridians and ParaDt'h of Latitud;'? may be drawn v, i:b t. faci i i ty' 1, Directions for'inserting p!?e' dr:)\\in? rivt-r? Sfa-i-na??, and other boundaries, and fi.r copying, colouring, mounting, and other minutiæfa1" Map iilg, iiioiii?tiiig, aiid ot'??,,w in*iuli T. fit- 5.1a j ). 1-1. Price 4s. bound, the Fourth Edition, (? ith cons¡Jer" ble Improvements), ARITHMETIC; ad&p?d' to dfn?-c'it (??o-iof Lcarc< ers, but more particularly to the Use of large Schools. Ia Three Parts, arranged in anew manner, and enlivened with numerous original on With an Appendix, coutaining Five Classes of R'*capi(.n!atorV Exercises. By ROl.MIl' GooDACfts^ of Standard Jiill Aca- demy* Nottingham. 15. The Third Edition, very much enlarge, price 5.. Gd. neatly bound, A KEY" to OOODACRE'S ARITHMETIC, roHtaii!- lng A nswers to every Question in that Work, with :he S<?u. (ions, ncariy at full length, of more than one thousand of the most important exatilpies I with explanatory ) notes an.! observations, bv t?e AuHtor of the rit!t'lW¡¡, IS. An ABRIDGEMENT of GOODACRE'S ARITII- MiVflC, for tkv. Use of Ladies' Schools and juntur L'las.- es, lirice Js. tid. half *<* -Mso the necessary TABLES in ARITHMETIC and MENSURATION, arranged in ore pa., post 1 to. OIl a small iypc, and on fine stout paper, price iiL 17. A TREATISE on BOOK-KEEPING, adapted to tb« Use of Schools; containing two Sets 6f Books by Single En- try, one hy Double Entry, and an Outline Set to be filled up by either Method it is added, a Familiar Disser- tation on the various Bills and Notes used in Commerce as Substitutes fcr Cash. By ROHERT OOODACBE. The leading features of this work are these: :i">st every article requires Calculation, only one Trade is assumed in one Set, awl the Phraseology is taken froia rca, life. The OutHne Set will furnish exercise in tilii-ig up: and the p- pendix will convey a full, though concise, account of every particular respecting the most important point of oar paper currency. 18. The Third Edition, very much altered and i mpfoved, just published, price Ju. 6d. bound. The TUTOR'S ASSISTANT MODERNIZED, or a regular System of Practical Arithmetic: comprising all the modem I improvements in that Art which are necessary for the Man of Business and the practical Scholar. I'y tht Rev. THOMAS PEACOCK, Deeton, near I)-. Iiixgthn, DsiVham. 1,9. The Second Edition, illustrated wiiii Plates, price 4.. (id. Hhno. bound, The PRACTICAL MEASURER, contai,,in- the U.eA of Logarithms, Gutter's Scale, the Carpenter's Rule, and the Sliding Rule; the best and most approved Modes of drawing Geometrical Figures: the Diu-nine of Plana Trigonometry, and its application to Heights ond Distances; the Mensuration of Superfices, Solids, ana Armicer's Work, and the Methods of Surveying, Planning, and Dividing Land. The whole illustrated w ith a great N;itfi,t. t;f Lx- amples aod Figures, ada-ted to the Capacities of voting Scholars, and suited to real Business. By the ftev. TKCJIAS PEACOCK. 20. In Svo. with numerous Wood Cuts by Be"ck. and de- dicated to the Lord Bp. of Durham, price 10s. SJ. boarde- The PRACTICAL SURVEYOR; being a Treatise on Surviving, designed for the Use of Schools. By the Itev. JOHN FI/RNESS, Ponteland, Northumberland. l. I II a handsome thick 12mo volume, w ith an elegant Frontispiece, prke Si. 6d. bound or on brn paper fof Families. forming a large 8vo volume,hjrice lit. 5; ;>oard«. The WOULD DISPLAYED; or the Characteristic Features of Nature and Art exhibited. On a new plan, in- tended for Y out in general, as an Outline of he most striking Parts of 11 uma» Knowledge, and as a Remem- brancer to those of riper Years: being a concise Vie>v at Geography, particularly the British Isles: their ll.-or>» Lavvs, co il Of Mn; tbcir VariettM. C, II;" rious Animals, Vegetables, Fossils, &c. Extraordinary i forts of Human A rt and Indusln, Methanieal Powersj vmious Pbil«sophical Subjects. O11 the Aurora Borealis, Thunder, Lightning, Earthquakes, Winds, Springs, Salfnes* of the Sea, &c.; the Liaka [hat join the an •», ited and ina- nimated parts of the Creation; Biography, Foreign u»d Domestic, Lives of the Heroes at the Siege of. Troy, &c. By JOHN GRCIS, Private Teacher of Geography; Author t)faii Introduction to the Use of the Globes, Ladies' Arith- metic, Heavens Displayed, Expeditions Instructor, &c. Geograjihy ana Jtiiography. Chemistry and ilistory. Botany and Mineralogy, have all contributed their Portion of striking facts, remarkable discoveries, amustn$experienw ces, and natural productions, in order to render Uli. Work worthy of attention; and it appears calculated to excite :1. w ell as to gratify the curiosity of young people on all the subjects otwhich it treats."—Monthly Revh*>, Oct. '22. The Eighth Edition, price Is. in coloured paper, The CATECHISM of NATURE; for the Use of Chil- dren. By Dr. MARTINET, Professor of Philosophy at Zut- t)l,n. Translated from the Dutch, by the Rev. JOHN HALL, of the English Church at Rotterdam. Read nature, nature is a friend to truth." Young. 23. Sixth Edition, price 2s. neallv bnnnd, M. CORDERII COLLOQUIORUM CENTURA. SELECT A or. a Select Century of M. Corderiu.' Collo- quies: in Four Books; the two first accompanied with a Literal Translation. To which are added, Two Vocabula- ries, the first of which contains the Conjunctions, Preposi- tions, Interjections, aud the more common -Adverbs that oc- cur in this Selection: -the second, the Noui:s, Pronouns, Verbs, Participles, Rail the legs common Adverbs. Also H Scheme of Latin Numbers. «*v the Rev. Jo as i ARRJ:«, formerly Master of Wittoiirle-VVear Sehool, in the cauuty of jjurhain. and late Vicar of Stamvix, Cumberland. Si. A iieiv Edition, done up in coloured paper, with a head of the Author, price tid. sewed, The ARCANA of SHORT-HAND: or. Expeditious Writin? made Easy. By H. Ew?ro?. 1110 ich are now titflied? Regwlar ?rw?'tt oi ?htcnfcw h?? gained a perfect knowledge therein.- ? Thi- little work is the most perfpicooas, co?-iciw, -nd et- peditious method Ümt has Mea ti??rto ]>ropo?edjsaad ex- are pcr?u?ed ?at we do students of short fund a service, m recor.imes-iding it tq?etr aMentMa. —.?<yf?'! ?stt<, F*k, uarg. 1_8!,