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lr 1AE ,| J, BAILRIGS, ■ -+ :I., YnyrHcol-fai^r-iffrlUmylJezc-mciijn, ABE^TAWE, yN gwerthu pob mh o Lyfrau Ysgol, Sacs- I n e- a C, li), m rt, Pajar o ttmryvv fath; Inc.; CI rati- olau (ilens), Cwyr Selio,roch a <Ui; Llechau (Slates), (» amryw faintioli a phris;'Pun(iin;iu o lilwm du (liluck Lead Pencils); BlychauDarinn-litv (Painting Jinxes) bvchain, aridas i Blat ar ore ill a fyddo yn ymhyfrydu i tlynii liuniau; — Goiriadiron, ac Ieithaduron ( Gram- mars), &c.; lJawcr o Iyfrm. yn -yr itith -tr Dri<w..n<uliacth; H,Vl11wi¡ Cyntrafg a Saesneg; a d ;ir cacl jjob*IAyfrsydt! ar wert -N-ii L!-iatlain,inddi) ef am yr ua bris ag y ma yno, ond hoddi rhybudd byr. Y inac J. flAnBiEs y" Jlil-. itiiio y bydd i'w Gyfeillion yn y wlad a'rtir-f, i (AdN,('t)dat cit'l)ait f%,(I,fotitN-n pi-y.-ju heb o'r Nwyfau ucinx*; ac os drallant. na's pillant pethau am ivris mor isel sjud'lo ef a» y ma -nl i'w cacl gan neb ereill, efe a rydd g< %1 iddy ntfyned lie y mynont. DAVID JENKIN, Argrajfydd, Gwcnhzcr Papur, Liyfrau, c. • lŒOJ,Y.CaTHJ..I. _\nERT WE, CYDD Yn ('ym'yd ? cylle presennol i dalu I i. IN?l'ttt )fit L-' Yft*('(Iili, am ?u hnnn.?icth, ac ynfsty?fdi?hysbysu iddynfeifad vn ddi- weddar wedi dcthyniunry?'o) « LYTH?HEKAU AR- GRAFFU NH?Y!7DU??'i addus i .i?rati'u nohinaOt o <?'pi? v» )T I<ihodd C\'nr:n? a Sacs.)?. P? Y hv?? a iyddo )])Y)t-?!u-c's ? dyfoil ? El^fr, neu Lyfrau, hhlo ef i'w arZ,*ittl'u, a g?titr t?, a hardd, am bris rhecyiiio), yn ArgraJF-dy S('nn Gomcr. 1). 8, Y itiic gan D. J. ar werth pob math o Lyfrau Cymraeg a Sacsneg. Just Published, And mav be It,-Id cf CRADOCK and JOY, Paternoster Row, I London I). Swansea, and all other Booksellers, In OTle Vulume SliD. wila a Map of the War, A VIEW of the FRENCH CAMPAIGN in A Russia, hi the ye1 ii 1??, collected from the o&iciat and other documents of hoth NatlOus, from the time, of the ru- t rluice. ofiiic I',fericil illto Kowno to their retreat from M os- cow; and the aibscownt disasters attending their niareh, from the time iionaparte fled from his army at Sjiiorjciiie; I Bv an OFFICER. Oftchom also may be had, in one, vol. 12mo. k boardt, APLPY for the DIVINITY of our LOILI) JESUS CHRIS ii in a Pastoral Letter addressed to a Concreca- tit),, of Protestant Di^. nters at Cambridge; by R. HOUJH- jox.~A new edition- "fiso iri one Vol. post 8vó. 2-.r. stitched, A DESCRIPTION of SWANSEA, and it* ENVl-j nONs, coinpreheiidiit^- every thing wortliy of notice for the itifortngttio;tt of tile. Strziiig:er. POPULAR SCHOOL BOOKS Pitblishe(I bg C.' Crjdock and rv. Joy, 32, Paternoster Rote, London; And may he had of D. Jenkin, Printer of this Paper, and J. Harries, Swansea; Williams, Merthyr-Tydiil; Evan?, Carmarthen; Lewis, Cardigan; Gee, l)ertbigh; Phillips, uthyn; Sanderson, Bala; Jones, Dolgellcu; Le\\Ï8, Newport; alld all other Booksellers, j 1. The SECON-D Eornov, with nnmerous Cuts, enlarged and much improved, price 6d. sewed, j GlJY'S NEW BRITISH PRIMER, for Ciiil- dren of an early Age intended to precede the NEW I BRITJSi-1 SPELLING BOOK, and, other similar Reading Httilk! This little volume consists of such very easy worrls anrl sentenct- and interesting lessons', as are calculated to lead i children^ step by step, from the Alphabet. The subjects, while on a level witn-their understandings, will not lower, lower their ideas. 11 ts hoped that, among the iniuierotis attempts to lead the young mind over the threshold of know- ledge, this little work may meet the wants of the Child, and the wishes of the Tea^hrr. 2. The SEVENTH EDITION, on fine paper, corrected and much improved in the arrangement, with 40 new Cuts added nrice Is. tfd. bound. I GUY'S NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, or an j Introiiuction to Spelling and Reading, in Seven Parts, c tainitig a great variety of easy Lessons exactly adapted to the capacities of Youth, and arranged in a new, easy, and pleasing order; the Tables of Words ar/« divided and accented according to the purest modes of pronunciation. In this book the reading a i-e iiiipre ittimerottr, the subjects more choice, the order more pleasing, and the gra- dation from the most easy, to the more diUicult far better preserved, than in other spelling and reading books: tiese i., also a new and most convenient division and arrangement ot the spelling tables; and the outlines of geography, grammar, Sec. exhibit the vcrv ideas which children should lirst commit to memory, I n short, teachers will find in it, throughout, all that a spelling book should possess. It has been pronounced, by able instructors, to be greatly superior for all the purposes I of teitchia,, to any thing of the kind yet published. Mr. Guy seems perfectly to understand the powrrs and nature of the infant mind, and the best means ofenahlill it to comprehend the value of letters, syllables, and Words, with their relation to things. He has had experience in teaching, J has reasoned on his experience, and evinced his knowledge in arranging this Spelling Book. We have compared it with Mavors, and several other generally esteemed first hooks for children, and found it in almost every particular more simple, more congenial with the language and powers of the young mind, and better adapted for instruction, than any other woi'k of its kind. The spelling and reading lessons are placed on opposite pages, and the selection of the hitter is such as must naturally expand the niind and improve tae inorals of children."—Antijarobin Review. 3, On fine paper, and handsomely printed, price -Is. neatly bound, GUY'S NEW BRITISH READER, or, SEQUEL to his NEW BRITISH SPELLING BOOK, containing a great variety of easy Lessons, selec ted from the most ap- proved Authors; exhibiting a very easy gradation, and adapted to the junior classes of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Schools. This work contains a larger selection of very easy reading, both in prose and poetry, tnan has y ft been made for schools. The lessons .'ire not only sucil as are easy to rend, but easy to comprehend, and suitable both in subject, style, arrange- ment; AND, \Vi( AT \VUX nF DrC.M,r.D A MOST ESSKN'TTAI. I Vl- PROVEM.ENT, THE MORK (Ht TH'Ur.T WORDS ARE OIVIOEO AND ¡ EXPLAINED ATTHE HMD OF KACH CHAPTKR. I u. This is one of the easiest and most useful guides to n ad- jj ing that we have seen; and the gradation from plain and fa- milier to the higher orders of Composition is very judiciously contrived and executed an agreeable variety, both in prose and vf-rse, is also introduced, as are Some interesting tales. The book is remarkably well printed, and of a very moderate ¡i price."—IL ilisk Critic, July 1811. 4. Just Published the THIRD EDITION, enlarged, 'very considerably, improved, and handsomely priuted, price bound in red, Is. (id. ENGLISH SCHOOL GRAMMAR; in winch I Practical Illustration is, in every step, blended with Theory, by flillt'S, ;tlla Rxcrci?.: adaptpd throughout to by Rut"os, t'Sritoots and Private Teachers. In this w ork English Grammar is rendered easy to the capa- city of the learner, not only by giving a concise otitlille of its general principles, but by combining theory with practice, hy adapting Questions and iixerciscs in a well digested O rdcr, to each Rule, by cpncencrating t-vf-ry thing essential, and bringing it at once to the test of Practice. By it children will not be engaged so long as they now are, with so much labour lIf the memory, and so little assistance of the under- standing." 1)r. Lowth. 5. SECOND EDITION, enlarged and much improved. Royal] Smo. widt seven hand?ono M?p?, price 3s. hound in n d. SCHOOL GEOGRA PHY < en a new, pasy. and GUYS/SCHOOJ.. GEOGRA PHY; on a new, eaqv, and hignh approved Plan; comprising not only a complete ge- neral Description, but much Topogirtpliic.il' Information, in ¡ a digested Order; exhibiting three distinct Parts, and I yet forming one connected Whole. Expressly adapted to every A ge and Capacity, and to every Class of Learners, I both in Ladies'and Gentlemen's Schools. We tipnk this work entitled to unqualified approbation. It unites utiliitv with cheapness. Its method is simple and practicable, and well adapted to the tirst wantof the mind. 1\1 r. Guy is already known as the author of «omc other works of a similar uature, and this will add to Vis merit in that species of compositiun." Universal Magazine, April, 1810. The Maps on a hand-tome eli-iiie-i,)g paper, ncatl-) rtl- lowed, are sold separate for the coni-cnimce tJ' Tcachcn, price 2v. sewGeUd. Y'S SCHOOL CTPHERING-EOOK for Begin-\ 6. GUY'S SCHOOl, CIPHERING-BOOK (or n('in- ners contairig a complete Set of Sums in the first fonr Rules of Arithmetic, printed in large Figures, the Copy-book Size, having all the Sums set, and all the Lines ruled: on excellent writing paper, SECOND EDITION, price 3s. 6d. 4to. half bound. A Iso, a KEY to the above Sums, price fid. j Thi work will be equally acceptable to Ladies' and Gen* H''ntcn's School, and private Families. It co?pri?cs every j tliing essential in the above Rules, and will save Teachers much needless trouble, both in setting and and correcting sue:1 Sums. The subject of this book is to supply a course or sums and questions, quite on a ievet \vith the capacities oflearn"rs, yet copious, Yiiriolts, and systematic; to place the operations in that e;fcy succession wliich will materially lessen, if not altogether remove,first difficulties; and enable the learner to comprehend the whole with abundantly more ease to himself, and less assIstance from the master, than can he effected by the usual initiatory modes of ills trur tuacubiti lie- view, November, ÜHJ. 7. SIXTH EDITION, on fine paper, handsomely printed, j with near two hundred new articles added, and the whole carefully corrected, and much improved, price 7s. boards, or 7s. (id. neatly bound. GUY'S POCKET CYCLOPEDIA or, Miscellany; of 117,3r.111",L KN,-D%V from the latest and Im-st Autlioritiei, designed for senior Scholars in Schools, and for young Per son-i in general; containing much useful Information on vario,, Subjects nfCt'??ry to he known hy all I'e"ons, and yet not to be found in Books of general Use in SchClol. By JOSEPH Guv, late Profesvor of Geography, &c. Itoyal Mili- ¡ tary College, Great Marlow. In company, to discover gross ignorance of things he- i coming one's station in life to kuow, is iasupportably morti- í fying and degrading."—Anon. 1 Six Editiolis (If this most useful Work having been called for by the Public. In this Edition the Arts are brought down jo the present time, new discoveries introduced, near '200 new articles added, and the whole re-writteu and made | familiar to the youthful capacity. The Rev. J. fevans, Author of" Sketch of Denominations of Christians," gives the following Testimony of this Work, in his Essay on I'ducation:—The ht Book of this kind that ever came into mv hands isentitled, I C-UY'S POCKR,,T CYCLOP.EDIA.' &c. 1 have transcribed the Title-page at length, since it may induce some persons to procure it. It is a valuable Compendium, aad redects credit on the Compiler." 8. GU Y'S CHA RT of GENERA L HISTOR Y, A nci?nt and Modern. Onalare-estiectof Columbier drawing paper, the SECOND EDITION, prreeted, price 7s. coloured; oa I canvass and rollers, UK 6d.; and varnished, pricc lis. A Chart of this kind will greatly facilitate the student's progress, and give him clearer ideas of the rise, duration, and tall of each kingdom and cmpnc, than the perusal of many volunic It is, in short, to H;-tory,what Maps are to (;"ora- j phy. It ij a mo:lc of representation which ^iyesa kind of locality to events; and conveys not only distinct ideas of I' distant events in any one country, but the relative occurrences of diti'e.rent uations. 9. In Royal 4to. price 18s. neatly half-bound; or full co- loured, 11. Ü. OSTELL'S NEW GENERA L ATLAS; containing dis- tinct MapsofaH the principal States and Kingdoms through- out the World, from the latest and best Authorities, including a Map of ancient Greece, and of the Roman Empire: the I whole correctly engraved upon 30 plates, royal quarto, and beautifully coloured outlines. The Publishers offer be above Atlas to Schools, as the most collect, the most useful, aod, at- the tame time, t, cheapest, ever executed. Tiley litvo no hesitation in gaytng, that it wan's only to be seen to be univefsally adopted" it i already used in many of the mast respectable Seminarier in the Empire. 10. The FOURTH Eurrrov, just published, with rirttfcidera- ble Additions aud Improvements, prke 7s. iiti. 121111). neatly bound. An INTRODUCTION to GEOGRAPHY anl AS- TRONOMY, by theU-M-nf Globes and Maps; to which are added, the Construction of Maps, and a Table of Lati- tudes and longitudes* By E. aud J. IktL'CE, ot Newetistlc- iipon-Tyne. In this Edition, the population of towns in 'Vent TVii-?1n is taken from the I'opitlatioi! Returns made in 1811, and laid before the last session of Parliament. 11. Now tirst puMisSied, priee <,2-, (id. sewed, A KEY to BRl/CE'S GHOGR\PiiV, containing Answers to the Problems in the Geography. By JOHN BRUCE. I". Just puMish?i, the M' Edition, correctH and m*'h t'Ytpmved, ?ka a Gct?i'ap'.?cat Fronds piece, price 4$. bouSnYd,STEM of ANCIENT and MODERN GEO* A YSTJM of ANCIENT and MOD?R? (mo.. | [GK APHY, with a series of f!<?i?ph)ca< J.xa?ioation?. HvJ'?nv Uftt-n?o, of Manchester, :m?K)f of many ele« I;v.f(iRv uf Nianctk^stt?r, atititt)r of nizilly c i t- 13. SECOXD EDITION, iJht!tmt :l with Copper Plates and Wood Cii's price ?. M. A TREATISE on the C(?\?TrHJCf{???tnd COPY- ?n all ?.?'? of GEOGRAIjHICA 1. MAPS, iii Fom' Parts. By TrtoMA* Master of Noith Walsliam Aca- demy, and Author uf a Treatise on Land Sncveyiijg, &c.— PAIT I. Elucidates the Globular, SfrreosrrwpMr, and Of -t:.I' f r. Oiici-e Pro- jection of Maps of particular par's of the W^orld.— PA^T i 111. A Descriji'.ion of InstrUmenis by the itelp of which tin* I Meridian? and Parallels of latitude, may drawn with atit t nf TItiifilf-, in:L, ti- wiet I great facil it)- flit it-V I V*. drawing rivers, sea-roa-t- and other boundaries, aid for copying, colouring, mounting, and otber minutiae for Map- ¡ ping. 4. Price ,1", bound, the Fourth Edition, (with ooniikteraoo hIt" ImprovemeDf#), ARITHMETIC:; adapted tf) tiitfe, cut of fear; ers, but more particularly to tiie Use oi""large Sel»(M»ls. fit Three Parts, arrauged in R tl('VV manner, aud enlivened with numerous oriinal Hx:ultpJes on interesting subject. With ail Appendix, containing Five Cln^es tif Recapitulatory V'xercises. By ROBERT GOODACUE, of Standard Hill Aca- deiii- la. The Third Edition, very mueh enlarged, price 5s. 6d. neatly bounl, A KEY to GOOrHCllEtS ARITHMETIC, ronfaiin ing Answers to every Question in thai Work, with the S lu- tions, nearly at full ]'-P-t!l, of more than one thousand of the most important examples, interspersed with explanatory* notes and observations, by the A uthor of tiie Airtinnet;f< 16. A n A BR.IDGEM HNT of A i? itil. MIvTIC, for the Use of Ladies' Schools and junior Classes, priee Is. (id. half bound. »** Also the necessary TABLES in ARITHMETIC and MENSURATION, arranged in one ra: P(bt itu. on a small type, and on line stout paper, price 2d. 17. 1-tno. price 4s. ixmml, A TREATISE on BOOK-KEEPING, adapted la the Use of Schools; containing two Sets of Books by Single En- try, one by Double Entry, and an Outline Set to be filled n{l by either Method; to which is aôded, a Familiar Di -er- tation on the various Bills aud Notes used in Commerce as Substitutes for Cash. By ROBETIT GOOOACHE. Tlie leading features of t'.iis work are these: almost ev,,rv article requires calculation, only one Trarlc is aesamrd ia one Set, and the Ptira-eology is taken from real lite. Tiie OntrK.. Set will furnish exercise ia filling up: and tlw A p- pendix will convey a full, though concise, account o. every particular respecting the most important point of our paper currency. 18. Tilc Third Edition, very much altered and improved, just published, pviee 3s. 6d.-bound, ASSISTANT MODERNIZED, or a regular System of Practical Arithmetic comprising all the modern Improvement' ill that A rt which are neccsarv for the Man of Business and the practical Scholar, fly the fter. THOMAS PEACOCK, lViuon, near Darlincton, Durham. 19. The Secoiid Edition, illnstra<f*d with Plates, price 4s. 6J. l'iino. bound, The PRACTICAL MEASURER, fontelmne the Us of Logarithms, Gunter's Scale, the C'arpenter's Rule, and the Sliding Rule; the best and mot approved Modes of drawing Geometrical Figures: th<* I Joe trine of Plane Trigonometry, and its application to Heights and Di-tancest the Sleusuration of Superfices, Solids, ami Artificer's Work, and the Methods of Surveying, Planning, and D1 -ling Land, The wnole illustrated with a great Variety 01 Ex- :?ptf3 and Figures, adapted to the Capai!ks ofyoun? Scholars, and suited to rea l Bu?;i,ie??. By the R"y. THOMAS PEACOCK. 20. In 8vo. with numerous Wood Cuts by Bewick,and dr. i dicated to the Lord Bp. of Durham, boards. The PRACTICAL SURVEYOR; being a I'reatbeon Surveying, designed for the Use of Schools. By the R-v. Jonx "FIIRTES*, Ponteland, Northumberland. 21. In a handsome thick 121110 volume, with an elegant Frontispiece, pric Ss. od. bound; or on large paper for Families, fornting a latere 8m 6o. boards. The WOPLL) DISPLAYED; or the Characteristic Features of Nature and Art exhibited. On a new plan m- tended for Y.mth in ?f«T.'t, :M an Outline of thcot striking Parts of Human Knowledge, and as a Remem- brancer to tho -e of riper Y cal": being a concise Vriew of Geography, particularly the British Isles: their History, Laws, Constitutions, &e. Of Maps, their Varieties. Cu- rious A uimals, Vegetables, IVsils, &c. Extraordinary Ef- forts of Human Art and Industry, Mechanical Powers; variniti; On the Aurora Bo real i«, Thunder, Lightning, Earthquakes, Winds, Spriwgs, Saltnew of the Sea, &c.; the Links that join the animated and ina- nimatcd parts of the* Creation; Biography, Fflrcif1 Rnlt Domestic, Lives of the Heroes at the Siege of Trwv, &e. By JOHN* GRBIU, Private Teaciier of Geography* Author of an Introduction to the Use of the Gtohes, laiies, rith- metic. Heavens Displaved, Expedition- Instructor,-Ay. '»» Geography and Biography, Chemistry and Hi- oiy, Botany and Mineralogy, have all contributed tÍlpir Pili ion of striding facts, rernarkabh, discitveries, ainu-ing expesi- n- ces and natural productions, in order to render thi-> »• k worthy of attention; and it appears calculated to evcite as well as to gratify the c.u!-iosits, )f young people on all the subjects of which it trea is"—Monthly Iletww, Oct. 22. The Eighth Edition, price 1. in coloured paper, The CATECHISM of NATURE; for the Use of Chil- T i T r?, i I I I m f  dren. Bv Dr. MAHTINET, Professor of Philosophy at 7.t- phen. Translated from the Dutch, by the Rev. JoiN- IIALF., of the English Church at Rotterdam. Read nattire, nature i a tri^nn to truth," YO/lng. 23. Sixth Edition, price neatlv bound, M. COflDERll COLLOQUIORLM CENTURIT A. '=;rtFC'T?-o. Select Century ot M. Cord<-n<M Conn. quie,; in Four Roo?; U.e ? ^VT^^vJ t Literal Tfanstatinu. To w??h arKad?fd, T,wo V?o?,a. ri?, 1!.? 6r.t of which contains the Conjunct1 tions. Intcrx-cHon". -i the mM(' <-o:nmo? Ad,verbs ,t,tM?< oc. c? in this S.?.tio. 'the second, the Nouns, Prouotte*, Verbs. Participles, and the less coutnton ?Ad?-rhjsAt? ? Vrrhs /oS??"?. ?? the jag-C r?A3tP.P.R, ?rSv M?rof Wi!«m-?W?r Sd.M!, in tMc?uty ?- l55r«ifl, and hw- V'c?r of Stanwix, Cotnhert?d. ? A ?w Edition. done up in co??d paper, w itu a head of the Author, priœ &. & sewed, The ARC .N ?f SHORT-HAND; or F editioux ??add??L?????-?????? ? ????few hh?a.. K«y; for want of which & J S Reg4 lar l,fv-.in- fM vant of which few have e-iined a pt'I-fCC{ kno.wl-d therein.. Ti tniU i» mt i*ie work Is the most pI empicnow, conc^, and ex- peditious mMho,' that itas oe» hitnerto proposed, a,i we ?ppr.na?d?d ?'??"???? d? student# of 41,)rt h"d a senri'?-e, ilk r?r?rHmPnd'ni: it to their ?a;'<??H?f/. ????? ?? Rui^ Fei our: IBOii, <