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I JOHN .?MMEL, "J If. .1 [1\ 1< 3.i, ?77Jc? I Bookseller, S-a!io,-?er, and J¡fedicine Vender, LOWER i,iARRET-STREET, CARMARTHEN, tNFORMSthePubU?hp hasonSAL??.p ? t:)?g:r?:uct! Variety G: LA fH ES and GENTLEMEN'S ANNUAL POC??T-SC.CKS, ALMANACKS, &c. &c. for IBi-l, at the Loi.,dan Pi ices. Where also may be had; • <■. In Deroy Twelves, on fir.e wuv? p?ip«r, rontaining upwards of 400 I. PRtCf. ONLY 8EV KK SRIttlVCS IN TJOAPDS, An ENGHKH and 1-?..TIONA l? in which the English Words, am» s'n:th'i":t))p E  i.- h Id;oMs.'r"t II J,r;it;:V:ll(,r:;p y. tl: :J(!i;c¡; ;¡,;cis cornypond v, iiii the: ;u t: e iVcisli The whQk careiuily compikd from Lehest .?'u; cs and materials. By W. RlcnAFD, M.A. The Monthly Rcv?w?u?::? f, t?sv-orKinthp-M?owin? liaadsome iaauiiei*i Tiiis appears to be correct, and in cyery ay ?cU c:? ??"? ?n:!s'm't the 1. for wh)c:tttwasdesti;t,?. *?'e cn ^^uiate the ;tM<c?Mihe :lcqumtH,m of a ccmpi!at«)n so !'? ''?, ani so ?e<'<'sstM?." C&nnar?it'n: printed ami ,j!d &y J. Daniel, only: sold also by D. Jcnkiu,PdJHer m' e¡¡; PalH?!" and J. 'Harris, Swansea. Also tlteJollnwiug vahihble Welah Books: Testament Ncwydd John Canue, 2s. Cauwyll y Cymry; or \V e I;;J¡ man Candle, 4s. bound. Taiih y Pererhr, taa rith breuddtvyd, Is. oil. Ddiiias SanctaitW; nou'r i Is. Crist yn Iachawd wrCy!iawn, 9d. KtiiolVdisraeth a Gwrthodedigaet! 6d. Alhvcdd Ncwydd i ddysPl darllain Cymraea:, 6d. A liberal allowance in takmt a quantity of the above. Magazine?, Reviews, and otner Periodical Worlis. sup- plied as cheap as in London. Books for the Use of Schools, and for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth, constantly on sale. Drawing, Cold, Fancy, and Writing Papers, well sorted, remarkably low. Books bound plain and in elegant Bindings, on liberal terms. GENUINE AND APPROVED PATENT MEDICINES. Charitable Institutions, Schools, Sfc. supplied' dth. Testaments, Spellings, Readings, 6cc. at the London wholesale prices. COELBRENFA'R WLAD (STATE LOTTERY') A DIJECHASU IONAWR 18, 1814. \T Mae Arwydd-nodau a Rhun?u CT/c?'e? ?y?? .STi?-M? ar werth?an ???J''7'?' C?. y Cyfammodwyr, yn eu Gorchwyl-dai (Offices) yn Llundain,, a chan eu Goruchwylwyr, J. DANIEL, Llyfr-wertliydd, CAERFYRDDIN, THOMAS a MXHON, A/BERT A. WE, E. BLATHWAYT, Llaw-feddyg, ARHERTII. Yr ARIAN-DLYSAU ARBENIG (Capital Prizes) a werthwyd gan ORUCHWY LW YR SWIFT &; QQ. y GOELBRENFA DBIWEDDAF: Rhif 249S, Arian-dlws o J20,000, Rliif 5727, Arian-dlws o J500, MEWN UN-AR-BUMTHEG 0 RANAU. .Gwerthwyd y rhai canlynol hefvd yn Rbanau gaa eu Go ruchwylwyr, ytt y Flwyddyti hon: 921 Aria-i-dlws o XIO,000 1 6,025 Arian-dlws o £ 500 6,022 2,0W 2,201 300 S,333 2,000 j 5,333 200 229 1,000, 5,741 200 Nid yw y Goelbrenfa bresennol yn cynriwys ond 12,000 o Arwydd-nodau ( Tickets ),a'r Cyallun (Scheme) A GYNNWTS 2 of £20,000 ydynt 3640,000 ■2 10,000 20,0\10 2 3,000 6,000 2 2,000 4,000 4 1,000 4,000 6 500 « S,000 7 300 2,100 g 200- 1,600 16 100 1,600 20 50 1,000 1,335 20 6,700 500 $o Goelbreni didrtym (Blanks)? 5K'°°° '? ?adyuirdyddltat?lObobun? 500 o'r un peth adyniryr ailddydd 5,000 12,000 Arwydd-nodau. J. DANIEL, 1 Bookseller, Stationer, Music Seller, and Patent Medicine Vender, NEAR THE TOWN-IIALL, CARMARTHEN, SELLS MAHOGANY Portable Desks Ebony luksiands J?p&n'd nkl;ht5- Waiuseot ditto Glass liik Bc.ulcs Pewter and Lead Inkstands Wedi:wood's ditto Japan Ink and Ink Powder Pens and Quills Pocket Inkpots' Round and Plat Rulers Wafers aod Scaling Wax Co-coa \at?rS('aI5 I'ory and Bone (Jjtto ivory and Bonf Folders Pour.ce and Shining Saii-I Ivory a nd BonePounceBoxes '?c.Mi":u)d Boxes Pink Tape and Green Fer- Ta,)(- and (,cen Fer- BJack Lead Pencils Reeves and Co's. Colours Newman's ditto Common Colours in Boxes Varnishing Brushes Citm" Hair Pencil!! Cedar Sticks for ditto lIidian Ink. Ldia Rubbers Crowing Books Draw ing Deanls and Paper MatiiPiiiatica! Ins'■ rumeiits Hunter's Scales & Cornpasies Sco"c S Llf¡Uid hlue Caif ¡.vl SI.e,,¡; SkillS Fine Pare r. men t Arcnnt ;>ooks :\»nA1rnu:y; ditto iail's Velvet ditto Pock t Hauks iV.orocco and Silk Purses Ar'sct. Skin Books Eanke- s' Bill ( uses iVi?»sia*e Cards j -irectio i ditto Playing ditto Morocco Card Cases l-'asteboards Leher. Files States and Slate Pencils v .iidr -iiV Books I '?'i?iinn' Made ?a.sy Sp?i)npb<?k-,<)i'Sorts E itick s Diciirnari.-s Joijiison's, Jenf: Sheridan, •nnd Enfield's, diilo t;1;(ri!¡: Common Prayr Bixiks La"2;ÙHd\ Copy Lottery Pictures aud Copy Cavers Children'* Libraries T''av<))?? M?ps in Caces Di?sected Map'Sheets O'u > A1 Iiawt Maps P.?'?pb1c? Wnttn? smi M?rMc Paper i C >1< uied iVpers !FHncy?'i'??{T ;ri;);r:gr¡\ering IVsuric Paper and Books Gonnan Flnles and Flies Clarionets and Hageoleis Reeds for ditto Violin and Bass Viol Strings Ivory and Ile-rn. Combs TorU'iseshrli ditto Ciotiies and Hair Brashes Tooi'j, Nail, and Comb ditto Shaving B??M a nd Tirnshes Japmrd Dressing '?azes C?urt Plaister Blacking Cakes and Balls I Liquid Blacking Backgammon Tables Draft and Chess Boards j Chess and Draft Men t I Tunbridge Cotton Boxes j l to j Ditto Vices and Cushions le ather ai.d Hair Trunks I Silver i'eiicil Cas»s Silver Thimbles I Wise's Steel Pens Best Penknives and Scissars Sponge, Chip i'o.-a>s Gendemen's Pocket Combs in Cases Miniature Leav« OL Miniature Glasses B?tth'dorcs and ShuWceocks ¡ :ExcisemeJÙ Inks Cottage-Work Boxes I Spice ditto & Nutmoii Graters ¡ Dram Bottles and Tumblers in Cases Tobacco Stoppers S | :ermaccti and ??ay Canutes  Wax Tap(,I and Boxes ( Music for the Piano Forte, ¡ Flute, &c. &c. ¡ Lemon Acid in Bottles I Salt of Lemons Conversation and Fortune- TpHit?Caids Art?n..?ti<?tTaMes I Domino's Cribbage Boards Tweezers & Tongue Scrapers Office Knives Clont's Marking Ink Sankeen and Lilac Dye Silver Knives, Bodkias, and Toothpicks I Ptose Bud and Screw Pin- ¡ cnhioï.51 Ivory, Bone, and Pearl Fish l and Counters Devil and Sticks ¡ Reading Glasses I V aneüver's Cement Country Dances I I rERFL:n:I\.Y. j Lavender, Jlonev. and Rose t Water. Esrer.ce of Rose, Tybercuse, r c. I Milk, oi Roses i'.spi it de Roses j,i,r r?'s V!nf?ar JInh t'x Rosc.fc '?wdcrfor j Svnierduous Hair IlB.-?»a ani Marasstr Oil for ¡. ?f- i Marble WaM-. Pt-lis j Windsor, Vegetable,' Paris,. Cifca?-sinn. Ai'nond, Ma- dri!,Em(,i¡¡('"t,H:Jt>,P",lm ¡ G?to?fR.?, VV'irt. Ban- da i'n. Cry Ion, L' .r.ty.u.le,'¡ and Lupin Soaps I Shaving Cakes asiJ Powder d;]¡:Hci¡l;(' Lipsalve I fkl]t\'d. \'laiuII<!¡rPw\Yda I R' J "l¡"-I' a'1' OJ'r'l-1 Rose, Jessamine, and Berga- mo t Pomatum Swa.idown Fowder PuTs Hü!krs for the Hair iionae, Carmine,anu Spanish j Wooi Ch?rcoa!, Re??nt, Totter, 'I: BHtIcr? Newton^Siginond, Ij I Cnevali"r, aid Ru?pigurs Tooth Powder I Willi a g;r??t Vmipty of other LonJ(m Arti?lM I J. DANIEL, Bookseller, Stationer, Medicine Vender, and Music Seller IN IONVER MARKET-STREET, CARMARTHEN. SOLICITOUS to express his gratitudfy, avails k himself of this opportunity to return his tmfeigned thanks to his Friends and the Public for former favours; informs them he continues to conduct the- same Business at his Old Established Shop, in Lower Market-street, which he has assorted with a judicious SELECTION of BOOKS and STATIONARY of every description: and as he is deter- mined to render every article on ;is liberal terms any in I the Trade, on the faith of such pledge he humbly presumes to SGlicit a COllllnue of their kind support. Magazines, Reviews, and otncr periodical Works, as I cheap ;vs in London.. Annual Pocket-books, Almanacks, Court Calendars, &c. A choice selection of Juvenile Books constantly on A good stock of Writing Papers, among which he begs to recommend his superior vellum and extra plain posts. Drawing, Gold, Morocco, and other Fancy Papers; also, Gold and Silver liorderinis IIf various patterns. A collection of approved Novels, now selling off at Is. per volume. A choice assortment of Music and Musical Instruments; Instruction Books and New Country Dance5. Surveyor*' Appointments for the Highway, and Magis- trates' Blank Precedents, &c< Wax and spermaceti candles; wait tapers, in and out of Patent Medicines purchased at the above Shop warranted genuine. Mathematical Instruments and Maps dissected and on canvas, Perfumery of the best quality. Bookbinding, extra and plain, executed on moderate terms. Just Published, And may be had of CRADOCK and JOY, Paternoster ROW, London; D. J ENKrs, Swansea, and all other Booksellers, In One Volume SvOi tcith a Map of the War, 1"RICE 5s. IN BOARDS, A VIEW of the FRENCH CAMPAIGN in -— Russia, is the year 1812, collected from the official and other documents of-both Nations, from the time of the en- trance of the French into Kowno to their retreat from Mos- cow; and the subsequent disasters attending their march, from the time Bonaparte iled from his army at Smorgenie; By an OFFICER. Of whom also may be had, in one voL 12mo. 3. boards, A PLEA for the DIVINITY of otir LORD JESUS CHRIST, in a Pastoral Letter addressed to a Congrega- tion of Protestant Dissenters at Cambridge; by R. ROBIN- SON.—A new edition, Also, in one vol. post 8vo. 2s. stitched, A DESCRIPTION of SWANSEA and its ENVI- RON S, comprehending every tiring worthy of notice for the information of thp Stranger. • < ir TH. ■ .»^aa^aBH himi ina—Boa—» Y MAE J. HARRIS, yn yr Ile?-fawr. cerUa? y -11 rLTv, A HERtAWE, yn?e?hupob!natb& .Lvt. ran ?n!, ba?u? a ( hymraeg; Papur o amryw fa&6;:A j )nc;?rn:no!a:) ?7?'?; ('wyr Sdio, cocha?u' Uect'f* (?'G/"<), o am¡-w faintioii a phris; Punhtnaù ¿ B!wmda ? (lUfck Lead (-;?s 1;1 v cha.ti Dar!un-!i? (Pot?t?  ?M-M) byc':ain, add;u i Blant ac ere<!t a fyddo yn yS? hyfrydu i dynu lluniau: — Geiriadnron, ac leith'yn -y|P d,,Iu J?iiniiii: (?e-iiite?nron, a,c leiti?ad6roxf f Gf??M?-x). Ac.; !ttwer o Lyfrau yn yr ia itk Sae"ne? air f Dduwinyddiaeth: H> mnau- Cyinraeg a "Saesneg; a gci!? cad po:) Llyfnydd:;tr m'rU, yn LlunJain anddo ef am y?f unbnsa?ym<ieynn,ondrhoddirh?huftdbvr. Y mac .? HÁRRI£')'n !?obeithio ? bydd t'w GrfpHttoB y? ? y w!ad a'r dref, i dd? f.td aLO ef pan fyddont yn areadwl pryn#fi neb o'j- .??yf?u netted; ac os dUanl na's ?sdt?ct g«3 pcth?u am bns :nof ? [ ?anddu ef ag y inaent i'w eacli3- ueb ereill? efe a rydd gt'uad iddyntfyHPd Be ymynont.  r^t Bydded hysbys ir fVlad, fod y Moddion Meddygitf iaet/tol ag sy/td ar werth gan J, Daniel, JIll Nghaerfyrdjipjt yn bur ac yn duigymmysg. DANIELS ,¡ 1." ;.t '¥' GÈNUIÑE 'v. t. •: Patent Memcine Warehouse^ CARMARTHEN. J. DAN I E L Bookseller, Stationer, and Music Scllcr9 NEAR THE TOWN-HALL, SELtS TriE FOLLOWING PATENT AND PUBLIC MEDICINES. For Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptims. F^ODHOI.D'S VEGETARLEBAT.SAMO IH 0 1 Dc Velno's Vegetable Syrup 0 11 D Purlana's expectorating Pills 0 2 '9 Cuiidelt's Balsam of lioncy.. 29 Graiit's Drops. «0 1 9 Dawson's Lozenges 1 I ford's Balsa T. of Hon-hound 1} 1 9. Ryan's lissence of Coltsfoot 0 2 (1- Church's Cough Drops .«. v i 9, Walsh's Colt's-foot Lozeng" es 0 I 2 Oxford Lozenges 026 For Weakness, DJji'Uy, and Nervous Disorder Man's Restorative Medicine 0 2 6 Dr. Fothergiil's Restorative Nervous Cordial Drops 0 4 6 Dr. Solander's Senaiive Tea 0 2 '9 Dr. Rymer's NervoiL- Tincture < 4' 6 Detergent Pitls .i 3 ?- Dr. Huxam's Tincture of Peruvian Bark ? 30 Solomon's B^im of Gilead 0 11 0 Family HntdM J lJ 0 !I" KesMrati? Drops < ?ii C Diseases incident to Females. Jfid < Dr. Sibly's Lunar Tincture I Fot'seralll's Female Pills 0'2 q, Hooper's Female Pills (Irl S Welsh's Ditto 0 3 Trowbridge Golden Pills 012 For the Rheumatism. Hemarathartic Tincture 0 4 6 Whitehead's Essence of Mustard 0 1% Mustard Pills »0 8 S> Dr.Eatfmau'sPccto'al Drops 0. I t E'-s<?ccof.!aiH3tca?'?' aB.M.?ai—?—?-" Cu:n?r!aHd?Bttnm;n'?F!md ?. 0?* For Scorbutic Complaints. SpHsbary's Drops 0 6 tj Dr. Solomon's Anti-impetigines 0 11 For Cutaneous Eruptions, Barclay's Ointment ••• 0 1 "9 Pike's Ointment .it Q 1.9 Soh>mon> Abstergent Lotion 0 1 Dr. Whcatley'sOintment • #i 0 19 Venereal AJfcctions. Walker's Jesuit's Drops bllln y Leake's Pills Leake's PulifYilig Drops ».iV 0 1 ffai Bilious Complaints. nd Barclay's Antibilious Pills. ø Dickson's Antibilioiis Piils a ■ 0 Dr<J<nne?.Ana?pttcPi!Is 0 W ?f. Gnir. ?:))? 0 'i Dr. orns Antlmomal Drops 0 i Dr. NonLii?AutimonIat Drops 0 ? Dicey's True Daffy's Elixir 2s. Id. and 0 2 Godfrey's Cordial 0 1 American Soothing Sirup 0, 2 Radcliii 'i Elixir 01 Bostoek's Elixir 02 Squire's (iraud Elixir O-t Essence of Peppermint 0. 1' Beaume de Vie 0 Andenwin's Scots Pills 0 1 Dalby's Carminative 01- luglisJj's Scots Pills 0 () 1 i Disorders of Children. Glass's Magnesia 0 S Henry's Caleined Magnesia, in Bottles o. Ching's AVorm Lozenges Is. 2d. and 0 2 1 Severn's Worm Tea 0 1 i Magnesia Lozenges, for Heartburn 0 1 ?MMs, Bruisa, Wounds, 8$c> Dr. Steer's Opodeldoc ? Dr. BettOn's Bhtish Oil 0 1 MISCBLL4KBOUS. Robert's Medicated Vegetable Water, an Effectual Remedy for the Scrophula or fiiilg's Evil. 0 < Hunt's Aperient Family Pills 1 | I.Ave nder Lozenges, for L0trness 0f Spirits #1 Barclay's Asthmatic Candy 0 1 Bath's Restorative, or Strengthening Pills 0 1 Pnnce?Rttssian Oil, for the Growth of Hair H 0 8 Macassar Oil, for Ditto 0 ?' Uickmuu's PiU?. for the StoneandGmvel 4pf' Chehenitam Sa!:s :'IØa Marshall?s Udninrsal Cerate, for Boms, Scalds, CH?'? &c. blains, Family Cerate, for Ditto' Pm-land's Family C,t,rite, for i,?sit? I- Sin?eton's Ga)dfn Eve Ointment ?, ? Dr. James's Fever Powder & X Turti neon's Balsam of Life 0 9 Ginger Lozenges < 0 I Peppermint Ditto 0 I Voe .mbrocation, for the Hooping COUO 0 4 Convulsion Drops 0 5 Dutch Ditto ? 6 ? KeouedN's Coro Pla6ter 0 j (()mns'š Çeph3líc Sn:dl' 0 1 ?ne. Plaister 0 I Dr. Solomou' A iMtergent OiStment 0 4 Dr. Sibley's Powder 0 ? Davies's Infalible German Corn Plaister 0 j Taylor's Remedy for Deafness 01 Henrv's Aromatic Vinegar 0 .t Steer's Paregoric Lozenges (? L. Refined Liquorice o 0 Hudson's Bleaching Liquid feu a ad j Atkin's Rat Paste Hampshire Miller's Rat Powder •.». • British Herb Aobaeco