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I Only Three Weeks remain in which to do your Chrlitmas Shopping. The choosing of presents is always a difficult matter until you visit Brown's, but there the celledion of useful and practical Gifts is I truly wonderful, and your difficulty is solved at once. BROWN S OF CHESTER The House for Useful and Practical Gifts for Young and Old. GRAND EXHIBIT AND SALE of Xmas Gifts in all Sections. An invitation is cordially expended to all to walk through the Salons-there is plenty of room and plenty of freedom. A copy of our "Brown Booklets," No. 6. ————— Christmas Gifts Number I will be forwarded free on application. Chester Eastgate Row, P,- W N Co., Ltd. r. SITUATIONS VACANT. Z?W?/C.?T'?/?.S. Bo4toii, ¡"-UU1\ GENERAL. — Mrs Bolton, C Chehé1m Kno!i, Aidevicy Edge. C'\¡ÜK-Ol goodl';CGIJ-eral;- Hou?c- iiiaid and Warner kept. — y nte to -Ws -Patterson, 16, Dcvou»hire-road, I'n.itcs Turk, Liverpool. COOK-GENERAL and Housemaid- NN aitress for Doctor s house; family, two, two children and nurse, references required.—Airs Hilton Thompson, Heys- ham House, Chorley Old Road, Bo-iton. c OOK-GENERAL WautcdT 'no wa"h- ing; woman for rough work, and assistance given; smali 'iamily; good home and outings; 16s weekly; relerences. -Alrs Jones, lib, Sewerby-street, Side, Manchester. OUNTY MENTAL, HOSPITAL, BERRYWOOD, NORTHAMPlO-N. —Kitchen and Laundry Staff required; good wages ottered.—For particulars apply vo Medical Superintendent. COOK-HOU SEKEEPER required for Vicarage in a Welsh District; Girl kept and a Lad; wages £ 2o. Apply, "Helta," "Chromdo" Office, Bangor. ?? EXERAL SERVANTWantcd r ?67 G four in family; Man kept for coals, etc. —The Vicar, Eccles, Manchester. GENERAL Wanted; four in family; good home.—Rubinstein, 3, hiizd- beth-street, Cheetham, Manchester. tvf)OD, capable General required; not T too young; Nurse kept. Mrs Hughes, Llanwnda Vicarage, Carnarvon- shire. GEX ER AL SERVANT; four m vX family.—Apply, stating wages re- quired and experience, to Mrs Vwen, (. Brompton avenue, LiverpooL GENERAL required; good wages. Apply, Manageress, Oakwooa lJark Hotei, Couway. HOUSEMAID required; good waga.— —— Apply, Manageress, Owkwood Park Hot-el, 'Conway. HOUSEMAID for Che?hirej family of JLt. threa ladutt) j two otaer Maids kept; wa?es E40. "Box 44," care of Pra-its, 57, Market-st., Manchester. MRS BEAZLEY, Cheshire, 1. L wants good single-handed Cook; January; two other Maids kept. REQUIRED now, Housemaid Waitress; Boys' Private School; good refer- ences essential; comfortable home.—Mrs Cox, Braeaide, West Kirby, near Birken- head. ELIABLE GENERAL Wanted; no Rwash'ng; exceMent wages and out- ings.—67, Hampton road, Southport. TRUSTWORTHY GIRL Wanted; be- M tween twenty and thirty; for small private house; family of two; comfortable home to reliable person.—State particulars to Mrs Sutcliffe, Bron Wendon, Roumania- crescent, Llandudno. WANTED experienced Cook-General; must have good references; wages JE56 E40; for Waterloo, near Liverpool. Also Housemaid-Waitress £ 33- £ 36; must JO Protestant; good home; good outings. —Reply, Manager, Porter, 9, Rumford- street, Liverpool. WANTED, a good Kitchen-maid.- Apply, Bull Hotel, Llangefni. WANTED good General; able to milk (four cows); help given.—Mrs Bil- linge, Meyrick Arms Hotel, Bod organ. WANTED superior Mother's Help, 'V where General kept; Doctor's House; two children, • 4 £ years and four months; s&la.ry, £SO.-Appiy, Mrs Ander- son, Gi ?- ary, son, Glyn Cornel, Ogmorevale, (Ham. WANTED Single-handed Cook, im- mediately good wages; three Ser- vants kept.-Apply, Mrs Andrewes, Bron Dwyryd, Minftordd, Penrhyndeudraeth. VMTANTED, on?, good Gtr?, aa General; aho Waitress; live out.— Read's Cafe, 266, High-street, Bangor. WANTED, at once, good Plain Cook; Kitchenmaid kept; wages JMC two in family; age not over 40; comfortable place.Apply, stating full particulars, to Hon. Mrs Mostyn, Pentrettyniion, Holy- well, N. Wales. WANTED, at on?, good House Par- Jourma.id; wag, &? to £ 40 two in family: light, ea-y place; five Servants kept. —Apply, stating age and full parti- culars to Hon, Mrs Mostyn, Pentreffynnon, Holywell, N. Wale. WANTED Cook Genera.): thoroughly Wexperienced: good references state wage-. Mrs Henry Wood, Hyfrydle, Rhyl. Miscellaneous. BANGOR. Mrs Williams, Registry JLt Office for Servants, 216, High street, (Stamp for reply). JOINERS, 2s per hour. George P. Snape, 323, Cleveland-street, Bir- kenhead. JOINERS Wanted; 2s an hour. Ap- M ply, David Evans, 8, Hamilton- square, Birkenhead. SITUATIONS VACANT. LADIES requiring Maid and Maids wanting Situation?, IlOU1Ü COLU¡t .1xuIgor District (servants' Registry tiVtrs Hugnes-, Paris House. Kctercnccsi essen- tia;. Replies; Stamped envelope. "L lV OPERATOR Wanted, immediate- ly; knowledge ot w tisi: preierred, but, not absolutely necessary. — Address, I'oreinan, Norcn Wa.es Chronicle, Oince, liangor. MAN and WIFE Wanted; Man cx'- perienced in Mixed 1'aiming; ?ttc tor housework: good home.—Appiy, ra- ting age and wage required, to Kooerts, h.<lenau, Rhyuymam, nea-1 Doigelley. "V^trANTED strong Youth as Appren- tiee to the Plumbing and Geueraii \N crk in an Ironmonger s S-hol).-Apl,ly, Evans and Roberts, biingor. "TATEI)(;taker and l'l('er for St. James' Church; ??ajary — Apply to the Vicar. WAN '1 ED Boot R e p;u; e »• good alt ?)krAJS'i?I?3oot Rpp<uie'7 pcxxlaK mu4 be steady.—-Apply, at once, .fierce, Queen s Ferry, Che-tci. Nurse, for Llanfechell District; Welsh essential; state age, sala.ry.-Apply, Mrs Hughes-Jones, Bryn- gv.yn, Cemaes, Anglesey. DRAPERY.—Two or three well edu- cated Youtiis, as Apprentices: good opportunity of learn.ing the tradL-Apply, R. Hughes, The Golden Eagle, rviu- lweh aiid Llangefni. H.M. FOOT GUARDS. WANTED, immediately, smart Re- Weruits of exceHent character lor His Majesty's Foot Guards. Age 18-2.;) years. Height 5ft. 7m. and upwards. Service three years with the Colours and nine years in the Army Reserve. Pay commencing at 19s 3d per week, rising to 28s per week tor Privates. Opportuni- ties for advancement up to L4 icss per week. For full particulars apply to the nearest Recruiting Office, or, headquaners, lin- gado of Guards, Wellington Barracks, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W. MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, &c. ARGYLE Open Touring Fivu-Seater, 15 h.p. five Lamp-, &:ie man Hood Tyres good, Owner-driven, Body grey, and m good running order: trial given; what oiler? — F. Tayior, (Queen's Garage, Newport, Mon. MOTOR CAR \t"at.(',), in good c<M? '.1' dition, but engine re<?uinng over- hauling a bargain; can be seen in Ban- gor.-Addres-, "Box 941," "UIoriujiydd" Office, Llangefni. C ARS, Motor Cycles or Push Bikes repaired or tuned up by competent man; 16 years' experience; three years re- pair workshops in France; Agent for all leading makers and dealers; asscssories supplied at shortest notice; nothing too large or small. J. Parkinson, Hotel Garage, Benlleoh Bay, Anglesey. FOR SALE 30 H.P. Six-Cylinder Napier JL' Body; in good running order.—Ap- ply, Treborth Estate Office, Menai Bridge. 1Q19 FORD for Sale in good running order; JClOO or nea.rest.- Williams, Britannia Inn, Bethesda. ON SALE, 20 Lurries, 8-cwt. to 16-cwt.; &11 good condition; four Ralli Cars, eight Governess Cars, Cart Gears, Chains, Harness; various sizes; cheap. Apply, Edward Orrell, Manchestet-road, Ince, Wigan, Lancashire. Phone 412, Wigai. HORSE*. CARRIAGES. 60- FoR SALE, a small Governess Car and Harness (complete), in perfect con- dition.—Apply, Grittiths, Ynysgain Fawr, Criccieth. SALE Gig, in good.repair, newly- painted, and new Cushions. W. Elliott, Carriage Warks, Llangefni. 'E'OR SALE, two Spring Carts, as new; .J:I suitable for Grocery Business; carry- ing capacity, 25-30 cwts.—Apply, J. and D. Chronicle" Office, Bangor. FOR SALE, Breed Van, in good con- dition. £ 25; obeap.-Apply, Thomas, Bros., Gresford House, Holyhead. T7VJR SALE Phaeton Victoria, Rubber for single or pair Horses; complete, with Lamps, Cushions; perfect condltioii; EW, worth £ 50.—Apply, Ellis, 25, Bailey-street, Oswestry. POULTRY, EGOS. ao. A 1917 Hatched Bird Laid 15 eggs in 16 days, as the result of using Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice.—Sold by William Morris, CSiemist, Bethesda. OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, sur- passes everything yet introduced for poultry. Sold by M. Roberts and Co., Chemists, Bangor. f I THE Hon. Mrs Stapletcm-Cotton has JL splendid Brown Leghorn Cockerels, Pedigree; May hatched; 91 each. ) FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. fro BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY X the SEVERAL STACKS of Well- harvested HAY, of tlij growth of lSlY, standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also undermentioned, viz. Eti- listim <t SlAno.vs. Weight. STAIIO.N-. Weight Tons. Tons. Talsarnau 51 ,con Wen 6 Criccieth .crercn I 5$ For further particulars, and to treat, ap- piy to THE SECRETARY, Cambrian Railways Co., Oswestry. Oswestry, Dec., 1919. ?.I??RCOMEJ) HOUSE with l.rge Gar- s den, Coach hou?' and Stable, in the lllage of Bodedern. Particulars from David Jones and Co., Auctioneer*, Holy- head. MUSICAL. MISS OLWEN ROWLANDS KR.C.O., L.K.A.M., 1.KSSOXS IN PIANO, ORGAN, & HARMONY. i'.U'i!?m'c(?ttu!!y preparixl lor JOxaminatiou. f,)r ]-. xamiriatioti. i; CAN YOU COMPOSli: ? I'rooahiy in an idle moment you have in- vented some little mclojy that pleased you. If MAY Bi £ WOKTri MUXEY, You cannot tell until 1t is propeily harmonized and arranged for the piano. We will help you to do this. If your work is valueless we undertake to tell you S' tranKly and without cost to yourself. On the otner hand it your MS. reveals an aptitude lor composition we are in a position to instruct you as to the best and Quicxes means 01 turning your abilities to financial | account. Remember-great successes have, been achieved by people who are not expert I musicians. If you have music in you it is valuable to you XOW. Send use your M.S. for FHEE criticism and advice enclosing oc-h;ù!penny stamp c,yr P,),Iag ihe empire School of Music, 41. i-KTTEK LANE. E.C.4 j i PIGS FOR SALE. —— nrmE WARREN HERD of Pedigree X Large Whites; Boars and Gilts for Sale, ihe Sire and Dams of these Pigs were purchased at high prices from Sir Gilbert Greenall's herd.—For full parti- culars of breeding and prices, apply, H. T. Williams, Vv axrou Hall, Broughton, Chester. by/46 CLERICAL- PARISH OF GLANOGWEN. Col- P. league Wanted, bilingual. Apply, Rev. R. Rhys Hughes, Glanogwen Vicar- age, Bethesda. ENIOR CURATE Wanted for Holy- head; Stipend up to JS240 according to qualifications.-Apply, Vicar, Holyhead. HOUSES WANTED. WANTED, immediately, to Rent, ui Bangor, House under £ 30 rental.— Address, Chronicle" Office, Bangor. WANTED Furnished or UiTfurniahod House in Bangor. Apply, Box 5792," "Chroxiiolc" Office, Bangor. BUSINESS FOR SALE. OLD ESTABLISHED Grocery Business with Post Office on the premises in a populous Quarry district for Sale imme- diately cash trade.—Apply for further particulars to David G. Jones, Solicitor, 22, Castle-square, Carnarvon. BUSINESS WANTED. LADIES and GENTLEMEN desirous of Selling their Businesses would do well to consult P. Jolly and Co., Cathedral Building, 207, High-street, Bangor. We have clients waiting for Farms, Cinemas, Hotels, Creameries, Confectioners, Sta- tioners, Tobacconists, Drapers, Ironmong- ers, Greegrocers, Apartment Houses; in fact any kind of Business. No Sale. No SHOOTING. W AN 600—1000 Acres good Mixed Shooting, from March, 1920. Any- where in the vicinity of Bodorgan, Holland Arms, or Valley.—Reply to J. S. Pearson, I Eryl Fryn," Bodafon, Llandudno, N. I Wates- MISCELLANEOUS. Trade advertisements under this hea~.no are charged at trade rate. A PPLES.—Best English varieties; choicest dessert and finest large cooking, warranted all carefully hand- gatthered and selected, perfectly packed, Tibs., 9s 6d; %Ibs., 18s; carriage paid; oomplate gaJbisfactaon entirely guajrv.j anteed. Padfield, 20, Chantrey-street, Andover. -J p* H.P. Crossiey Gas Engine and L O Suction Plant; complete; excellent; condition; i;115.-Arthur Hurley and Sons, Tondu. 123t ANTED to purchase Piano.—Price » and particulars to "Box 5c7d," Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 5(X)0 GOVERNMENT Water-proof 5 Rubber Sheets, very little used, 6ft. by 5ft., 2s 6d; 6ft. by 6ft., 5s; post free.— Gasson's, Government Contractors, Rye. 2000 GOVERNMENT Water-proof Rubber Aprons. Will send one post free for Government Con- tractors, Rye. ROOFING I ROOFING I !—TarpauIm? R.uituble for coverings of PouLtry, Pig, aud Out-houses; large pieces, 15s cwt. Gascon's, Government Contractors, Rye. tELECTRIC BELTS.—Make your own i at a cost of Is complete; instructions Is 6d.—Hawkings Bros., 06, Maidstone-rd., Grays, Essex. FOR SALE, 300 dozen Pint Tumblers, Government stamped; 200 dozen rint Glass 'I tigs. -Whit LLri gham, Bridge- street, Chester. Y EFTloFF" CLOTHING bought, of every description best prices given will call on receipt of post-card distance no object. —Mrs F. Sweet, 22, Victor-road, Colwvn Bay. 59689 rj\ARPAULINS. Large quantity of A Railway Truck Tarpaulins, titted with Lashes, very little used, Well oiled and dressed; size about 19ft. by 16ft., 70s each.—H. J. G-asson, Rye. g ANTED regular supplies of Tanned » or Rawed Sheepskins with wool on, whole or cut to sizes.-Write full particu- lars to "Box 274," Willings, 125, Strand, W.C.2. ANTED to buy large and small Picture Boats, including Rowing and Sal/iug.- Scndparticulars/and price to l*ritchard, Pleasure Boat Owner, Carnar- von. VVrAN'iT £ D Bicycle, suitable for child of nine. Apply, Miss Cameron, Liandegfan. A RMY 13 (H/l S, 10s 6d pair; Army Car- digan Jacke-ts, 12s 6d; Army Socks, Lo od, hand-knitted, 3s 6d; Army Overalls, from 2s; Army Blankets, 8s lid; Army Boots (new), s 6d; Railway Overcoats, Khaki J rousers, almost new. 8s lld.- Anny Boot Stores, 51, Staiilev-i-oad, near Boundary-street, Liverpool. I^OR SALE Sailing Boat; in good work- ing order; length 162 feet; complete with centre-board. —Appiy, W. Hansen, 2; Y Ktoria-terrace, Criix-ieth. OR SALE Royal Sunbeani Geat's Cycle, twospeed, 26-inch frajnc, oil bath, etc.; new condition; £ 18.—Apply, Ellis, 25, Bailey-street, Oswestry. D YNAMO, 75 k.w., 500 volts., 150 L amps., compound wound, open type, r.p.iii. 690; Pair Robey Horizontal, ln. x lOin.; 2c0 yards 1914 Arflioured Cable; all Tools, oompJcne t.ools.-David M. Davies, Caer-street, Swansea. HEAVY OVEltCOATS, brown, London M J cut and tailorea; 50s (postage 9d); fifty only; money returned if not approved. Send chest measurement, height, im- mediately to C. H. Beetlesone, 1U3, Seven i Sisters-road, London, N. 7. ON Sale, sjvlendid Cooking Range, double oven, in good condition; suit Hotel, Boarding-house, or Farmhouse; cheap; ready to take away, at Bangor.- Write, X.X. 010nanydd OSice, N\'rlte, WANTED a regular Weekiy Supply of good Rabbit.? ? best ? price given; ca"h in advance: also Poultrv.-Illomas Lacy. 30a. Liverpool-road, St. Helen's. ripiIERE'S MONEY IN MOLES. — A Obtain top prices by dealing with the Firm who have been buying Mole Skins for over 20 years. -Augustus C. Ed- wards and Sons, Hereford. Any quantity bought, fair grading, prompt returns. W nte for illustrated book and price list. FOR SALE Pulleys, Shaftings, Beltings, Wire Ropes, Mortarmill, Brick and Pipe Press, Cogwheels, Barrows, large Oil Tank, Dining-room and Kitchen Tables, Dining-room Chairs, Stair Rods, Stove; also good Brougham.—Jones, Llwydiarth Fawr, Llanerchymedd. c A-NARIES.-CleN-er Rollers, Prize-bred Norwich and Yorkshires, Mules, Parrots, Budgerigars, etc. List Free. For catching destructive Birds, Rats, Mice, Beetles, etc., send for List B." Strong- est Birdlime in World, 4d, Is 3d, 3s. All varieties. Canaries purchased for prompt Cash. W. Rudd, Bird Specialist, Nor- wich. COSTUME, navy serge, Wesst End tailor-made, beautifully lined, new Autumn in-Adel, accept guineas; aiso set very fashionable Black Fox Furs, perfect condition, accept 4 guineas, approval wii- lingly.—3, Aubert Park, Highbury Pitrk, London, N. 5. Ct ALVAMISED CORRUGATED T SHEETS, Ridging Nails, Botts and Nuts; Working-up Sheets in Black, Gal- vanised, Tinned, Lead-coated; Tinplates, Solder, Galvanised Buckets, Wire Nails, etc.; low prices.—Apply, Thomas Scott and Co. (Liverpool), Ltd., 3, Cornwallis- st., Liverpool. BLiCk Typewriting Office and Portable Models Standard Keyboard new Ell lls; complete in case. Blick Co., 39c, North John-street, Livcii>ool. FOR SALE, Fruit Trees, leading varieties, Apple, PT, Cherry, half-standard, or bush, 2s 6d; Holly, Laurel, Conifers, Irish Yew, 4ft. Ancuba, Lilacs, Laburnum, Rhododendron: 2s 6d; Forest Trees; free on rail: caeh with order. Barrow Nurseries, Ltd., Barrow, near Chester. £5 MOLESKINS.-Million Skins Want- ed. Five Pounds per 100 for Best Quality.—Gerrarj, Furriers, Edinburgh. TIIMBER. For Sale, near Harlech, Merioneth, about 3000 or 4000 Larch and Oak; close road; half-mile Railway Station. Apply, stating approximate price for cubic foot, on which oifec would be based, Box A.B. "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. fITiHORLEY S WORM POWDERS FOR PIGS are certain and effective cures for Worms in Pigs. FOR PIGS there is nothing to equal Thorley s Food as a eondtttdomer. OFFERS Wanted for Bradford Ironing Machines, Mirror," "Mai-vel;" perfect; seen loo&Uy. Address, 5796, Chronicle" Office, Bangor. HOTEL TO LET. MALLWYD HOTEL.—To be Let, from Lady Day next, the Peniarth Arms Hotcl, Mallwyd, Merioneth, with Farm Lands of about 107 acres. The Hotel con- tains four Reception-rooms, Bar, Kitchens, Dairy, Cellar, etc., twelve Bedrooms, Attics, two Baithrooms, two W.C.'s, etc. The Outbuildings are good and afford ample aooommodatkfti. Offers to pur- chase this property would be considered. —Apply to Mr W. H. Morris, La.nd Agent, Chirbury, Shropshire. COTTAGES FOR SALE rnHREE modern Freehold Cottages for A Sale; containing Living-room, Scullery, Pantry, and two Bedrooms; also • small double fronted House; all situated Dafaxn Newydd, near Bangor.-Richard i Hall, Maaonic Chambers, Bangor. PUBLIC NOTICE FESTINIOG UNION. THE MENTAL DEFICIENCY ACT, 1913. 11TJTE Guaj'dians require the services of JL a Married Couple as Mental Attend- ants for the Mental Deficiency Wards of the Festdniog Union Institution (Certified for 30 paitie«its). Penrhyndeudraeth, North Wales. Tho joint salary will be at the rate of £70 per annum, with Officers' Haitians, lodgings, and washing, and the appointment will be subject to the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act and the conscoit of the Ministry of Health. Pre- ference will be given to a man ex- perienced in gardening or other industrial work. Applications in candidates' own handwriting, stating age. and qualifica- tions, together with recent testimonials to reach me by the 27th December, 1919. DAVID JONES, Acting Clerk to the Guardians. Portmadoc, 4th December. 1919. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, about a mile from Am- t lwch, Anglesey, a Small Holding of 15 Acres, with Cottage and Sheds. Price ;F-,oo, subject to the existing tcnaney.- Apply, Alfred Saviil and Sons, Surveyors and Land Agents, 51, Lincolns Inn Fields, London, W.C. 2. MINISTRY OF FOOD. WILD RABBITS. rpEIE Food Control lea' has fixed the A Maximum Retail Price of Wild Rabbits at 9d per lb., except in London and in certain districts of Yorkshire. The Maximum Wholesale Price on Sales other than to a Collector is 8d per lb. JNO. R. HUGHES, Divisional Commissioner. 4th December, 1919. Your Next Concert ? CANTORION PENAi: CY MRU For vacant dates, terms and all particulars, write to— CONCERT DIRECTION R. T. EDWARDS, 62, DALE ST., LIVERPOOL, Telegrams: Education' L'pool.