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CORN PRODUCTION ACT, 1917. AGRICULTURAL WAGES BOARD (ENGLAND AND WALES). ORDER VARYING THE MINIMUM RATES OF WAGES AT PRESENT IN FORCE FOR MALE WORKERS IN CERTAIN AREAS IN ENGLAND AND WALES, TO COME INTO OPERATION ON THE 6th OCTOBER, 1919. E Agricultural Wages Board (Eng. land and Wales) hereby give Notice, as required by the above Act thet they I have made the following Order:- 1. The Wages payable for employment in agriculture in each area described in Column 1 of the Schedule to this Order of nialo workmen of the respective olasses < and ages mentioned in Columns 2 and 3 of that Schedule shall be not less than wages at the respective rates specified in Column 4 of that Schedule for the hours specified in Column 5 thereof. 2. Provided that where a whole-time workmen is employed by the week or any longer period, the wages payable to him for the hours of work agreed between him and the employer in any week (ex- cluding hours of overtime employment) shall not be less than the amount specified in Column 4 of the said Schedule, and ap- plicable to that workman, notwithstanding that those hours arc less than the hours specified in Column 5 and applicable to him. 3. Provided also that in the case of a workman of less than 18 years of age to whom this Order applies th& minimum rates and overtime rates shall, during the first two months of his employment in agriculture, be 20 per cent, less than the rates which but for this provision would be applicable to him under the preceding clauses of this Order. 4. The differential rates for overtime employment in each area described in Column 1 of the Schedule hereto of male workmen of the respective classes and ages mentioned in Columns 2 and 3 of that Schedule shall be the rates specified in Column 6 thereof. 5. For the purpose of the above rates, overtime employment shall mean: (a) In the case of each of the said areas and of workmen of each of the said classes and ages such employment as is described in Column 7 of the Schedule to this Order; (b) in the case of all the said areas and workmen of all the said classes and ages (except in any case in which the application of this provision is expressly excluded by the said Column 7) all employment in ex- cess of 65 hours on a Saturday or on such other day (not being Sunday) in every week as may be agreed between the em- ployer and the workman. 6. In the said Schedule the expression employment in summer'' shall mean em- ployment during the period commencing on the first Monday in March and ending on the last Sunday in October, and the ex- pression "employment in winter" shall mean employment during the rest of the year. 7. For the purpose of the above rates, the hours of work shall not include meal times, but shall include any time during which by reason of weather conditions, an 1 employer has prevented from working a workman who was present at the place of employment and ready to work. 8. This Order shall apply to all male workmen who are wholly or partly em- ployed in agriculture within the meaning of Section 17 (1) of the Corn Production Act, 1917, in any area described in the Schedule to this Order during such time as they are so employed. 9. This Order shall come into operation on the sixth day of October, 1919. 10. From and after the date on which this Order comes into operation, the Orders heretofore made by the AgriL-ultural Wagei Board and fixing minimum or overtime rates of wages or defining overtime em- ployment, shall be varied or cancelled so far as may be necessary to give effect to this Order. EXTRACT FROM SCHEDULE. Containing Rates of Wages for Malo Workmen, coming into force on the 6th October, 1919. 1 I 2 3 4 I .5 6 I 7 Hours per Week. Overtime Rates. Employment to which Overtime Rates Description of Area,. Classes o! Workmen. Ages. Mini- __I "Pply in addition (except in the cases ¡ mum For cm-For em- „ n 1 expressly excluded below) to the time f \Veekly I ploy- I ploy- ce On I on one week-day in each week for \a&e. ¡ment in me nt in W e:- ¡SUnd3ysi wh'?? Overtime Rates are payable ) Wagejment inment in "?, 1 SundaysJ under Clamc 5 (&) above. ) 'Snmmer Wmje? ?-'?- (b) above. /All employment on a Suuday. s. d. j 1 All employment in excess of 50 hours in (21 years and over 36 6  IQd 1/- ) any week (exduding Sunday? in Sum- 20 and under 21 35 0 9id. Hid. ) mer." ?19 „ ? 20 34 0 9?d. Ilid. All employment in excess of 48 hours in .The adm.inistr:l\h'. '18" „ 19 33 0 9d. lid. i any week (excluding Sunday) in" Win- eounhcs of Anglesey And All Classes -( 17 „ „ 18 26 0 r 50 48 7d. S?d. [ ter. Carnarvon (except the 11Ó' 17 22 0  6d. 7d. IlChl1se 5 (b) of the above Order shaH not parish ofDysfacn'. jl5 „ K 16 18 0 M. 6d. appiy in the case of any workman who I 14 „ „ 15 14 0 4d. 4id. I j apply in the case of any wor k man who 14 „ 1? 14 0 4d 4d.  under an agreement with his employer I Under 14 years. 12 0 3d. 4d. is entitled in each half-year either to one week's holiday on full pay or to ? payment of double pay for one week's ?_?_? { j- work. t I ) I j s. d. /AH employment in excess of 61 hours in The administrative Workmen employed who?y?t 21 years and over j 43 6 1 lOd. 1/- ( any week (inc]udingSundayMn Sum- tounties Of U?nbi?h aud or mainly as Team-men, 5 20 and under 21! 42 0 ( M  d. 11 id. J mer." Flint, and the parish of Cattkmt:n, c) v 'Ile 1, l'J „ 20 41 0 f d. 1:? ?: All employment in excess of 58 hotirs in Uysfaen, in the adminis- Shepherds or BaiHn- ?18 „ ? 1'? 39 6 9d. lid. ) any week (mdudmg Sunday) in Win- trative ?ojn ? of Carnac- I ter. won. I ( 21 years and overt 36 6 10d. 1/- All employment on a Sunday. I 20 and under 21 35 0 I 9!d. i llAd. All employment in excess of 50 hours in 19 „ 20 34 0 ) 9?d. ?td I any week (exc)udi:? Sunday) in Sum- i 18 „ ? 19 33 0 I 9d. lid. ) mer. Other Workmen { 17 „ „ 18\ 26 0 }- 50 48 7d. 8id. j An cmptoyment in excess of 48 hours in  16 ? 17 22 0 6d. 7jd. any week (C'xdudmg Sunday) in Win- 15 „ „ 16 18 0 5d. 6d. ter." I 14 15 14 0 I 4d. 4id. I, Under 14 years. 10 0 3d. 3id. j j Clause 5 (b) of the above Order shall not apply in the case of any workman i (whether of the special class above t ? describe d or not) who under an agree- ment with his employer is entitled in each half-year either to one week's holi- day on full pay or to payment of double L pay for one week's work. I t s. d. The administrative Workmen employed WhÛHylif21 years and over! 43 (¿ lOd. 111- /All employment in excess of 61 hours in counties of Merioneth and or mainly as Stockmen, ) 20 and under 2! 41 6 I'd. Itid. any week (including Sunday) in "Sum- Montgomery. Teamsters, Carters or ? 1? „ „ 20 40 6 j t. 9jd. 1 lid. mer. Shepherds. ?18 „ „ 19 39 6 9d. lid. All employment in excess of 58 hours in any week (including Sunday) in Win- Workmen who are wholly 17 and under 18 30 0 7d. 8?d. ter." or partially boarded and j 16 „ „ 17 24 0 l 'd, d. But so that no employment in connection lodged by their cmpioyer-? 15 „ ? 16 21 00 t 61 58 5d. l 6d. with the feeding and cleaning of stock lodged by their cm I and whose duties inclnd 14 15 17 0 I J- 4d. 41?. shaM rank as overtime employment attending to horses and ?Under 14 years. 12 0 ? 3d. 3Ad. V under Clause 5 (b) of the above Order. I other stock. ) All employment on a Sunday. I All employment in excess of 50 hours in I (21 years and over 36 6 V 10d. 1 I. I any week (excluding Sunday) in Sum- i 20 and under 21 35 0 ) 9sd. 11d. mer." ( I 19.. 20 34 0 9id. lljd. All employment in excess of 48 hours in i. 118. 19 33 0 9d. ) lid. J any week (excluding Sunday) in Win- iO'6er Workmea.. 17 18 25 0 o 48 7d. 8id. ter. rber Workmen.# i 17 „ ? 18 25 0 > 50 48 7d. 8d, Clause 5 <b) of the above Order shall not  I 16 „„ 17 20 0 5?d. 6d, Clause 5 <?) of the above Order shall not j | 115. 16 18 0 ) 5d. 6d. apply in the case of any workman i 14 „ „ 15 14 0 11 4d. 4jd. (whether of the special classes above VUnder 14 years. j 10 0 ) j 3d. 3jd. described or not) who under an agree- I | « ment with his employer is entitled in < each half-year either to one week's holi- I day on full payor to payment of double — pav for one week's work. Dated this Twenty-fifth day of September, 1919. I Signéd by Order of the Agricultural Wages Board (England and Wales), Agricultural Wages Board, E. W. MOSS-BLUNDELL, 80, Pall Mall, Secretary. London, S.W. 1. MR RICHARD HUGHES, F.A.I. BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEES OF J. ISSARD DA VIES, Esq., Deed. TOWN OF CARNARVON and the PARISHES OF LLANWNDA, LLAN- DWROG, and LLANRUG. IMPORTANT SALE of FREEHOLD FARMS. ACCOMMODATION LANDS, and PRIVATE FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD RESIDENCES and WORKMEN'S DWELLINGS. •TV/TR RICHARD HUGHES, F.A.I.. has been instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC U?t. AUCTION, at the SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CARNARVON, on SATUR DAY, the 18th Day of OCTOBER, 1919, at Three p.m. (subject to the Conditions of Sale to be then produced and read), the following:- TOWN OF CARNARVON. Annual Unexpired Ground Leaseholds. Rental. Term. Rent. £ s. d. £ s. d. Lot 1. Leasehold Dwelling House, No. 36, Victoria-street 13 0 0 38 years 1 0 0 „ 2. Leasehold Dwelling-House, No. 38, Victoria-street 13 0 0 38 II 1 0 0 „ 3. Leasehold Dwelling-House, No. 42, Victoria-street 14 6 0 „ 38 1 0 0 „ 4. Leasehold Dwelling-House, No. 8, Thomas-street 18 4 0 22 „ 1 0 0 n 5. Leasehold Detached Private Resi- dence, known as "Anchorage, North-road 40 0 0 44 „ 9 19 0 H 6. Leasehold Dwelling-House, No. 68, Henwalia 8 6 0 23 „ 0 17 2 M 7. 11 Leasehold Dwoiling-Houses. Nos. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, and 28, Hendre-street 91 6 0. 23 „ 9 8 10 ft 8. 16 Leaeehold Dwelling-Houses and Bakehouse, Nos. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14. 16, 18, 20. 22, 24, 26, 28, 30. and 32, St. Helen-street 135 14 0 23 „ „ 14 14 0 9-11 Improved Ground Rents of 65, 66, and 67. Henwalia Improved Ground Rents of 2 and 4, Hendre-street Improved Ground Rents of 6, Hendre-street 3 12 0 23 oil „ 12. Leasehold-House and Shop, No. 8, North Pen'rallt 13 0 0 28 „ 6 0 0 „ 13. Leas eh old-House and Shop, No. 10, North Pen'rallt 15 12 0 28 „ 6 0 0 14. Leasehold Dwelling Hous No. 12, North Pen'rallt 14 6 0 35" 5 6 8 tt 15. Leasehold Dwelling-House, No. 14, North Pen'rallt 14 6 0 35 „ 5 6 8 t, 16. LmsehoJd Dwelling-House and Shop, No. 16, North Pen'rallt 14 6 0 35 5 6 8 Rental. Freeholds. £ s. d. „ 17. Freehold-House and Shop, No. 16, South Pen'rallt 9 2 0 Tenant, Mr R. H. Jones. „ 18. Freehold Houses, Nos. 22 and 24, Castle-street, Nos. 4, 6, and 6, Castle Ditch 73 14 0 The rates of No. 22, Castle- Nos. 1 and 2, Castle Ditch Court street, arc paid by the Tenant. „ 19-22 Freehold Houses, Nos. 19, 21, 23, and 25, Shirehall-atreet 40 9 0 ■ ■» 23. Freehold House, No. 41, Snowdon- street 7 16 0 24—27 Freehold Houses, Nos.- 67—73,. Chapel-street 23 8 0 5r ? 28. Freehold House, Four Ails, No. 19, Ho!e-in-the-Wall-street 18 4 0 t) 29. Freehold House, No. 37, New-street 9 2 0 IN THE PARISH OF LLANDWROG. „ 30. The well-known, excellent Freehold Farm, "MORFA MAWR," in the occu- pat,ion of Mr T. Williams; annual rent, £ 130: acreage, 80 Acres and 14 Perches. 31. Accommodation Land, known as BOD FAN FIELDS; tenant, Mr H. Jones; annual rent. £ 24; acreage, 13a. lr. 37p. Lots 30 and 31 will be offered first in One Lot. IN THE PARISH OF LLANWNDA. „ 32 34. Three Freehold Dwelling houses, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, MIN- FFORDD-TERRACE, RHOSTRYFAN, C12. IN THE PARISH OF LLANRUG. CAEATHRAW, in the occupation of Mr D. Williams; annual rent, 99 15s. For further particulars, apply to:- Messrs Cartev. Vincent and Co., Solicitors. Lloyds Bank Chambers, Carnarvon, and Bangor; or the Auctioneer, The Estate Office, High street, Carnarvon. AGRICULTURAL. STACK of Clover Hay for Sale, about 5 tons 10 ewt.-Appi.v, Allen Jones, Gelli, Nerquis, nr. Mold. To LET. COACH-HOUSE and Stable to Let.— Apply, Lewis. Bronwylfa, Garth-rd., Bangor. POULTRY FOR SALE. 14 EGGS a penny is the price one poultry-keeper pays for his EXTRA eggs by using Karswood (Harmless). Poul- try Spice. 24d, 7id, Is 3d.-Vaughan and Jones, Apothecaries Hall, Market-place, Baojrcv COOKE, BROS., & ROBERTS. MID-WALES HORSE REPOSITORY, NEWTOWN. NOTE CHANGE IN DATE OF SALE. 450 HORSES of all Classes, including a Grand Show of 160 FOALS. GREAT ANNUAL SPECIAL SALE of MARES and FOALS, SUCKERS and UNBROKEN COLTS; Also the MONTHLY PRIZE SALE of HEAVY DRAUGHT and LIGHT HORSES, will take place On TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th (instead of Tuesday, September 30th, as previously advertisrS). Judging of Foals, 10.30 o'clock. Sale to commence with the Heavy Horses at 10.45 a.m. £ 135 IN PRIZES (including the CHALLENGE CUP, value 60 Guineas). Catalogues on application to the Auc- tioneers: Hall, Wateridge and Owen; Cooke, Bros., and Roberts. Offices: High- street, Newtown. MR WILLIAM JONES. COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. LLANEUDDOG, LLANWEN- LLWYFO. MR WILLIAM JONES will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at an early date, all the numerous and Valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, etc., on the above Farm. Particulars in due course. Penysarn, Amlwch. TRANSPORT. Motor Hauliers travelling empty to, from or through Burton-on-Trent are invited to apply for loads eitherway to or from almost any part of England. Loads provided at any hour day or night Apply- BASS, RATCLIFFE & GRETTON, Ltd. Trinity Chambers, Trinity Square, LLAND UDNO or BURTON-ON-TRENT NOTICE. I Messrs. MORRIS & JONES, Ltd., are prepared to I undertake Tran s poi-t of Furniture, etc., from the Welsh districts to Birkenhead, Liverpool and district. For terms J apply -Traffic Dept., MORRIS & JONES, LTD., Whitechapel, Liverpool. HOMM. CANTRIAGES. &o, BROUGHAM and Ralli Cart, in good M condition, for Sale.—Mrs Rupert Mason, Beaumaris. j SITUATIONS VACANT. BANGOR.-Mrs W illiama, Regktry U Office for Servants, 216. Highdrftt (Stamp for reply). /^OOK-GENBRAL; good, trustworthy person; able to take all duties; good wa.ges; three in family. Apply, with full particulars, to W. 39, Part- street, Southport. DAILY HELP Wanted, for afternoons, for little Girl, aged 2. in Bangor. —Address, "5237," "Chronido" Office. Bangor. EXPERIENCED Cook-G6neraJ; two in fMlly. Housemaid kept. Mrs Anderson, Penshujst, Lan&downorcxn?. Colvvyn Bay. HOUSE CHAMBERMAID, also Housemaid required, at once; j good wa.ges.-Address, Housekeeper," Oakwood Park Hotel, Conway. LADLES requiring Maids, and Maids wanting Situations, should consult Bangor District Servants' Registry (Mrs Hughes), Paris House. References essen- tial. Replies. stamped envelope.  BRICKLAYERS and 50 JOINERS, 0?7 for long job; only first-class men need apply.—Sir Robert McAlpine and Sons, Ashgrove-road, Leeds-road, Hudders- field. MOTHER S HELP (age between 25- L M 30 years) Wanted, for two small Boys; must be interested in, and really fond of, children, and able to speak Welsh to them; London part of the year, North IVales the remainder; Nurserymaid kept. —Please write, stating full particulars, salary required, etc., to- A., Smith's Bookshop, Penmaenmawr. PARLOURMAID and HOUSEMAID -t Wanted; good wagt-.s.-Apply, Mrs Burgess, Newlajids, Wcst-bournc-rcad, Birkdale. SUPERIOR Cook-General and House- Parlourmaid Wanted, for Private House; good home and wages; by Octo- ber 2 £ )th.—Apply, Price, 93, Cambridge Gardens, Kensington, W. 10. STRONG GIRL as Geneml; good home; ? age about 20; wages i.2j.—?6, Ser- pentine-road, W.11 ? cy. WANTED, for Liverpool, superior General; good plain cooking; wage& £26 per annum.—Apply. WilsQn, 18, Wavertey-road, Sefton Park. Liverpool. W ANTED, for Bar-gor, Cook-Genra.1 » and House-Parlourmaid, age 25—30; two in family; two Maids kept; no wash- ing good wage and outings to com- petent persons. Address, "Box 5078," Chronicle" Office. Bangor. "THEEL WRIGHT, suitable for I" Country Trade Repairs; wages. Is 8d per hour; also Joiner's Bench Hands, 2s per hour. Jones and Hough, Heowall, Cheshire. WANTED Young Kitchenmaid from I" nice home is otfered good training; comfortable situation; good wages and holidays.—Miss Gore, St. Fillans, Heswall, Cheshire. WANTED, immediately, First Kitchen- Maid, £ 27 10s Scullery-Maid, £ 2.0; Housemaid, £ 21; good references essen- tial.-Apply, The Matron, General Hos- pital, Swansea. ANTED good experienced Cook- WGeneral; age between 30 to 40.— Reply, with reference, from last place and wages required, Manager Lion Hot-el, Pom- broke. WANTED two General Servants for T London suburb; fares paid comfort- able home; light work; well looked after; wages S20 with rise.-Clark, Kingsclere, Crown-road, Norbiton, Surrey. WANTED, immediately, at Penrhos, TV Holyhead, an experienced Dairy- maid part-time duties in house.—Applica- tions to be in writing, stating age, quali- fication, etc.—T. G. Owen, Penrhoe, Holy- head. WANTED, in November, for Farm- house, in Anglesey, Dairy and Men's Kitchenmaid; also a Young Girl, about 17, for house work; good wages given to suitable persons. Address, L.P. Chronicle" Office, Baalgor. W ANTED, immediately, good Maid,- Apply, Bull Hotel, Llangefni. ANTED Cook for small Institution; salary E27 with uniform. Apply, Matron, Tuberculosis Hospital, Llangefni. WANTED, strong Boy. W as Footman, under Butle.r.-Apply, Paris House. Registry Office. Bangor. ANTED, Part-time Sickness Visitor W Female Approved Society, Llan- dudno, C'olwvn. and surrounds; mu&t cycle; female.—Supervisor, 62, Hamp- stead-road, Wallasey, Cheshire. WANTED, good, single-handed Cook; quiet country place six Servants; two in family state age and wages, and when free.—Answer Mrs Radclifte, Wick- ha-m. Hants. W ANTED, a respectable Girl, for W housework, with Welsh family; good home.—Apply. Edwards, 290, Grays Inn-road, London, W.C. ANTED, for Farmhouse, near Rhyl, W strong Girl; able to milk; good references required.—Owen, Plas Llwjd, Rhuddlan. WANTED, good General no ctooking; good, comfortable home; railway fare paid.—Apply, Fi xer, 379, Cheetham Hill-road, Manchester. AGENTS WANTED. LADY AGENT Wanted to Sell our i-J Blouses and Uji de-.Nv eat-. -]Rlio<l,-s and Co., 147 and 149, Newington Cause- way, London, S.E. 1. SITUATIONS WANTED. EMOBIL1SED SOLDIER seeks situ Datio,n as Farm Hand; healthy, cap- able, willing.—Harrod, 17, Fern Grove, Liverpool. LADY seeks post as Housekeeper to iLj elderly Gentleman, Companion to Invalid, or Caretaker to house during owner's absence.—Apply, Mrs J. E. Prit- chard, Pa.darn Villa Hotel, Llanbcris, N.W. FURNISHED HOUSES WANTED. WANTED, furnished or partly fur- 'v nished Cottace, between Llan- dudno, Holyhead, a.nJ Carnarvon.—Apply, Gorslwyd Bach, Rhosybol, Rhosgoch Station, Anglesey. mm — I II FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. p ENTRAKRH, ANGLESEY.—To be -t Sold by Private Treaty all those valuable pieces of Lalld situate in the Village of Pentraeth known as the White Horse Land, together with the Dwelling- houses known as Tyllwyd, in the occupa- tion of Mrs Evans, Minffordd, in the occupation of Mr Hugh Hughes; four Cot- tages known as Bragdy, in the occupation of Griffith Parry and others; and the Cot- tages known as Penybont, in the occupa- tion of Mr William Owen and Mrs Hannah Aubrey. The above are for immediate Sale in order to close an estate.—Particu- lars, J. S. Laurie, Llangefni. APARTMENTS TO LET. OM FORT ABLE APARTMENTS for Lady as paying guest; Bathroom; Central; near sea; quiet neighbourhood. —Apply, "X.Y.Z. "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. HOUSES WANTED AND TO LET. WANTED Furnished House; two En- tertaining, four Bedrooms; three to six months. — Address, "Box 5099," Chronicle" Office, Bajigor. Docn FOR SALE. ?_ ATHIRD^SEASON Painter Bitch; Athoroughly broken perfectly steady and under command. Arthur Jones, Carreg Boeth, Gaerwen. BUSINESS FOR SALE. CARDIGAN BAY COAST.—A first- class Fish, Poultry, and Fruit Busi- ness for Sale; also Freehold Shop with House at.ta.ched.-Apply, "Taffy," care of "Chronicle" OBiee, Bangor. MISCELLANEOUS. Trade advertisements under this headino are charged at trade i-ate. APPLES, Fat or Cook, 281bs.. 6s 6d; carriage paid; all guaranteed sound; choice Pears, 121bs., 5s 6d.-Strcncl, Com- merciaJ-road. Hereford. ASTROLOGY.—Reliable Life Horo- -?L soop?, Planetary innuences on life's affairs, Character, Events, Changes, Busi- ness Success, Marriage, etc.—Send birth date, Is P.O., stamped envelope. Mr Allen, 19, Pulford-street. London. S.W. 1. CO STUME, 10 Guineas, Navy Serge, 'J West End Tailor-made, beautifully lined, new Autumn model, accept 3h Guineas; also Set very fashion- & £ ic Black Fox Furs. perfect condition, accopt 4 Guineas: approval willingly.— 3, Aubert Park, Highbury Park, London, N. 5. 15 H.P. Crossley Gas Engine and Suction Plant; complete; excellent; condition £ 115."—Arthur Hurley and Sons, Tondu. 1231, FoR SALE, Ford Collapsible Boat, JL' quite new (many spares) fixed up ready for use; good for wild fowl shoot- ing. Apply, Mr Cadwaladr Hughes, Joiner, Llanfaethlu. V R SALE, a Wylc*' Motor Plough, .£1 nearly new; Howard and Ransome Ploughs and attachment.—Apply, Secre- tary, Plas Llanfair Farm, Llanfair P.G. 1 A L V A N I S K I) CORRUGATED" J" SHEETS, Ridging Nails, Bolts and Nuts; Working-up Sheets in Black, Gal- vanised, Tinned, Lead-ooated; Tinplates, Solder, Galvanised Buckets, Wire Nails, etA-, low prices.-Applv. Thomas Scott and Co. (Liverpool), Ltd., 3, Cornwallis- st., Liverpool. ABBITS f RABBITS !-Wantea any Rquant'ty fresh killed trapped Rab- bits daily; best prices given; cash sent daily; hampers provided. Bankers refer- ence, Manchester and County Bank, Black- bum.—J. Schoheld, Game Dealer, Black- burn. SUPERIOR QUALITY GABAR- DINES, 40 inches wide, in various colours, Factory Prices, 3s 3d per yard, post free.—Send for patterns to Messrs Moore and Cocks, 23, Egerton Crescent, Withington, Manchester. SWEETS.—Best quality, many varieties, Is 4d per lb. Any quantity supplied. —Write for list (stamp), Perrins and Sons, Wholesale Confectioners, Thomas-street, Llanelly. TWILIGHT SLEEP. High c)ass Nurs Ting Home for Gentlefolk is devoting one House to Maternity Patients for above. References to Doctors and for- mer Patients. The other receives rest cure, convalescent, and other cases chronic or acute. St. Faith, Ealing, London, W. 5. 11000 GUARANTEED—Wanted from 1 cwt. to 100 tons New Bespoke Tailors Woollen Clips, 150s cwt., imme- diato cash. Buyer Boiled Horse and Ken- nel Bones, 100s ton, in 2 ton lots and up- wards. 1,000,000 Rabbit Skins required, top prices given. Thomas Horton, Merthyr Tydfil. 'Phone, 265. WHY encourage profiteering when you can buy best quality Turkish Towels at Factory Prices? Special sample parcels of 1 white 50 x 23 and 3 striped smaller, 7s 6d carriage paid. Approva1.-Moore and Cocks, 23, Egerton Crescent, Withing- ton, Manchester. RTIFICIAL TE IE T R (OLD) BOUGHT.—Highest Value Assured. Up to 7s per Tooth, pinned on Vulcanite; 12s on Silver; 15s on Gold; jB2 on Plati- num. Cash or offer by return. If offer not accepted, parcel returned post free. Best Prices paid for Old Gold and Silver Jewellery (Broken or otherwise). Satis- faction guaranteed. Kindly mention "North Wales Chronicle." Cann and Co., 66a. Market-street, Manchester. Es- tablished 1850. HOUSES FOR SALE. t/flOR SALE, commodious Six-roomed .J::1 House, with Garden, Out-houses; good front-age; Freehold; excellent oppor- tunity for Private or Business Premises.— Apply, Roberts, Dolfor, Llanfwrog, Val- ley. FOR SALE. L LA-.NDUI)NO.Po be Sold by Auc- JLJ tion on Friday, October 17th, 1919, two Semi-detachcd Houses, "Bron Haul" and Fron Rhi w," situated in Church- walks, the quiet residential part of Vall- dudno; three Entertaining-rooms, Kitchen on ground fiooir. 7 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Basement, Cellar; 75 years' renewable leases, 45 years to run g"ound rents, 5s; standing on rising ground and sheltered from the winds by the Great Orme; win- ter sun commanding views of the whole town, both shores, the Conway estuary, and the mountains of Carnarvonshire and Denbigh. Possession; Bron Haul." February 12th, 1920; "Fron Rhiw," 25th March, 1920. — Further particulars, Mr Sarson, Auctioneer, Llandudno. MOTOR CARS, CYCLES, ac. I 10J1l 0 Ford Touring, se)f starter, dyn- u amo lighting, svveet engine, £ 275; 1916 Ford lajidaulette, tip-top con- dition, 93a3 lowest; 1915 Ford Touring, any trial, £ 175.—T. J. Roberts, Coed Og- wen, Bethesda. RUDGE Multi, 3-h.p" 1913, with lamps, in good, perfect order, 50gns. Clino. 6-h.p.. twin-cylinder, Side- car, 9100; Connaught 2-stroke, in good condition; Triumph 1913, 3-speed gear, Side-car, coaoh-built, £ 75.—At W. Evans, Motor Garage, Bangor. ON SALE, 20 Lurries, 8-cwt. to 16-cwt.; all good condition four Ralli Cars, eight Governess Cars, Cart Gears, Ciiains, Harness; various sizes; cheap. Apply, Edward Orrell. Manchester-road, Ince, Wigan, Lancashire. 'Phone 412, Wigan. M OWR CYCLES. Ixion New Im- perial. Wolf, Clyno, and Sunbeams, quick delivery, a few Second-Hand Machines for Sale. We have a large stock of Motor Cycle Lamps, Rear Lights, Knee Grips, Klaxon Horns, Douglas, Triumph, Druid, Fork Springs, B. and B. Car- burettors, two-speed Gears, Sunbeam and Triumph Valves and Rings; Motor Cycle Tool Bags; Petrol Taps; T.T. Bars; K.L.G. Plugs: Magneto; Spanners, Motor Cycle Suits; Brake Blocks; one 4i James' Engine, complete; Repairs of every description by skilled Motor Cycle Mechanics. If you have a Machine for sale, let us have particulars.—SUNBEAM M.1O., TOR CYCLE DEPOT, BANGOR. LICENSED PREMISES FOR SALE. LARGE HOTEL for Sale, on command- t ing site at North Wales seaside re- sort: full deta.ill'Writc..rX,R. care of Goulds, 54, New Oxford-st., London W.C. EDUCATIONAL. THE ASSOCIATED BOARD, R.A.M. and R.C.M. For LocaJ Examinations in Alusie. Patron—His Majesty the King. ilresideiit- H.U.H. the Prince of Wales, K.(". Honorary Local Representative for Hangor: I Prof. E. Taylor Jones. D.Sr., University Coi- lege of North Wales, Old Buildings, Bangor. 1.ocal Centre Examinations.—Syllabus A. Theory—November and Marrh. Pradical- March-April, and at about 40 centres Nov- ember-December also. Entries dose October 15th (or, with extra- fro, October 23rd). School Examinations— Syllabus BOctober- November. March-April, and June-July. Bn- frios close. October 8th (or, with extra fee, October 16t h). SYLLABIZES A end B for 1919 or for 1920 can be obtained post free from the Hon. I.ocai Representative, as above, or from the SECRE- TARY, 14 & 15 Bedford-sq., London, W.C. 1. BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL AND- CIVIL SERVICE COLLEGE, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. (Open to Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls). PRINCIPAL: MR OWEN JONES JL (Honoursman and Medallist). Senior Mistress: MRS LLOYD ROBERTS, B.A. iGraduate of the Welsh University, with Honours in Classics). Shorthand, Type- writing, Book-keeping, Commercial Corres- pondence, and Office Routine, Arithmetic, English, etc. Situations Found. Students may join at any time. Prospectus on application. publir gtiaticto. THE LICENSING (CONSOLIDATION) ACT, 1910. NOTICE OF PRINCIPAL MEETING. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the PRINCIPAL MEETING to be held pursuant to the Licensing Rules, 1910, by tho Compensation Authority for the above area, will be held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNARVON, in the said County, at 2.30 o'clock in the after- noon. on WEDNEiSDAY, the 29th day of OCTOBER, 1919. And Notice is hereby also given that the Compensation Authority will at the Meet- ing be prepared to hear, with reference to the Renewal of the Licences of the several Premises specified in the subjoined List, all tJioso persons to whom under the Act they are bound to give an opportun- ity of being heard; that is to say, the per- sons interested in any Licensed Premises in question and, unless it appears to the Compensation Authority unnecessary, any other persons appearing to them to be in- terested in the question of the renewal of tho Licence of those Premises (including the Justice of the Licensing District). LIST OF LICENSED PREMISES. Name end Nature I Situation of 'I of Licensee Premises. Licence. Peniarth Arms Alehouse ¡: Pugli Jones Penmaehno 7 days A. BODVEL-ROBERTS, Clerk of the Compensation Authority. Dated this Fourth day of October, 1919. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. J |T)HE Small Holdings and Allotments Committee invite applications for an Architectural Assistant to the County Land Agent. The principal duties will be to prepare plans and superintend the erec- tion and adaptation of buildings on Small Holdings, and ho will also be required to assist the Land Agent generally. Ex- perience in drawing plans and preparing specifications for the erection of Farm Homesteads is essential. Knowledge of Welsh desirable. Salary, £2ú() a year. Preference given to an ex-service ap- plicant. Applications, stating age, qualifications. and experience, together with copies of two receait testimonials and specimens of applicant's draw in ITS to be sent in not later than 21st OCTOBER, 1919. to the undersigned, from whom further informa- tion as to scope of duties, "etc., can be obtained. J. JONES MORRIS, Clerk to County Council. County Offices, Carnarvon, 9th October, 1919. WINTER ASSIZE, COUNTY No. b (CARNARVON AND ANGLESEY), TO WIT. N. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the COMMISSION of ASSIZE and GENERAL GAOL DELIVERY for the COUNTY of CARNARVON will be OPENED at the COUNTY HALL, CAR- NARVON, on TUESDAY, the 14th day of OCTOBER, 1919, before the Honourable Sir Clement Meacher Bailhache, Knight, one of the Judges of His Majesty's High Court of Justice, Justice to Our said Lord the King, when all the Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Esoheators, Stewards, Cnief-Constables, and Bailiffs of Hundreds and Liberties within the said County, and all Jurors, Persons Bound by Recognisances, Witnesses, and others hav- ing business, are required to attend at the COUNTY HALL, CARNARVON, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of OCTO- BER next, at ELEVEN o'clock in the morning precisely. Jurymen not attending will be fined un- less some reasonable excuse be proved by oath or affidavit, as required by Act 6, Geo. IV., c. 50, s. 38. LOUIS RIVETT, Esq., Sheriff. RICHARD VINCENT JOHNSON, Llandudno, Under-Sheriff, 29th September, 1919. CARNARVONSHIRE MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS, 1919. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE in and for the COUNTY of CARNARVON will be held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNARVON, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of OCTOBER, 1919, at a Quarter past TEN o'clock in the forenoon. All Jurors, and Persons Bound by Re- cognizances to Prosecutc and give Evi- dence, or to Surrender in Discharge of their Bail, and all Appellants, Respon- I dents and their Witnesses, are to appear at the County Hall aforesaid, on the day and timo before mentioned. A. BODVEL-ROBERTS, Carnarvon, Clerk of the Peace. 6th October, 1919. NOTICE. THE BANGOR WOMEN'S PATRI- OTIC GUILD which has rendered such excellent Service during the War, has now been RE-ORGANISED, under the name of the BANGOR WOMEN'S GUILD. The first work the Guild will undertake is to thoroughly replenish the linen of the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey Infirm- ary, whose needs are most pressing. For this purpose the Guild will for the time being form itself into a Linen League. Gifts of Money and Materials are urgently desired, and may be sent to the Hon. Secretary, MRS LLOYD EDWARDS. Fern Bank, Viotoria Avenue. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. OCTOBER TRAIN SERVICE. On and after October 1st, 1919, there will be numerous alterations in the Passenger Train Service. NEW EXPRESS TRAINS will be run. Full particulars can be obtained from the Company's Official Guide.—On Sale at the Stations and Bookstalls. Price One Penny S. WILLIAMSON, General Manager. Oswestry. September, 1919. PENRHYN HALL, BANGOR. Proceeds in aid of the Carnarvonshire and Anglesey Infirmary. u Three Hours' Healthy Humour. THE WELSH DRAMA Helynt a Heulwen (Messrs. W. D. and PIERCE JONES) Will be periormcd by the Ebenezer Dramatic Company, On Thursday Next, October 16th. Doors open at 7. To commence at 7.30. Reserved Seats (numbered), 3s 6d; First Seats. 2:0.; Second Seats, Is. Tickets may be obtained from tho Matron, at the rn- firmary or at Messrs Jarvis and Foster's. Plan of the Hall may be seen at Messrs Jarvis and Foster s. The engagement is announced of Mr Charley E. II. Lloyd, only son of Mr E. Ilonoratus Lloyd, K.C., and Mrs E. H. Lloyd, of 22, Cadogaii-gardeiie, S.W., and Guinevere May (Jenefer), only daughter of Sir Hugh Molesworth St. Aubyn, Bart., and Lady Molesworth St. Aubyn, of Pen- carrow, Cornwall, and Tetcott, North Devon NOTICE. THE LOCAL BANKS Beg to give Notice that on and after Saturday, the 1st November next, The Hours of Business on SATURDAYS will be 9 a.m. to 12 noon Instead of 9-30 to 12-30




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