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'VARSITY CiiOR.\LSOCIETY.- or performance next year the University Choral Society have selected The Messiah." --ACK,OWLEDC,'I-IE.N-T.-Prlv ate T, J. William*, Glaiiadda, Bangor, acknow- ledges with deep gratitude the aurti of JE1 aont by an unknown friend. TENNIS.—A tenna match was played at Bangor last Friday, between teams of ladies representing tne U.C. of Wales (Aberystwyth) and the U.C.N.W. i 'Ban- Ator). The A bur students won every event. 'VARSITY STUDENTS' COUNCIL. —Mr Emlyn Jones, who gerved in the I war, has been elected president of the Students' Representative Council at tne University College. MINiSiEHiAii APPOINTMENT. The Rev. H. It. Jenkins, at one time pas- tor of the English Congregational Chapel, Upper Bangor, has been appointed pastor of the l're;ce t church, Liverpool. PEUSONAL.—At the Police Court, on Tuesday, Mr S. R. Dew and Mr Pentir Williams on behalf ot the solicitors prac- tisiriT in court, congratulated Air Thomas Roberts. a magistrate, on recovering from his illness DIXOYS SLATE Y ARD.-The hours of working at this yard are nuw 41 pe" week. 'lhc piece-workers have been granted a 10 per cent, advance, the day workers an aclvance of 2s 3d, and the bojs an advance of Is 2d a week. TWRGWYN CHAPEL.—An interesting innovation has been introduced at Twr- IIwyn C.M. Chapel. Instead of the cus- tomary "Sciat" next Sunday evenidg the organist (Miss Olwen Rowlands, F.K.C.O ) will give an organ recital. ACCIDENT TO MOTOR CYCLIST.— A lady from Rock Ferry, who was riding a motor cycle up High-street, on Monday night., i-ait into a police officer. She was thrown from the machine rather heavily, and austaincd facial injuries. She waz, re- moved to a neighbouring shop, but soon recovered and was able to proceed on her journey. MILtTARY NEWS—Private Hugh Miller, 3th Border Regiment, son of Mrs Aiiiiet, 16. Park Hill, who has been missing since April 10th, 1913, 13 now re- ported dead, and it. ii stated that his death took place on the- 10th of April, 1918, or eince. AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS. Arrangements are well in hand for the; tuscitated athletic sports to be held cn Whit-Monday. There arc thirteen events including a 600 yards scratch race for reá. clerits of Carnarvonshire, Anglesey and Denbighshire. A novelty for the.,c sports is football place-kicking. Substantial prizes are offered for all the events. RUNAWAY HORSE ON LONPOBTY Saturday morning a bore at- tached to a laundry float bolted from the top of Lonpobty, near the Training Col- lege, down the hiil, and at the bottom it I turned the corner into High-street. On Castie Hill the float collided with a rail- way waggon, which brought the horse to a standstill. Both horses escaped injury and the float receuved very little damage. ST U DENTS' REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL. Keen interest was taken in the e!ection for the presidency of the Students' Representative Council of the Univer- sity College of North Wales, the result ot which was declared during the wees-end. Mr Emlyn Jones, who saw service during the war, was elected, while Miss J. Thomas, who hails from Llansannan, was appointed Vice-president- Mr Emlyn Jones, who is a native of Taliesin, Cardigan, is command- ant of the local branch of the C< iniudej of the Great War. APPOINTMENT.—Mr Harold King, M.Sc., eon of Mr and Mrs H. King, of the Caetop National School, has been ap- pointed organic ohemist to the Medical Research Committee of the National In- surance Scheme, to which- is attached a commencing eaJary of C400 a year. Mr King studied at Caatop School, Friars School, and the University College of North Wales. He will enter upon hioi new duties on June 1st, and will be ?fattened for a whil« at the Lester Insti- tute, London, and later in the year at the Mount Vernon Hospital, Hampstead. A POSTHUMOUS AWARD.—Mr and Mrs John Jones, Water-street, Hirael, have this week received the Meritorious Service Medal awarded to their son, Sergt. Aaron Jones R.G.A. (Carnarvon- shire), who was killed in France a few days before the Armistice was signed, .t was only last week they recei ved intimation of the award to their son. Another son, Bezeleel Jones, who was in the Navy, was awarded the D.S.M- and also a. "Zeal" Medal. SCHOLASTIC.-C,apt. J. Humphreys, Friars-avenue, has been appointed head- master of Rhoscolyn Council School. Bo fore enlisting, Humphreys served at Llandeg-fan SdhooL The Senate of the University College of North Wales have awarded the Eyton Williams' scholarsi-i of £ 35 to Eluned Collott Jones, County School for Girls, daughter of Mr Thomas Jones, Y.M.C.A., Gla,ll'rafon Hill, and an I agricultural exhibition of £2tl to Cedric Howard Lewis Friars, son of Mr Howard Lewis, The Poplars. Upper Bangor. CENTRAL SCHOOL HEADMASTER. SHIP.—The following candidates have been selected to appear before the Educa- tion Committee, next Thursday, in connec- tion with the appointment of headmaster for the new Central School at St. Paul's: Captain Thomas Jacob Jones, B.A., M.C., Nantymoel, Glamorganshire; Mr E. C. Linton, B.Sc., County School, Penygroes; Mr W. R. Jones, Garth Council School, Bangor; Mr John Morris, B.Se., Central School Carnarvon, and Mr R. W. oue-s, Glanaada Council School, Bangor. WORKHOUSE INMATES ENTER- TAINED.—On Wednesday evening the inmates of the Bangor and Bcaumaris Union enjoyed a musical treat provided by the Hirael children's choir, under the able conductorship of Mr Ellis Roberts. The choir sang among other pieces tho teilt pieces at the recent Eisteddfod held at Hirael C.M. Chapel, when they won the first prize. Several members of the choir also sang and recited the items with which they were successful at the same Eisteddfod. Miss Jennio Edwarda, Friars Cottage, acted as accompanist. Mr Tegid Davies contributed a couple of items and acted as conductor. Capt. Hughes pre- sided. This being the first concert in the institution since the new master and matron have taken up their duties, the conductor wished them every success. ST. DEINIOL GOLF CLUB. I The ladies played the return match cgainat the gentlemen on Thursday, the match resulting in another win for the ladies Mrs Burton beat Mr Hobson 6 and 4; Major Carter beat Mrs Ferrier one up; Miss Tasker beat Mr Foster 4 and 2; Miss Fairchild and Dr. Owen tied; Miss Wilkinsol, beat Capt. Taeker 7 and 6: Miss .^edgwick beat Mr Allan Owen 6 and 5; Mrs Hall beat Mr Cumming 3 and 2; Mr W. O. H. Ellis beat Mrs Cameron 5 and 2.•'• The ladies were con- I jlit,i r okt-, andptaycdfrum their own fees 1 he iit??eg ?iay'cd Rho?-on-Sca ladies lac,?. ?xet-?7, tiie r<?u[tn)g in u win foE the iiaer by IX matcncs to one. Mj (Ji?ttc be;)t ?h's Ferricr; Mi.?tGoid- smith beat Tasker; Mrs Ashe beat Mrs Hali; Ivir-j Nicholson beat Mrs Bur- toii Muss Best'beai Wilkinson; Mrs Branwood 10cot to Mus Art-iit,tea(i; -N! ri Gritim beat Mr Cameron. EMPIRE DAY CELEBRATIONS. I As tne Outcome ot a suggestion .iirown out some time ago by Capt. John Roberts, Bangor, late yf t tir-, Carnart onshire it.(a A., a large number of re-identNot ati elates, including the pupils of Winifred's School, on Saturday tlnipie,, Day; proceeded to Glaiiadda Cemetery and laid tiov\er3 on the graves of live victims of the sinking of the "Apapa in rhe mouth of November, 1917, by ft Germa 1 and on the graves of tome forty-six iiangor men who died a-3 the re- suit ot wounds received in the war, or illness resulting therefrom, and also on the graves of tne deceased parent* d hays .who died at:the front and were buried *ri France, Salonika, the Dardanelles, Meso- potamia, Palestine,- Egypt, or elsewhere, the 1 lowers on the latter graves, of cour •>■ being in memory ot the uead heroes whole parents are buned there. There were seven of the bodies of the V" A papa" victims brought to Bangor, (1 these two were taken away by their friends, the other five being interred at Glanadda. The names, of the latter were Mrs Ida Mabel Johnson, wife of Mr Johnson, A Sierra Leone Government offi- cial; Ihornaa Jennings, a waiter on the "Apapa;" Harold Hunting, a- West Afri- can trader; and two coloured men," of Upper Warwick-street, Liverpool, ifre- men, named John Thomas and Isaac Pembroke- Members of the congregation of St. Mary's Church undertook to place flowers on the graves of the "Apapa" victims. Flags were lfown- from the Colleges and other prominent buildings during the day. Contrary to previous years, there was no procession on Sunday in commemora- tion ot Empire Day, but the local Boy Scouts and the Railway Institute Boys Brigade attended the service at the Cathe- dral on Sunday morning. There was a large congregation. Canon Edmund O. Jones, who preached, said the Empire had been built by men of character, men. of strong personality who thought not of sectional interests, but only 01 the country they loved. there had been, DO doubt, in the history of the Empire discreditable episodes, but gener- ally speaking the empire had grown to its present eminence tnrough the natural byaity and the wiMing service of men who did their duty to the country they loved. Theria was growing up to-day', one feared, a love of sectional interests, class hatred, class jealousy, class domination which, if allowed to continue, would jeopardise this empire, which had taken centuries to build up. England must give God His pIH('&the supreme place. At God was forgotten they stood at the parting of ways, and the British Empire would totter to its fall like great empires of the past. At the close of the service the National Anthem was sung. OBITUARY. I MISS E. B. D. ROBERTS. I The tuneral, which was private took place On I rid-ay last, of Miss Eiien pi'ace oji r IG, iiiouwen Devr Roberts, yaun^e^t daug'nter of the late- Dr. John Roberts, of Menai Bridge. A short service was held at St. James' Church, conducted by the Vicar (thQ ttev. -J. D. *Jolies), only t.e fajnily and a few near relatiye", being present. Tho service at Llandysilio wa.s taken by the Rev. Hacry J. Morgan (rector ot Beaumaris). Several old lriends of the famil>, m addition to tne relatives, were I at the graveoide. Many beautitui wreaths I and nowers were sent. FATAL ACCIDENT TO A CARTER. I Mr J. 1ertir Williams (Coroner; held an inquest on Tuesday into the circum- stuneeo of the death ot Wm. Edwards i67), Ambrose-street, a carter at Penlon Slate Works, ivho was k-ii" while in charge >< a slab trolly dtawn by two horses on Mon. day evening. David Roberts, foreman at Penlon Slate W orks, stated that he saw the two horses galloping, one into the yard and the other apparently heading; for the town. After wards one of the hofses became entangled in the railings outside the yard. By Woodlands he saw the deceased lying across the pavement. He asked Edwards whether he was injured, and he just raised his eyes, but never spoke. Dr. Gruffydd, Bethesda, just then arrived on the scena Deceased was a careful carter, accustomed all his life to horses. The horses were six year and four year old. One of them was slightly ii Tvrtus, being a farm horse, a'!1d was only buught the previous week. Wit- ness had offered (ussistanco to the dece.1 wi'h the horses that day, but he declined it. Both horses had been as far as Beth- esda that day. Wm. John Davies, a Corporation road- man, said he accompanied deceased, who was in charge of a load of slabs, for a s hort distance along the road. Soon aftei the deceased had passed Tanycoed li-I the hordes became rastive. A motor lurry was coming along at the time, but it stopped close to the horses, which dashed away in the direction of the town. Wit- ness did not see the deceased falling. 1 he motor car was on its proper side and was coming- slowly, and then stopped. Thero was 110 collision of any kind. The Coroner, who held the inquest with- out a jury, recorded a verdict of "Acci- dental death." Mr L. Osborne Williams, on behalf of the firm, expressed deep sorrow at the un- fortunate accident. Mr H. C. Vineeut; who was present on behalf of an Insurance Company, also evpres-ed regret at 'the ac-cident. The Coroner said the deceased W.ELA,A capable carter and of a genial disposition.















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