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An Important Appointment in connection with BROWN'S OF CHESTER Dressmaking Department. Wedding BRO WIVS of CHESTER have pleasure in announcing Trousseaux a that they have secured the services of a very com- Speciality, petent lady to take entire charge of their Dressmaking Suggestions Department, and that, under her supervision, they intend and Styles to very considerably extend and develop this branch of submitted. their business. (l Miss ALDRED comes to them with an unique experience j in the Art of Dressmaking, having gained her knowledge with several Court Dressmakers in London, including Madame 5 • » 0 Jer$ Furber, of Kensington, W., and also with Messrs. Verey's, Ltd., pecr.a raers S M h jc pect-Otfyt?J'?M? er? St. Ann square, anc ester, and Messrs. Dewsbury's, Ltd., reced. e promp Deansgate, Manchester, and she is an acknowledged expert in and personal designing Gowns for all Court functions, Wedding Trousseaux, attention. also Day and Evening Gowns, suitable for all occasions. (l Miss ALDRED has already taken up her duties, and will be pleased to give her personal attention to any customers who require Frocks made for the Early Season. Customers may feel Day and confident that all orders entrusted to her will be executed with Evening Gowns complete satisfaction. for all C. Brown & Co. would take this opportunity of thanking their occasions. numerous Customers for their forbearance and patience, who during these last few seasons have had to wait so long for their garments—a delay which has been unavoidable owing to the shortage of workers-but they are now glad to say that their workrooms are entirely re-organised, and customers can rely Mourning Orders upon the prompt execution of their orders and to their always given entire satisfaction. precedence and a. IMPORT ANT.- We cordially invite Ladies to make an promptly appointment, a few days in advance if possible, to see Miss executed. Aid red, and thus avoid 1Jisappointment. She will then be able to give them her undivided attention. Brown & Co. (Chester), Ltd. 34/40, Eastgate Row. ————— SITUATIONS VACANT. BANGOR. Mr? Williams, R?e<7ry  Office for Servants, 216, High-street (Stamp for reply). CAPEL Y M.C., PORTHAETHWY.— Yn.eisieu, Gwr a Gwraig i ofalu am a gfcnhau yr udhod. Y oeieiadau i fod mown llaw ar neu evii EbriU lOfed.—Am bob many lion, ymofyner ag H. S. Hughes, Bron Craig, Menai Bridge. GjROCERY and PROVISION.—A smart ?-?' Apprentice Wanted, once.—Ap- ply, Box 3491, "Chromed" Office, Ban- gor. HOUSEMAID-WAITRESS, near Con- Y way, required; !good wages; com- fortable situation; no washing; state full particulars.—Address, Box 54?9? "Chron- Tc le" Office, B?mgor. T ADIES and Gent's Tailora and Tai!or- X-i uses Wanted, at once; experienced Coat Makers; permanency. — Apply, M. Wolman, Viotoria. Arcade, Cohvyn Bay. LADIES requiring Maids and Maids wanting situations should consult Bangor District Servants' Registry (Nlrs Hughes)," Paris House. References essen- tial. Replies stamped envelope. RESPECTABLE GIRL Wanted, about 17 for house duties, and to afsiet- at Shop.—Address, D.E. Chronfdle" Office. Bangor. cn. MARYS HOSPITALS. MAN- CHE STER. —Mid.wives- and Monthly Nuirsea are trained at the Hospital in Whifcworth-street Wes, MaiT»h ester.—For paa'tioulaM of Vac'anc:e?, Lectu?ee, eV, ap- ply to the Secretary, at the Hospital. hhHE NEW CITY PICTURE HOUE, J?L Bangor, desires Cashiers, Attend- ants, Cleaner#, etc., with inferences,. Addrese, Box 3474, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. STILLROOM MAID, Houso-Chamber- t? maid, Stewa?d'e-room Wait-es6, &taff-laid, and a Gmeral required; ftate I experience.—Manageress, Oakwood Park Hotel, Conway, N. Wales. o YN EISIEU, Gwr a Gwi-a? i of&lu am Gapd Park Hill, B&ngor (Goleuo a Glanhau, etc.).—Ymofyner a'x Yegrifennydd, 57, High-street, Bangor. "\TOUNG LADY required a8 Storekeeper 1 and assist in Dispense; state ex- perience. Manageress, Oakwood Pairk Hote], Conway, N. Wales. WANTED someone in the neighbour- hood of Bangor who could assist a Student in the Spanish language. Ad- drees, Box 3420, Chronicle" Office, Ban- gor. \\TA NT ED, at once, help to Cook the 8<hoo! Dinners, for the eummer fcaontha only; sleep out if preferred.—Ap- ply, Mis Glynn William.?, Friars School, Bangor. WANTED Housemaid at School Br>arding- Ho'a»:.e; age not under 23. —Apply to Mis.9 Mason, Sandymount, Bangor. WANTED a superio" General Maid; two in family small private house; good wages to capable Maid.—Apply, Ro- berta, Tcgfan. Penmaenmawr. I)erts, ANTED FiT&t and Second Vio?n? to w complete Orchest7a for ?cngor Pic- ture House.—Write particulars fed salary required to "M.D. 62. Oxme-road, Ban- gor. .%v A-N,'TED part-time Groundsman for Wr. 'T the Bangor Conservative and Unionist Association Bowling Green. Ap. plications to be received not later than Friday next. March 28th.—Particulars of duties, etc., may be obtained of W. Owen, Masonio Chamber, Bangor, to whom the applicationa muet be sent. '?m?ANTED Maiid-Housemaid about TT April 1st; ae 27 to 30.—Applv, Mre Turner, The Mooring, Menai Bridge. SCHOLASTIC. MISS BLEVIN la?e University &:101ar  and Researdh Student of Manchester and Liverpool Universities, would under- take coaching for University, Civil Ser- vloo and School Examinations or other educational work iocaHy.—For terms, etc., 4 Garth-terrace, B3gor. MOTOR CAliS. CYCLES, &a. 1916 4-H.P. WOLF JAP ENGINE; three spem Countershaft; fully equipped ;OO.-GrifÈths, 303, High-street, r. FARMS TO LET. nnO BE LET, from November next, two A exoonnt Farm?, with good Houses and Premises: situate about four miles from Amlwch; one containing 238 acres and the other 144 acree.-For particulars apply to Alfred Savill and Sons, 51, Lin- coin's Inn Fields, London, W.C.2. FOR SALE BY PRtVATE TREATY. LLANDEGFAN, ANGLESEY.-To be JLJ SoLd by Private Treaty, Freehold House and Garden known as Bryn Afm;" the House contains two Enter- taining-rooms, four Bedrooms, Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and Pantry. Âl60 the Free Ibold Plot of Land adjoining, containing about two acres: the Land contains ample supply of tip-ring water throughout the year. Offers for the Whole property, in one Lot, to be made to Mr John Williams, Fern Bank Gilfa-dh-road, Penmaenmawr. I LANBEDROG, nr. Pwllheli. For i Sale by Private Treaty, Freehold Houses, conveniently situated.—For paT- ticulars, apply to J. W. Roberts, M.S.A., Architect and Suryevor, 36, High-street, Pwllheli" 6 c mo BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY JL —(1) the Workshop and Yard, situate in Park-fitreet, Upper (Bangor, lately in the occupation of Messrs R. and J. Williams, Builders, also t'.ie Stock of timber and .other effects thereat; (2) a com- modious Dwelling-houee, known as Awel- fryn, Fa.rrar-road, Bangor, in the occu- pation of Miss M. Jone.3. Both properties are freehold.—For full particulars, apply to,Mr J. Lloyd EdwMd. Solicitor, Ban- -.63 ''<N!TSD. OFFICER S WIDOW with two small Children and Maid requires Fur- nished HO-UJO from the 1st of April, or as soon a<s possible, to end of September, at Penmaenmawr, Ll-nfairfeehan, or Beau- maris.— Address. J.S.E., North. Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. HOUSES WANTED. WANTED,to tvnt, email House with a,bout five Acre: Land Mcniii Bridge °1' Llanfa.ii- P.G. ciisttriet preferred — Particulars Box 3*57, Chronicle-' Office, Bangor. WANTED, North WAi?. smaH Un- fuh-ni.-?d Hcusp or Co?ta?; Bath, etc; state rent and full particulars, Box 3464, "Ohronide" Office, Bangor. 5464, 'ANTED sjn&H Furnished Cottage or ???' Bungalow for two persona; long- period.—T. South. Beaumaris POULTRY. EGOS. Ao- DUCKS for Sale, pure bred. White ?L? Indian Rmm. three Ducks, one Drake; jll,,A fctart laying; August hatched, 1918; Egg for tig, 7s 6d per dozen.— Atklrese, Box 3367, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. LARGE Buyers of New Laid Egge de- sirous of getting in touch with farm- ers or deaWg for daily wliplies.-AV. H. S. Taylor a.nd Co., Ltdl., Bankey-street W arrington. SITTINGS of White Leghorns and Cross (Leghorn, Rhode Island Rede) from the very be&t pedigree utility 6took obtainable: Cams, Padniang Simon Hunt- ers, etc. also day old Chicks of ftbove.— Appfly, Miss B. Grimston, Lime Grove Lodge. Bangor, N. Wales. LICENSED PREMISES WANTED. WATED Hotel or Licenced H<M&a in Country district, with oa.termgs; or will buy.—Richmond, Uppor Promenade, Colwyn Bay. ruRNisHco House TO Lit. Tn) LET, Furncah?. small Hou?. A eamny poait:??; n?e?r Churdh and Post Office; 15 minutec from Station.- Apply, Miss Simmoaids, Bo kt mi ret, Llan- fairfechan. f "? t' J -—? t J U. H i f J J ?.. ?.. .—————. 1- .-? ADOPTION. WANTED good Hom& for healthy i" TV Baby Girl: adopt or n,ure.Ad. dress, Box No. D'IO)," oniole" Office, 1 Bangor, MISCELLANEOUS. i Trade advertisements under this heading are charged at trade rate. LIGHT TRACTION ENGINE or good ? Tractor Waited. — Addrc?. Box o456, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. LIGHT TRACTION ENGINE WANTED JLJ or good Tractor. "X. "North Wales Chronicle" Offieo. Por'tmado?. WANTED Mwlv^kins, rtretc.ied and dried; also Otters, Badgers, Fox, Rabbits. I pay higher prices than any other advertiser. Spot cash return' post. —Thomas Price. Manufacturing Furrier, Harewood Houise, Cardiff. 56432p 4PAPERS. Any quantity, large V or .-I,. supplied at Whoksale P ce largest Stock in Great Britain.-—Write for patterns, blating class required, Dept. 280 Barnett Wallpal )er Co. Ld.. Manclitster. GREY HAIR permanently and speedily restored to its original colour by using HARRISON'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Con- tains nothing injurious, and ia beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price Is 6d (postage 6d extra). Manufacturer; G. W. Harmon, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bangor: J. Bowen, Chemist, Castle-hill. Llangefni: R. R. Jones, Chemist. Carnarvon: R. Roberta. Holy- head: T. G. Hughea. cl FOR SALE. 7-GOOD-:Billia.rd Ta.Mc.-Appiy. SecTe- /C GOOD Billiard Table. —Applvs Secre- -?- tarv? Pla? Llanf?ir F&rm Xlanfair P.G. FOR SALE, Four-wheel Rubber-tyred -f :DOg Cart, by Law toil, Chester; very dark green; perfect condition.— Address "Box 3395," "North Wales Chronie" Office, Bangor. c FOR SALE, stylish Four-wheel RaW JL' Car and Two-wheel Ralli Car.- Royal Victoria Hotel Prestatyn. FOR SALE, Portable Timber-lined N Dwelling Hut, with Slow Combus- tion Stove, size 20ft. bv 12ft., to be seen at British and Foreign Sailors' Home (late Beach Hospitei); Pn-:e £ 75. Also hand- some carved Ok Dining Table, 5 £ t. by 4ft. 6in., with three leaves (each 1ft. 6in.) ex- tra; Legs and Edges carved; Price 19 guineas. — Apply, Lieute>iiant-Colonei Erans-Lombe, Station Hotell, HoiyOiead. FOR SALE, Flanders Studabaker Calr, M two seatier, with dicky bought 1913 recently overhauled:; Price 2150 or offer. Apply, Lieut&rtajit-Colone.l Evans- Lombe, Station Hotel, Holyhead. OLIVER No. 5 Typewriter; in perfect condition; scarcely used; tyPe copy on request.—Send bast offer to Box 3485, "Chronicle" Office.. Bango: DINING-ROOM SUITE 6 Single L Chairs, 2 Arm Chairs, fumed oak, upholstered dark blue morocco (Chippen- <lalo style); Mahogany Dining Table, ex- tending to ten feet. — Address, Box L. "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. THE BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL AND CIVIL SERVICE COLLEGE, 137, High Street, BANGOR. • v Employment found or Students who have been trained at the School and are proficient. Send to. day for Prospectias. Miss OLWEN ROWLANDS F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., GIVES LESSONS IN PIANO. ORGAN HARMONY. Pupila aucceaefully prepared for Examina- tion. CARNARVON VISITED. Terms on Application. Tawelan. Bangor. public | £ totljC £ GIRL GUIDES. PROPOSED FORMATION OF A COUNTY ASSOCIATION FOR ANGLESEY. MEETINGS wHl be heM at the .lri. COUNTY SCHOOL, BEAU- MARIS, on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26th, at 3.15 p.m. At the COUNTY SCHOOL. LLAN- GEFNI, on THURSDAY, MARCH 27th, at 2.30 p.m. At CYBI COUNCIL SCHOOL, HOLY. HEAD, on FRIDAY, MARCH 28th, at 2 p.mt.he NEW HALL, MENAI BRIDGE, At the NEW HALL, MEN AI BRIDGE, on FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 28th, at 6.30 p.m. MISS OLIVE NICHOLL. Deputy Conrmiaeionor for Wales, will speak, and THE LADY MAGDALEN WILLIAMB- BUILKELEY, Conrmi;«JO/i€i,' for Anglesey, will preside at each meeting. All in the welfare of Giris are most invited to attend one of these me £ rts'ng;s, CARNARVONSHIRE EASTER QUARTER SESSIONS, 1919. NOTICE 15 HEREBY GIVEN THAT the GENERAL QUARTER SES. SIGNS OF THE PEACE in and for tlte COUNTY OF CARNARVON will bo held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNARVON, on THURSDAY, the 10th day of APRIL, 1919, st -a Quarter Past Ten o'clock in the {(vwKitk All J uroty aiid Persom Bound by Re. cogjiizances to Protvtx'utt-i and give Evi. dence o? to Surrender in Discimrge of tfeeiy Bail arkjjtII Respon. and their Witnttpfxia.r art tho County Hall-aforesaid an the day and tnv b-ofore mentioned, A. BODVEL-ROBERTS, Clerk of tihe Peace. Caernarvon, 18th March, 1919. NOTICE TO FARMERS USING HAY. ATTENTION is' drawn to the fact that -?TL tho Withdrawat of Restrictions upon the Sale, Use of, or Removal of Straw DOES NOT APPLY TO HAY. In no case can a Farmer use Hay unless he hold a. Producer-Consumer's licence or a Removal Permit. Instances have occurred where Farmerg have used Hay which has been purchased for Civil Supplies or War Department, and transferred to Civil Sup- plies. This is a Punishable Offence undee tne Defence of the Realm Regulations, and any further cases reported will be pro- ceeded with. 1\.11 information required can- be ob- tained from the Secretary of the County Dkitributing Forage Committee concerned, or upon application to the Secretary, Cen- nt, C* v-* l tral Council Forage Department, Civil Supplies, 47, Victoria-street, Westminster, S.W.1. NOTICE OF AUDIT. MENAI BRIDGE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. N OTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the .1' Yearly Statements of the Accounts 0.[ thig Urban Distract Council, together with the Rate Books, Book of Account. Vouchers, etc., will, on tibe 15tih day olf APRIL, 1919, bo DEPOSITED at the COUNCIL OFFICE, DALE-STREET, MENAI BRIDGE, and euch Statements and Books of Account will be ocpn to bo Inspected, Examined, and Copied by any Ratepayer in the D'strict of the said Council, at any .reasonable hour in the liaytnne when the Council is not étting, until the 23rd day of April, 1919, and on the 'last-mentioned day. at tlhe hour of 9.30 o'clock in the forenoon the Accoamts of the said Urban Dwteict Council will be AUDITED by J. Edwyn Hughes, lisq., the Auditor, at the Council Chamber, Dale-ttreet, Menai Bridge, when and where every such Ratepayer who may have any objection to a.nv matter contained in the above-mentioned Accounts may at- tend and prefer his objection, and, the same will be heard and detormincd by the Auditor. Dated this 20th day of Mardh, 1919. OWEN JONES, Clerk to the Menai Bridge Urban District Council. NOTICE OF AUDIT. AETHWY AND OGWEN RURAL DISTRICTS AND BAXGOR AND BEAUMARIS UNION. IVfOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 1. AUDIT OF THE ACCOUNTS for the Half-year ended the 3bt March, 1919, of the COUNCILS of the ah-ove mentioned! Rural Districts and of the GUARDIANS I of the 'a:oove-mentioncd Cnio a affd the OVERSEERS OF THE POOR of the rwiwo krein; and of the ACCOUNTS for tho Year ended the 31st March, 1919, o-i the PARISH COUNCILS or PARISH MEETINGS for the Parishes in euch Ruval District and of any JOINT COM- MITTEES appointed in whole or in part by euch Councils or Meetings, will com- mence- at the BOARD-ROOM OF THE GUARDIANS at BANGOR on MON- DAY, the 23th day of APRIL, 1919, at 11 a.m. J. EDWYN HUGHES, DLtrict Allúitor. WELSH SCHOOL, ASHFORD, MIDDLESEX. rpHE Governors wiil elect in the ciWTent year Foundation and Intermediate Fo-,nd.tioii Scho:l;u'3 will obtain Boan-d and Iiducation free of all cost. Lnitermod' ate Pav Scholars will pay £5 6:! 8d for each term. Candidates mat 'be between the a,ges of 8 and 15, and qualified under the Society's Act.-Fc-ims of Application, v.vucih must be returned duly filled in before April the- 1st, en bo obtained from t-be Secretary, Dean Brovvn- i-iocgr, 12, Prince'a-sti-fcet, Hanover-acraar^. W.l. e H R 0 N I C BRONCHITIS AND > ASTHMA.—I have been cured and am anxious to help others to tiie came n'6u.lt. I Mm willing to send my ciperL- ence to anv eufferer free of charge.—Ad- d) esw. by letter only, the Rev. Silas Jones, 12b, Arvon-terrace, Penmaen, Colwyn, DenbigJushire, Wales. ■ L 1—n————- r —- North Wales Nursing Association a THE ANNUAL MEETING will be held i- at THE METROPOLE HOTEL on TUESDAY, MARCH 25th, at 2.15 o'clock p.m. At Three o'clock p.m. a PUBLIC MEETING will be held, when the chair will be uken by F. JONES-MORTIMER, FkI. An Ad?re?e will be given by DR. VERA FOLEY, of Liverp?. on The Saving of Infant Life." J. E. Greavea, l<À!q., Lord Lieutenant of Oarnaflronshire, an Dr. Thomas Roberta, Medical Officer of Health for Danbifphabtre. will gpeak. You are cordia-lly invited to attend both meetingss. At. JAMIESON, Hon. Secretary, Colwyn Bay D.N Association. LADIE3 FREE. A REMEDY wifhoui medicine or pilla for all irregularities. Acts almost immediately, and will not interfere with household dutiea. Send for free parti- cular. and testimonials- MRS STAKEMAN MORRIS (81 Dept.). 162 $toke Newt&gfoo Boad. London, N. :J. mur. ncttt*. COUNTY THEATRE. STS BANGOR. THEATRE. _S TREET, Next Vwfeek- MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY GLADYS HULETTE -IN- STREETS OF ILLUSION STREETS OF ILLUSION STREETS OF ILLUSION THURSDAY TO SATURDAY, GLADYS HULETTE — I-N A CHILD OF CIRCUMSTANCE A CHILD OF CIRCUMSTANCE A CHILD OF CIRCUMSTANCE Nightly at 7-30, except Saturday only at 7. Matinees every Wednesday and Saturday at 2-30. p™. 1 9d. & ?j pDtfEC f ?Q* ?X. ?tiw ] INCLUDING TAX. ?PiSTUREB?ME Week coimnencing MONDAY, Mar. 24th, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, The World-Famous F',Im, "SOUIB IN PAWN, played by an All-Staa- Cast. Eleventh Epiisode "MOON CHILD," fea- turing MARIE WALCAMP. A .W ondiCrrful Wild Animal Serial. Special Matinee: Wednesday, 2.30. Thursday, Friday & Saturday, RuFeIts pffesent ALMA HANLON in Ru-fells MYSTIC HOUR" (Five Aci?-). '? T I-M, M, "MY FOUR YEARS IN GERMANY," Ambassador Gerard's Production. Doors Open, 6.30; Commence, 7. Admission, including Tax, 4d, 5d, 8d. P1 A N OS NEW IRON FRAME PIANOS with all the latest improvements in Walnut, Rosewood or Black. 48 Guineas (Warranted). PIDGEN BROS., THE NORTH WALES PIAXO I SHOWROOMS, 143, High St., Bangor (Agents for all the Best Makers).





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