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SPORTING. I FOOTBALL. I BIRMINGHAM AND DISTRICT I LEAGUE. WREXHAM WHIP THE WOLVES. I WREXHAM 3 Goals. WOLVERHAMPTON -None. (By X.Y.Z.). [Copyright]. Wrexham overcame Wolverhampton Wand- erers at the Racecourse, on Saturday, with- out much difficulty, and, if the Clerk of the Weather had been in a happier mood, the sup- porters of the Webh club would have seen th ,3 ir-1 favourites winning b-v azi even wider margin than three goals to nil. It was an unpleasant day for football. The discomforts of Decem- ber wind and rain kept hundreds of regular club followers at home by the fireside, but the two thousand enthusiasts who turned out saw a keen and exciting contest in which the Welshmen were always winning on points. The Wolves played with the wind in the opening half, and the advantage was considerable on Saturday. The ball was blowii about in serai- circles, and the Wrexham players had to set to work in determined, fashion to shorten the I handicap under which they were compelled to play for the first forty-five minutes. They did this successfully, and when the teftms turn- ed round, play was practically confined to the ) Wolverhampton goal. THE GAME. I The game did not reach the standard set a I¡' week previously, and the exhilarations of the Shrewsbury match were not reproduced. The I day had a great deal to do with this falling off in .the character of the game. » The ball was difficult to control, and once itl was placed in ¡ the air it was carried hither and thither by the wind. The Wolves made repeated efforts to turn the advantage of the toes into concrete I form, but they were mastered by Simpson, who, with Boxley always in close attendance, drove the forwards back time and again. The Wrexham forwards gradually found their stride. and after Lewis had failed to take a useful opening, Owen and Goode combined with skill and strove for all they were worth to work a ¡ paeeage to 1he goal. Thev were thwarted by Baugh, who defended finely, and once by the referee who gave Owen off-side. Excellent work on the Wrexham left wing followed, and I at the end of a capital run F. Roberts was only iust off the mark with a swift cross drive. The skill of Higge, the visiting- custodian, averted disaster iust afterwards. A long pass to the right by Owen enabled Jardine to race &way from Whitehouse and to centre with pre- cision. Baugh met the ball asi it fell in the' coal, and promptly sent it skywards. A corner was expected, because the ball had been driven towards touch by the back, but Higg. dashed out, and fielding smartly, cleared the position in excellent etyle Only one goal was scored be- fore the interval, and before this came Frank Roberts took the ball from Higgs when- he was out of goal and nearly scored, Owen had one cr two penalty drives charged down in the- pen- alty area, whilst Goode enabled Higgs to bring [ off the best save of the first half—assuming it was a cdnscioua effort on the part of the goal- keeper. The goal scored by the Welshmen fol. lowed a claim for a throw in by the Wolves. The play was on the right wing, and Jardine receiving inpa,ed back for Goode to score with a fast low shot. Horsfield appealed for a throw in on the ground that- the ball had been in touch, but there was no signal from the lines- man and the referee declined to stop the play with the result that Jardine ran on and centred for Goode to score. Wrexham opened the second half at a merry rmce. and almost. immediately were in front of Hi??s. Owen paM!ín o?t to Jardine who dosed in and scored a fine ?oal with an oblique shot. After Higga had cut out a scoriiia drive from Goode, the Wolverhampton forwards broke away and it ivas only the brilliance of Boxlev in repelling a shot from Woodall that saved the situation for the Welshmen. From this point onward the play was confined to the tisiting goal. Baugh struggled hard to stem the tide, and Hisrgs must have handled twenty or twenty-five shot# before call of time. They were not all of the serious order, but the bail was not easy to field on Saturday, and once a shot from Lewis' almost went over the line. Higga recovered it in time, and the appeal for a goal was disallowed. It was difficult to see what hapfpened from the grand stand en- closure. but I did not think the ball crossed' the line. Higgs saved finely from Jardine, and when Owen turned a long pass from Jar- dine into the goal, the custodian again saved in clever fashion. Lewis missed one easy chance when close in, but he made amends a few moments later by scoring the last goal of the ¡ match with a Ions shot which went into the rigging at express epe/ed. Richards made an eleventh hour effort to rally the Wolves, and his spirited run deserved success. Boxley, however, came out and saved at the cost of a corner, which waa quickly disposed of by t-he 44ieziders. ENTRE NOUS, F, Q,; we are now -within measurable distance of j the middle of the season, and in the course of | e. few notes on the form of the players it may be of interest to take stock of the position of I the club in the Birmingham League. When the season opened, the list of players retained bv Wrexham did not inspire much confidence, and the opening match at Willenhall revealed several vulnerable points in the club armour, i There was no doubt as to the ability of Box- lev, who inspired confidence from the start, and hie goalkeeping during therpast four matches oas given immense satisfaction, to the club sup- porters, and has won the praise of spectators in the Bla-ck Country and away in the Potteries. When Boxley came to Wrexham from Shrewsbury, some doubts were expressed by kie friends in Salop as to his value to a Birm- ingham League club owing- to their increased figure at which he turned' the scales. Experience had iihown that Boxley is still playing at the too of his form, and the consistent fashion in which he has played this season has enabled the Wrexham club to gain the third place in the table. When the season opened he was not covered by capable backs, and it was not Jong before a complete change had to be effected. The i)roblers was not solved at the first or second attempt, but with the arrival of Simpson. the ex-Evertonian. the troiables of tlit) directors were over aa far as tho rearguard was concerned. Simpson knows the game from a to z. is a valuable coach, and is able to prac- tise the art of throwing forwards off-side with the skill of a League back. He gave a capital display againet the Wolves. His understanding with Boxlev is perfect, and with Matthias, £ » materially assisting in the development of Trevor Jones into a reliable back. Trevor Jones was a schoolboy international a few • Tears ago. This season he was called upon to join the rank of the Wrexham club, and he has Xhade excellent progress. He is one of the eight local playera in the Wrexham eleven. The presence of so many local men in the side has aroduceci an esprit de corps which is carrying club tb vietojy at a time when League teams are beginning to feel the strain of the tournament. The half-back line is formed by three players who belong to and live in the district. The trio-Matthias. E. D. Roberts and GrAZths-are all playing most effectively. MatthiaT is playing so well that the Welsh selectors are sure to consider his claims to an- other international cap. It is often stated that enthusiasm for the game and real love for it is the monopoly of those who hold an amateur status. Matthia.9 is a professional who throws his heart and soul into every game. He is of greater service as a defender than as an extra forward, although he often provides the men in the van with capital passes, but the out- ,standing feature of his play in every game is the determined manner in which he breaks up .attacks on the .goal. Once against Wolver- hampton he was pulled up for a foul on Richards, which was quite unnecessary. Matthias, however, does not often infringe the rule's despite the v igour of his methods, and he has .<8-iiffcient strength, skill and pluck to win his way through every match without break- ing any of the laws of the game. E. D. Roberts has mastered the difficulties of the centre half position, and is playing remarkably well. He is frequently in the wars owing to his need of inches, and on Saturday received another face injury, happily not serious. Grif- fiths has become a safe left half in whom com- plete confidence can be felt. He uses his head very effectively, and gives good support to the forwards. The constitution of the front line has given I the Wrexham directors more trouble than the other three divisions of the team put together, and whilst it is only fair to record the great improvement thal has taken place of recent weeks, it is also true to say that there are no reserves equal to the requisite standard, and that one or two new players may be needed in the new year. It may not be inopportune here to mention the fact that, many ardent sup- toorters of the club believe that an English League eleven might be successfully established at Wrexham in view of the greatly increased attendance at the Racecourse. It may not be pos- sible to look forward to any immediate con- summation of the 1 opes of keen partisans, but 1 if the Wrexham club carried off the Welsh Cup and the Birmingham League championship in one season, they might be in a position to con- sider 'the question of an application to the League. To gain these prizes, however, will make severe demands upon the enterprise of those who conduct the club. and it is doubtful whether they are prepared to emulate the example of Stoke, Rotherham and Coventry. ■■ In any event the fact that these topics --ire being discussed on and off the grand stand week i by week may lead the responsible officers of the club to take early action to increase the list of playing members. At the moment ex- cellent work is being performed by Jardine, who is a fast and elusive outside right, and by Owen, who has greatly improved in the -entre. Goode is often short of pace, but he shoots well and passes with judgment. Noel Edwards is absent owing to an injury, and S. Lewis, I who takes his place, does not seem to oe at home in the inside left berth. He scored one fine goal against the Wolves, but he is not very I happy in his present position. Frank Roberts j 18 a forceful winger, and is now disposing of the ball to much better purpose than was the case a few weeka a?o. r! in th Wolverhampton goal played a c ) game and was responsible for many smart Baugh, the fair-haired right back. piay- finely, and was admirably seconded by Blunt, the centre half. Of the forwards I thought Woodall and Richards were the beat. Richards hails from Glyn Ceiriog and was associated with Oswestry United a fewy years ago. Wrexham: Boxley, Trevor Jonee, Simpson, Nlattiiias, F, D. Roberts, R. Griffiths. Jardine, Goode, Owen, S. Lewis and F. Roberts. Wolverhampton: Higgs, Baugh, Howes, Whitehouse. Blunt, Horsfield.. Smith, 'Woodall, Wilding, Green and Richards. Referee, E. J. Horton; Shrewsbury. Attendance, 2,012. 'Receipts. £ 109 (gross). 1 NORTH WALES ALLIANCE. [ DIVISION I. OSWESTRY COMRADES v. LLAY I HALL. A DRAWN GAME. I OSWESTRY COMRADES 2 GOALS. I LLAY HALL 2 GOALS. I (By II F.E.) I Played, on \ne FootbàJ Field, Os?stry, on Saturn- day, bet'oM a moderate attendance. The game was I 25 minutes late in starting owing to the non-arriv&l of the appointed referee, a too frequent occurence in these fixtures, and a. source of auuoyallce to players, I officials and spectators, who were on tenter hooks as toO the possibilities oftlio match being played- The I Comrades, however, are fortunoe enough to have. a registered jefiree i-esicient in the town in the person of Mr., T. Marshall, who only a few weeks ago was called upon to take charge of a match, and his- tory was repeated. on Saturday when the impromptu referee was called upon at the eleventh hour. The Comrades inadq several changes in their eleven and, on paper, did fcot look a formidable side, but, the result was very creditable, Io an unbalanced team. The ground' was heavy and good football was ail most j impossible the players findling: great difficulty in keeping on their feet. The outstanding feature of the game was the brilliant play of Harry Hughes, who was mainly responsible for st,aving off defeat at the hands of a superior side. He was a half-back and forward combined, and brought the ball from the I Comrade's half time after time, working it in some capitaJ positions for the remaining forwards who, 1 however, were lacking in combination and dash, with the exception of J, .Morns, whose nrat-time shots were a source of danger to the Llay Hall goalh, and his example should prove, if followed, a raluable asset in goal scoring. For Llay Hall, both outside men showed brilliant fQrm and a fine turn of speed. I THE GAME. I The visitors won the toss ana. the Comrades faced prove?.g sun. Llay Hall secured the leather from' the kick-off audi immediately took up th? ,aggreSSive,1 E. WitHams finishing ? capital run with a long cross shot to Hopwood, who struck the outside of the iMwaesitars' net. Immediwtelyfrom the goal kick 'they wattacking in the Comrades goalmouth, forcing two corners xd succession, which were cleared. The visitors were showing their "best form and their passing was very effective, but failure in front of goal was their weakness. They continued to dom- I inate the play and were at last successful in Scor- ing from a close shot by Hopwood. Play was contin- ually Jn lbi? v'ciurty of the Comrad,e$' goal" B. Wil- liams striking the post with a hard rising shot. The goal kick relieved matters for the Comrades, Harry I Hughes making a fine break through to finish with I the ball rising over the Llay Hall goal. Mid.fteld play concluded a tame ending to the first half with Llay > Hall one goal to nil. From the internal Llay Hall continued the.aggressive and the Comrades' goal was in jeopardy several times in a short space of time. A transformation now took place, the Comrades tak- ing up the attack with vigour, H. Hughes making a desperate* attempt on the visitors' goal line. J. Mor- ris irom the centre placed over the bar, and? the < same player missed, narrowly a second after. From a mid-field pass, Carlton and Hughes made a brilliant i I run and Hughes finishing with a fine drive that equalised. The game now became more exciting, the j Comrades stramlng every effort to, amend their fault4 =ad* 1u the &!nt half, cawing the Ua? Hall defenders to kick wiid and the ball was continually I out uf touch. A comer against the visitors brought no result. Llay Hail made a spirited attempt to obtain the leaa, but found the Comrades' defence too strong. H. Hughes, playing in defence and attack and breaking through, gave Carlton a clear field to make an atttmpc, the latter putting in a fine pass from the touch lim -joss the goal, where J. Morris made no mistake, shooting from almost under the bar. The Comrades were haying the best of matters Woods and .Morris having hard luck. Llay Hall were, however, rot to be denied and the play was in each goal mouth in quick succession. and ten minutes from lime Llay Hall were successful in equalising from an individual effort by E. Williams, who scored the best goal of t-he matcn. from a long shot off the touch line. The Comrades tried hard to gain the lead and were within an aoe r, scoring time after time, the game being full oi «rcifcement right up to the finish, but mo further goals being scored, the Coinradts finishing in fron" of the visitors' goal with the score: j Comrades 2; laay Hall 2. Teams:— Oswestry Comrades: S, Money; R..tones, L. Jones; Jackson, Lindop, Frost; Carlton, Hughes;, Woods, Morris, and 1-.aTi,3. Llay Hall: Jones;Cromptoai, Lowndes; S. Williams, Wynr, Evtns; Hop wood, Banks, W. A,.A Williams, Edisbury and B. Wilhams. Referee: Mr T. Marshal!, Os wes try. I RHOSYMEDRE v. ESCLUSHAM. RHOSYMEDRE 3 GOALS. I 3 GOALS. Esclusham won the tusi and played with the wind j all in their favour. For 15 minutes the home team ] only played eight men, which told against them. The visitors opened well and showed some good work thereby giving the home team plenty to do in defend- ing their goal. Play for a time was of an even character and then some fine sprinting by the home team placed a goal to their credit, Harold Arthur scoring. The visitors began to assert themselves and pressed, with the result that Harold Roberts scored their first goal. Encouraged by t-heir success they sprinted away when some fine passing was seen and within a few minutes Edgar Edwardiltplaced a second goal to theic credit. The home team seemed taken aback and worked with a will, and from now on some fine play being witnessed! by Tom Nicholas, Aioses Roberts and Walter Jones and a fine shot by Nicholls was nicely saved by the visitors' goalkeeper. Here the visitors made a suddtn sprint with the re- sult that 11. Morris placed the third goal to the credit of the White Stars, and the result at half- time was: Esclusham 3; Rhosymedre 1. Flay resumed,, Rhosymedre kept, the ball at one end of the field for a considerable time and the visitors' goalkeeper had many near chances of hitv- ing sevetiii goals scored against him, several scrim- mages taking place in his goal. Eventually the ball was taken away down the field but a fine shot. by Percy Jones scored the second for Rhosymedre. With- in a few minuses a splendid shot by Walter Jones resulted in a melee at the mouth of the visitors' goal, but tailed to realise, but in a few minutes, from a fine pass by Wa,er Jones, the third goal was added to the score of Rhosymedre by Percy Jones, thus equalising. From now on, and until the close of the game, the homesters tried hard to score and were on I several occasions within am ace of doing so, but the visitors defended their position weiii with the result that both teams scored three goals each. Teams:— Esclusham: W. Hughee; Wm. Williams, W. Sowden; Tom Powell, B. Foster, Wm. Davies; S. Morgan, Harold Roberts, Edgar Edwards, Peter Lloyd and R. Morris. Rhosymedre: Edward Jones; Tom Jooes, Robert Williams; Tom Nicholls, Walter Jones, Moses Rob., erts; Wm. Richards, Hatold, Arthur, Percy Jones, Bert Nicholas, John Wright. I' Referee: Mr. Harrison, Biymbo. RHOS v- CHIRK. I RHOS 2 GOALS. CHIRK •• 2GOAL8. (By E.S.E.) I Rhos. the champions of the First Division of the North Wales Alliance, played Chirk on the latter's ground on Saturday before a large, gate. General expectation of a hard, close match was fully realised. Chirk -won the toss and (took advantage of the ground; the first ten minutes being played in mid-field, both sets of defenders clearing effectively on the approach of danger. Within ten minutes of half-time the visitors took the lead, Reggie Jiones, in his fine style, raced clean through, the opposition and beautifully placed the ball between the sticks. No further scor- ing took place before half-time, the result being Rhos 1-0, The ball had only beeu in motion about five min- utes when Dick Jone5 found .an opportunity of scor- ing a well-judged shot for the visitors; it tipped the sticks and found the net. The, leather was ftow kept chiefly at the mouth of Rhos goal and from a scrim- mage in front of the goal Jack Hughes found the net and from another scrimmage in front of Rhos goal Tom Roberts found an 'opportunity of registering another goal in xavour of the homesters. When the final whistle sounded the result stood: .Rhos 2; Chirk 2. Teams:— Rhos: C. Morgan; D. Jones, T. Hughes; R Davies, E. WilLiaffis, John Davies: J. Williams, Reggie Jones, ¡ Wm. Davies, C. Naydon ana Dick Jones. Chirk: 0. Williams: W. Thomas, C. CrAde; Potts, Ingman, J. Jones; Butler, Hulse, E. Roberts, Hughes and T. H. Roberts. The game was admirably. hai>:? edi by Mr. G. D. Nunneriey, Wrexham, RUABON v. CONNAH'S QUAY. I CONNAH'S QUAY 2 GOALS. I RUABON 1 GOAL. At Ruabon, on Saturday, before a moderate attend- ance. The visitors straightway got away and some nv,ely work ensued in the home half. They succeeded in forcing a corner ten minutes from half-time. The visitors were much the better team in this h&!f, showing fine combma.tion and footwork. ;.T.. a throw-in J. Edwards, for the home team, got pos- session and opened the score. Half-time soore, Ruabon l; Connah's Quay 0. In the second half the visitors attacked and after three minutes C. Edwards equal- ised. A penalty against the homesters resulted in a goal, and the whistie blew or time with the follow- ing score: Ruabon 1; Connah's Quay 2. Te,ams:- i Ruabon: C. Jones; A. Bailiff, W. Roberts; J. Green, Ie. Daniels, T. Taylor; E. Edwards, A. Griffiths, A. Rowlands, J. Edwards and J. Williams. Connah's Quay; Atherton; A. Lumbers, Cooper; C. Hewitt, Jones, T. Edwards, A. Hewitt, J. Hawkes, H. Lomax. RefeTe6, D. T. Lodwick, Oswestry. Ii NORTH l WALES ALLIANCE. DIVISION IL RHOSROBIN v. POWEILL'6 ATHLETIC.—At Rhos- robin on Saturday before a small attendance. The home capta;n won the toss and put Powell's to face the sun. A strong wind w?s in evidence and this, no doubt, led to the downfall of the visitors. Powell's were the first to make progress and a clever run. by their right wing led! to SJoden scoring the first goal from a centre by Em Hughes. P. Jones sent in whivt was intended for a centre and had the satisfaction of seeing the ball, helped by the strong wind, drop into the far corner of the goal, giving Evans no earthly chance to effect a clearance. Short- ly afterwards Griffiths was equally lucky, and there was considerable bickering which was not conducive to good football and the interval arrived with the score: Rhosrobin S; Powell's 1. The second) half opened at a good pace. Rhosrobin very rarely crossed the half-way line this half, but try as they would Powell's could not find the net. Nothing of any importance took place, after the penalty kick and the game dragged on with Powell's peppering the. home goalkeeper, who; however, defended) well. The ecors remained as a-g- interval, Rhogrobia 8—1. Teams:-Powell's: J. Evans; T. G. Evans, Jameson; O. Williams, T. Rowlands, W. For Kim; Em Hughes, J. Jones, B. Soden, J. Davies, H. Pugh. Rhosrobin: S. Rath bone; P. Roberts, G. Ryder; W. Jones, J. Evans, L. Williams rOs. Lewis, Griffiths, P. G. Evans, H. EMia and P. Jones. Refers: G. R. Owens, Gwer- syllt. JOHNSTOWN v. CAERGWRLE.—This match was played on the Johnstown ground befora a smaU gate. Johnstown had the best of a poor game throughout. A Hughes scored a good goal for Caergwrle. Johns- town won by five goals to one and reserved their victory. It hardly seems correct that officials of the Alliance should referee their own matches, but in this game Mr, Postle, the secretary, was quite fair in his decisions. TeamsJohnstown: Dai Davies; .T. H. Bevan, A. Jones; Ll. Jehkins, A. Williams, E. Massey; ff. Pritchard R. Rogers H. Hannaby, S. Fisher and J. Phoenix. Oaergwrle: G. Parry; C. Edwards; El. Davies; W. Williams, A. Jackson, J. Jones; A. Hughes, G. Bowyer, N. Williams, A. Jenkma and E. Manford. Referee: Mr. Postle. » WELSH AMATEUR CUP.. BRYMBO INSTITUTE V. BRYMBO GRL, EN. THE GREEN'S "GOOD-BYEE.' [Copyright.] BRYMBO INSTITUTE 1 GOAL. BRYMBO GREEN .< NIL. (By CM.) These neighbouring teams me.t. on Saturday on tho Institute's ground to decide which should enter in- to the next round of the Cup. Both team's sup- porters were confident. The elevens have met once before in an Alliance match when the game ended with honours even. Supporters of both teams looked forward to the next meeting, which would have been on Boxing Day in an Alliance fixture in the ordinary course of events. As both teams still claimed the right to play for the Amateur Cup, however, they opposed each other in the second lound, and with the result at stake the keenness increased two-fold, the match being regarded as one, of outstanding import- ance to the respcct-ive clubs. Therefore it was not surprising to see suci, a large number of enthusiasts present. The ground was in a very treacherous con- dition, and this, coupled with a strong wind, made it. difficult for the players to do justice to themselves, players being frequently unable to control the ball and unceremoniously slipping down when in first-i-ate positions. Nevertheless, an excellent and exciting contest ensued, the, teams playing with grim -eajuwy J right up to the last moment, and it was universally agreed that a great game had been fought out, in a xigilt royal manner. In the second nail", aind a goal behind, the Green played a one-back game for some unaccountable reason, but the Institute forwards were too wary to be caught for offside. Winming the toss, the Green were heralded with a round of applause, the spectators regarding this as a good omen, doubtless being under the impression that the wiad would either drop or turn by half-time. The Green, with such an advant- age, were undoubtedly the better team in the first half, the Institute being so much occupied in de- fending that tlK-y rarely had, the visiting goal in range, although much credit is due to them for the rellable. defence. Whilst their, play, which forcibly reminded one of. the kick, bustle and run tactics, was very effective on such a day, it. could not he compared with the splendidly executed and com- bined movement of the Green, particularly the wing men, and Hi Jones certainly deservedi a goal for his great footwork and centres in the first half. Quick- ness on the wiiig acd speedy and well.plac,W centres were features of his play, and the Institute were extremely fortunate to change over WXDH a clean sh^et. THE PLAY. Being successful in the spin of the coie, and gain- i ing the-^advantage of a strong wind, the Green were soon attacking, the outside, right shooting for Mat- thias to save, the ball being finally put behind. From the goal kick the Institute made a poor at- tempt, Glyn Jones putting wide The Green com- menced to get warm. their play being very nippy .and fast, never forgetting to make allowances lor the wind. Trapping a pass from Di Jones, on the • right, J. Evans shot trueand hard but a bui-st of wind earriedi the ball over the bar. The Institute went ahead, and caught the Green defence napping, Tom Jcmes finding himself with an open goal from about five yards, but 'greatly disappointed the home supporters by shooting aimlessly out. a fine oppor- tunity, which was never allowed to he repeated, going astray. Getting off so fortunately, the Green came again, T. Jones kicking out. Several corners fell to the Green in this half, but proved futile.. The Institute lost an opening by infringing the off- aide rule, and Di Jones ract:di away with the leather, touching it to J. Evans, who in turn shot out. Trans- ferring the sphere, J. C. Evans shot hard for the net, Owens saving in fine style. Still holding the upper hand, the visiting forwards swooped down again, M Jones centreing in th# goalmouth, Matthias catching and clearing. A spell of mid-field play followed, which resulted in the Green's forwards closing in upon the home goal, T. Jones skimming the bar vith a fine drive which beat Matthias. Shortly afterwards a. home player appeared to me to handle the ball just" outside the penalty area, but either I was mistaken, 011 the act escaped the eye of the referee,, for he was not, penalised. The Green strove hard to open their scoring, the In- stitute defence being continually kept busy, A scrimmage in the visitor's goalmoutlh ended in a corner, which was easily cleared), and the whistle sounded for half-time with no scoring, although the Green had several good opportunities. With the wind at their backs the homesters began to have a share of. the game, and within five min- utes of the resumption the inside-right (J. Jackison) shot at goal, the ball catching the underside of the bar and cannoning into the net. From now onwards tlfcje galill'f.' was contested at a (furious pace, thtO Green never losing heart and playing very resolutely. During an attack on the homesters' goal Di Jones centred, and the iil-side left, trapping the ball; had! only the goalie to beat, with the equaliser seeming ,inevitable shot out thus forfeiting a rosy chance. The Institute, by dint of long, shoe,ting from wing to centre, were soon raiding the Green's goal, but the shouting of the spectators seemed to embarrass them and the most they could do was to shoot out several times. Corners fell to them, but unlike the Green, failed to allow for the windandl the ball was blown out of play. The visitors made several good. attempts to equalise, but J. Davies repeatedly drove them back, whilst Glyn Jones, unable to keep his feet, made himself generally felt by his baulking tactics. The play was kept up with much excitement and briskness to the end, but no further scoring took place, and the Institute ran out well-deserved win- ners for their defence by the only goal. Teams:— Brymbo Green: W. Owen; E. Griffiths, C. Davies; H. Jones, B. Jones, H. Webb; D. Jones, J. Evans, T. Jones, Rowlands and J. Hawker. Brymbo Institute: Matthias; Newnes, Davies"; WHo I liams, Glyn Jones, IforTis; J. E. Evans, J, Jackson, T. Jones, J. Jackson and G. Lloyd. Referee: Mr. pritollard, Whittingtoa,

Glyn Ceiriog Team Formed.