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NORTH WALES ALLIANCE ) DIVISION I. I R.W.F. V. COURTAULDS (FLINT). I R.W.F. 1; COXJRTAUEDS 1.. I (ByA.D.).. I Teams:—R.W.F. Depot; Usher; Kensett, Griffiths; Arbuthnot, Sant, Tarrant; Noble, Jones, Aibuttinot, Ruth, Urquhart. ? Courtaulds (Flint): Joyce; F. Thomas, D. C. Thomas; Foulkes, B. Roberts, T. Murray; R. Hughes, H. Parry, W. Williams, E. Evans, G. Parry. Referee: E. Brown, Acrefair. The above teams met an Saturday at Wrexham Barracks ground. The weather was inclined to be changeable and there was a little wind which made ball control difficult. Theat,t,endiance was very poor, only some forty odd spectators being present. The grouoo was very slippery, and because, of this many line chances were missed. The toss was won by the home team, who ejected to kick with the wind. The play was opened by the home team, who straight. t away bore upon the visitors' goal. Courtaulds' de- I fence was rather uncertain the Depot, missed I several good chances of opening the score owing to the slipperiness of the ground. The first feature of I the game was made by Sant, who, from a long shot ) beat Joyce. The visitors then warmed to their work and gave the tome defence a severe testing. The j game gradually worked its way to mid-field where nice long passing by Courtaulds enabled1 them to make j a breakaway and to fight hard for an equaliser. From a free kick Sant secured the ball and was able to run up and take a, shot which obviously beat Joyce. f A spirited argument took place when the referee dis- (allowed the goal by both teams but the decision was maintained. During the remainder of this half corners were forced by "both sides, and the game was of the rough order. The whistle went for half-time < without further addition to the score, which was R.W.F. 1—0. j The Fusiliers again opened the play after half- time, by pressing the visitors heavily but, with nice j passing, Courtaulds were able to make a run for the opposing goal. Another scrimmage ensued, but the home bac&s were able to clear. ITrquhart receiv- ing, took the game to the visitors' goal again and in j attempting to score, shot over -the bar. In this half Jones was a continual source of trouble to the visitors. During the closing stages of the game the visitors wiere kept attending to matt ere ,in their own half, until, five minutes from time, they managed to break away and scorf. The whisHe went for time, witli the ft scores of one goal each. It must here. be saidi that, in the opinion of the the writer, t'.ie referee was in erfor in his decision as to the disputed goal. It was obvious to anyone standing near t'rp, touchline, that the ball was quite' two yards in the netted space and should have been j allowed This will most likely form the grounds of 'a report-but in points of fact. the decision of the, referee is final, and it is doubtful whether any effect. j ive actior: can be taken by the Alliance Executive. RUABON V. RHQSYMEDRE. i RHOSYMEDBE 2; RTTABON 0. ) This re-arranged, fixture was played m the Old Druids' ground in Wynnstay Park on Saturday. There was a capital attendance when Griffiths set the ball rolling for Ruabon who had the advantage of I. the slope. The first attack was. roadie by the liome forwards, but, they were "repulsed by T. Jones, who placed Arthur in possession. Coiisideral)le. pi-,essuro was brought to bear on the Rho&ymedre goal, Grif- fiths, Daniels and Edwards playing a pretty game. The visiting custodian twice savedi under difficulties. Charlie Edwards, racing between t4 houie backs, got into a scoring position, but shot wide and the iOttT-, val arrived w:th Rhosymedre leadinghy one goal to nil. In the second half the Ruabon goal was subjected to a prolonged attack during which the custodian gave a tine display. After Chas, H-iwawis has missed • a fine opening tie made amends. by scoring a delight- 'I ful goal. The ball was placed by hove from the corner -flag -and • Edwards, meeting it with his head, diverted it into the net. few minutes later Rhosy- medie were awarded a penalty. The kick was taken by hove who drove the ball against the loot of £ he post, the final result being .Rhysyiaedre tuaboil 0. Teams:— Ruabon: W. C. Jones; W. Roberts, A. Bailiff; Jen- j Idu. Jones, J. Williams, Green; E. Edwards, Dan- I iels, Griffiths, J. E-dwards Aiid Taylex. Rhosymedre: E. Jones; E. Williams, T. Jones; T. r Nicholls, Walter Jose*, M. Roberts; W. Ricl.Ws.. H. Arthur, P. Jones, Charlie Edwards and J Xove. J Referee; Air. Xunnerley, Wrexham. I NORTH WALES ALLIANCE. I DIVION II., I I POWELL'S. ATLEÚC6TANgTy.Th.ebove! teams met at Stan sty on S&turd&y last before a small attendance. Powell's' were without their usual out- side right ?ho, for some 'Unacuntble' reason has, like a good many more capable Wrexham youths, chosen to piay for teams in other districts How- ever, his place was capably filled by J. T. Salisbury. .¡ Powell's were early aggressive and J. Joneis, by a clever bit cf individual play, got through and scored with a lovely low drive. This player repeatedi the first part but this time his final effort was turned round the post by the. home custodian. Shortly afterwards Forkin struck the cross bar with a fast- drive. The game was fast throughout t.he first half; the visitors having slightly the advantage. No i furthecr scoring was done in the first forty-five minutes and, half-time arrived with the score Powell's 1—0. The home team were aggresive early in the second half and strong appeals for a penalty were ignored by the referee. The visitors' defence 'was hard pressed at this juncture but Evans cleared his lines successfully every time. Fast eiid to end play was the order for some time and in a detenninedi rush on the home goal J. Davies scored, the second for Powell's. The home team were having slightly the better of this balf and Roberts had hard lines in seeing his shot stopped by a clever save by Evans. The home forwards were trying hard to score but Powell's defence heidi out and the final whist-le blew with the score: Powell's 2; Stansty 0. Teams:— Powell's: J. Evans; T. Charleston and T. G. Evans; O. Williams, W. Nadjn. T. Griffiths; J. T. Salisbury, J. Jones, W. Forkin. J.. Davies and H. Blackwell. Stansty: J. Whitely; J. Morris, E. Williams; A. Taylor, W. l'disbury, Geo.-Hell.in; R. Ton", D. W. Jackson, Llew Jones, Thos. Roberts, W. Cartwright. Referee: Mr. Hill. PENYOAE v. BRYMBO INBTITUTE.-An interest. ing match was played between these two teams at Penycae on Saturday before a.large attendance. The match was timed for half past two but, owing to 4 breakdown, the visitors did1 not arrive until three o'clock. Brymbo won the toss and1 decided to play with the wind nt their backs. The opening stages were brisk and both teams tried hard to g-t the lead. Play had been in progress about half an iaour when the homesters opened the scoring with a capital shot from A Ward. The visitors made determined efforts to equalise but found) the homesters' backs and goalkeeper defending ,w ell. Half-time arrived with the score standing, Penycae 1—0. The opening stages of the i.ecoml half saw the visitors' making strenuous efforts to get on equal terms but the ball had only been in motion a few minutes when M. Roberts foundl an opportunity of registering another goal in favour of Penyeae. The visitors tried hard to equalise but the homesters had put up a splendid defence, the backs playing an excellent game, whilst M. Hopwood was, capital in goal and saved, a num- ber of shots. After some mid.fleld play Percy Jones Scored another for Penycae. The visitors were now improving and towards the latter end of the game j E. Samuels found a chance and scored for the visitors. JUthou £ h thok Ada 1 effort was fre«fe thex were un- able to secure the victory. No further scoring took place, Penycae being left victors by 8-1. For the home team M. 'Hopwood gave a marvellous exhibition in goal. The game was a well contested.-one through- out and some very nice play was witnessed. The visitors on the whole showed the better form. The game was admirably handled by Mr. Carless, Ruabon. Teams:— Penycae: M. Hopwood; M. Valentine, S. Jones; T, Jackson, D. Edwards, R. Roberts; M. Roberts, P. Jones, H. W. Jones. A. Ward and R. W. Davies. Brymoo Institute: T Luck; W. Jones, W. Roberts: R. A. Hughes, A. EJvans, J. Matthias, S. Gittins, A. Salisbury, lX, 0, Thomas, E. Samuels and B. Lloyd. JOHNSTOWN v. HOLT.—An exciting match result- ed between these teams at Johnstown on Saturday. A good number oi spectators WMZO present and the Lome team proved the far better side and ran out easy victors by 5 goals to nil. The scorers were: S. Fisher, R. Rogers (2), R. Haunaby anil J. J. Potts. A penalty was awarded each team but they failed to score. Th<. referee WS Mr. G. O. Postle. I WELSH AMATEUR CUP. BRYMBO GREEN V, BRADLEY. I A CHAPTER OF INCIDENTS. [COPYRIGHT.] Biti.UBO GREEJN 4 GOALS. I BRADLEY NIL.. I (By C,.H.) I About «00 spectators gathered on the saucer-like I ground of Brymbo on Saturday to witness the match between the above teams to decide which should enter the ijext round of the Cup. The weather was very boisterous and rain fell intermittently, adding to the discomfort of the players and onlookers. The I game was a series of stoppages from beginning to end, the whistle goimg continuously for various breaches ► of rules, many of the decisions causing heated argu- ments amongst the rival supporters. There was much room for improvement in the referee's ruling, ( It frequently happens in local matches where the competition borders on the keen side and one player accidentliy fouls another the victim as- Elimes a fighting attitude; such was Saturday's..ex- perience, and it was., only with difficulty on one oc- casion (ii., of the home'players was restrained from endeavouring to take summary revengo with his fists. The incident greatly reflected upon the local sport- ling, fraternity present, who demonstrated their .chagrin iOCl such a manner as was likely to transfer the football into a fighting match. At half-time they •again showed how unconvers.ant they were with the game by swarming in-to the pitch for reasons that I could not fathom. It was apparent that the hostile feeling of the crowd greatly affected the, game, thus mal-,ing the lot of the players and referee much harder. This may have contributed towards the con- test being kept going when it was quite, dark! Ow. I ing to the .late arrival of the visitors the game was L" bout 30 minutes late in commencing, and it was a problem whether it could be concluded in tirro. The referee thought otherwise, with the result that the last fifteen minutes developed into a game of hide and seek, it being impossible to follow the flight of the, ball, but still the whistle was going! How the referee could see is a. matter purely for conjecture, unless he had cat's eyes! I THE GAME. I The visitors won the toss and elected1 to kick. against tRe wind. T. Jones set the ball in motion, and the homesters pressed in the first few minutes. J. Jones, an the Bradley right wing, was conspicuous with a nice run, but failed to get his centre in. At the other end Rowlands shot in weak- ly, and T. Jones topped the bar with a fast shot. G. Baugh ca the visitor's left, proved dangerous by running through, but, was unfortunate in getting pen- alisad for fouling when about to shoot from short range. Shortly afterwards the same player made another rush but the homesters' left back saved a critical position by nipping .in at tlleright moment. Brymbo, who had undoubtedly the best of the game, continued to attack persisteiitly, but their efforts were of no avail through poor marksmanship. Row- lands-was responsible-for some good individual play but Lucas, the visiting custodian, was equal to all occasions and saved, in an experienced maimer. G. Baugh, securing possession on thte left, eluded thi;l opposition, centring perfectly, but had the disappoint- Wtillt of observing no forwards to snap up the QP. .Rortucity. Transferring tlie ltat-her in q\1ik style T. Jones skimmed the bar in an tindeavour to open the score. G. Baugh, receiving from the centre, took advantage of -his speed and raced away with the leather, being firoughl, down in the penalty, area by n. Jones. A penalty was awarded, B. Williams shooting without any force at the goalie, who had no difficulty in saving. Brymbo continued the pressure, the referee failing to observe a visiting player hand- ling in, the penalty area. Ralf-t-ime arrived with no se ore. The second half was easily in Brymbo's favour, but hands against them for a near distance made matters look serious, the ball striking the side of the net when the goalie was beiten. t). Jones, inside ldft, opened, t)»e score for the homesters, and; Di. Jones notched a second a short time afterwards, the ball deceiving the goatie by bouncing over his head into the net. A free kick ltd to the third, E. Griffiths giving Lucas no chance. T. Williams was called upon I to deal with a shot from the visitors' inside right, the ball afterwards being handled by a Brymbo player in .the penalty area, the referee failing to notice. Three corners fell to.-the homesters in quick succession. Rowlands converting from the last. Brymbo dominated the play up to the end, but failed I to find the net- any. more. Teams:— i ESCLUSHAM WHITE STARS V. I ACREFAIR UNITED. i I ESCLUSHAM h. 3 GOALS. ACREFAIR 1 GOAL. Played at Rhostyllen on Saturday before a small gate. Acrefair won the toss and Butterton quickly tripped down the field but was met with resistance from the White Stars who passed the ball nicely up the field and came within an ace of scoring on two occasions. For some time they were at the mouth.of the visitors' goal but failed to realise owing to bad Shooting. The visitors played a good game and But. terton and D. Lloyd did good work but all to no purpose. Here the homesters began to assert them. selves and played: a fast game, and although they had three corners in quick succession failed to score. Harold Roberts receiving the ball from a nice pas9 by Rees, Lloyd, tripped up the field and a scrimmage in goal failed to realise, the Acrefair goalkeeper sav- ing some good Shots. From now until the interval the homesters pressed hard but failed to score and at, half time the result was a blank. On resuming the visitors began to press but found the home team ready for any emergency rud they soon began to put their best into the game and wtffe ( for some time troublesome, being at the rwuth cf Acrefair goal continuously when u fine pass by Hsrold I Roberts nearly bore fruitition. Another nice pssa by Roberts resulted in Tom Williams scoring the fiist goal for the homesters. Encouraged by the r sue. cess the White Stars worked with a w'U wnea Ben Sowden scored from a flufe pass by Har ,jd Roberts within five minutes of the list score. Pay for a time was even but was stopped by th, referee, *.ho ordered D. Lloyd off the field for liams. A penalty Jpck by B. <utteiron sccred 'he first for Acrefair. Thge game !cr the next twenty minutes of an even character but, suddf-nly, the homesters t-ripped avfay and Jv:wdea added "te I third for the home team rhen 'r fi;<al result T 13: I Esclusham 8; AcpefaiT 1. lean-

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