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SPORTING. FOOTBALL. BIRMINGHAM AND DISTRICT I LEAGUE. WREXHAM AT COVENTRY. j COVENTRY 5 Goals. WKEXHAM 2 Goals. (By Peeping Tom") There were changes in both the Coventry and Wrexham forward line in the match at Coventry Vh Saturday. Wrexhain had Owen in place r Percy Jones, and Coventry,, by reason of experi- ments in the first team. made three alterations in the side that played at Wrexham. There was a keen wind blowing, and for some part of the game snow fell. The ground, too, was rather heavy, but it was not so bad as might have been expected considering- the enow of the last few days. W««&hatti began very well. After Matthias had cleverly stopped the Coventry outside right lie Oave his forwards an opportunity which they took advantage of. Goode finished up a neat Uiece of combination with a shot that just went i "wide. Owen, too. made a nice opening move- ment. and Edwarda was hustled off the ball as he was about to shoot. The Coventry forwards had hardly got together when the outside left got in a centre which Nelson, on the other wing, had little difficulty in placing in the net, wen; out of Boxley'e reach. This was quite a set- back to the visitors, who had had more than their share of the game, which had not been started more than .six minutes. It was evident that the forwards of both sides were going to rule the game, and in •consequence the ball was first in front of one goal and then the orhm-. The Coventry goal had a narrow escape when Goode, Edwarde and R. Jones each 1 had a shot, and but for fine saves, by Lindon, whose skill was tempered by a little good for- tutie. one at least of them would have scored. The Wrexham forwards osrain worked down the ] field, nd-this time thev had better luck. Goode gave the goalkeeper not tihc slightest chance with a faft gliot. In the first twelve minutes the score wae one all. The forwards were al- ways conspicuous, Wrexhamshowing- perhaps a. I little better combination than did Coventry; but the .home defenders, if their clearances were not deliberate, managed to prevent the visitors from gétting in their shots. Boxley and Lindon each -hact p-lon-tr to do, and they put in some good work. Both the Coventry and Wrexham for- wards were persistent- in their attacks, and t-hts •, ■defences had a* much as they could do to keep them out. Coventry took the lead twenty minutes from the start, Crowe. the centre for- ward, scoring from a position that looked very Brash like off-side. Several 'brilliant attempts to equalise were made by Wrexham, whose for- wards combined well. and but for the fine goal- keeping of Lindon they would have been suc- cessful. The second half had a very exciting opening, and only the alertness and ability of Boxley kept Coventry from scoring.: No sooner had the ball been kicked off than the home centre forward ran close in, I)ut Boole v -touched the ball away and he dealt just a.? effectively with a return shot. Owen. who had been playing well, beat the home backs and got into a good poei- tion, but he failed to score. The Wrexham for- wards were frequently dangerous, principally from ceitres by Jar dine, but so far without success. Coventry had leas difficulty in scoring, and a quarter of an hour from the restart Fred Jones, inside left, added their third goal. Bo3e, ley dived full length, but the ball was out of his reach. Edwards wae then conspicuous for Wrexham. Hd beat e vixlit back and shot, but Lindon brought, off a splendid save. R. Jones 'very cleverly got a corner, and he placed the ball well, Matthias having exceeding hard line. with a good shot. A foul agains%Cov- entry gave Wrexham a good opportunity, and the goalkeeper tapped the ball away twice be- fore a hack ki^ cked it out, Boxley, too, was •yerv whit as good when he ran out and clear- ed from three opponents. Wrexham put on con- siderable pressure, but eight minutes from time A. Sheldon scored Coventry's fourth goal. The light was none too good and Boxley needed a k*en eye, especiallv when there was a scramble in front of goal such as there wag when F. Jones (the home inside left) ecored Coventry's fifth sro^l. There were very few minutes to go. but Wrexham were on the alert and iu?t on time Edwards nipped in from & foul and .scored their second goal. The teams were :— Wrexham: Botley; T. Jones and Simpson; Matthias. E. Roberts and Griffiths; Jardine, IO.oa-de. Owen. Edwards and R. Jones. Coventry Jarvis: Harrold and Milton; Dalton, Callazhe7- and Mite: L. Shelton. Nelson, Crowe. F. Jones and A. Sheldon. Attendance 6000. The game was principally between the for- Wards. who were too fast and too clever for the respective halves and backs opposed to them. This much was .reflected in the seven goals, and but- for fine play by Boxley and Lindon the score would probably have been greater. Of all the five goals that were scored against him Boxley could hardly be blamed for one of them. Instead, he was applauded for many fine saves. Once he scrambled along the goal line on his hands and knees and kept the ball out of the goal, i Simpson was the beat of the Wrexham backs; 1 in fact his kicking &nd tackling were the best; an the. two ^C"3- Both the Coventry and the j 'Vnwhamhalve'l seemed rather 'medioere' Matthias being the shining light of the Wrex- J ham trio. He more than once tried a shot at I goal and very nearly scored. His equal on the j home side was Gallagher, who helped consider- j ably to keep the Wrexham forwards in check. ■ Aaart from the goalkeepers the forwards were the most prominent. It is difficult- to say which five were the best. The Wrexham players -com- bined and passed exceedingly well, due largely tL) Owen. He kept his winga continually on the ruove. and his one obiect seemed to be the Coventry goal. Jardine was the most promin- ent winger, and the fault of the inside men was, that thev failed to score more often. The Wrex- ham forwards generally (played well; in fact much better than they did the previous week. They might have received more support from ■their halves. NORTH WALFQ ALLIANCE, j DIViaiCNL RUABON V. LLAY HALL. j r RUARON 2; LLAY HALL 2. Played at Ruabon on Saturday in cold weather and on a frostbound ground, the game ending in a. draw of two goals each. The start was delayed three quarters of an hour. Ruabon were first to attack, but theVay Hall defence held out for twenty in in- I ntes. Then two goals fell to the homesters in quick succession. Both of Ruabcn's goals were scored by A. Griffiths, the second one about ten minutes afte* the first. The second goal would not have been | •cored, if the JJay-Hall goalkeeper kept his,, legs to- gether. He stopped the ball with his hands, but lefc it slip between his legs. liay Hall then began tCt play a better game, but the half-time result wafit LU-abon 2; Lia). Hall 0* I The intervai was not above two minutes, because dusk was beginning to fall. This short rest seemed to do the visiting team go,),d, for they played an im. proved game and one which would have given them victory had they played as well an the first half. W. A. Williams scored two goals for Llay Hall, the first about five minutes after the interval and the second ten minutes off the finish. Both goals were- well scored, the ball passing across the top of the goal mout.l. and entering the net at the far side. Teams: Ruabon: C. Jones; W. Roberte. A. -Bailiff;, Jenkin Jones, J. Williams, G. Everett; E. Edwards, C. Dan- iels, A. Griffiths, J. Edwards and T. Baylor. Hay Hall: E. Jones; R. Crompton, A. Rogers; P. Evans, B. Wynne. S. Williams, Banke, W. A. Wil- liams, O. Bdsbury, T. Williams, J. Wynne. Referee: (t, 0. Postle, Acrefair, ACREFAIR V. CHIRK. (By A.D.). This inatch should have been played on Saturday but owing to the condition of the ground it had to be postponed The referee, .Mr. T. Rowlands, of Rhos, decided that the ground was unfit to play on. A few of the home supporters had come to see the match and had to go back disappointed. The ground was covered with snow. NORTH WALES ALLIANCE. I DIVISION II. PENYCAE v. LLAY HALL.-A. very interesting and exciting match was played between these two teams I at Llay Hall on Saturday, before a fair number of spectators. The slippery state of the field made the ball difficult to control. Penyeae won the toss. Play opened swiftly and there was fine passing by both: teams. The visitors pressed hard during the 8rst half and a fine shot by H. Roberts scored the first goal for them. After some mid-field play R. Roberts registered another goal in favour of Penyeae. Half- time arrived with the score Standing Penyeae 2—0. The opening stages of the second half saw the home team making strenuous efforts to equalise and after some nice combination equalised, W. H. Wynne and G. Jones scoring for the home team within two min- utes of each other. The home team played remark- ably well during the second half. From mow to the end both teams made determined efforts to lead but when the final whistle blew-a well-contested game endod in a draw ofv2 goals each. Throughout the game the play was pretty even, both sides facing corners which were easily cleared. The visitors on the whole showed the better form. TeamsPen- yeae: S. Wright; M. Valentine, 3. Jones; Llew Kogeis, John Jones, R Jones; M. Roberts, R. Roberts, A. Ward, H. Jones, -,lid Percy Jones. Llay Hall: W. J. Lawrence; W. Gittins, H. Crompton, J. W. Wynne, W. H. Wynne, G. Jones; E. Garston, M. Lawrence, W. E. Roberts, G. Guy, R. Matthias. Referee: 8. Hewitt, Buektey. .JOEfNS.TOWN v. CAERGWRLE.—Played at Caer- gwrle on Saturday. Johnstown won by three goals to one. The Johnstown club have not yet beem de- feated. Oat of three matches played they have won two and drawn one. BRADLEY v. HOPE.-This inatch was due on Sat- urday, but had to be postponed dowkig to the absence of the referee. RHOSNESSNEY v. BRYMBO INSTITUTE.-Tllayed at Rhosnessney on Saturday. Rhosnessney won by 2 goals to 1. The home team won their first match of the season Several changes were made in the team, Bcuid in goal and1 Hunter and Jones (new captures) making a fine defence. Chatham and W. Griffiths scored for the home team. The visitors missed a penalty. STANSTY v. PHNYFFORDD.-At Stansty on Satur- day. In the- absence of the appointed referee, a 1 friendly game was played, resulting, after an hour's play in a victory for Stansty by two goals to one. RHOSROBIN v. ffQLT.—Played at Rhosrotoa on Saturday. Rhosrobin overplayed their opponents and ran out. winners by 7 goals to nil. R.W.F. v BRYMBO GREEN.-PIELyed at Wrexham Barracks on Saturday. The Pusiliers were out-classed, winning by five goals to. cne. -0. WELSH SENIOR CUP. —11 mi BRYMBO INSTITUTE V. OSWESTRY COMRADE& AN INCONCLUSIVE GAME. j I BRYMBO 2 GOALS. OSWESTRY 1 GOAL. (By X.Y.Z.) Players and spectators felt the sharp point of the iron tooth of Winter at Bi-ytnbo on Saturday, when the Welsh Cup tie between the Oswestry Comrades and Brymbo Institute was opened on a frost-bound ground with hard snow on the surface of the playing pitch. The game could not be concluded owing to a late kick-off, the fading light, of a typical November afternoon making it necessary to abandon the match after seventy-eight minutes' play. The, white mantle with which the ground w&s covered enabled the game to continue for a longer period than was originally anticipated, but the referee was compelled to stop play before- the expiry of the full ninety minutes ow- ling to the unsatisfactory conditions. It was a wise decision. The ground was very treacherous and scar- red limas were genetai long before the end. The Oawestrians were unable to turn out to time owing to a mishap at Wrexham where several of the players mossed a connection from the main-line train. Con- se-queittly thes.kick of! was delayed for close upon forty five minutes. It was a most unfortunate occurrence, m/i it will necessitate a second meeting of the clubs to decide which of the two may enter the second round of the competition- When the game was ,abandoned Brymbo were leading by two goals to one, but the result was by no means assured. After a [comparative failure in the opening half, the Comra-des became very itggressive, in the closing stage and cer- tainly deserved to be on terms with their oppooents- H. Hughes missing one golden opportunity of scoring .a. second goal for the Oswestrians after spirited play in the field. But it was a difficult day for football. The players .could not retain a sound foothold and ialis were J'requent and not free from real danger to limb, This, prevented a number of forwards from 1 taking the risks which are embraced with avidity under ordinary playing conditions and it would- be ,UuWr. to indulge in too much praise or blame in re- gard to the events of the, afternoon. Brymbo ^opened [.strongly and were the better side in the .first half. Admirably supported by Glyn Jones, who played re- markably well at centre-half, the Brymbo forwards scored twice. Both points wer eobtained by D. Jack- son, whose skill on the left wing was greatly admired by the spectators. Excellent work was done by the. extreme wing men, particularly by J. E. Evans on the right, but D. Jackson was always a source of anxiety to the visiting defenders. T. Jones made one capital etfort to kcc)re a third point- for Brymbo, but the Oswestry custodian saved his lines in excellent style. Bsrly in the game the Comrades were robbed- of one goal by Dame Fortune. The attack began 011 the, right and the. inside forward cleverly back-heeled for t.he visiting centre-forward to race through. He shot away from Matthias, but the ball struck the goal- post and cannoned away out of danger. Oswestry improved out of all recognition after the interval. Effective work in the middle line, partic- ularly by the, right half. led to a series of attacks on the Brymbo goal, -which deserved success. Barry Hughes, who has a nice turn of speed, made several individual efforts to thread his way through to the goal, but he was thwarted every tlme-sav..eonce when he saw an open goal in front but was unable to direct the ball in the net. It was a capital ehance, but Hughes missed the target altogether! The one goal secured by the Comrades was scored from inside right by a forward who would probably play very effectively on another day without the handicaps of ice and snow under foot. Baborts kept < s&Ee $<?1 for the ComMdee aa? owe ? or twice in ths first half displayed good judgment in dispoansj of the ball when hard pressed. Watkins playeo a cool game and his partner displayed pluck and grit. Limdop is a very capable half back, and was the belit man in the eleven during the first half. Subsequently Frost, the right half-back, came into the picture every other minute and was a most effec- tive middleman. Of the forwards Hughes was the most persistent of the five players. I understand the Comrades were unable to field their full team ow- ing to registration difficulties. The scratch team, however, did remairkably well. For Brymbo, J. Davits and Glyn Jones shone in defence, B. Hughes, the Wrexham half-back, came in- to the team in place of Morris (a useful right half now on the injured list). Hughes played quite a use.- "til game. Forward, D. Jackson and Evans were the pick but Lloyd danced on the ice at a merry pace and the visiting defenders often found his penchant for pirouettes exceedingly troublesome. The pity is that, like so many local players, he does not appear to have the physical advantages which count for so much on the field of football. It should be recorded that the match was admirably controlled by )1r, T. E. Jones of Wrexham- Teams:— Oswestry Comrades: H. Roberts; Rd. Jones, Wat- kins; Frost, Lindop, Robt. Jones; F. Jones, L. Jones, Eke, n. Hughes and W. Evans. Brymbo Institute: G. T. Matthias; J. Davies, D. Jones; B. Hughes, Glyn Jones, b]. Williams'; J." -E. Evans, J. Jackson. T. Jones, D. Jackson and G. Lloyd. RHOS V. ESCLUSHAM. | AN UNINTERESTING GAME. RHOS 5 GOALS. I ESCLtSHAM 1 GOAL. (.ey C.H.), Theie teams met on the Recreation Ground, Rhos, oa Saturday, before about 1,000 spectators. The ground was covered with a layer of hard sinow, mak- ing good football out of the question, and involving a fair amount of danger to the players. The match was regarded as a •' local Derby and the cherished ideals of both teams" supporters were somewhat dampened by the uninteresting game. It was obvious from the commencement that there was only one team in the picture—the homestets- who had opportuni- ties galore presented1 to them in the first half, but only managed to cross over with one goal to their credit, and it was not until the concluding ten min- utes that they improved their marksmanship and added four goat* in quick succession. The play grad- ually merged into a. contest between the homesters' forwards and the visiting defence, the latter covering j themselves with exceptional credit on their stubborn. work. Particularly was this to with the backs, who appeared on the scene from practically nowhere when the xiowtifall of their goal seeme-d inevitable, saving the situation in a skilful manner times innumerable, In view of the playing conditions it would be sheer folly to attempt to single out players for special mention; sufficient be it that each one played as well as could be expected on the slippery ground. THE PLAY. The visitors wen the toss, and elected' to play with the wind. Rhos forced the play in the first minute. ¡ o.th;ide spoiling a likely opening. From foul against Esclusham, Bickley shot int-o the goalie's bands. The visitors made a poor effort to take up the attack, but were frustrated. Some good combination on the Rhos right wing ended up in Griffiths shooting weak. A • series of corners fed! to the homesters from one of which W. Davies opened the score. Play became very tame with Rhos easity the better team, but oppor- i tunities were allowed to go abegging. J. Williams, on the Rhos left, experienced hard lines with a shot that topped the bar, the same player later heading over the net. The visitors transfcned the leather to the other end, P. LSoyd missing t nne chance of equalising by shooting wide of the mark with an open goal before him. At the other end the gpalit3 took the ball from the toe of Davies in the nick of time, and Powell gave a corner in attempting to clear. Rhos continued to have matters all their own way some smart play by Bickley and Reg Jones re- sulting in the goalie being beaten but W. Williams, at left back miraculously saved the goal by falling tack and kicking clear. Balf-time arrived with the score 1.0 in favour of the homesters. Upon resuming, the homesters attacked to det-er- mined fashion, the oppo&ing goal narrowly escaping ,do,A,nf,tll. The game assumed a one-sided character, it-he homestersdominatillg, and it was only due to thesttrlmg defence of the backs asti halves that the score remained unaltered until the last ten min- utes of the game. Esclusham made a spasmodic attack on the homesters' goal which resulted in Peter Lloyd equalising. This spurred the homesters to alter their marksmanship to avoid a draw, and Bickley addEd two goals in quick succession. Davies shot- in from the left, and Loden headed through his own goal in a good endeavour to clear. Bickley was very prominent, increasing the score to five before the final whistle blew. Teams:— Rhos: Morgan; D. Jones, "T. Itughes; R. Davies, E. Williams, J. Davies: J. Williams, R. Jones, Bickley, W. Davies and P. Orlitths. Esclusham: G, Griffiths; W. Loden, W. Williams; S. Morgan, R. Dodd, W. Davies; P. Llold it. Morris, T. Powell, R. Lloyd, and J. Morris. Referee: Mr. H. Hughes, Rhosrobin. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. First Round. POWELUS ATHLETIC VERSUS RHOSYMEDRE. ¡ RH03YMEDRE 2 GOALS. POWELL'S ATHLETIC 1 GOAL. Played on Wrexham Racecourse on Saturday. The Athletic were aggressive in the first minute with a run down the centre. Williams endeavoured to liead away but misjudged the flight of the ball and the downfall of tlte visitors' goal seemed imminent when Roberts came &o the rescue, by placing the ball be- hind'. The corner kick failied to fructify and Richards was placed in possession. Tripping along the iifle at a fast pace the Rhosymedre winger outwitted T. G. Evans and w-orkedohis way to the goalmouth. A melee ensued, during which Richards found the net. Subsequent exchanges went in favour of the Athletic, Forkin failing to score when favourably placed by Emlyn. Hughes who had made a capital run from mid- field. Wallace Jones and Edwards took the ball to the opposite end where H. Arthur received. The latter was nicely placed for scoring' when he was brought down in the penalty area. The kick was entrusted to T. Jones, who shot straight at Evans, the ball cannoning off his leg. Pressure was than brought to bear on the Rhosymedre goal, both the Wrexham insidw w,ingtrs be,ing, given opportunities tt)- selore, but the slippery nature of the ground prevented ac- curate shooting. At the opposite end Richards failed to take advantage of a mis-kick by one of the home defenders, the ball going high over the bar. Follow- ing a spell of desultory play the Athletic on leVel terms, J. Davies scoring with a high shot after 26 minutes' play. Emlyn Hughes was very conspicuous by initiating a number of attacks on the visitors' goal. An accurate shot by his player was, fortunately for the visitors, placed behind by Niijholls. The result- ant coraer was not improved upon. A movement along the centre of the field1 brought the, ball into the home territory, and Arthur, racing in between the backs, was left with only* Evans to beat. The custod- ian came out- to meet the Rhcsymedre forward, but had the mortification of seeing Arthur shoot into the .net wife a clinking ground shot. From now to the interval Rhosymedre pressed vigorously, the home custodian saving a warm shot from Percy jonesplbo had eluded both backs. Half-time: Rhosymedre 2; .1 Powell's Athletic 1. The second moiety opened with a hot attack by the visitors, Evans effecting a great save from Rich- ards. Maintaining the pressure, Rhosymedre were given an opportunity of increasing the lead but Arthur I slipped at th? exuir.W moment. DMiB? the atiaok | on Powell's goal the referee failed to notice a pal. pable case 01 hands in the penalty are* and shortly afterwards Williams at the opposite end should have been penalised for. a out on Hughes in the pre- scribed area. The tome lorwards troubled the vis- itors' defence considerately, the backs repeatedly holding out signals of distress, and it was fortunate for them that M. Roberts. Walter Jones and Nicholls were in such capital form at half back, the latter pecially playing a sound game. After Percy Jones i placed over the bar, J. Jones had an opportunity equalising, but shot past the far post. Charleston piayed an excellent game at this juncture and he had a formidattle opponent to meet in Charlie Ed- wards who was ever on the alert for an opening. The home goal had a marvellous escape from a shot by Percy Jcnes. The visiting centre tricked the backa and shooting on the run drove the ball at a terrific pace against the foot of the post. Evans showed un- mistakable signs of relief when he saw the ball rebound .ato play, With the exception of an occasional breakaway the closing stages were in favour of the visitors but they failed to improve their account chiefly owing to the sound defence of Charleston, who iwas ably supported by B. Lloyd. Tems:- Powell's Athletic: J. Evans; T. Charleston, T. G.. Evans; O. Williams, B. Lloyd, W. Forkin; Emlyn Hughes, J. Jones, J. T. Salisbury, J. Davies and H. Blackwell. Rhosymedre: E. Jones; R. Williams, T. Jones, T. Kicholls, Walter Jones; M. ROOerts, W. Richards, H. Arthur, Percy Jones, Charlie Edwards aad W¡J. lace Jones. I Referee: Mr. Joel Hewitt, Shotton. JOTTINGS FROM THE WELSH BORDER AND ELSEWHERE. I I Churtoo have withdrawn from the Soames' Cup. In the Soames' Cup competition Powell's defeated '¡ Rhostylien on Armistice- Day by ? goals to 1. Frost and now made football difficult jn, most dis- tricts on Saturday last, and in several parts of the country referees were compelled to postpone matches. I Rhyl have withdrawn from the second division of the North Wales Alliance. It is to be hoped that their fixtures will be taken over by another dub. Rhosymedre F.C. have got together a strong eleven, including a left back and a centre-half of distinct promise Sixty thousand people saw West Bromwich Albion defeat Aston Villa at Villa Park, by 4-2 -on Saturday. Five da-ys previously the Albion had been beaten by the Villa at the Hawthorns. The North Wales Alliance, will have to take firm action with referees who have failed, to fulfil their engagements. Quite a number of matches have beea nullified by the absence of the appointed- official. Connah's Quay F.C. recently visited Acrefair in the North Wales Alliance. The "!ub have decided to lay a complaint to the authorities against the conduct of a iection of the spectators and against the referee who had charge of tbemtch. At a meeting held at Derby last week, repfesenta. tives of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Foot- ball Associations. Mr. J.' C. Clegg presiding, it was resolved to send delegates to the proposed Paris con. ference with instruction to support, resoiutions of the English Association dec-lining to join any federation to Which clubs belonging to the late enemy countries i are admitted to membership. Garden Village and Brymbo Green meeting in the Soames' Cup to-day (Wednesday).

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