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,< FOOTBALL. BIRMINGHAM AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. a WREXHAM AT WORCESTER. WORCESTER 2 GOALS. I WRSX.HA "NT i.. 1 GOAL. (By F.G.D.) This match was looked forward to with much inter- lest. Wrexham are always welcome visitors to .Worcester and they took with them on this occasion a atrong side. Worcester have been badly in want of a Centre-forward and they' tried a young fellow, R. C. Rogers, who has played for the Corinthians, end a new goalkeeper in Campbell from a junior team in the county. Teams:- Worcester: Campbell; Cook and Stockley; Michael, Crabtree and Webb; Tongue, Goldie, Rogers, Lamb and Trehearne. Wrexham: Boxley; T. Jones and Llew Davies: Mat- Stfeias, E. D. Roberts and Griffiths; Lewis, Goode, B. Jones, Edwards and F. Roberts. iReferee; Mr F. G. Bryan, Willenhall. Wrexham opened the attack but iin rather half- hearted fashion. The forwards passed; well, but they did not seem to have the measure of the Worcester defence, and it was not long before the Worcester men' wers having the best of the play. Boxley was compelled to do fine work in goal. At one point he saved twice in succession when the chances seamed against him. Worcester tried hard to get openings but the opposing defence seldom permitted them to have an opportunity—certainly the Worcester for- wards had to work very hard to get in a shot and When they did they found. Boxley alert. Wrexham's efforts for the greater part of this half were in the oature of breakaways. Once the Tight wing got away in clever fashion, but Webb spoiled their effort just In the nick of time. Tongue, the Worcester outside fight, gave a lot of trouble, but he was c.osely Watched by Griffiths or he might have done serous damage. On one occasion Worcester made a capital attack which seemed certain of success. They forced a corner which was well put in by Tongue. For a time the ball was banged about in front of the goal, and at last Tongue got possession and thought iie bad a opening, but Boxley was on the look out and saved finely. At half-time no goal had been scored largely because of the sterling play of the Wrexham backs. In the second half the game started indifferently Until, about ten minutes from the re-eommencjEicnt, F. Roberts made a brilliant run. He r,,xced, l,ast the halves and beat Cook and though all his comrades in the forward line were abreast of him he retained the ball and, running into the centre, banged it into the net. Campbell looked helplessly at him; it was no use attempting to stop the ball. After this success Wrex- iiain played in much better fashion. If they bad adopted these tactics earlier they would have given Worcester a whacking. The forward work was most effective, though the Worcester defence played hard. .Worcester had a rare stroke of luck. Rogers made a creditable run and passed to Lamb. He was clearly offside, but be put the ball into the net and the referee allowed a goal. Then the pace of the game became very fast. Both teams put forth all their efforts, and for 20 minutes it can truthfully be said that Wrexham were the better side. The passing of the forwards was excellent. But they could not appar- ently keep it up. Trevor Davies committed a grave blunder by fouling within the penalty area. and Goldie bad no difficulty in scoring from the- free kick. After this Worcester became more aggressive and for the rest of the match they had the best of matters. Once B. Jones sent a fast shot which grazed the bar, and on another occasion CampbeU saved when a goal for jWrexham semed inevitable. At the other end Box'iev Bared in equally difficult circumstances. The final score was Worcester 2; Wrexham 1. The Wrexham forwards played excellent football When they got into trim, but in the first halfthey were well held in check by the opposing defence. F. Rob- erts was most conspicuous,' notably because of his splendid run. He was several times a handful for jWorcester's clever right back, Cook. Lewis and ..Goode worked well together, but gave one the im- pression that they were not equally matched. This ,was most apparent in the second half when Goode was ■toot quick enough; B. Jones led his men well. In the half-back line, E. D. Roberts was the shining light. Be did a lot of strenuous work—sometimes it border- ed on the brilliant. Matthias, too, was a sound half, and Griffiths showed resource in dealing with Tongue, though he was several times outwitted. T. Jones and Llew Da-vies played as sound a game at back as one could wish for. But for their fine work in the early part of the game Wrexham would have been badly beaten. Of Boxley, in goal, no praise is too high. He saved shots when the prospect was hope- less. His defence in the later stages of the second ILilf was admirable. On the Worcester side, the new centre did not prove a great success. He was rather slow in getting the ball away. All his comrades did well, Tongue being specially effective. The half-back line pToved as usual equal to that of any club the City have yet met. Cook plaY'" a sterling game at back, and the fresh goalkeeper covered himself with credit. The attend- ance was 3,000. ■ NORTH WALES ALLIANCE. DIVISION I. CONNAHS QUAY V. CHIRK. CHIRK'S WINNING CAREER CHECKED. C, O.N ,N A HSIQUAY 2 GOALS. 11 CHIRK.n 1 GOAL. (By C.H.) A large crowd assembled at Connah's Quay on Sat- urday to witness the Alliance fixture with Chirk, whoso previous record showed they had had no points registered against them previous to visiting Connah's Quay.' The match was therefore regarded with exceptional interest, Connah's Quay also having Jfeeo carrying all before them recently. The specta. tors were in no way disappointed for the game was iull of thrilling Incidents and played in ideal cup-tie, fashion, which reminded one of the fiercely-contested pre-war Welsh cup ties which have been dec.ded on the Half-Way football ground. The Quay team never doubting but what, thef would win, realised that they were up against a strong combination, and put forth their best work. The Colliers, however, were bent on securing at least one point, and it was more ifl-luck than bad play which lost them the game. A penalty goal decided the fate of the visitors, but it must be admitted that the referee's decision was a doubtful one, and notwithstanding the appeals of their lines- man and captain the kick was awarded. From my point of vantage one of the Quay's forwards was un- mistakably offside before the visitor's centre-half hand- led, and I was certainly surprised at the verdict. The game was qot free from fouls on either side, but the visitors were the most prominent in Infringing the rule, an in the second half Ingham was ordered off, his services being at once missed. Had he been al- lowed to'ccntinuo the, game might have been a drawn one. A feature of the match was the complete under- standing oi Hoth sets of forwards, and their superb passing. Williams, the Chirk custodian, cultivates the risky habit of leaving his goal. and on one occa- sion O. Oonde, the right back, saved what must have been a certain goal by falling back on to the goal-line and ktcJcKa- ois»r. Otherwise Williams is a capital goalkeeper, some of his saves appearing miraculous. THE GAME. The kick-off was 30 minutes behind time owing to the late arrival of Chirk. The homesters won the toss and elected to play against the slight incl ine. iCMrk immediately settled into their stride and were toon raiding the Quay. MtA the ball eventually, being am :ai tjae Qua, put outside. A foul against the homesters caused some anxiety, the goal undergoing a narrow escape. The Qua:] broke away, Hawks shooting wide. Two fouls jr. quick succession were given against Chirk, the Quay expei-seirxjing hard lines when A. Hewitt headed over the bar when ;ni.L placed. The colliers assumed the aggressive, offside spoiling a good opportunity aiter somci piatxy pit.?. From the tick, Lomax raced away on the left wing suid shot wide. The visitors made a sweeping move towards goal, the home backs breaking u.) the attack and sending the leather into mid-field only to be returned sky high over the bar. A determined attack on the Chirk goal was led by A. Hewitt, but offside relieved the pressure. Ingham, securing the ball, raced away, but instead of shoot- ing, passed out to Roberts on the left wing, who could only hit the side of the net. For the Quay, Lomax was again conspicuous with a neat run, but centred too square alter eluding the back. From a corner kick the Chirk custodian made a remarkable save, but was beaten shortly after by Hughes with a low shot. Two fouls against Chirk proved futile. Ingham, pouncing on the ball, transferred the play, conceding a corner, which was cleared with difficulty. The visitors attacked strongly, a lightning shot skiniming the bar. Although dominating the plzty, the colliers were unable to sccre on account of their weak shoot- ing. The Quay woke up, some lovely combination en- suing, with Lomax striking the side of the net at the Huish. Hands against Chirk just outside the penalty area caused some excitement, but the defence cleared. Ingman got going in fine style, the Quay goalie hav- ing to handle. Half-time arrived with Chirk pressing, the .score being: Connah's Quay 1; Chirk 0. The opening exchanges of the second half were equal for a time. From a foul throw against Chirk the Quay forwards came down with a rush, and play was concentrated upon the visitors' goal. During the melee it seemed as though the Quay inside left was offside when Ingman handled the ball in the penalty area, but the referee, failing to notice it, awarded the penalty kick, much to the delight of the crowd, appeals from the Chirk officials for offside being in vain. C. Hewitt was entrusted with the kick and beat Williams with a rising shot which entered the corner of the net. Smarting under a second goal against them, the colliers played with renewed effort, Butler, Hulse and Roberts earning the applause of the crowd with their footwork. Play became fast and furious, with fouls against both sides. The homesters pressed, but Potts, who had played brilliantly all through, cleared. Chirk took up the attack, and a combined movement placed the, Quay goal in danger, and after having the mortification of seeing some scoring shots charged down, T. Roberts notched their first point. From the centre Chirk pressed incessantly, and had the goal at their mercy, but the leather was either sent out or placed over the bar. 'the Quay broke through, Hughes hitting the side of the net with a great shot. Both sides strove for the mastery, but there was little to choose. Lomax, on the wing, made a brilliant run, the visiting goalie clearing smart- ly. A corner fell to the Quay, offside relieving the position. Chirk retaliated, Roberts shooting high when well placed. The Quay forwards now made a grand attempt to augment their score, the colliers' goal being bombarded for some little time, but excep- tionally good work by the goalie and the right back saved the situation. This was one of the most thril- ling incidents of the match, it being wonderful hew Williams averted disaster. Shortly afterwards the visiting goalie left the sticks, but failed to clear, and it was owing to the foresight of C. Conde in falling back the ball did not pass over the line. The Quay began to assert themselves, but Williams was safe in goal. Midfleld play followed, and during some dribbling Ingman fouled a Quay forward, for which he was oraere,d off the field. Chirk made a good rally and were intent on equalising, T. Roberts shoe- ing wide with an open goal before him. Shortly after the 'Colliers had a splendid opportunity of equal- ising, but offside spoilt the position. Both goals were visited in turn, the respective, defences prevailing, and an exceptionally good game ended. Teams:— Connah's Quay; Atherton; Lumbug, Cooper; Hewitt, E. Jones, T. Lumbug; Hughes, Edwards, A. Hewitt, J. Hawks and Lomax. Chirk: Williams; C. Conde, N. Conde; Potts, Ing- man, J. Jones; Butler, Hulse, E. Roberts, J. Hughes, and T. Roberts. Referee: Mr. Macfarlane. RHOS V. LLAY HALL. RHOS. 4 GOALS. LLAY HALL NIL. (By J.H.W.) Played in ideal weather at Rhos on Saturday, befo-e about 1,000 spectators. The players laboured under a great disadvantage owing to the bad state of the ground,* the grass being very long, and the surface most uneven. Ground passes were almost at a pre- mium. The opposition provided by Llay Hall was very feeble, and Rhos had matters practically all their'own way, the result might easily have been much more in their favour if there had been more concerted action, j more decision aud better marksmanship in front cf j goal. Most cf their attacks fizzled out. Features I of the first half, during which Rhos were much troubled by the sun 'n their eyes, were as follows:—W. Davies scored first goal from a forward pass by Reg Jones after 20 minutes' play; a splendid screw centre by ¡ Reg Jones off the line which should have been im- proved upon; an attempt by Bickley to beat the Llay Hail team off his own bat which, as always happens, was eventually frustrated. Llay Hall were only once dangerous during the, first half when a shot by E. Williams was cleverly stopped by Morgan at the ex- pense of a, corner. Just before half-time the game was stopped for some minutes owing to an injury to Reg Jones. Half-time: Rhos 1; liiy Hall 0. During the interval selections were given by Rhos Silver Band, which were much enjoyed. The second half consisted of almost incessant at- tacks on the Llay Hall goal, and three goals were scored. The second and third were from splendid shot by Nadin from outside right position, but, in my opinion both should have been saved. The fourth goal was from a penalty, for a foul on Reg Jones by Crompton. Jones took the .kick himself and easily scored. There was very little evidence of outstanding ability in either side. The Rhos backs, after an unsteady beginning did all that was required of them, but they had free kicks practicaJîf all through the game; E. Williams was the best of the half-backs; Bickley will be of much more value to his side when he keeps him- self in check a little, he is far too wild, and shoots the ball far too much. A half-back's chief duty is to prov-de his forwards with ground passes, but of course, this is very difficult on the Rhos playing pitch which should be improved. Of the. forwards Reg Jones is in a class by himself, and was far and away the best forward on the field. Some of his work was distinctly good. The rest of the forwards were occupied most of the time on chasing an imagin- ary ball, and were continually beating themselves. Nadm scored two fine goals, but did little el'se. Llay Hall were vexy lucky ia not experiencing a heavier defeat. The left back and right half were their best players. The goalkeeper appeared nervous and should have saved two of the goals. Teams :— Rhos: C. Morgan; R. Davies, Jones; Bickley, E. William?, J. Davies; Nadin, Reg Jones, W. Davies, D. Jones and Griffiths. I Llay Hall: Enoch Jones, Crompton, A. Rogers; I Penry Evans, Wynne, E. Williams; J. Williams, W. A. I Williams, E. Williams, W. Jes, Garston. ltefereeMr. H. Hughes, Rhosrobin. I DENBIGHSHIRE AND FLINTSHIRE CHARITY FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. DRAW FOR THE SO AMES' CUP. A meeting of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Charity Association was held at Wrexham under the chairmanship of Mr. D. Harding Griffiths, on Thursday. I The entries for the cup competition created a record, and the great enthusiasm shown by both clubs and ¡ officials should go far is making this season, both in a playing and financial sense, a huge success. The draw resulted m foitowsJohnstown t, 39pe Untttd, RhostyHen Jun. v. Powell's Athletic, Elsclusham W.S. v. Stan sty, Bradley Y. Llay Rangers, Caergwrle v. Acrefair, Gresford v. Gwersyllt, Garden Village v. Brymbo Institute Res., Rhos v. Penycae, Rhosrobin v. Bryrito Institute, duabon Y. Brymbo Green, Chirk i v. Churton, Rhosnessney So. v. Pontblydden St. Mary. Byes: Connah's Quay, Trydden Lodge, Ruthin, Rhos- ymedre. To be piayk-d on or before Nov. 29th. WELSH AMATEUR CUP, I POWELL'S ATHLETIC V. OSWESTRY COMRADES. POWELL'S ATHLETIC 3; OSWESTRY COMRADES 0. Played on Wrexham Racecoure on Saturday in the 2nd round oi the We'lsb Amateur Cup, before a large attendance. Powell's captain won the toss and selected to kick towards the, town goal. The home team opened strongly, and early in the game were awarded a penalty which -^as successfully taken by Emlyn Hughfts. The home team, irispired by their early success, pressed the visitors for some time but could not increase, their lead. The visitors' left wing then got going and transferre.d play to the home goal, &uu without Fucce&s. Powell's right wing took the pky to th* other end aad Hughes took three comers without success. End to end play was the order for the ";ext 1& minutes, but an attack by the home teams 'f--nded in the Oswestry goalkeeper saving a long drive from Blackweu. Several well-placed centres went a- begging through the home' forwards' inability to seize opportunities and at the interval the score stood: Powell's Athletic J; Oswestry Comrades 0 The second half opened at a slow pace, neither side having any advantage, but an attack by the visitors' left gave them a penalty kick, in taking which some of the Oswestry forwards overstepped' the line and the referee rightly ordered the retaking of the kick which was this ttoe put outside. Inspired, by this let off the home side made an attack on the visitors' goal .and J. Davies scored from a centre by E. Hughes. The visitors' defence then resorted to the one-back tactics and this led to Jones breaking through and finishing a fine run with a well-deserved goal. An unfortunate incident marred the second half. The Oswestry left wing man being accidentally hurt and 'I having to be carried oil the field. No further scoring was done, homo side running out victors by three goals to nil. > I VHON V. RHOSYMEDRR. II I IJT03YMEDRE 4; VRON 0. I Played at. Vron on Saturday before a moderate gate. Vroii- won the toss and had the sun at their backs. The home team was soon caught napping and Harold Arthur scored for the isitors. Stung by the quick- ness of Rhcsymedre, strong pressure was brought to bear by Vron but of ro avail. Offside against B. Nicholls transferred play and the first goal kick for Rhosymedre resulted in a corner .being forced by C. James, but Jones placed behind. Another corner kick oS Isaac Jones was placed tithinci. Rhosymedre now got away but play was stopped owing to I. Jones being injured and on play being resumed the visitors pressed hard. A corner was forced from the home left but the place kick was cleared. The visitors forced a comer but C. Edwards placed behind. The homesters now got going and good play by Harris and Owen was witnessed. Half-time: Rhosymedre 1; Vroa 0. On the game being resumed the visitors worked i hard and were met with stubborn resistance. A foul against Hughes placed the home goal in danger, but with an opar: goal C. Edwards placed over the bar. A penalty was awarded the home team but Maurice Hughes placed over the bar. This quickly livened matters up and the ball was taken by the visitors' left and C. Eldwards placed the ball in the net, leaving the goalkeeper helpless. This woke up the visitors who had seemed to take things a little easy and J. Wright again scored. Pressure was brought to bear on the home go.al and end to end plav followed but' the visitors had the advantage. The homesters now pressed but the ball was taken into the home goal and Harold Arthur scored. From the place the home team got away, but could not make any impression on the visitors' defence. Final: Rhosymedre 4; Vron 0. Teams:— Vron: E. Hughes; H. Gwilliam, G. Williams, Maurice Hughes, H. Gough, Tom Lee; C. H. James, Ernest Jones, A. Edwards, T. Harris, J. Owen. Rhosymedre: Mark Humphreys; R. Williams, T. Jones; Is,aae Tones, Walter Jones, T. Nicholls; Bert Nicholls, Harold Arthur, J. Wright, Chas. Edwards, and Richard Davies Referee: Mr. Walter Pritchard, Whittington. ACREFAIR V, RtJABON. ACREFAIR 4; RUABON. 3. Played at Acrefair en Saturday before a good gate. AorefaiT won the toes and played with the sun. Ruabon brought a good team and in 10 minutes Chas. Daniels scored for the visitors. Acrefair asserted themselves and a fine hot from B. Butterton was splendidly saved by the visitors' goalkeeper, resulting In a corner for Acrefair, which proved fruitless. The I'. ball was passed quickly up the field and even play followed. A coiner kick for Ruabon was saved by the home goalkeeper and the ball was. quickly passed across to Hayward who, however, failed to .take the advantage. The home team was awarded their first goal with a fine shot, from D. Lloyd, centre- forward., Acrefair, thus encouraged, pressed, and was at the mouth of the visitors' goal for some time without sue- cess the ball being sent up the, field by W. Roberts, I full back, who all through the game gave a fine ex- hibition of his work and was repeatedly applauded for  his fine, shots. Acrefair, still working hard, passed the ball do,m the field with rapidity and after a strong defence' by Ruabon S. Vaughan scored tbel second for the home team. For some time the ball remained in the centre but ,eventually Ruabon. tripped away and got in front of the home goal when a wild shot from Edwards lost to Ruabon wbat was a fine chance to score. Half-time: Acrefair 2; Ruabon 1. Resuming play, and within two minutes, Ruabon equalised by a fine shot from Taylor and from now on- wards some smart passing by Ruabon was witnessed, but Acrefair asserted themselves and melee in the visitors' goal resulted in Clutton scoring a third for Acrefair from a nice pass by Butterton. Both teams pressed very hard, the game being fast for some time when D. Lloyd added four for the home team and within two minutes Ruabon scored a thifd from a fine shot by Edgar Roberts. Teams:- Ruabon: Cadwalader Jones; Wm. Roberts, A. Bailiff; J. Williams, Fred Matthews, R. Haycock; Edgar Ed- wards, Chas. Daniels, Lloyd Shenton, Alec Leichman, Tom Taylor. Acrefair: C. Williams; J. 0. Roberts, R. F. Evans; S. Evans, W. Hayward, Reggie Mates; T. E. Jones, J. Clutton, D. Lloyd, B. Butterton, S. Vaughan. Referee: Mr. Charles Roberts, Chirk. Preliminary Round. I Cwm 1; Rhiwderin 0. Newport Barbarians 2; nysddu 6. Caftrau 4; Milford 0. Aberdare 4; Brecon 1. Treharrs 1; Waen Llwyd 0. < Conway 3; Holyhead 2. Bradley 3; RhosTobin o. ] Division 1. Bangor Comrades 1; Bangor Railway I Denbigh 8; Ruthin 0. Colwyn Bay 5; Llanrwst 1. Division 3. Llandrindod 2; Builth 1. Newtown$; Llahfyllin 0. Welshpool 6; Caersws 1. Division. 4. Acrefair 4; Ruabon 8. Powell's Athletic 3; Oswestry 0. Rhostylien 1; Esclusham 2. Vroo 0; Rhosymedre 4. Di vîsioo ó. Garden Village 0; Brymbo Green 4. J Gresford 4; Rhosnessney 2. t! $ ¡ :£U¡,Q.IA 0.. .2/ Llay Rangers 0; Ewloe 6. Connah's Quay 4; Caergwrle 2. WELSH SENIOR CUP. Ton Pentre j.; i. Barry 4; Cardiff Harlequins 0 OTHER MATCHE. Llay Rangers 5; Churton 1. IN etrth Wales Football Alliance. I IXTEKetON OF THE LEAGUE. I A specia. meeting or the :North Wales FootbaU Alliance was &sia at the Hotel, Wrexham, on Wednesday night to consider the question of the ex- tension of the seeocd division of the Alliance. Mr. Arthur Thomas (president) was in the chair aod there was a larga attendance of club representatives and members of the executive. Applications for member- ship ot the AlliaSioe were received from Hepe United, Trydayn, Buckley Athletic, islaotton, Bradley, Caer. gwrle Reserve, Penyfforcid, Johnstown and Buckley Reserve. After a ballot, the following clubs were elected member? of Division as the Alliance:—Hope I United, Oaergwrle Res., Penytfordd, Bradley and Johnstown. The first fixtures with the new clubs are on October 25. ENGLISH CUP. I WREXHAM v. CREWEL J The Wrexhan. F-C tedll to meet Crewe Alexandra in the English Cup next Saturday is not yet deSBitely I settled. Negotiations with Simpson (Tranmere Rovers I and BverxorO had not been completed two days ago; I Jaraine i- ?ot yet ir? nom ilitary service; Noel I Edwards is on the injured iizt; and S. Lewis is not quite fit owing to ankle trouble. In all probability a I change will be made in the centre-forward position. I The team wU ba selected from Boxley, T. Jones, Ll. Davies,- Matthias, E, D. Roberts, Griffiths, Jardlae^ S. Lewis, Goode, Owen, Edwaras, and F. Roberts- I ii».

I Leagues Table and Results.

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