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SPORTING. Border Counties Otter Hounds. After meeting at Llansantffraid on Tues- day, May 10th, hounds were put to water above the big pool on the Vyrnwy, they were at once away on a hot drag which died out below Pont Ysgawryd. Drawing on abovq the bridge, hounds were soon busy with a! fresh drag in the marshy ground by the Mill pool. One old hound and a brace of terriers j marked in some brushwood on the opposite side of the river, and eventually put their otter down, a fast fifty minutes' swim enduing. j Driving their otter over the weir, hounds bustled her about the lower pool; trying to get up the weir again she got into it. The terriers gave her no rest, and hounds speedily had their reward-an old bitch of 17 lbs. The meet on Saturday, May 24th, was Meifod. The Master drew up stream to New Bridge and oa up the Vyrnwy nearly to Pont- robert without a touch. Coming back, hounds were taken up the Banwy, and soon picked up an improving drag till they came to a solid mark in Eithinog pool. Their otter was soon away, but hung in every root and bush in the pool till at the end of three hours and a quar- ter the terriers bolted her into the mill leat and hounds caught her entering the river, a 15 lbs. bitch. Among those out were Mr. and I Miss E. Perrott, Capt. and Mrs. Glyn, the Misses Verdon, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Thorney- croft, Misses Dennis, Lieut.-Colonel D. Leslie, Messrs. Rodewald. Vosper, and many others. In eleven days' hunting hounds have killed foyr bj/ace of otters. Only a small but enthusiastic field met the Master at Lianfair Caereinion on Monday, A start was made above the town and the Banwv drawn up stream. Just below the Jungle hounds hit on a drag, which they carried. on to a bend of the river opposite the Jungle"; here they were very keen, and kept going down stream with wash. Eventu- ally, an old bed was dug out and the patch taken on up stream, hunting a patchy drag to just below Llanerfyl bridge, where they went away vith a great cry under the bridge to mark in the bottom end of the pool above. The terriers soon bolted* her. After a short swim she landed and ran the length of the gorse and back before regaining the river, where a couple of hounds shook her. Getting away she hung in some roots before going away dowa stream, where, landing again, hounds nailed her-a bitch otter of 13 lbs. Hounds again drew up stream, and. at once I had an. otter on the swim out of the same holt as the first. He soon went down the river, and at the end of seventeen minutes hounds caught him, a dog of 13 lbs. The river was on the low side, but hounds had worked. well I on a poor drag all day. Hounds have now been out on twelve days and accounted for five brace of otters. I A.W. FOOTBALL. I JOTTINGS FROM THE I BORDER. (By X.Y.Z.) I The playing season is over and for the next four months football players and club officials along the Welsh border will bo quietly preparing for a general resumption (f the national game. Inhere can be no doubt that the demand tor football is as brisk as of yore. The game has been fostered by the army authorities and the attendance at the matches ar- ranged since Armistice Day has surprised everyone. Even in districts like Nortn Wales, where the game has been practically susietded for- three years, large sums have been raised ffr charity this year, and the recent exhibition game- for the War Memorial In- armary at Wrexham yielded a net profit of £ 75, I have been asked by representatives of the Welsh F.A. to call the attention of affiliated clubs and players and the officials of sanctioned competitions that we are now in the close season. In a number of cases games are still being played and whilst the authorities do not desire to take harsh measures, the proper control and management of the game must now be resumed and the rules as to play must be observed. Unless the rules are kept it will be im- possible to secure the good government of foqtball to which we were accustomed before the war. Rules and regulations cannot now be disregarded and clubs and players who desire to take* part in registered competitions next season 'will be well advised to take this frieno-y waruiiig. If reports are sent in to the' Council of the F.A. W., suspensions are bound to fol- low, and we should all liki> to be free from such troubles when the season opens at the end of August. Clubs are reminded that entries for the Welsh Senior ana Aciateur Cups must be sent to the Secret tary, Mr. T. Robbins, High Street, Wrexham, by September 1st. Clubs: should send in their applica- tions for membership of the Association without de- The Welsh F.A. have appointed area committees to examine and appoint referees for Ile*t season. All officials who tv,-ke been taking part iul regimental and charity football and who desire to be placed on the Welsh list, should serd in their names to the F.A.W. at the earliest possible date. Congratulations to Horace Blew, the old Welsh International full back, on his election as a council- lor for the town of his adoption. Blew, who is well known in commercial circles as a successful auction- eer and valuer, won his election by 12 votes, but one of the daily paper', announced his return by a major- ity of over 5,000 votes! Blew served the Wrexham club well for severa seasons. He figured in many Internationals for Wales and frequently went into, England to assist the League clubs. One of his most treasured wedal .is one presented to him by the Manchester United Clu' for the help he gave them during one difficult season In the history of the Old Trafford Club. Arrangements are well in hand for' next season's Birmingham and District League. The following clubs will take part in the competition.—West Brom- wich Albion, Birmingham, Stoke, Hednesford, Wolver- hampton, Coventry City, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Kid- derminister, Worcester, Wednesbury, Wellington, BrierJey iiill, Walsall, Willenhall, Stourbidge, NUll- eaton and Darlaston. It will be observed that the Villa, and Stafford have gone and- that Hednesford and Nuneaton have joined the League. Hednesford is a name which recalls memories of an exciting English cup-tie which took place there a few years ago when Horace Blew wore the Wrexham colours. The Welshmen won the tie, but they were certainly Fortune's favourites that day! The Shropshire clubs remain in the Birmingham League and, with Wrexham still in this competition, it should arouse great local interest next winter. It is to be hoped the clubs will be able to secure cap- able elevens during tliç summer add that the tegi- mental clubs will be able to supply a number of new xecruite* \j




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