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COATS,COSTUMES & FURS of latest design, in a. rich variety of kinds, and in eyery respect extremely good Value for die money, are exhibited In ythe Windows and Showroom Department.  ar Mii?iME?   .H.?   ?" N   Even the simplest of Ready-to-Wear Hats possess distinction and individuality if the Style is suited to the Wearer. The delightful Variety of New Hats of every Shape and kind on View in our Showrooms makes choosing a pleasure, and your visit of inspection is welcomed by Jonathan Davies«Son, COMMERCE HOUSE, I LLANGOLLEN, I J. JONES & SONS, LIMITED One of the Largest Furnilure Warehouses f in the Prov!Rceih m.?.r???.r. j • fETAilltllD 158? rUAIUftlilD 178 I ?. ?, ? ?.?.? ?   I ..?.? ?? ?.? .?.. ?  ?  I 'Beath Ru?s, Foreign Carpets, Tapestry Carpets, Mattings, Felts, 7-apestry stairs Furniture & Glass Axminster Equare, 17 & 19, CHURCH STREET, OSWESTRY. I PRACTICE ECONOMY | BY PURCHASING YOUR STATIONERY, LEATHER GOODS, j FOUNTAIN PENS, Fiction and other Books, At HUGH JONES S CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. THE PRICES AND QUAUTY ARE R?GHT. THE PRIES AND QUALITY ARE RIGHT. m ■ IHII IIHIIHII IIIII I —HMWWi LLANGOLLEN. I landHotel c, One of the best in North Wales,  A perfect rest from j ali stress of War.") Telephone No.7. I J. S. SHAW Resident Pxopristor) t ¡ I R. EVANS & SON, IRONMONGERS^ A-ND CYCLE AGENTS, FOR COAL SAVERS ■ ■ ■ I mi> ■ ECONOMISERS. OLD GRATES FITTED WITH BARLESS FRONTS, GENTS" CYCLES In Stock. 6AK- STREET. J LLANGOLLEN. WOODALL. MINSHAiL, THOMAS Co, ] f 20, CHURCH ST., if OSWESTRY. i; I > I The House for Commercial ;j. I Stationery. || I ACCOUNT BOOKS. f J LEDGERS, | f J \1i CASH BOOKS, 4to Foolscap, Demv. in Various Bindings. > DAY BOOKS, J EXERCISE BOORS, Ruled ft. and ft. and Cash. • < f MEMORANDUM „ „ „ „ „ nL" ?" in all Sizes. I < WALKER'S UNIVERSITY EXPERT MANUSCRIPT BOOK. 3 6 !| MY ATT LOOSE LEAF BOOKS, in 3 Sizes &Nd diBerent Bindij^gg^~ J; "j., 1/3. 1/6 lí9, 2; "NO ALL" FARM ACCOUNT BOOK, 8/6, j! contains Cash Account, Service Record, and a Diary [ > which can be started at any time. | LETTER BOOKS in 4to and Foolscap Sizes, > 250, 500 and 1,000 leaves. DUPLICATE LETTER BOOKS in Various Sizes.  TRIPLIC-ATE „ „ /? <! BeJow we give & few of our ]ea.din? liBes in Sb?ticnery:— j> HIERATICA, CHARTA BOMBYCINA, || Victoria -CROSS, H I !)A L E, CHANCERY PARCHMENT, GREAT SEAL. PARAMITE, CLUB. 1 HIERATTCA BOND NOTEPAPER AND ENVELOPE^ Also in Tablet Form and Compewliums. h WASTE PAPER BASKETS, jt: WICKER LETTER BAKETS. ] DEPOT FOR ]l J SWAN, ONOTO, WATERMAN, WHYTWARTH | fountain PENS. 20, Church St., Oswestry. | | 14, Regent St., Wrexham, ? i-">ift.n. m i> mi lit. Over 27.000 British Officers, have purchased vArmoured John Wbvtvrarths, Suggested by a British General this pen meets Army demands. ??,'mm t?wM? t?"ytH?j ?? ??r?? ??? a?w??, TmBh?? CShytwartfi^ .??W,?/??(? L??/? r?/e?L"? ?"?/ L?? l?ty??p-?????? ?/  '?d?????????' It can be rough handled. flo%, on (.Iemand. ????????????? ??? It positivelv caanot le&k, and it must Sow on demand. Call au d examine it at WOODALL, M IN SHALL,  ?''? THOMAS & CO, Oswestry, Agents. —aaa—a»miiiiw win111 w ibbmwww—w—bm—m——bwwm—wwMuMftii' mwra w The SHOP for Leather Goods, Fountain I Pens, Farm Account Books. f I t WOODALL, MINSHULL, THOMAS & Co., 20, Church Street, c'L t ree t OSWESTRY,