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Baseball at -Shrewsbury. I


Baseball at Shrewsbury. I —- WORK OF THE Y.M.C.A. i With the object of giving further flnanCill help to the local Hut Fund Week and to aid- J ing the work of the Shrewsbury Y.M.C.A., the Americans and Canadians gave a further 1 baseball match^n the G&YMewow on Thurs- day. The same local Committee with Mr. j William Toye, the hon. trea5urer as the guiding genius, promoted the event, the result | of which, together with donations received | was a considerable addition to the Fund. The 1 teams came in from Shawbury by motor | lorries, accompanied by Lieut. Lowry, captain | of the Canadians, Sergt. Singer (manager > f | the tour of these teams), and Lieut. rinlay, f the representative of the American Y.M.C.A. £ at the camp. At the railway station the band of the K.S.L.I, was present, by the kind rer- mission of Major Bundle, from the Depot, and 1 played the men to the Gay Meadow, after- wards giving some capital musical selections during the progress of the game. The ground was again kindly lent by the Shrewsbury Town Football Club, and the Chairman of the Club, Mr. Harry Jones, Councillor W. H. Holloway, and otheig- gave valuable assistance at the gate and on the ground Amongst those present were the Mayor (Aid. S. M. Morris) who threw the first ball, and I Mr. G. Butler Lloyd, M.P., and the Deputy- mayor (Aid. T. P. Deakin). The ground was in exoellent condition and the play was follow- ed with keen interest by the spectators, ragluv. of whom were old cricketers and were aston- ished by the splendid fielding and the mar- vellous catching shown by both sides. The result was that the Americans ran out winners bv 4 to S. I TEAMS ENTERTAINED. I Later, by the generosity of Messrs. Morris and Co., the teams and a number of visitors were entertained to a High Tea" at the Pride Hill Cafe of Messrs. Morris, and a cap- ital lot of cigars were given by Messrs. Single- ton and Cole.- The hon. treasurer of the fund, Mr. Toye, presided, supported by the Mayor and a number of American and Canadian ofifcers, members of the Town Council, etc. Mr. Toye, following the tea, expressed, amid applause, the hearty thanks of the gathering to Messrs. Morris and Co. for their generosity—repeated for the second time in connection with the entertaining of tnose teams, and he thanked the manageress (Miss Clarke) for the splendid arrangements made. He said it was a great pleasure to them in Shrewsbury to meet the young men from America and Canada, and said that they real- ised from what we had seen of the boys from across the water that they were the right ones to help us settle matters with the Germans. Referring to the work of the local Y.M.C.A., Mr. Toye said as a result of their recent efforts he had secured two billiard tables for the Claremont St. Rooms; beds for the sold- iers were provided and further beds would be set up in some premises adjoining that he Committee had secured. Mr. Toye, in con- clusion, said they were determined to do all they could to meet the needs of the brave soldiers while in Shrewsbury. He apologised for the absence of their President, Mr. Frank Bibby, Mr. Butler Lloyd, M.P., Mr. Phillipps, of' Berwick, and others, who had generously helped them in the work.—Sergt. Singer, who responded for the teams, said they had been in England now three months, and the hospit- ality extended to them was more than they ever dreamt of. In their recent tour as base- ball teams through Wales they had really been taken into the homes of the people and it was difficult for them from the States and Canada to express the gratitude they felt. (Applause). Sergt. Singer, at the invitation of his com- rades, having told an amusing trench story, the M&7or gave a hearty welcome to the team, and said while the American and Canadians were in and about Shrewsbury his fellow townspeople would do their best to make their visit a pleasurable one and one they would never forget. (Applause). Lieut. Finlay then, on behalf of the teams, presented to the Mayor the first ball thrown in the match that day, inscribed with details of the event, and emphasised what it was that the American Y.M.C.A. in conjunction with the Y.M.C.A. here was out to do at home and in the field for. the Forces. Mr. Gilbert Robertson responded for the local Y.M.C.A. and Mr. Henry Parker, the local hon. sec. of the Hut Fund Week in Shrewsbury, said he had received £ 1,900 and should not be satis- fied until he secured the £ 2,000.—Mr. Ernest Cole having acknowledged the expressions of gratitude to his firm for the cigars the meet- ing ended with cheers for the King and the American President.

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