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OOATS, OOSTU M ES & FURS ot latest design, in a rich variety of kinds, and in every respect extremely good Value for the money, are exhibited in the í Windows and Showroom Department. MILLINERY. „ Even the simplest of Ready-to- Wear Hats possess distinction and individuality if the Style is suited to the W earer. The delightful "Variety of New Hats of every Shape and kind on View in our Showrooms makes choosing a pleasure, and your visit of inspection, I is welcomed by < Jonathan Davies«Son, COMMERCE HOUSE, LLANGOLLEN. J. JONES & SONS, LIMITED One of the Largest Furnilure Warehouses n n in, the Provincesa, v ISTABLISBID 1787 Hearth Rugs" Foreign Carpets, Tapestry Carpets, Mattings, Felts, Tapestry Stl'. Furniture? Glass Axminstep Square, V  ??xninster Square, 17 & 19, CHURCH STREET, OSWESTRY. PRACTICE ECONOMY I BY PURCHASING .YOUR STATIONERY, LEATHER GOODS, FOUNTAIN PENS, Fiction and other Books, At HUGH jCFNES YS, CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. I THE PRICES AND QUALITY ARE RIGHT. LLANGOLLEN, HanlHotel One of the best in North Wales.* (96 A perfect rest from all stress of War.") Telephone No. 7. J. S. SH/W v Resident Proixietor, 1 1 111 '■ 1 ■kl. L R. EVANS & SON, IRONMONGERS! AND I CYCLE AGENTS, FOR COAL SAVERS AND ECONOMISERS. 1 I, I OLD' GRATES FITTED WITH. BARLESS FBOKTS. GENTS" CYCLES in Stock. OAK STREET, LLANGOLLEN. WOODALL, MINSHALL, THOMAS Co., f 20. CHURCH ST., || OSWESTRY. j i| The House for Commercial | Stationery. ACCOUNT BOOKS. !j !» LEDGERS, ;![ < CASH BOOKS, }? 4to Foolscap, Demy, in Various Bindings. 5 DAY BOOKS, ) J i| EXERCISE BOOKS, Ruled ft, and ft, and Cash, j' jji memorandum „ „ „ „ i > in all Sizes. <» WALKERS UNIVERSITY EXPERT MANUSCRIPT BOOK, 3 MYATT LOOSE LEAF BOOKS, in 3 Sizes and different Bindings, 11 1/ 1/3. 1/6 1/9. 2/ "NOALL" FARM ACCOUNT BOOK, 8/6 contains Cash Account, Service Record, and a Diary ji [ which can be started at any time, jj>. LETTER BOOKS in 4to and Foolscap Sizes, $" 11 250, 500 and 1.000 leaves. I DUPLICATE LETTER BOOKS in Various Sizes. X< TRIPLICATE „ j! Below we give a few of o.ur leading lines in Stationery jjr ([ HIERATICA, CHARTA BOMBYCINA, > VICTORIA CROSS, CHIPPENDALE, j i j CHANCERY PARCHMENT, GREAT SEAL. x h J PARAMITE, CLUB. Jl I HIERATICA BOND NOTEPAPER and ENVELOPES. j| | Also iu Tablet Form aud Compendiums. 5 WASTE PAPER BASKETS, j>" I WICKER LETTER BAKETS. • I DEPOT FOR h' SWAN, ONOTO, { -j! I | WATERMAN, WHYTWARTH j!. FOUNTAIN PENS. | | 20, Church St., Oswestry. ..i 14, Regent St., Wrexham, < -w -.or J Over 27,000 British Officers have purchased Armoured John Whvtwarths, Suggested by a British General this pen meets Army N demands. j pttf'jH' ?" jf ????StNSEp?  f L ?]E?sy ??? ftc?3 ?j? Ww  p ???,' ? ?y? Mtr3$9l J!N ofeientifie L?7??p ?/?/?L ?"?/. ??????????' It can be rough handled.. j ???????'? It positively cannot lea k and it must flow on deman d i Call and examine it at WOODALL, MINSHALL, j S r" THOMAS & CO Oswestry, Agents. The SHOP for "j Leather Goods, j ■ j, Fountain Pens, Farm Account Books. WOODALL, MINSHALL THOMAS & Co., 20, ehurch Street, OSWESTRY.