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CARNARVON. ,?'LOUR iii Coltoit SNOW DON FLAKE FLOUR in Cotton TJas. Present priccs: 3i (bs., l()d i 7 lbs., ij 9d; 35 lbs., 8s 6d- MEMORIAL SERVICE.—At Yegoldy C.M. Chapel on Sunday evening last the Rev. D. Hughes, M.A., Carnarvon, preached a sermon in memory of the late pastor, the Ilcv. 0. G. Owen (Aiafon). NEW CHAPEL SCHOOLROOM. — Mr W. Wat-kin Joues, Kuantan, Segontiwn-road South, has been appointed to prepare plans for the new schoolroom III connection with the Pendref Con- gregational Chapel. COUNTY SCHOOL.-R. G. Daviee, of Rhos- trylan, a pupil at the County School, has passed an examination for a clerkship in the London and North-Western Railway Company.—1. Wil- liams, of Bontnewydd, has a lso pa-seed the preli- minary examination of the Board of Education. ST. DAVID S DAY.—The commanding offi- cer of the troops now stationed here lias given permission for the regimental band to play telec- tions of Welsh airs in Castle Square oil St. David e Day. CADET CORPS.—Three more boys have been enrolled in the Cadet Corps connected with the Coumy School. Last week they were inspected by the Commander of the Cheshire Field Co., and lie was favourably impressed by the progresa they ha.ve made. FOOTBALL MATCH. On Saturday after- noon, at the Oníl, a football match was played between the town team and a team drawn from the East Lances. R.E. The former won by live gouU to four. TEACHERS AS NURSES.—Applications have been made for the cervices of sc-iiool teachers to insist, for the period of a fortnight at the Mili- tary Hospital, which is to be opened here, and a number of them have volunteered their services. RED CROSS DETACHMENT.—The member* of This detachment have forwarded to the Stores Department in London the following articles;- 220 roller bandages, 27 many-taiied bandages, 35 T. bandages, 66 swabe, 14 liot-bottle covers, 12 eye bandagtv, 6 pairs socks, 1 pneumonia jacket, and 2 pairs of pyjainae. WAlt PRISONERS IN GERMANY.—In re- sponse to the appeals issued by the secretary ox the Carnarvonshire Recruiting Commit- tee (,Mr Isaac Edwards; on behaii of Welsh- men interned in Germany, a cheque for t2 has been received from trie iseoretary of the Women 'temperance Branch at Dwyran, Anglesey. POULTRY KEEPING.—On Tuesday even- ing, at the Boye: Council School, a lee cure on pou.try keeping was delivered by Mitfe Ella i-ldwarcts, Lniversity College, Bangor. The Mayor plr Chat.. A. Jones) predicted. Mr S. G. Ro'jMi-.oii, Maesincla, had charge of the lantern. A lecture on horticulture will be delivered on the 22nd lUst, at the Boys' Council School by Mr David J one", also of the University College, Bangor. PARENTS BEREaVEME-VP— During the past fortnight Mr and Mrs Lovell, 24, Moun- tain-street, have lost two daughters, Maggie and Jennie, aged 6 and 3 yearn respectively. Both were buried at Lianbeblig. The Rev. J. E. iiughe>s, M.A., B.D., officiated at the.. first funeral and the Rcv, Parry Jones, B.A., at the latter, which took place on Wednes- day RHIPPIXG. ArrivalE: Christiana (s), Griffiths, Liverpool; A. M. Fox, Davies, Oporto; Ax von (s), Jones, Anglesey Seiont (s), Jones, Bar; Col. Gamble, Roberts. Liverpool. Depar- tures: Arvon (6), Joiiee, Anglesey; Col. Gamble, Roberta. Portinllaen; Christiana (s), Griffitlia, Liverpool; Seiont (s), Jones, Bar. CAEATHRAW LITERARY SOCIETY.—At the Literary Society, yesterday week, Mr J. Owen, Mur Matthew Villae presiding, Mr ■ W. Jones, Ysgoldv, opened a discussion on "War according to the Book of Genesis." Further remarks were made by the Chairman, Mr D. Williams (Cefnvwern), and the Rev. T. Gwynedd Roberts. During the meeting Mr R. Trevor Roberts recited. CONCERTS FOR SOLDIERS. A concert iras- held to-day week for the soldiers. Mr Lewis Jones, Mangre, presided, and the following took part:—Misses Ne))ie Morgan. A.R.C.M., Wilon Jns. Olwen Jones, and Peggy Jones. MiM Nellie Morgan acted as accompanist.—On Sunday evening another concert for soldiers was held at the-Guild Hall, Mr Beriah G. Evans presiding, And Mr Parry Jones, B.A. (of the Y.M.C.A.), conducted. The following took part:—Misses Lily Lloyd Jones, Maggie Lambert, Messrs R. H. Lloyd, John Salisbury, Sappers Boyd and Woodlield, R.E., and a male voice choir (under the leadership of Mr Hugh Daniel) also took part. Mr T. 0. Hughes accompanied. CONCERT AT THE MARCONI STATION. -A concert was given at the Marconi Y.M.C. A. Room yesterday week. The programme had been arranged by members of the Carnarvon Y.W.C.A. Mr Humphrey Evans (headmaster »f Carnarvon Council School) presided, and Mies Nellie Morgan, A.R.C.M., acted ae accompanist. On the motion of Mr E. R. Owen. who is :n c harge of the Y.M.C.A. hut. all the gingers wcro thanked. After the meeting Capt. Evang enter- tained them. WEDDTNG. At Lianbeblig Church, yester- day week, the marriage was solemnised of Sergt. Ernest H. Britton, of the ;3.1st Welsh Division, Signal Co., R.E., and Miss Nancy Thomas, daughter of the late Capt. Hugh Thomas, ihaeter nariner, and of Mrs Ro-ye, King's Arms, North- fate-street, Carnarvon. The Vicar officiated. kies Mem Jones, Turf-square, was the brides- maid, the be-st man being Corporal F. J. Evans. After the7 ceremony a reception was held at the il,oyal Hotel. The honeymoon is being 6pejit at Liverpool. SATURDAY CLASSES.—The following stu- ients of the Carnarvon Saturday classes for teach- ers have passed Part 1 of the Preliminary Certifi- cate- Examination held last Vecember: Lily Abbott, 18, Diiior wic-street, Carnarvon; Ellen Foulkes, Llys, Bryn'refail; Edith Griffith, Bryn Cri, Rhosgadfan Mair Ellen Jones, Bryn Mair, Waenfawr; Olwen Pierce, Bronyfoel Council School; Katie Pritchard, Carmel Council School; Minnie Pritehard, Brynhyfryd, Carnarvon; Mem Roberta, Deinioien Council School; Myfanwy Ro- berts. Taiysarn Robert Roberts, Deiniolen Coun- cil School; Katie Thomas, New-street, Oarnar- von; Gladys Williams, Llanllyfni; Janet WiI- liams, The" Homes, Bontnewydd; Maggie Wil- liams, Bethei Council School. BILLIARD MATCH. I A billiard match was played last Friday between I teams representing the 3-2 Field Co. (R.E.) and the 2nd Draft (R.E.I, now stationed here. The ..oC!ult: -JFAC fnlirtWR* — "111" -] 3-2 Field Co. Lieut. Newton 99 Glover 100 O. Jones 100 Lear 100 Stephenson 53 Robinson 54 J. F. M. Jones 100 Total. 606 2nd Draft. Lieut. Robertshow 100 Knight 49 Wildman 18 Mountain 79 His opponent 100 Duffy 100 Kavanagh 59 Total 505 On "Wednesday evening, at the Conserva- tive Club, billiard matches were played be- tween teama representing the Club and the Royal Ellgineel"t. The result was M follows: Club. W. S. Jones 150 D. R. Parry lyO It." Newton 150 J. Williams 123 A. G. Richards. 149 H. S. Bitting 150 D. Rogers 150 James Jones 150 Total 1172 R. Engineers. Sapper Clover 70 L.-Cpl. O. Jonee 102 L.-Cpl. Duffy 147 Sapper Foster 150 L.-C-pl. Knight. 150 Sapper IJear 53 L.Ci. Stephenson 150 Driver Jones 150 Total 880 The Club won on the aggregate by 292 I points. ik Ar I LITERARY SOCIETIES. I g n. debate took ?Dim.—?n Monday evening a debate took MMe on the arrangements in connection with the Bunday 8chool. "'J-16 following "po -e Messrs rR; .WU1 if ,tms' Jl*> odMryd; T. G. Owen, Pentir; 3r?' C? ()--e ncfi d ? W- Williams, n. G. Oweu  Ltyfnwy)? WiJHam. nlfair; and Priv-ate ?'" JUwnts. Mr G. O. (;riffith presided. o- l<benezer. A discussion took place on "COti-criptlon, ?V'r Tom Edwards, Pool-street, • „ Conscripttiohne affirm*^ativ and Mr D. D"lel, Bron Cybi, on th??.?' ? Mr D. D?-ie, Observations were ilso made by JMr ???? Thomas, R?v. D and others • ihe majority voted in favour of conscription. Mr W. D. Jones, Bod- nant, presided. Caer&-tiern.-On Wednesday evening, Mr W. B. Jones presiding, Mr Wm. Williams, Newborough- street, read a paper (prepared by Mr Thomas Hughes, Thomae-street), on "The Welsh Lan- guage. MILITARY NEWS. Mr T. Jones Uwen, Carnarvon, who is at pre- sent engaged with the Y.M.C.A. at Conway, will shortly be leaving to take charge of a Y.M.C.A. hut in France. Three, sons of Mr C. Howard, Marine-Terrace, are serving in the Army-the Rey. Clement How- ard, chaplain to the 166th Brigade Lowland Divi- eion, now stationed at Duinferiine; Private Chas. Howardj Kensington Rifles, stationed at Wim- bledon jtand Air Win. Howard, Artists' O.T.C., stationed in London. Air M. Maelor Owen and Mr D. T. Williams, clerks at the County Education Offices, have ell- lieted in the 20th Battalion R.W.F. at Kinmei Park. OBITUARY. MR WILLIAM THOMAS, TY NEWYDD. After a protracted illness the death occurred, yesterday week, of Mr William Thomas, Ty New- ydd, Rhosbodrual, at the age of 69 years. The funeral took place on Tuesday at Lianbeblig, the Revs. T. A. Morgan Jones and J. W. W ynne Jones, M.A. (vicar), officiating. MRS WILLIAMS, POOL-LANE. On Monday the death, took place of Mrs Wiiliai&s, wire of Mr John Williams, 19, Pool- lane, aged 30 years. The funeral took place at Llani/cblig yesterday, tne Rev. D. Stanley Joneis officiating. MR THOS. PRITCHARD, RHOS BACH. On Monday evening the death took place of Mr Thomas Pritehard, Rhuddallt Newyctd, near Carnarvon, aged 64 yeare. The funeral is ar- ranged for Gaeathraw CiVietery to-morrow after- noon. MRS WILLIAMS, ROSE HILL. The death occurred yesterday week of Mrs Jane Williams, Rose Hiil, St. David's-road, sis- ter of the late Mr Owen Williamp, builder, at the age of 81 years. The funeral (private) took place at Amieid Cemetery on Monday. The Reve. Robert Thomas (Holyhead) and J. M. Wil- liams (Penygroes) officiated at Rose Hill, and the Revs. D. S'l-aniey Jones (Carnarvon) and O. L. Rorwrts (LiverpoüJ) at Anlield. The mourners were: Miss Katie Williams, Rose Ilill (daughter); Mr W. H. William*, Hyfrydle (sou); Mns \V. H. I Williams (datigiiter-iii-litiN-) Councillor Thonms Williams, Eryidon, Holyhead (broths); Mrs Thomafi Williams; Mr &r?it.h E. Wii.imnM, Bryn- hyfryd, C?mygio; M? R. O. Jones, W?t Do by- road. Liverpool; Mrs J. C. Lloyd, Orreil; Mr W. S. Williams, Mirfield-road, Liverpool; Mr R. W. Jones, Gwynaf, Old Hall-lane, Manchester; Mr D. O. Jones (Liverpool), nieces and nephews; and Mr R. O. Jones West Derby-road, Liverpool.

















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