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■ 0' i••• < t •. An announcement of Interest to those Ladies who are thinking of ordering a new Costume for the Spring. BROWN S OF CHESTER ir? (One of the Most Up-to-date Stores in the Kingdom). IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT OF THE LADIES' TAILORING SECTION. I Your I I Spring Costume. This Spring, more than ever, the demand will be for smart, well-tailored Coats and Skirts—that useful and practical garment always so popular-we are now prepared with our New Spring Collection of Ready- to- wear Costumes which comprise the very latest and most exclusive productions in Navy Coat- ings, Coloured Tweeds, Gabardines, &c. Prices from X3 3s. Ode There are, however, quite a number of ladies who do not like ready-made garments, and have a preference for a really well-cut Tailored Costume made to measure, and it is to meet this want that we make the following intimation. A I New Note a I in Tailoring. The Ladies' Tailoring Section at Brown's has always been a large and successful side of our business, but this spring, in anticipa- tion of the growin g demand for Tailor-mades, we are making arrangements to cope with a much larger business, and have secured the services of a clever Belgian Cutter and Fitter, and opened another workroom, and are now in a position to turn out Costumes made to measure, which in cut, fit, and workmanship cannot be excelled. Suits made to order in Navy Coatings, Tweeds, &c. from Y,4 14s 6d Ladies in ordering Costumes to be made have the advantage in selecting styles of seeing our large and beautiful Stock of Ready-made Suits, comprising up- wards of three hundred different styles. I Place your I Order Early. -1 4 In soliciting orders we would remind our customers that there are difficulties in execution just now, owing to the limited number of workers available, and we would strongly urge the desirability of placing orders at once to avoid disappointment in delivery. PATTERNS; SKETCHES, ESTIMATES-FREE. BROWN & Co. (LCHIMEISTTEEDR 34 to 40, Eastgate Row, Chester. N V