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I ST. ANN'S (Bethesda). j


I - - - -- BETHESDA. I


BETHESDA. I APPOINTMENT.—Miss Mary Williams, Hen. bare-road, w-ho has been assistant teacher at Ty ntwr National School for some time, has been appojnted a teacher at the Corwen School. PROPOSED NEW COUNCIL BUILDINGS. I Un the agenda appeared a notice of motion by Mr John Hughes, Cloth Hall, regarding tho advisability of securing suitable buildings fc-r the Caunoil as offices, but the matter was deferred I until the next ordinary meeting of the Council. Mr Hughes said he thought it was an appro- priate mov e, as the present Council Chamber was inadequate for the purposes required, and its architectural structure was 50 years behind the times. Ho also pointed out that there were quite a number of empty buildings available, and very possibly the owners would be glad to get tnc-m off their hands. He urged the members to consider the -r)rcpos4, &ad have tho public in. structed in tho matter. He felt sure such a which would also include the Council O iff cctj, buildingi, f looawd in the centre of the village, would bo a good step towards adorning the town, URBAN COUNCIL I SUGGESTED NEW COUNCIL BUILDINGS. I Dr. W. G. Pritchard presided over the monthly meeting of this Council, on Friday evening, the other members present being: Messrs 11. B. Evans, David Llewelyn, R. O. Williams, H. R. Jones. Jeremiah Thomas, E. Evans, John Ro. berts, D. Pernant Evans, W. P. Williams, Ellis Owen, John Hughes, together with Mr H. H. Davies (Surveyor and Collector), and- Mr D. Grif-. fith Davies (Clerk). A lontg list of persons .asking to bo excused from payment of rates was considered, and on the motion of Mr David Llewelyn, seconded by Mr Jeremiah Thomas, the list as submitted by the committee was adopted. Another list of Daires of persons asking to be excused from the payment of the water rate, was referred to the Water and Gas Committee for consideration. A request having been, made by the tenant of Nanty-graen Farm, that the Council should put up a gate on the path leading to his farm, the matter was referred to the Highway Committee, with a suggestion that tho memberb should visit the place. A long list of parsons in arrears in paying the rate was considered, .and the Clerk was instructed to issue summonses forth with for the recovery of the amounts due. I he Collector repeated that he had collected the following during the previous monthGeneral district ra 4,1. 2106 [os Id; gas rentals, X44 4s 3d; water rentals, S52 4s 6d; gas cookers. £7 15s 8d. Messrs Rowland Jonea and R. O. Williams were re-appointed overseers, and the Council also appointed Messrs Jacob Parry and W. H. Jones, Gerlan. Tit-o following wero appointed to represent the Council as school managers: Llanllechid C. School, Mr John Hughes, shoemaker, etc., and Mr Owen Jones Post Offioe; Cefnfaes C. School, Mr John Hughes, Cloth Hall, and Mr D. Pern.ant Evans, Pant; Carneddi C. School, Mr Jeremiah Thomas, Gerlan, and Mr R. 0. Williams, Tan- Treflys; Gerhn N at. School, Mr Evan EV3D3. Gcrkm Farm; Glanogwen, Nat. School, Mr Ellis Own, me-rchant; Llanllechid Nat. School, Mr H. R. Jones, Carneddi-road. A letter was read from Mr Wm. Williams, Ncuadd Newydd, oomplaining that the Coun- oil tliould have increased the cost of the new lioence granted at the pre- vious Council meeting to run the new motor oar, and pointing out that the Bangor City Council only charged 2s 6d. The new licence wa" i.Mued at 10&. By a majority the Council decided to adhere w Yeir former resolution on the matter. OBITUARY. I Ilit T. J. HucHEs. I Tho news reached her-o on Thursday afternoon of tho death of Mr T. J. Hughes, chemist, Pen- maenmavvr, which occurred ui Liverpool, where he had been taken a few days previously. Muoh sympathy is felt with tho family, and with his aged father, in their sad bereavement. NIB J. W. DAVIES. I Tho death has taken place at Pjacerville, California, U.S.A., of Mr John W. Davies, better known hero as "John Brynllwyd." He was born at Brynllwyd in tho year 1852, and when he was 21 years of age ho emigrated to America ,at a. tima when quite a number of young men from this neighbourhood w<?rp c'nugratin?. Some &a.i!?d on tho bteam,?lii,p "Atlantic" I'llicli was wrecks, bub he ruil,?d on the "City of Mon- treal," and reached New York safely. He' had married Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr John G. Pritchard, Caellwynigrydd, who died many years ago. His children were afterwards taken care of by his brother, Mr William Wil- Earns, Bryndorweai Bach. He had worked in Australia, and Newfoundland for many years. The funeral took place at Middle Granville, New York, on February 3rd, the Rev. W. O. Williams officiating. Deceased a brother, Evan, living at Pcultney, Vermont, U.S.A. His other surviving brothers are Richard, who is at Manchester, and Mr W. Williams, Brynderwen Bach. Much sym- pathy i, felt with Miss Williams and Mr Griffith Williams, schoolmaster, IJandrygarn, Anglesey, tho son and daughter of the deceased.







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