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LLANGOLLEN. I LEAGUE OF HONOUR,—Egg eolleotion for th week e nding Julv 12: Eggs sent away, 288; 'I cash collected 3s. 2d.; totals to "Le, eggs, 17,965; e&sih, £ 25 15s. 2d. A POPULAR LIEUTENANT.—Lieut, D. Fourk,es Jones, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Foulkes j Jonas, Arosfa, left for France with a detachment- j of the Denbtig-hshire Territorials on Sunday. The young officer, who has had 12 monShs' tritiT- P "s most popular with his men; and ieoel ;et1. the nearty good wishes of his teiiow townsmen upon I h deonrtuim. ON FURLOUGH.—Pre. E. Wastlev, R.W.F., has be^n spending a few ciayil furlough at home. He has all but completely recovered from the seriiurs accident itihait befel him when playing foot- ball against an Xru&h temnattbe Oswestry camp. He says tihat the ireatiaiedi. of the men at he OS-l westry camp is "A 1"—nothing could be better— { although it is quire true "jam butties" alie not handed out. to the newcomers. WHERE THE SUN SHINER.—Mr. Aidley, Holyhead-road. has ieceived. a letter from his son, Gunner J. Aidley, of the Royal Artillery, in which he indicates that they are having splendid hay-making weather in Gallipoli, where he is stationed with his regiment. The sun, he notes, has shone continuously for seven weeks; and, as yet, there is no sign of a break. Gunner Ardley is in the very best of health. AMONG THE WOUNDED.—Lieut. Herbert Lewis, of the Second Devons, who was wounded during the great advance in France, as reported last week, is now making satisfactory progress in hospital, at Edinburgh. Pre. Huerh Hughes. son of Mr. Robert Hughes, Rose Place, one of four brothers serving with the colours, who was wounded in France last week, is now coming on well at Bristol. News has also been re ceived that Trooper Edward Evans, late of Aber- adda, has been wounded whilst serving with the Denbighshire Yeomanry in France. 1) DEATH OF MR. JOHN .PRI(>: —Mr. John Price PiMliips, wihose d.- 'atli >!ook p e early on Tuesday morning at the Cottage Hospi- t-i I at the early ago of 26 years, will be as much missed ag he is sincerely mourned 'n the and district. He was the son of Mir. Roderick Phillips, of Church Street, and was the snccial traveller for Wales of one of tlhe chief Lcnoon dry-goods esfaBIushment. He took a keen interest in football, and played in the final for the Min- erva Cup this year. An old Llangollen boy, great things were expected o.f him. when he stricken down with the illness which prevented ins enlistment in the Arnw. MET AT THE FRONT.-Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Dee View, have just received an in- teresting letter from their son, Pte. Roberts, R.W.F., who is at present .in France. He says that during the recent movement of troops his attention was drawn to a familiar ifgure. "That," he said to himself, "is Sergt. Wyse of Llan- rollen," but he had not tha temerity to approach the ex-member of the Denbighshire Constabu- lary. Chance, however, brought him into closer proximity to the officer, who, this time, he ac- costed; finding his conjecture as to his identity was completely justified. Sergt. Wyse was as alert and communicable as when on duty in Castle-street, and was heartily glad to see some- one from the old town. He joined up in the early days of the war, to the Sportsman's Brigade; and is now on special service with the Intelligence Department. He has quite a small platoon of relatives serving with the British forces; one of his sons doing fine service with the Royal Flying Corps. RHOSLLANE RCHRUGOG. ENGLISH PRESBYTERJAN CHURCH. -I The annual treat took place on Thursday. Tea was laId out in the Schoolroom, the tables hieing presided over by the eastsrs of the church. After- wards, an adjournment was made to a field, kind- ly lent by Mr. Isaac Jenkins. Johnstown. Tiiie arrangements were in charge of the superinten- Mcasrs. R. R. Jones and J. Charles. d?PntAs, RISH COUNCIL.—Thursday, p?apnt— Messrs. Illatkin Jones (chairman), R. Jones, W. Hughes, C. Morgan, K. Wynn. B. D. Evans, Jos. Griffiths, D. Davies, and J. W. Williams, with the Clerk, Mr. J. T. Jones.—Mr. Griffiths in- formed the meeting that a 12 months' conbr?ict had been comuLet?d bv the Distnot Council for the removal of house refuse.—On the motion of Mr. Griffiths, seconded by Mr. Evans, the Rev. E. Matohe! Ponkey, was eLectpd a, member of in place of the late Mr. W. M. the Council, in pl?? of the lare Mr. W. M. the Counci l, Griffiths reported that a circular let- ter had been Tooeived by the District Council from the Local Government Board dealing with the omnibus traffic. and had been refen-ed bv them to the II?th Committee for considera,timï. I -The Rhos members moved ithat a copy of the circular be semt to the Pa.rih Council. This, however, could ndt be done, and he now moved that a copy of the c.?Tcular be Drocured for each member from M?ssTs. Wvmn\ the publishers. t e believed it would be very useful to them at I this junot ure.—This was agreed to. RUABON. I NATIONAL MISSION.—In connection with 1 the National Mission which has been arrapagecl by the Bishops, the clergy of* this parisGx are at I present holding a. "quiet day." CHAIRS FOR IIOSPITALS.-In answer to an appeal from Sir Edward Ward (Wa-r Office), two self-propelling charans for hospitals, value J34 8s. ¡ 6d. each, have been given bv members of the V.A.O. work party and friends at Ruabon. Miss S. Morrish, a member of the work party, kindly undertook to ^collect, 'the money. G.F.B. FESTIV AL.The local church members who gained prizes in the competitions in connec- tion with the recant G.F.S. Festival, held at wrexiitfim, wora:Member,s: Agnes Bowen (Iso- prize tor cake), and Miss Barvey (1st. for soonea): Ca,-ndida.tes Pinafores, 1, Maria Wil- Iiams: 2, Florrie- Kilfoyle. BAND OF HOPE EXAMINATION. The result of the recent diocesan Band of Hope. ex- aminabioo., has just been received from the Rev. J..tiMaar Lewis, and the following have gained cerlrifica,tes :-First clas,illorfydd Prince and 1;'orrie ??oy?; Second class—E?hel Brocks .Wi.lliams, Herbert Brooks, Olive Hugih? Eddie Morns, and Lena Roberts; Third c&ss-? Winnie Jones, G. Pearce, and Ma,g?e Matthews. V.A.O.-The work dOO1e du-r.nr t?e past two L~ the members of the Voluntary Aid Organisation is as follow", :-Twenty pairs ol hose tops, sent to Co!. Berners for the men in the 9th Batt. R.W.F. in ^i ranee 15 bed jackets and 15 pairs of operation stocking, sent to the Depot l of the Denbighshire County Comforts' Associa- ,tioii. f<w the hospital in Mesopotamia 24 pÚrs of socks, sent Lieut. Ll. Da vies, for mem in t- h e, South of swks,, Wales Borderers; one pair socks TO Driver Hugh Jones. R.F. A., and two pairs to jj Pte. H .Davies, Artists' Rifles.




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