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Salt bj Jlttttioit ARTHUR AVERY, AUCTIONEER & VALUER. Saies of all Description and Valuation for Transfer, Mortgage or Probate made. BAILIFF under the Law of Distress Amendment Act. SALEROOMS- The Pantechnicon, BERWYN STREET, LLANGOLLEN. Rooms are always open for the reception of Goods tor Sale. No Storage Charges. SCALE FOR PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions.' s. d. s. d. s d. 25 0 9 1 6 2 6 32 1 0 2 0 3 6 40 1 3 2 6 4 6 48 1 6 3 0 5 6 56 1 9 3 6 6 6 64 2 0 4 0 7 16 All Advertisements can be sent by post to the publishers, CAXTON PRESS, OSWESTRY, in which cases stamps or Postal Orders, in accordance with above scale, must be enclosed. Announcements of Births and Marriages 1/- prepaid. N otice of Deaths, with any remarks othar than simple facts, 1/- prepaid. No Advertisement booked under 1/6. "In Memoriam" and Thanks Notices 2/6 prepaid. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. Under Regulation 8B, made on th" 29th April lut, under the Defence of the Realm Act makes it an offence for an employer in the specified trades, or for any person his behalf, to take any steps by advertisement wi th a view to induc- ing "(a) any per,-on engaged on Government work ir leave his employment, (b) any person resident in the United Kingdom at a distance of more than ten miles from the empio?eT's factory to ac. cept employment tfoerein otherwise than by noti. lying vacancies to a Board of Trade Labour Ex- change." (I I WANTED, strong, respectable Boy, as Apprentice to the Bakery and Confectionery; good op. portunity of learning the, tiade.-Apply Clark's, Oak ,Str&et, Llangollen. g7—14x WANTED, a. Jotaeir anjdi Apprentice.—Apply Bavid Roberts, Builder, Llangollen. gl4x

The Coming Church Mission.I



IDenbighshire Police. j

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