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ISAAC ROBERTS, Pleasure Boat Proprietor, CANAL WHARF. BOATS now Run to Chainbridge, Berwyn, Horse-shoe Falls and V aIle Crucis Abbey; as well as to Sun Bank Halt, Pontcyssylltau, Aqueduct and Chirk, when required. I8r ROWING BOATS FOR HIRE. General Carrier, Sand Merchant. ALSO, Agent to the SHROPSHIRE UNION RAILWAYS & CANAL COMPANY, GENERAL CARRIERS. 41ED SAND and GRANITE DUST always in stock, delivered in small or large quantities, STUDY quantities. t i M) 1 I 1111111 • M THE HEALTH AND COMFORT OF YOUR CHILDREN, AND LET THEM WEAR LIBERTY BODICES. T. IP. CBUBD STOCKS THEM IN THIRTEEN SIZES, WHITE AND NATURAL, 1 IQi 1 /Q1 ALSO YOUNG LADIES' ?0 A /?2* AND LADIES'. LONDON HOUSE, LLANGOLLEN. '■ J. R. WILLIAMS, WATERLOO HOUSE, BERWYN ST., LLANCOLLEN, FOR \_j GENT/S SUITS & OUTFITS, and LADIES' COSTUMES to Measure. Also, a Good Stock of Ladies and Children's -Underclothing, Table Linen, Ticks, Blankets, Curtains, Prints, Tartans, Spotted Muslins, and Tabralco in all Colours. AN INSPECTION INVITED. (m686) Bronze Medalist 1912 1913 for White and Brown Bread. ANDREW JONES T0 7LNT E 8 High-class Ba.ter and Confectioner, THE UP-TO-DATE MODEL BAKERY CHURCH ST., LLANGOLLEN. Our Specialities Slab Cake, Buns, Scones, Madeira, Bun Loaf and Seed Cake. « ?h???& ^UUUaiUUi <SfA CigLee v/ Derby Shoes, Patent F  8/11 Bar Shoej, ? "yAy, ? ? ( ?? BucW«*»   ? ? Glace Galosh ?   ?   ,8111 /? Xtv Whit. PwHn ? A?S? Tea, ft  ? "??TS? ?' JVa ^SgST fI nderwood & Co. w. pe street. Wrexham. J 0 S DAVIE8 BROS., PLXJMBERH, GAHfiTTTERS. llccotarto* YEBfe HOUSE & 20, KEGENT ST.. LLANGOLLEN Showrooms—20, Regent Street. ELECTRIC AND WIRE BOLLS FTXKD ANJ RJBPAFK Ki1 Pumps, Baths, Water Closets, Hot and Cold Water Apparatus Fixed tnd Repaired A GOOD SELECTION OK PAFEKH-ANGINGS IN STOCK. THE VISI TORS9 EMPORIUM. Our Stock has now been replenished for the Season, and Visitors will find all their requirements provided for in the Fancy Goods, Stationery, Book and View Lines. LEATHER GOODS. NEW STOCK of Lady's Hand Bags in Leather, Suede, etc., all shades. Autograph Albums, 6ld. upwards. Writing Cases from Is. upwards. Music Cases, Manicure Oases, Lady's Companions. The Soldiers' Pocket, Companion, containing Comb, Mirror, Tooth Pick, etc., 6!d. and Is. Card Cases, Cigarette Cases & Purses. STATIONERY, ETC. The Tripple Crown Linen Stationery Pads, containing Pad and 50 Envelopes, in all shades, only 7-1d.-very Special Value. Large Selection of other Pads. Boxed Plain & Fancy Stationery. Dish Papers, Dessert Papers (6 Dozen for 4^d.), Dish Frills (Id. each), Cutlet Frills (612-cl. per box), Sweet Cases (assorted colours, 50 for 32!d.), Ham Frills. Paper Afternoon Tea Cloths (Id. each), Paper Table Centres (in all Colours, 6?d. each), Serviettes (25 for 6?d., 6-1d. each), Serviettes (25 for 6-21 d 50 for Is.). Framed and Unmounted Views at all Prices. A Fine Assortment of Pictorial Postcards. Large Selection of Frames, from 61d. to 2/6. GUIDES and MAPS. Novels at 8d'J 7d. & 7B.; 6s. Novels at Half-Prioe. JHL Call-mrill Oblige. HUGH JONES, "Advertiser" Office, Llangollen. ■ m    M?Vt?E   B S' IMPORTANT N0TI0E7 FRESH BUTTER, made from Pure Cream, at 9 the Dairy Classes which are now being held at the County Schools, Llangollen* will be on Sale at JOHN ROWLANDS, Central Supply Stores and Bakery, LLANCOLLEN. —— Telephone, No, 8. E. H. LLOYD, Proprietor. PATENT I GLAZIER I WINDOW  DECORATION. A Sabsjtlfcude for I w»*i.aed '-Hnw. J- « H 9 fJLAZIEli WINDOW DECORATION is » thin. trans- 1 parent material like galeftine, stained or coloured to w-esen1- Staine-I Glass, insoluble in water, and, properly fixed, will withstand heat. niii, or 'is^urn. They aretledfor oeaaufyiup Ohurch WindowtI, and for decorating all -j, noor of private windows, toeing vary servio*- ."ld fo; ut)veriw windlowp un.ghtly backyards, liES gn-rtq TRIORS. t (USTKMT AOBNT— aUG-d JONES. \d?fcfu.-w Office, LLKNGOLLB"