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i ———— T t EVERY DESCRIPTION OF PRINTING  c ?   1. 1 I I  #<-  PLAIN and I ARTISTIC 1 FROM A VISITING CARD to a BIG COLOURED POSTER, II DONE WITH DESPATCH AT THE ADVERTISER OFFICE, .( CASTLE STREET, LLANGOLLEN. r GOSTYNGIAD YN Y PRIS. COFIANT A PREGETHAU t DtWaODAB PARCH. MOSES ROBERTS, LLANGOLLBN. nAB OLYQIABTH T ABCH. E. OBBNYW WILLIAMS, D.D., COBWBB A'B » PARCH. E. OBFNI JONES, Bmwjua, GYDA DARLUNIAU. Pms, Is. 60. AR WLTTH gan HUGH Jonas, Swyddfalr "Advertiser," Llangollen. R. T. JONES, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR. GHAPJSh 8XBJBJBTt zLAnroozLssy ¡ I I I ? < Illuminated flBSRBSSES I EXECUTED In BEST STYLE, By LONDON ARTISTS, T" ?(? ?O?HS, SUPPLIED T AD RTB" OFFICE, ? ? nM?conMa?. as ~I r Yon Can Rely On 8B:nu: M. and Sure Remedy, la either Ses. for all Acquired or Constitutional nischarees from Urinary Organs. Gravel. Pains In the Back and kindred complaints. Over 50 Years' Success. Of all Chemists, «/8 per box. or sent direct, post free, for Sixty Penny Stamps by the Proprietors The Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Co.. Ltd.. Lincoln. Clarke's B41 Pills (Free from Mercury) DARLINGTON'S HANDBOOKS. Noinl bettor <o?d be wiehtd tor."—British Weekly. .'Vw 8uperior to ordinary guid.Daily Chronicle. ( VISITORS-TO LONDON (AHD RESIDENTS) SHOULD USE DARLINGTON'S London & Environs. By E. C. COOK (I Sir Ed. T. COOK. 6tti Edition Revised, 6/ 30 Maps and Plans. 30 Illustrations. Very emphatic?y tops them all "-DaiWy Graphic. 4 b,,illl-t 1,k, PfU1;icu I.r I y good." -.A ?ad*'Y.  E&'LoE???.??' ?'? ?. 100 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 3/6. PARIS. LYONS, and the RIVIERA. 60 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 6/ NORTH. WALES. 100 Illustrations, Maps and Plans, 5/ DEVON AND CORNWALL. 60 Illustrations, 6 Maps, 2/6. NORTH DEVON & NORTH CORNWALL. 50 Illustrations, 6 Maps, 2/6. SOUTH DEVON & SOUTH CORNWALL. 1/. THE MOTOR-CAR ROAD BOOK and Hotels of the World. ] Compute Us? Po.t yr?trom Darlington Co.. UtOtoUm. blugalUa: D4W.ISOWK Co. l/oodonBiarna «. @ ;ttwirMkMdrMtt:BM"TAX05. W ? ITAILWA BOMMML*. *"B *U. BooMSH.t«t. 8 PØOTOGRAPS. I BtaMtiftil frhotofraph* of Swv«rf» Burnt. Owdqa. Do*- aeaaas-sslI Doloh Lû88 N "l/l..IoI) poet. trH. C)O. Ll&tigGlIOU-l IMMEDIATE IOAII. We make no charge whatever unless Oalh II ADVANCED. LONDON & PROVINCES DISCOUNT CO., LIMITED, 64, LONDON ROAD, LEICESTER. ADVANCES from m0 to on NOTE OF A HAND ALONB or other SeoM-it?, to *11 KBpecttNe otMsea. If desired, Representative will attend at your home with the Cash, and carry out the advanoa THERE and THEN. Call, or write (in condasnoo) to the Manager- G. K. HOWE, (M613) 64, LONDON ROAD, LEICESTER. PLAS NEWYDD, LLANGOLLEN. VISITORS AD MITTED TO VIEW THE HOUSE BY Tickets. 8dw each. To be obtained at HUGH JONES'S, "ADVERTISER" OFFIOB, CASTLE 8T FRANK JONES, CAR PROPRIETOR, PENDDOL, LLANGOLLEN. Landaus, Victorias, Dog Carts, Brakes and Char-a-bancs for Hire. ?———-——" —'—?——— ?  GENERAL UNDERTAKER. I gy Thirty Years9 Experience as a efoiner. All Orders promptly attended to. SPRtIG-CLEAMING I I Now is the time to start -EtLNS EVANS has a large Stock of Requisites P. for the above, including OUR'S OARPET SOAP (take, Old Carpet like New-Try It), BRUSHES (of all description), FLOOR CLOTHS, DOLLY DYES (various colours)* etc.. etc. OALL AND INSPECT STOCK. ELLIS EVANS, VICTORIA STORES, LLANGOLLEN. The PAVILION, Llangollen. Proprietor T. M. ROWLANDB. The Place to Spend a Pleasant Evening. ANIMATED PICTURES. MONDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, at 8 p.m. Entire Change of Programme. Doors open at 7 45, to Commence at 8 PJ"" Admission—8d. and 6d. THE VISITORS' EMPORIUM. Our Stock has now been replenished for the Season, and Visitors will find all their requirements provided for in the Fancy Goods, Stationery, Book and View Lines. LEATHER GOODS. I NEW STOCK of Lady's Hand Bags in Leather, Suede, etc., all shades. Autograph Albums, 61d. upwards. Writing Oases from Is. upwards. Music Cases, Manicure Oases, Lady's Companions. The Soldiers' Pocket Companion, containing Comb, Mirror, Tooth rick, etc., 61d. and Is. Card Oases, Cigarette Cases & Purses. STATIONERY, ETC. The Tripple Crown Linen Stationery Pads, containing Pad and 50 Envelopes, in all shades, only 7 id.-very Special Value. Large Selection of other Pads. Boxed Plain.& Fancy Stationery. Dish Papers, Dessert Papers (6 Dozen for 4Ad.), Dish Frills (Id. each), Cutlet Frills (Std. per box), Sweet Oases (assorted colours, 50 for 8id.), Ham Frills. Paper Afternoon Tea Cloths (id. each), Paper Table Centres (in all Colours, 61d. each), Serviettes (25 for 6 £ d., 50 for Is.). Framed and Unmounted Views at all Prices. A Fine Assortment of Pictorial Postcards. Large Selection of Frames, from 61d. to 2/6. OtJIDES and MAPS. Novels at 3id,, 7d. If 18,; 6s. Novels at Half-Price. A Call will Oblige. I l: HUGH JONES, "Advertiser" Office, Llangollen.

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