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I SCALDING FATALITY. —— 0- An inquest was conducted by Mr. W. W. Brodie at Capel Als Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, respecting the death of Clifford Rees, the three-year-old son of Henry Rees, labourer, 59 Old Castle Road, which took place at the Hospital. Henry Rees, father of the deceased, said that on Saturday last, at about 6.30 in the evening, he was at home, and his eldest son asked him to take the bucket which contained hot water from off the fire, in order that he might bath himself. At the time witness's wife and the deceased were in the house. Witness placed the bucket near the kitchen door. The bucket was three parts full. The Coroner: Who was in the kitchen at the time?—My wife, who had the baby in her arms. Your son John went out after you took the bucket off the fire Yes, in order to get cold water. What did you do?—I sat down for my tea. And where was Mrs Rees and the deceased ? —She was in the passage, and was preparing to go to the Market. Could you see what was taking place ?—Yes. Deceased had a penny in his hand, and my wife was trying to get him to give it. back, so as to divide it between the two children. And he was not quite willing ?-That is so. I think he backed away from her?- Y eH. What happened then?—He backed to where the bucket was, and fell into it. Did you undress him?—Yes; I immediately picked him up, and found that he had scal- ded himself. His mother put flour on the burns, didn't, she ?—Yes. And you ran to a chemist's shop for oil, didn't you?—Yes. In how long did Dr. Ward arrive ?--In half an hour or three-quarters of an hour's time. Why didn't you put some guard around the bucket, to prevent anyone falling in?—I never thought of it. When you saw the boy backing towards the bucket, why didn't you stop him ?—I didn't think there was any danger of his tumbling Ül. If you had thought there was any danger you would have stopped him?—I would have jumped up at once if I thought there was any danger. Dr. Ward stated that he saw the deceased at Old Castle Road shortly after 7 p.m. on the 14th instant. Deceased was suffering from scalds, and after dressing the burns witness had him removed to the Hospital, where he died on Tuesday morning, the cause of death being shock, due to the scalds. Catherine Rees, mother of the deceased, said that the evidence given by her husband was correct. She had no thought at all that there wa.s any danger of the deceased tumb- ling into the bucket, or she would have picked him up. In summing up, the Coroner said they could all be wise after an event, and it might have been advisable to place a guard around the bucket, so as to prevent an accident, but the only question they had to consider was whe- ther there was such carelessness on the part of the parent or parents as to warrant their saying that there had been culpable negli- gence. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and expressed their sympathy with the parents of the deceased. The Coroner: With your expression of sym- pathy I wish to associate myself, because it must be a great grief to the parents to lose a child in the way they have been deprived of this little boy.




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