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Burry Port Eisteddfod. -0-



Library Committee.__I


Library Committee. I ANNUAL MEETING. I The annual meeting of the Library Com- mittee was held on Friday night. Mr. Evan Evans presided pro tem. There were also present Messrs. William Vivian, Charles Ran,' dell, Nathan Griffiths, John Simlett, W g. Samuel, and E. Willis Jones, together with the Librarian CMr. J. Boulton). CHAIRMAN. Mr. John Simlett proposed that Mr Herbert Newark be appointed chairman for the ensu- ing year. Mr. Nathan Griffiths, in seconding, said lie did not think there was a gentleman in Xlanelly who had done more towards popU- larising the Library than Mr. Newark. I the museum room they would see the portrait of almost every inhabitant of the town, which had been secured through the instrumentality of Mr. Newark. They should record their appreciation of his services by unanimously voting him to the chair. Mr. William Vivian proposed, and Mr. Randell seconded, that Mr. Evan Evans be appointed chairman. Mr. Evans said it would be a pity to divid6 on the matter, because the position, in the ordinary sequence of events, fell to Mr. Newark, because last year he occupied the- vice-chair. Mr. Vivian said he was not aware that Afr Newark was vice-chairman last year, and he withdrew his motion. The proposition was then unanimously carried. VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr. Simlett proposed that Mr. Nathan Grif- fiths be appointed vice-chairman, and re- marked, amid laughter, that perhaps they would then get a little quietness. Mr. Randell seconded. Mr. Griffiths said the co-opted members- were customarily appointed, and lie asked that his name be withdrawn. Mr. E. Willis Jones proposed that Mr. Mar* tin R. Richards be appointed. Mr. Griffiths seconded, and remarked that he appreciated the services rendered by Mr Richards. Mr. Simlett said that he proposed Mr. Grif- fiths because he (Mr. Simlett) had been » member of the Committee for five years, and. had not seen a member of the Council occupying the chair. Mr. Griffiths: We have more opportunities of securing honours than the co-opted mem- bers of this Committee. Mr Richards was subsequently unanimously elected vice-chairman.. I RETIRING CHAIRMAN. I I The Chairman in moving a vote of thanks (. to the retiring chairman, said Mr. Innes had been a very useful and active member. e, fully deserved their thanks for what he had done. Mr. Nathan Griffiths seconded, and said M? Innes had done a great deal to the town io cataloguing the fossils which were now I the museum room. Only one in a thousand was capable of performing the duty which h0, had performed. The proposition was carried nem. con. I WELSH BOOKS. I Arising out of the minutes of the last meet- ing, Mr. Nathan Griffiths asked what was the result of the inspection of Mr. Simlett, Mr- David, and the Librarian of some Welsh I books which the Committee had been recom- mended to purchase. The Librarian replied that they had been purchased. Mr. Simlett: Were we not to understand, that the books would be sent up for approval1 Mr. Nathan Griffiths said it was peculiar that Mr. Simlett, who was appointed to in'. spect the. books, should tell the members üf the Council that the books had not been purchased. The Librarian: We were given power to buy. Mr. Simlett said he understood new that I the books had been bought. The minutes were then confirmed. I LIBRARIAN'S REPORT. t The Librarian's report showed that 3677 books were issued during the last month, an increase of 455 volumes over the same period of last year. The borrowers' cards issued to I date were 2169. There was a decrease of fout I in Welsh literature. I A DAY OF MOURNING. I A discussion took place as to whether the Library should be closed on the day of the late King's funeral. Mr. Nathan Griffiths said he was a man of advanced and extreme views (laughter), hnt he would say that they had never had g,. better mode of Government than what was 1 force at the present time. The late King had been the means of saving bloodshed and alsl money. The least they could do, cut of re; spect to the greatest Englishman, the greatest- „ diplomat who possessed the greatest tact, was- to close the Library on the occasion of the funeral. He moved accordingly. Mr. Vivian seconded. t; Mr. W. H. Samuel, although he was 110 against the motion, said the other p" laces were to be open for a portion of the day, where the young people may go to, and where there w&S' a great deal of temptation. Mr. E. Willis Jones: I think even- place c?? amusement will be closed that day. Mr. Samuel asked the position with regard to the licensed houses. A resolution had a.t ready been passed that they should close Pal of that day. 'I The Librarian said tilie Aiiiem; -.im I would be closed that day. I Mr. Simlett said they had nowhere for, young people to go. to in the evening, but c other houses. 11' Mr. Vivian: They do not all fall over sIlla stones. y Mr. Simlett: A good many do. Mr. Griffiths: My intention was to have [I, day of mourning. Mr. Samuel: I raise no objectioll. w hatevel" I The motion was then carried. I PICTURE GALLERY. I The Librarian reported the receipt of t*1? I portraits of the late W. E. Gladstone a?' IDisraeli, which had been presented by 31r" I Herbert Newark himself. A vote of thanks was accorded to I Newark for his generosity. I MUSEUM ROOM. I Mr. Nathan Griffiths asked whether th Committee could not utilise the interest 0;1 the legacy of the late Six Arthur Stcpricy. The question of laying linoleum in th museum room should be considered to Pre vent the noise that was created at present. d<l Mr. Vivian said the linoleum would "not.J. ¡}. away with the noise, but it would reduce it little. :r- Mr. Griffiths called attention to the distll" banoe that was created at the top of the stair by one of the servants of the Picturedronie- Mr. Vivian: That's where the revent I comes in, and you cannot shut it up. I The matter then dropped-