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I Justices' Tribute. ? Before commencing the business at the Police Court on Monday, the Bench paid glowing tribute to the late King. Mr. R. 14. Sampson, who presided, said it was a l?s which, although they may not realise it, wotl'(i come home to them individually—a loss I'll't, only to the country, but to the Empire an" the whole world. The late King was first bC- loved as a man, and then as the holder of t??'' I high office he held. He was a king in eVe1' sense of the word, and probably the nobles king the world had ever &een. If they on?. turned to India, where a state of unrest h? been the cause of anxiety, they would hm that a common expression used among th Bengali was "Widowed India mourns her '? loved husband." It only showed the light }l which the King was held by his subj ects ?, that part of the Empire. There were eqn.aJ^-) touching tributes from other countries, wbi'l' went to show the respect in which the Nil"" Swas universally held. Their hearts also N'velit ?out in sympathy to the Queen Mother, wk°."t, ?message, so full of pathos, appeared in tl1,0 ?papers that day. They looked forward vvJ^„ ^confidence that their present King <?so? iK\VDul?, ag h ¡H.d expressed. ??6w in ?'? ft footsteps of his illustrious father. He was 0 ?mature age, and had had the benefit of t 11 ggadvice of his father, and they looked forvvart lwith confidence to his filling and carryil)9 Iout the great traditions of his house f?.mily, and that his name would go down io posterity with no less a glorious title tlm1 that of the great King Edward.