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Clywedion or Pedwar Gwynt."I


Ysgolion Sabbathol iVIethodistiaid…

Pwll, llanelli. I

I Ateb i Ddychymyg loan Griffiths,…


Adgof A wen I

!Awn i'r Wlad i Rodio. I

I Er Coffadwriaeth I



I T T'"r?? ?"r?7'T T QUALITY TELLS! GOOD WINE NEEDS NO BUSH, and rg- i d- ':r -fC'j'1 ¡ GOOd '#{-I=71 I Pianos ¡Tf===- ¡ H -Ii '), NEED NO PUFFING. A Visit to HENRY F. BOOL'S (From Bxoadwood's) SELECT STOCK will convince intending pureLaers that they will SAVE FOUN'DiS by having an Ii>strament they can rely upon, H* d ut piicf usaally paid for cheap-made goods H F ii Las u« vor iai ed to give satisfaction. Iabtruments on the lli.e Purchase System, if desired. Note Addrtss :— 42, THOMAS STREET, Llaneiiy. Est. 40 years. 7121 Gower s Dulci- Derma (Registered in Great Britain). The Best Prep-trat ion for Chapped Hands an(I Iloughness I the Skin in Winter. Invaluable in the Nursery. ed. and Is. pep Bottle. Prepared only by JOHN GOWER, M.P.S., PHARMACIST, CHEMIST, and EYE TESTER, ifrora London and Cheltenham), VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY. COAL. COAL. COAL. ? _?COAL ? COAL UP ??- ———=== a 1M D. & E. WILLIAMS (Bros.) Coal, Hay, Corn & Chaff Merchants, Stores 7. WATERLOO ST., LLANELLY. A trial solicited. Prompt attention given to all orders. QUALITY GUARANTEED. 2318 Thou hast given a banner to them that fear Thee, I that it may be displayed because of the Truth." A FREE PUBLIC I LECTURE Will be delivered (God willing) at GAS BUILDINGS, MURRAY STREET At 6.30 p.m., on SUNDAY, MAY 8th, 1910. t Subject: "IS THE BIBLE A SEALED BOOK?" BY MR. R. THOMAS. A cordial invitation to all. AU Seats Free. No Collectiou. Please bring your Bibles. BIBLE CLASS on Thursday Evenings at 7 30. SUFFERERS FROM RUPTURE Had better cotiiult Mr. David Charles, Pais, fleck Cottages, Pwli, Llansliy, who lias receiree fce following testimonials and about i.:¡\ others, which will from time to time appear in this paper:— 10 Gilbert Place. Dear Sir, It gives me great pleasure to give this un- solicited testimony to the wonderful cure I effected on my boy by your- treatment for rupture. He had the misfortune of being rup- tured wheii only a few days old. He is now 17 years of age, and we feel thankful that he has, to all appearance, not only been rid of much pain and trouble, but completely cured, and he can follow his employment without the aid of a truss. May God bless you with a long life to cure others, as you have done in this case Yours truly, T. R. HUGHES. I 4 Bryngurnos Street, Bryn, Port Talbot. Dear Sir, It is with great pleasure I add to testimony to your marvellous treatment for rupture, as I am glad to say that you have cured my left side.. I shall recommend you to all my friends suffering from rupture, and trust you will be spared by the Lord to cure thousand? again. Yours truly, W. REES. V ENDS Lightning COUGH CURE The purest and Eurest remedy obtainable for ACUTE COLDS INFLUENZA CHARCOUNTIE C CCOOLUDGS HS I WHOOPING COUGH BRONCHITIS NASAL CATARRH HRONIC ASTHMA WEAK LUNGS ALBERT SMITH, ESQ., M.S.r.Sc.. the celebrated T.ond<M analyst. says :VEXO'@ HQHT?ixo COUGH CcMis composed ?f pure ingredients. and is a JWSt Mce:)ent remedy for bronchitis, asthma. and all !ung affectionls. Price 9 Jd., 1/1 i and 2/9, of all Chemists. If you want to purchase a Pianoforte yot cannot do better than consult THOMPSON < SHACKELL, LIMITED, 60, Stepney-street Lilanelly, who are agents for Broadwood, Brins mead, Erard, Collard, HopKinston, Agelio, ano &11 the best London makers; also for Kaps Ti "mayer, Ibach, Bechstein, Nhiedmpver, anc .L foreign makers of repute. Catalogues post fr >I()8ciàJ nofe prices for cast buy" )-t" 'n.tom" FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the best in tht market), Carr'a Inks, and Webster's Inks. Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of Stationery useful to house or office, at loweit prices, at the Mercury" Office. 28 Marke fc&reat "Meiijf The Beat-all Ointment. THE MARVELLOUS CURE. I [ Guaranteed to cure in an exceedingly short period pimples, chillblaina, burns, scalds, chapped or dry hands, boils, carbuncles, scab. (wet or dry), barber's itch, eczema, and all other eruptions of the skin. Mothers who require their breasts dried will receive im. mediate relief by the use of the ointment. It will prevent gangrene, etc. Supplied in boxea at Is. lid each. Apply for the same to the patentee and tole manufacturer- Mr. D. W. WATKINS, Burry Port. COPIES OF TESTIMONIALS. Coalbrook Lodge, Cross Hands, February, 1910. Dear Sir, Having suffered a great deal with boils, which caused me much inconvenience and expense, I was visited by a friend, who recom- mended your ointment known as the Beat-All, which I used with great success. After the few first dressings I have had a complete cure. I shall always keep a box in the house, in case of emergency. It is also very good for cuts and burns. I am, yours truly, DAVID VAUGHAN. J. DAVIES & SON, A.M.I.CE, M.S.A., CIVIL & MINING ENGINEERS, ARCHITECTS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS, ESTATE AGENTS & AUCTIONEERS, COWELL HOUSE, LLANELLY, AND LLWYDCOED, CROSSHANDS, Sales by Public Auction or Private Treaty of Pro- perties, Plant, Stock, etc. Surveys, Plans, Valuations, Reports, Life, Fire, Accident, Idness, and Workmen's Compensation Insurances. Telegrams:—••Davies, Surveyors." Telephone 367 National Established 1854. 2426, The Charing Cross Bank, Established CARDIFF HRANOH-73, ST. MAE I STRBBT. Head Offices :-28, Bedford Street, Charing Cross, LondoD and 39, Bishopsgate Street Within, Lo don, K C. Branches: Manchester, Liverpool. Leela. Bradford Bristol, &c., &c. Assets, £ 1,607,949; Liabilities, £ l,236.rf71; Surplus, £ 371.078 LOANS of £;0 to £2.000 granted at a tew k,,jrs'notioe in Town or Country, on personal eecuritv. jewellery, precious • tones, stocks, shares, and furniture without rtm:)1:tL Stocks and Shares bought, and ao)&. 21 per cent. allowed on Current Account. Balances, DEPOSITS of ICIO and upwards received as uiv/ier — Subject to 3 months' notice of withdra wai, r,tt cent. per an. 6 „ 6 12 T Special terms for longer periods. Ir-terest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able to pay rates cf interest on deposits that wiii compare favourably with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or chare- holding insuriug the safety of capital. We have been established for 40 years, and our position in the banking forid to-day testifies to the success of nul" tnsí n" methods and to the satisfaction of our customer ""r-te orj»l for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS & H. J. TALL. Joii.t Managers ^'T^^wl' I ASF THE OWL A and he will wisely advise ? you to use Bliss Native j|s M Herbs—the Original Herb || ml Compound-the common-   sense remedy for purify- ? |Pj ing the blood, toning the  ? liver, restoring the kid- J? ? Ieys, correcting constipa-  iW t:on and rheumatism, and  jt| putting the entire system ?? in perfect health. Many t? testimonials in our Alma-  '? nac tell of wonderful  cures—and the cost is so '|mf| i' little only 4 for a box fj? í\I "f' l ? ? of 200 tablets—enough for  Tt the whole family. Re- j ? member the name—BLISS. ( FOR SALE By WILLIAM DAVitS, Glasfryn, Terrace, Gowerton, Glam. Mrs. EVAN,S, 30, Thkbavoo Hn. CYyDIf>k I'okth. says: "I WtlS crippled by Uhouuiati-in *•) hud to use ciutches. un s Native Hel) s has conquered the pain and made me weli," HARMLESS, 1M MEDIA TE, PURE. — NOTHING DANGEROUS tN — moh- 'RESTdO he PH OWDERS r for Hea d ac h e, § for Neura l?. for Toothache, for Qmn'y ACCEPT NOTHiNG ELSE. RUN NO RiSKS. Ktix <if ili, i W. ji.VV I K.S & (t iasfryn. ] A^ciicies Buxu* ?J ?V.DA.V!K.S&CO.,Miasfry:t. jA.?ncics FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the beat ID tti,- market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's luts. Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of stationery useful to house or otBc?, at ?uwf-ft pr'ces, &' the "M'?cury" (!ffi'? s* ?!"?'< j?t<?