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COUNCllLORS PROTEST. At the meeting of the Roads Committee on Wednesday evening of last week Mr. William Vivian asked the Surveyor how he allowed men employed by the Council to do private work in competition with tradespeople. The- Surveyor: I don't know what private work you refer to. Mr. W. Vivian: I refer to the painting of the Royal Exchange Hotel—you spared a workman to go there. I also refer to the painting of the business premises of the fore- man's brother in Church Street. The, Surveyor: It was done without my con- sent and without my knowledge Mr; W. Vivian; Do you think it is right that your foreman should be given power to allow the Council's employees to leave their work and go to do work of this nature? The Surveyor: When the matter came to my notice I threatened to stop- him. Mr. W. Vivian: Was there anything besides the labour supplied? The Surveyor said he had made inquiries, and his- reply was in the negative. The Chairman (Mr. Nathan Griffiths) said that some time ago a resolution was passed by the Council prohibiting the Surveyor giving consent to employees, off the' Council fan do private work. Mr. W. Vivian: Then I say that the Sur- veyor has been negligent in his duty; other- wise he would have known where the men were- The Surveyor: If you care to stop the fore- man or the men, you can do so; but I have- already said that I have reprimanded them. Mr. W. Vivian: If it was only one case I' would not say anything, but liere we have' two instances. Our Surveyor should know what the men are doing, after not allow the foreman so much control. The Surveyor: It was- dorre without my knmv ledge-- Mr. W. Vivian: This is not all that is done without your knowledge, I'm afraid. It would not be allowed in any private concern, and the town's affairs should be conducted in the same way as a private concem. The Surveyor: I think that in private- con- cerns more latitude is given. Mr. W. Vivian: Not at all. The Chairman: T am sorry but this is get- ting into a wrangle between you and the Sur- veyor now. Mr. W. Vivian: It is not a wrangle. The Chairman: The Surveyor has told you that it was done without his knowledge, and it was, therefore, a. breach of duty on the part of the foreman. Mr. W. Vivian said he would give a notice of motion that a subcommittee be appointed to reconstruct the management of the Coun- cils employees at the depot.

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