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Did Not Pay His Fare. I




BOARD OF GUARDIANS, o MR. SEYMOUR RE-ELECTED CHAIRMAN. The annual meeting of the Board of Guar- dians was held on Thursday, Mr. Thomas Jones in the chair pro tern. There were also present Revs. David Davies, W. Trevor Jones, W. C. Jenkins, D. Geler Owen, and David Jones, Drs. J. H. Williams and J. L. Davies, Messrs. W. Y. Nevill, W. B. Jones, Joseph Harry, Thomas Seymour, William Bassett, W. Llewellyn, R. C. Jenkins, William Pugh, H. W. Thomas, Griffith Harry, David Bonnell, Morton Evans, J. C. Davies. — Harding, and Daniel Davies, together with the Clerk (Mr. D. C. Edwards), the Deputy Clerk (Mr. J. H. Blake), the Master (Mr. Bevan), and Relieving Officers White, Longhurst, and Griffiths. CHAIRMAN FOR TWENTY YEARS. Mr. W. B. Jones said it had been his plea- sure for some years to propose that Mr. Thos Seymour be re-elected chairman. Mr. Sey- mour had filled the position for over twenty years, and had given them every satisfaction. His ruling had been entirely honest and above board, and they could do no better than re- elect him. Rev. David Jones seconded. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. Seymour thanked the Board for the honour they had again conferred upon him. If, as Mr. Jones said, his ruling had been fair, he could only say that the members had also been fair and had supported the chair, and obeyed his ruling. They did not get the scenes which very often occurred at other meetings. He had had serious thoughts of re- tiring from the Board of Guardians, but he was proud that he had been re-elected for another three years. He would do his best to fulfil his duties to the satisfaction of the Board. SENIOR VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr. W. Llewellyn moved that Mr. R. C. Jenkins be re-elected, senior vice-chairman, a position which he had occupied for many years. Rev. D. Geler Owen seconded, and the motion was carried. Mr R. C. Jenkins, in thanking the mem- bers, said that should it be his lot to fill the chair in the absence of the Chairman he hoped to emulate the policy of the Chairman in the past. JUNIOR VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr. Joseph Harry proposed that Mr. W. Y. Nevill be elected junior vice-chairman. Mr. Daniel Davies seconded. Mr. William Pugh said that in order to have a, contest at the outset he would pro- pose Mr. Thomas Jones as junior vice-chair- man. He had been a faithful member of the Guardians for twenty years. Rev. W. Trevor Jones seconded. Mr. W. B. Jones observed that both mem- bers were highly respected by the Board, and it would be very hard lines for a member to show that lie was voting for one more than the other. He proposed that the vote be taken by ballot. Mr. H. W. Thomas seconded, and this was agreed to. A ballot, was then taken, as the result of which Mr. Nevill secured eleven votes, and Mr. Jones nine, Two Guardians returned their voting papers blank. Mr. Thomas Jones proposed that Mr Nevill be elected. Rev. W Trevor Jones seconded, and the motion ivas carfieci. Mr. Nevill thanked the Board for the honour they had conferred unon him. VISITORS. The visitors for the fortnight are Messrs. R. C. Jenkins and Thomas Jones. VACCINATION. The Local Government Board wrote stating that an inspector would visit the town and district- during the week for vaccination pur- I poses. MASTER'S REPORT.. I The Master reported that there were 261 in- mates in the House during the last fortnight, I as compared with 248 for the corresponding period of last year. The number of vagrants relieved was 532, as against 613 foi the same period last year. There was a. decrease of 81 in the number of vagrants relieved the last fortnight, as compared with the same period last year. RELIEF CASES. I A widow, 53 years of age, who had two children dependent, applied for relief. The 0' Officer's recommendation of 4-- a w^fck was agreed to. I A single woman, 64 years of age, sought- the aid of the Guardians. Applicant was stated to be a hardworking woman, and several rate- payers were of the opinion that she should have relief. Rev. Trevor Jon >s spoke in favour of the application. Mr. R. C. Jenkins stated that one of the oldest Temperance workers in the town sup- ported the case. The allegation of drunken- ness could not be true in view of the small money she was earning. The Board granted 5s. a week. The next arpJicant. was a married man, 62 years of age, formerly a saddler. He had not been working for some time, and had his wife (who was 60 years of age) to maintain. He had two daughters working, and an avenge of ?1 14s. went into tlis house weekly. The application was dechned. A widow, 65 years of age, who applied for relief a few months ago, renewed her appli- cation. She was suffering from rheumatism, ahd had one son in the Swansea Police Force, who contributed 4s. a week towards her main- tenance. She had two sons (whose addr-esses were unknown) in the Army in India. The applicant -also maintained her deceased daughter's child. Mr. Thomas Jones stated that the Board could grant relief to jhe child, and proceed against the father. It was nnhir tiilt lw, should be allotted to go scot free. Mr. W. B. Jones observed that ihe Bn:l1'<l I should first of all adopt the child, and then proceed against the father. He proposed that 2s. a week be granted to the old woman. Mr. Thomas Jones said the father should contribute towards the child. If he had done so in the past there would be no necessity for the present application. The proposition was subsequently carried. I A tinplater, -residing at the Wern, made a K-bnilar application. He had two sons, an I engine-d ri ver and a stoker employed at a local works. The former earned an average of £2 Os. 4d. a week, and the Reiieviny Officer White reported that the stoker had a lav'/e family e tmainiain. An order of 2s. 6d. had been nnde against one oi the sons, and Is. 6r'. ag;nn? ?he <?her. The Chairman: If w:. gnnÜ relief we must have 1v order renewed. Al-i-, W. B. Jones proposed that seven shil- I lings per week be granted, and that pro- I The propo'sii i.on was carried. ceedings he taken against the sous. 1\ ÎI w1. A septuagenarian, residing at Felinfocl. who had not been able to work for eight years, applied for relief. He was in receipt of 2s. 6d. a week from a club. His wife was also in reeeiot. of an old acre pension of 5s. a week. Relieving Officer White reported that the applicant's son, who had four children, had six cows and sold milk. He .was ra veiling draper. Mr. 11. C. Jenkins slated that the son never told him anything about the cows. He. no doubt, made a good profit from them. Mr. W. B..Tones stated that the appliianr had been a very hard worker, and he pro- posed that 5s. a week lie granted him. It. was decided to grant 5s. a week, and take proceedings against the son. A single woman, who had a brother, a Bap- tist minister, residing at Abercynon, applied for relief. Dr J. L. Davies sluted that the applicant- would not be able to do any work again. It was decided to grant 4s. a week.