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Did Not Pay His Fare. I


Did Not Pay His Fare. I ILLEGAL PRACTICE AT BURRY PORT. I At the Police Court on Monday John Hooper, Village, Pembrey, was summoned for travelling on the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway on April 16th, without paying his fare. It was stated that the defendant was I charged with travelling- with intent to avoid payment. Defendant: The ticket was paid for. C. H. Owen, an inspector in the employ of the company, said he saw Hooper enter the train at Pembrey Village. The man produced a ticket at Trimsaran Road for the week ending April 16tb. It was an ordinary work- man's ticket. Witness again saw him on April 23rd on the platform, and had a con- versation with him about the journey of the 16th. Defendant, who worked at the Gwen- draeth Colliery up to the 19th April first said that. he obtaine 1 the ticket himself at the Colliery, and afterwards admitted that it was given to him by Henry Matthews. Defendant said that he left the Gwendraeth Colliery because the work was slack. Henry Matthews, who took a ticket for a week, and having worked a day, asked witness to go and get his pay, .at the same time giving witness his ticket. He subsequently saw Mr. Mor- gan. the manager, who declined to accept the fare. He was not aware that he had done any wrong. I Cross-examined: If you did not think there was any harm in it why did you. tell Mr. Owen an untruth ?—I said the ticket came from the colliery, which was perfectly true. I did not say that I bought the ticket. Didn't you say that voti had bought the ticket ?—No. Then you say that Mr. Owen has fold a lie ? —All I can say ig that I said the ticket came from the colliery. The -Bench decided to convict, but reserved their sentence until the next case was heard. Henry Matthews, Village, Pembrey, was then proceeded against for transferring a partly used passenger ticket to John Hooper on April 16th. I The company contended that the defendant had no right- to transfer his partly used I ticket to anyone. P.S. Thon is said he served the summons on the defendant, who said he gave hiS ticket I to Hooper to go and get his pay. Matthews said he gave the ticket to Hooper to get his wages, as he was not going to the colliery again. He had only been working two or three turns a week since Christmas. Defendants were lined 5s. each. )