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——'''''! Burry Port Musical…


— — Burry Port Musical Festival. The annual singing festival of the Welsh Baptist churches of Burry Port and district, comprising choirs from Ferryside, Kidwelly. Pwll, and Burry Port, was held at Tabernacle. Chapel on Tuesday, and proved a complete success, thanks to the organization controlled by the worthy district secretary, Mr. David Davies, Burry Port. The evening meeting ex- ceeded all expectations. The Baptists have every reason to be thankful for the services of so eminent a musician as Mr. Einlyn Davies, A.R.C.M., London, who is a conductor well known throughout. South Wales. His good opinion is to be praised, and the best criterion as to the success of the festival is ohta inod in the fact that Mr. Davies was highly delighted with the shuring. The conductors of the local churches had contributed greatly towards the success of the festival. The rehearsals were under the charge of Mr. David Owen, the choirmaster of Tabernacle Chapel, who had laboured hard and with great devotion in perfecting the singing', and special praise is due to him for his ungrudging efforts. The first meeting commenced at 10.30 a.m., and was presided over by the Rev. R. R. Thomas, Ferryside, who introduced the ser- i vice by reading a portion of Scripture and by prayer. ThC meeting was taken up by the juvenile choirs, and, as is universally the case, was a most enjoyable proceeding. The young, fresh voices blended harmoniously, and were under perfect control. One feature of the meeting was a catechism, the ques- tions being put by the Rev. Hugh Jones, Kid- welly, the juveniles replying in a very clear and excellent manner. I In the afternoon the adult choirs took part. It is never expected to find an afternoon meeting attended so well as a later service, but the singers turned up well, and the sacred edifice was simply packed. The president was the Rev R. Ellis-Williams, Burry Port. Nearly all the hymns on the programme were sung during the afternoon, as well as the anthem, "Gwrando fy ngeiriau" (Dan Protheroe). The meeting was relieved by an excellent address by Mr. Williams, Ferryside, and Mr. W. D. Williams, Burry Port. At the close of the ser- vice, tea was provided at the Parish Hall, and some hundreds availed themselves of the re- past. The evening meeting was presided, over by the Rev R. Owen, Pwll. The large chapel was filled to its utmost capacity. A large number failed to gain admission and had to be con- tent with listening around the chapel grounds. The meeting was introduced by Mr. Lewis, Ferryside. The choir was further augmented, and good singing was heard. "Ynys Owen," and "St. Catherine," were again repeated, and with far better results; and, by special re quest, "Siloah" (John Reynolds, Kidwelly) was j also rendered. The anthem, "Enaid cu" (Isalaw), was then sung almost to perfection, after which appropriate addresses were de- livered by Mr. John Lewis, Pwll, and Mr. G. Davies, Kidwelly. The president proposed a vote of thanks to the most useful members of the day's wor, and also to the speakers of the day. The conductor responded, and said that so much depended upon the secretary of any function, and the good festival which they had enjoyed was iiiaini-y due to Mr. David Davies, who had worked not only on that particular day, but all through the year, and he deserved their heartfelt gratitude for his good work. He also complimented the conductor of the rehearsals, Mr. David Owen (Tabernacle), a gentleman of thirty years' experience, who had undoubtedly laboured with unremitting efforts. The conductor made special mention of the organists, Mis sLizzie Rees and Miss Rosetta Groom, who deserved every praise for their excellent work. The meeting was closed with prayer by the Rev. J. H. Rees, Burry Port.

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