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KIDWEllY. KIDWELLY.  The annual eisteddfod in connection with Gwendraeth (I.) School was held at the Town Hall on Wednesday of last week, Alderman W. Wilkins presiding, in the absence of Mr. S. H. Anthony. Mr. W. Lewis, G. and L., of Burry Port, was the musical adjudicator, and the Rev. W. C. Jenkins, Capel Sul, adjudicated, the literary subjects and recitations. Mr. Tom Thomas was the accompanist, lie being ably assisted by Mr. W..1. Phillips. Kidwelly, and Mr. Richards, Burry Port. Mr. Wesley Rey- nolds was honorary secretary, and an energetic staff of helpers included Councillor T\ Row- lands, Messrs R. Jenkins. J. Evans and others. I Miss Cassie Row Lands, Kidwelly, opened the j eisteddfod with a pianoforte solo. The awards I were as followsSolo for Boys under 14: W. Vauglian Treharne. Pwll. Llanelly. A protest- was made in tlti case on the ground that the competitor was over age. and an equal prize was awarded to the second host, Gresdel I)a\ies, Kidwelly Girls' solo, "'Safe in the arms of Jesus": Miss M. Jones, Llandefeilog Shop. Pianoforte solo. "A Winter Ride": 1 Miss Cassie Rowlands, Kidwelly. Recitation I for children, Psalm 99: Miss M. Jones. Llan- defeilog. Duet, "Gwys i'r Gad," Messrs. T. B. Walters and Gwilym Thomas, Kidwelly. Quai tette, "Blodeuy u bach:" two local parties competed in this, and betw een them there was groat rivalry. Mr. P. S. Davies's party i was considered the best. The soprano. Miss Maud Thomas, came in for very high com- I mendation from the adjudicator. Mrs. Arthur John was the contralto, and Mr. Joseph Wild the tenor. Solo competition for those who had Hot previously won 10s. 6:1. several .singers( 1) fWlll Burry Port essayed this, and made very poor exhibitions. Mr. Gwilym Thomas, Kidwelly, was the best; he sang "The Village Blacksmith." Recitation (open), "T.i wyddost both ddywed fy nghalon": Miss S. A. John, Halfway. Llanelly, a very youthful com- petitor. Champion solo (open): six sang, and the prize was awarded to Miss Maggie Morgan, Burry Port. Male voice competition, "Ymdeithgan y Rhyfelwyr": one party only sang, viz., the Kidwelly Wednesday Part", and" they were fuHy deserving of the prize, Mr. D. S. Davies. London House, being the con- ductor. Essay. "Ptydlondeb," etc.: Mr. R, Jenkins, Kidwelly. I Mr. Robert Stone, whose wife died and was buried here last week, desires to express his most sincere thanks to those kind friends who assisted him in his great trouble, especially M r. Young, Ulamuorfa, who was most kind: Messrs. jChas. R. Lewis, J. D. Thomas <Parry's Shop), John Davies (insurance agent), and T. James (Station Road), who made a collection to defray the funeral expenses: Mr. George Jones (draper), who so kindly provided for hi;3 two little children; and e\ervbody else who helped. We have this week the sad duty of recording the death cf unoiher of the very few remaining old natives cf Kidwelly, in i1:3 person of Mrs .Elizabeth Rogers, Pinged Hill, who was re- i moved on Sunday. It will be remembered, perhaps, thai \\0 rq,ortt-:d. some nine ago, an accident to Mrs. Rogers, who wan an .octogenarian. She then fell, and fractured her hip ?)&e, and since then had been gradually passing away. She was a member of an old Kidwelly fa.-tilN--one that can be traced back for no less than nine generations. She was the widow of the late Mr Francis Rogers, a welt-known fisherman of this town forty -yea-rs ago. Mr John Rogers, our pnGent well- known fishmonger, is her son, and ao-otlier_ son i Mr. Thomas Rogers, cf Melincry<h-n. Neath. The funeral took place yesterday (Wednesday). A letter ;nidfe?cc!' :o our Kidwelly or:os- p?nt'enT. posted h' London 'II March lztn ) T if' i:1 l d K • k f' <t wasdelivC"d A: o 23rd. The envelope .s'!e?!<t A!d 2. The envelope that of h o D L. O :J(h _i, Gth :"l U;6'{: j







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