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Hendy Cricket Club.

Football Retrospect.I




Carmarthenshire Cricket League.

Presentation at Machen.


Free Church Council. J


Free Church Council. J ANNUAL MEETING. The Annual meeting of the Free Church Cojneil was held at the Park Lecture Hall on Tuesday night, Mr. Evan Evans presiding. SECRETARY'S REPORT. The Secretary submitted his report, and stated that during the last session various public questions were discussed by the Coun- cil. They took part in the border children controversy, and made an effort to appease the conflict between the County and the local Education Committee. The Shop Assistants' Union also appealed to the Council to resist a movement which had been initiated to cancel the Shop Hours Act. The movement subse- quently collapsed, and the Act was now being enforced more firmly than ever. The Council took active steps—and they were, perhaps, the pioneers-to remove the obstacles in the way of the Welsh Baptists joining the Association. The difficulty had now been removed, and it1 was hoped that the Welsh Baptist churches would unite with the Council. Mr James, Pottery Street, asked the result of their negotiations with the Welsh Baptist Churches. The Secretary replied that he had heard unofficially that three of the churches decided a few months' ago to join the Council, but they might be waiting for the other churches to co-operate with them. The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, said the Council had considered questions which were of vital importance to the country. It had been said that the Free Church Council was going too much into political questions, but they would find that the topics that had been considered by "10m I during the past year pertained to the welfare of the country. Although they may have had a colour of politics, he believed they had been I discussed on Christian and not political lines. Rev. M. H. Edwards, M.A., observed that the various churches should give united sup- port to the lectures that were being held from I time to time. He hoped the open-air meetings would also be more ardently supported. The report was unanimously adopted. I TREASURER'S REPORT. Mr. William Samuel, Church Street, trea- surer, gave a summary of the revenue and expenditure during the three years ending March 31st. Mr. Edwards had referred to the want of support in regard to the lectures, buL he would remind 1. im that the lectures had saved the Council from a financial point of view. The eighteen churches affiliated with the Council had contributed a sum of k28 Os. 5gd. The expenditure, including the fee paid I to National Council, and printing, postage, j advertising, etc., amounted to £32 7s. 4d., leaving an adverse balance of Z4 6s. 10d. on l the Council fund. Since March 31st some of the churches that were in arrear had paid, but had they been punctual in their payments there would not have been an adverse balance. The proceeds from the various lectures amounted to C33 7s; 6jd., and the expenditure in respect of payments to lecturers, posters, etc., amounted to Z26 4s. 5d., leaving a credit balance of £7 3s. l £ d. In addition, he had re- ceived several pounds, since March 31st, which would increase the credit balance. The pro- ceeds of the mission conducted by Mr. Gipsy Smith amounted to £ 162 19s. 2d., of which £97 17s. lid. were paid to the National Council in respect of mission receipts; P,9 Is. 8cl. to the Gipsy Mission: and £35 15s. 8d. in respect of the incidental expenses, leaving a credit balance of L20 3s. lid. The balance sheet showed a credit balance of iP,23 Os. 2d. (hear, hear). Rev. Morgan Jones proposed the adoption of the balance sheet. Mr. Williams seconded, and the motion was carried. SECRETARIES. Rev. Morgan Jones. Furnace, and Mr. Wal-j ter Charles Davies, Myrtle Hill, were unani- mously appointed joint secretaries. NEW PRESIDENT. In dealing with the appointment of presi- dent, the Rev. Iona Williams said that Dr. Johns, their former president, had been very faithful, and had contributed in a great measure to the success of their work. They desired to recognise heartily the obligations the Council owed to him in respect of his services during the past three years. As they were making a whole change in their officers, he proposed that Mr. Evan Evans be appoin- ted to succeed Dr. Johns in the presidential chair. Mr. Edward Morgan seconded. The mtoion was carried unanimously. Mr. Evan Evans, in returning thanks, ex- pressed the hope that a larger measure of support would be given to the Council by the "churches of the town and district during the next; session. That room ought to be filled, and an enthusiasm should be shown which would justify their existence. He did not know whether the secret of their indifference lay in the fact that the Council had not con- sidered the two languages, and that some of their Welsh friends felt a little out in the cold owing to their carrying on too much of the business in English. If it militated against the success) of the Council, he would prefer seeing both sections separated. It was worthy of their consideration. They should also get more assistance from the ladies, who should be given more work in the future. A ladies' branch in connection with the Council would be of great benefit to the town. During the next session there were many questions of vital importance which they should consider, and he hoped that all would do their work thoroughly. TREASURER. Mr. William Samuel proposed that Mr. L. W. Adams, draper, be appointed to succeed him as treasurer. He was obliged to relin- quish the position on account of his ill- health. Mr. William Eynon seconded the motiun, which was carried LCnJ. con. VICE-PRESIDENTS. The following were elected vice-presidents: —Revs. Iona M. Williams and M. H. Ed- wards, Messrs. E. Willis Jones and William Samuel, Church Street. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. According to therlllüs the executive com- mittee must consist of six ministers and six laymen. Seven ministers were nominated, and the ballot resulted as followsElected: Revs. Wynne Owen, J. J. Jones, W. Adams, Richard Williams, E, Sutton (Wesleyan); non- elected, Rev. R. Gwylfa Roberts. Laymen elected: Messrs. James Hansard, W. Eynon, W. Morris, John Davies, E. W. Morgan, and W. Phillips; non-elected, Messrs. James, W. Davies (Market Street), White, Seth Jones, R. W. Davies (Soar), Thomas (Dock), and S. Evans. I A vote of thanks to the retiring officers concluded the meeting.


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I North Pembrey County Election.…

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