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AN APPRECIATION. I 0- There is an ancient proverb which says, "Should'st thou desire fame then imist die," but there arc some people who possess such attractive personalities that they demand the highest approbation, love, respect, and esteem during their life-time. Most persons attain some kind of eminence, and there are past events which appear like milestones on the journey of life, and it is undoubtedly pleasant to cast a retrospective glance on these land- marks in their history. Again, there are others who unwittingly find themselves face to face with the results of the great inn ? once for good which they have been able to sway during period" in their lives, and which appear to be based on foun- dations of gold. In such a fortunate position we find E. Miles, Esq., the present manager of the Great Mountain Colliery, Tumble. As is well known to hundreds, the aforesaid gentleman has for some months past left his old home and the important surroundings in which he moved, and, to the eye of the "Man in the Street," all connection between him and his former position appeared to have been severed. But the dignity tf his personality, the straightforwardness cf his character, his goodness of heart, and the fruits of his labour were so alive in the hearts and minds of the dwellers among the ragged mountains of Mardy, that they could not relinquish pos- session of such a talented inhabitant without showing in some manner then- tangible appre- ciation of his many good qualities. On April 16th we find Mr. Miles amongst "j his old frienàsnnd admirers, to receive at their hands a beautiful testimonial, which took the form of a very valuable gold watch and barograph. In the midst of old and valued associates, what wonderful testimony was borne to the admirable Qualities of the recipient. Though the int^nsie value of the presents was very srveat, yet they were in every way too small; but should they have been worth half as much, still Mr. Miles would have seen them far too valuable. No man who lives up to his highest ideals is able to set a price on himself, but when his services are lost to a community there is a great vague, and we desire that it is ns an earnest of that feel nig that we wish of Mr. Miles his acceptance of the gifts. To me it appears that the enthusiasm and good feeling which were shown on the day of the presen- tation give an excellent interpretation of the old adage, "Their works follow- aftci them." Mae 1 i vwyd am bell uri Yn llawn hudoliaeth; Rhinvveddau yn y dyn Sy'n creu canmobaeth: Fel blodau nnvvn difrad Y (Iwanwyn dros y wlad, Mae iiiini;ti?ii harwr mad Yn llawn amrywiaeth. Rhyw geisio tynu llun Teimladau c-alon, A welaf a rnor gun Yn yr anrliegion; Ond nis gall mwnglawdd aur, Na pherlau drudfawr claer, Tyneru'r hyn a bait- Aiiwylrieb ffrwythlon. Mae gan yr oriawr iaith A chalon fywiog, A ,v,- (laitli Wti-a'L gwyneb eurog: Chvvi syhveh ar ei dawn 1'n dweYIl ei stori'n ia\n, Am gotio ardal llawn Teknladau sere-hog. ] fynv eto, frawd, Yn uweh i'r bryniau: Slrhad yw byw y dlawd I feuydd goleu A cliofio pregeth syn Y Gwr fu ar y Bryn A wna bob bryn yn wyn, o Fel gwawr y boreu. "AULD LAXG SYNE."

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Presentation at Machen.


Free Church Council. J


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I North Pembrey County Election.…

--I County Bye-election.I



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