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1, ( LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. I DANIEL EVANS, Lakefield Place, Shipping Agent for all principal lines ta all parts of the world. 3867 The Rev W. E. Prythereli, Swansea, delivered a lecture at Glenalla Chapel last week, entitled "Our young people and their prospects." AUSTRALIA.—100 Domestic Servants wanted for New South Walts. Apply to Vaughan I Evans, Murray Street, Llanelly. 7637 A.S.R.S.—Evans's Prize Drawing postponed I until May 28tli. All tickets and money w be in or returned to the Secretary on Saturday, May 21st, 7709 PALMISTRY.—Madame Zippi a, Certificated £ nd Diplomed Palmist, gives full reading and best advice. One fee onlv. Is. Only address— j Arcade, Llanelly. 7677 A Jew, named Giberd, who was wanted at Cardiff on a charge of alleged theft of furni- ture, was arrested in Station Road on Tuesday by Detective-sergeant Hodge Lewis. Winning numbers in the Art Drawing in aid of Mr. John Jones, Penc-eiliogi. 3. 852, 633. 655. 808. 780, 1118, 695. 832, 1124. 1058. 701. 1149. 578. 1043, 152, 127, 945. 7713 The County Education Committee have ap- pointed Miss Claudia Samuel. Tanlan, assis- tant mistress at Five Roads School and Miss Gladys Davies, Lhvynhelyg Farm, Pembrey, to the Llwynhenlyg School. Rifleman Cainan (son of Mr William Cainan, Glanmor Road, who has been in Calcutta for nearly eight years, is becoming a master hand in the noble art, and recently proved victo- rious in a boxing contest with Rifleman Willis, who was knocked out in the second round. LLANELLY 1ST TROOP BOY SCOUTS.—A public meeting will be held at the Miniature Rifle Range, Murray Street, at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 28th, for the purpose of electing a committee and officials. Arthur E. Davies, Esq., has kindly consented to preside. All interested in the movement are lespect, fully invited to attend. At the Liberal Club, on Tuesday night, Mr. Tom Francis was presented by the mer.ibi js-j with an enlarged photograph of hi<a<e>i, suitably engraved, in appreciation of his past services to club. Mr. Hopkin John pre- sided over a large attendance. The presenta- tion was made in a felicitous speech by Mr. Jack Auckland, after which Mr. Francis re- sponded. A football match, for the benefit of the Llanelly Hospital, has been arranged between the Tuesday Team (cup-hohlers) and the Post- men. to be played on Tuesday next; kick-ofi at 3.5. when if, is hoped that a large number will patronise this match, as it is for a cause that needs help. So come and see our letter deli verers play. Don't forget: next Tuesday. I Admission, 6d.: stand, 6d. extra; boys, 3d. On April 16th the agmlts of tbe Refuge As- surance Co., Ltd., assembled at the Cleveland Hotel for the purpose of presenting the dis- trict superintendent, Mr. Jchn Owen, with a "Secretaire bookcase suitably inscribed, which was handed to him, on behalf of the Llanelly staff, by Mr. D. Harries, the senior "3 agent. Several of the superintendents of the surrounding districts attended, and all were entertained by Mr. Owen to an excellent knife and fork tea. V. ELSH FIELl) CO. R.E.—Orders for week ending 4th May:—Orderly, officer, 2nd-Lieut. H. E. Trubshaw; orderly N.C. officers, Sergt. J. D. Mack and Corporal R. T. Hr.r'r. Friday (29ih), Engineering practice at H:adnuarters. -p,.ii). Instruction to mounted section harness fitting, etc. Saturday (SOth}, com- bined Field Welsh Reginisnt. No. 1 Section will pirade at 2.15 p.m.; No. 2 Section will parad eat 2.30 p.m. Dress, drill order, with great coats. Ten will be class at 7.30 p.m. Mounted dut ylNT.C.O. and drivers: Lance-corporal W. Owens. Drivers D. M. Williams, T. R. Davies, C. L. Davies. P. Davies, W. J. Davies, B. Griffiths. Tuesday (3rd), Company drill, at 7.30 p.m.. for mounted and dismounted. Wednesday (4th). Recruit drill at 7.30 p.m.—(Signed), R. A. Nevili, O.C. Welsh Field Co. R.E. LLANELLY DETACHMENT 4TH BATTA- LION WELSH REGIMENT.-Crders for week ending May 4th, 1910:—Orderly offic-er, Lieut. G. N. Tregoning; orderly N.C. officers, Sergi, E. M. Richards and Corul. T. Mack: orderlv bugler. Saturday, Field day, 2.15 p.m.: baud and all sections to attend; service dress, white b?ts and frogs. Tuesday. Companv trailing at 7.30 p.m.: serv;c2 dress, w'Üt J helts and frogs. Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, re- cruit drill at 7.30 p.m.: plain clothcs. Profi- ciency class as usual. There are vacancies in the Detachment for recruits. Field day: general idea.—A large hostile army (Blue Force) has invaded this country, having landed in Pembrokeshire, and advanced as far as Carmarthen, and has detached a fore eto oc- cupy Llanelly. The Territorial Forccs (Red Force) have been mobilized to arrest this ad- vance. Red Force, under the romrr.and of Lieut, Trubshaw will consist I. Section R.E., F. Company 4th Welsh Regiment, and Machine Gun Section. Blue Force, under the command of Capt. Bowen, will conrist of II. Section R.E., and G. Company and Transport Section 4-th Welsh Regiment,—Signed, W. Bra in well Jones, C'apt.. commanding Llanelly Detachment.