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Founded 1850. To-day this Firm undoubtedly stands in the front rank of the Furnishers of the Kit7gdom. WESTERN MAIL. BEVAN & COMPANY, LIMITED, Llanelly, Swansea, Cardiff, Sc. In order to Celebrate the Completion of their SIXTY YEARS' Successful Trading, are now holding an mr IMMENSE COMMEMORATION SALE OF FURNITURE, Bedsteads, Bedding, Carpets, Floor Cloths, Linoleums, Hearth Rugs, Pianos. Organs, Sideboards, Cabinets, Suites, &c., &c. During this hnge Sale tbe whole of their vast Stocks in their various Branches wi1l be Reduced to prices never before heard of, thus aff()l',ling pnl'cha;;w: the opportunity of securing the Reliable Gooas of this well-known Firm very considerably under value 11 Darin- this We S.k H.. wM. of their vast Stocks in their various Branch es will be Redaced to prices never before heard of, thu..ft.r.U? pnr.to.rs Lhe opportunity of securing the B?Ne Goods of this wdt-ka.wu Firm very considerably under value DELIVERY FREE UP TO 200 MII,ES! ADVERTISING CHARGES. Parliamentary Notices Is. per line per insertion Government AnnouncemVts 9d. „ » Legal and Public Notices Municipal & School Board" 6d." « Tenders and Contracts J Auction Advertisements 4d. « Freebold and Leasehold Pro- perty Sales 6d. n Lectures & Entertainments 2s. 6d. per inch Religioits Services 2s. 6d. per inch" Educational. TYPEWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and .L promptly executed by competent operators at the Arcade School of Shorthand.—For further parti- culars apply at the School, Arcade Chambers, LlMI- elly. 7598 j BE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN Shorthand, Typewriting, Book-keeping, Office j JL routine, and Languages at the Arcade School of Shorthand, &c. Situations found for com- petent pupils.-Apply Roland P. Thomas, 26, Gilbert Road, or 4t the Arcade, Llanelly. Wanted. ANTED, third week in May, Stroug'GlJJNERAL; W no washing; good wages to capable Girl.- Apply Mrs Mercer, New Road, Llanelly. 7725 WANTED, good HAULIER, well used to horses. yy —Apply David Harry & Bros., St. George Colliery, Llanelly. 7706 X)OYAL London Mut-aal Insurance Society, Ltd., ? Established 1861-cøntraclÍug Life, Fire, House- Purchase Business are desirous of appointing additional Full or Spare-time AGENTS at Llanelly, Llangennecb, Burry Port. Tumble, and the Gwen- draeth Valley. Saiall booic at Llanelly vacant. Ex- cellent terms. Apply Superintendent, 1, Alban Road, Llanelly. 7673 WANTED, a Good Strong APPRENTICE W Apply Samuel 'BI1, Plumoer, Lloyd Street, Ltanelly. 7649 PIANOFORTE TUNING and Repairing in all its JL branches by thoroughly competent and experienced London Tuners, who visit all parts regularly. Charges strictly moderate.—Apply at Thompson Shackell, Ltd., 60, Stepney Street, Llanelly. Qr L Houses, &c., To Let. C1ILFIG. That \ery desirable re8iùeuce with motor ??' garage, large garden and grounds with entrance from Old Road and New Road.-Apply Evan Thomas, Murray Street, Llanelly. 7665 TO LET. THREE-TALL STABLE, Store Room J_ above Large Yard at back of 14 Fron Terrace.— Apply John Hughes. 1 Mina. Street. 7477 -< LONDON HOUSE.—This Old-established SHOP to Let.—Apply, Evan Davies & Co., Castle Buildings. 6643 TO LET, HOUSE and SHOP at Gathen Terrace. Also several HOUSES for Sale.—Apply T. P. Jones, South Wales Stores. 6398 rpo LET, 2, Goring Road, Llanelly; Bathroom, X h. and c., &c.-Appl? to W. David, Auctioneer, &c., Old Town Hall Chambers, Llanf-Ily. "4332 UILDINGT SITES TO LET at Havard Road, J) leading from Llygad-yr-ych to Dafen con- venient to Llanelly Water supply no borough rates; large Gardens; reasonable terms. Also at Cape).- Apply W. J. Rees, Uplands, or J. E. Burnell, sur- veyor, 2, Frederick Street, Llanelly. 1607 For Sale. lb -'OR SALE, 1 HOUSE; weil-built; nicely situated; 1 New Road.—Apply G. Mercer, Builder, Llanelly. 7688 FOR immediate Sale, owing to m-beattb, FRE. FHOLI) SHOP, with House adjoining, combined frontage 33 feet, bes' position at Pontyates, rapidly increasing district — Apply Beynon, Windsor House, Foutya; es, 7679 FOR SALE, Pr-»cti tally New, Double-horse VAN i Weight, 10 Ovvt. ). tOCctrrv 30 Cwt. also Black HORSE. 16 Hands; to be 6.■ Li CUeap.— Apply D. M, Mtrcury Office, Llaoellv7645 LARGE Slot K of Uvrrmanties, Cabinets, Side- JLj boards, etc, at Wh ilesal-; Price for Cash. Quality and Workmanship Guaranteed. Apply Agent, c/o Meicury" 7646 I71NE TONE CEt 1 U ith Bow, in perfect JC condition, £2 IU ?uruugb bargain — Bowen, Pawnbroker. Llanelly. 7658 Tr?OR SALE, TAPESTRy SUITE, equal to new, by FWar,i?g, Liveipool; cost EIB Ms sacrifice for £ 10.—Apply E. G., Mercury," Llanelly. 7431 FOR SALE, Two Semi-detached BOUSES, Good j' Bay View situate at Elgin Road, Pwll.- Apply Thomas Evans & Son, Builders. Pwll 7261 FOR SALE, or to Let, at Marble Ha I Road, Jf Freehold or Leasehold HOUSES.—Apply, J. Charles, Marble Hall Yard. 8805  DUNLOP. Palmer, Clincher Tyres also .} Covers, 3/3. guaranteed Air Tubes, with valves, 2/3 each Wheels, Free-Wheels, Pedals, Chains, S'ddles. &c. Special ligts free 1910 Goods.— W. A. Gorton, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. 7427 BEAUTIFUL Walnut Pianoforte, full trichord, check action, iron frame, brilliant tone usual price 33 guineas, now reduced to 28 guineab, at 14s. per mob th. Several others quite as cheap. For further particulars apply at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's Pianoforte Warehouse, Llaaeliy. C) 4 GUINEAS at 10s. 6d. per month. New Rose- ,i., I wood Pianoforte, handsome design, check j action, trichord warranted London make. Inspec- j tion Invited.—Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., Stepney Street. Lost and Found. LOST, about 3 Wte?s ago, a Cream coloured PONY, JL? about 12 2 Hands, in the distiiat of Five Roads, Finder on returning ame to William Thomas, Butcher, Five Roads, will be suitably rewarded. 7715 __H_- OS f, a GOLD BROOCH between Ty'rfran and I j English Wesleyan (yhapc-1, West End Tbe tinder will be suitably rewarded upon his bringing it to the Mercury Offices. 7698 Money. 1\' ..1 Û-EY Leut}Çi;;¡ely,-ijl1 to £, ]000: ?tG To pay I ;5s 122 iOs. X"O, i33 !Zs, i5O. £ 56 5\ These terms are for short' perioda. Loans for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months can be arranged, and interest charged pioportionstely. Call or wri.e to the well- known Financier,— W OOLFE JACKSON, 25 Tudor Ro,,A.d, Car,iK. ,644 Road, Cardiff. 7644 MONEY— £ 15,900 to be invested on Fnebold and ?1 Leas?huid property at 3?. 4 and 5 per cent. interest on large or small amounts to suit intending mortgagors.—H. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, Llan. Miscellaneous Notices. DRESSMAKING, MŒS SAMUEL, Ty'rfran, D Hane)!y, wishes to inform the Public that she LtS commeLC?d Tailorh'g and Dressmaking at the ove address, and should be pleased with their kind Jatron ge. All Orders will have immediate and l§rsQ'L'.l attention. A Trial Order is solicited. 7723 I I I W. J. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. THE NOTED HOUSE FOR WEDDING, KEEPER & DIAMOND RINGS. Large Stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, and JEWELLERY of every description. REPAIRS of all kinds executed by Practical Men. Read the following Testimonials in Praise of I V-1 W. J. THOMAS' PLATE SOLUTION, Aelybryn, Llanelly, I September 4th, 190?. 11 MRS. TRUBSHAW begs to say that she has I used your Plate Solution, and is greatly pleased with it. She finds it much superior to anything else she has ever used. Bank House, Llanelly, August 21st, 1909. MRS. W. GRIFFITHS has great pleasure in highly recommending Mr. Thomas' Plate Solution for cleaning Silver, etc. It is highly effective and lasting. Plasissa, Llangennech, R.S.O., South Wales. Mrs. MORTON EVANS has much pleasure in recommending W. J. Thomas' Plate Solution, which she uses and finds excellent.-z4/4/ro. Cleans instantly as New-Gold, Silver, Electro-plate Goods, Gilt Goods, etc., with one application. The most Wonderful Preparation on the Market. Full Directions with each Bottle. Prices 6d., I 1-, 1/6 & 2/- per Bottle. Obtainable only from— W. J. THOMAS, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 6, PARK STREET, LLANELLY. Preswylfa, Llanelly. I MRS. JKNICIN LLOYD has much pleasure in testifying to the excel- 1| lency of Mr. W. J. Thomas' Plate 1 Solution for speedy and effective 1 cleaning of both Plate and Silver articles, and the brilliancy of its 1| polish surpasses any other she had I used. 1 T07, County Rd., Liverpool, 1 January 3rd, 1910. 1 iPEAR SIR,—Kindly send per re- I turn a Dozen Bottles of your Plate 1 Solution same as last supplied. We have been using your Plate |1 Solution for some time and are very 1 well pleased with it. As it has given 1 better results with less labour than | any other preparation we have for- merly used, and we have pleasure in recommending it.—Yours truly, SOCIETE D'HORLOGERIE INTER- NATIONALE R E. STEWAUT, Agent. Mr. E. TEW i (10 YEARS WITH THE LATE MR. MACPHAIL) j SUPPLIES # ARTIFICIAL TEETH. j Perfect for Mastication and Articulation. American Teeth, Gold Fillings; j Porcelain Crowns. j TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN. FILLINGS OF EVERY KIND-GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER ALLOY, PORCELAIN & CEMENT. Attendance-Every Thursday i Attendance—Every Thursday at Mr. GASCOIGNE'S, Stationer, 22, Market Street. j CROSSWELLS CARDIFF BREWERY, LTD., THE BREWERY, ELY, NR. CARDIFF, 1 Have obtained the only Medal awarded to WELSH BREWED FLAGON ALES at the BREWERS' EXHIBITION, 1909. Finest Wines ana Spirits. Single Bottle at Wholesale Prices. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. ¡ ¡ Local Agency 9, Market Street, Llanelly. I I 13, VAUGHAN STREET. i Two Special Features This Weeks NEW BLOUSES (these New Styles are very Attractive, all Well Cut and Finished), and NEW Ready-to-Wear HATS I (Every Hat shown is correct in every detail). I A POINT worthy of notice is the exceptional value which we- are offering in the above. L. W. ADAMS & CO. 1 NAT. TEL, 154. 7168 LLANELLY TRADESMEN'S Horse Show & Parade :6= AT STRADET On WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 16th, 1910 CLASSES FOR ALL TRADES. Open & Local Horse Racing & Trotting SINGLE HARNESS PRIVATE TURN-OUTS. CLASS for YEOMANRY and ENGINEERS. Special Class (Open to Wales) for MOUNTED POLICE. Upwards of £ 200 & Cups in Prizes. ENTRIES CLOSE MAY gth, 1910. Schedules, now ready, may be had from- 7692 DAVIDSON THOMAS, Sec., Inkerman Street. THE LLANELLY GREAT SPRING FAIR On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 5th, 6th, 7th (ON THE SAME GROUND AS BEFORE). WT HENRY STUDTS & SONS Will attend same with the r New Electric Scenic Railway and Grand Zoological Roundabouts. NU.UEKOU3 OTHER SHOWS AND ATTRACTIONS. OPENING DAY SATURDAY, APRIL ISOth. 7708 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SOAR CHAPEL, Llwynhendy. A Grand ORGAN RECITAL AND Miscellaneous Concert Will be given at the above place Ort Saturday Evening, May 21st, 1910. D. H. JENKINS, Hon. Sec., "531 Tanygraig, Bynea, TABERNACLE CHAPEL, Llwynhendy. A Grand Performance of the CANTATA— "Footprints of the Saviour" Will be given at the above place with a MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT ON SATURDAY, APRIL 30TH, 1910. ARTISTES Soprano Miss BLODWEN HOPKINS, Llangennech Contralto Miss RACHEL JONES, Ammanford Tenor Mr. TOM BONNELL, Pentre (Winner at the London National Eisteddfod). Bass Mr. ANEURIN MORRIS, Loughor (Just returned from an American Tour). ADMISSION—Reserved Seats (numbered), 2s. 6d. First Seats, Is. 6d,; Second Seats, Is. 7694 ¡ Llanelly School of Art, ? Under the Regulations of the Board of Education, I South Kensington, I COLESHILL TERRACE, LLANELLY. DAY CLASSES- Tuesday and Thursday morning, 10 to 12.30. Thursday afternoon, 2 30 to 4.30. EVENING CLASSES- Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7 to 9. SATURDAY EVENING-Life Class 6 to 8. Pupils may join at any time on application at the School during the time above mentioned. 7663 DRILL HALL, BURRY PORT. THIRD I ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD I Whit-Monday, May 16th, 1910. M!XED CHOIR. "Blodeujn Bach wyf fi Oi A mewn Gardd Pri?ZI. Silver-mounted Baton to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIR, Cwsg, f' anwylyd, Cwsg" (D W. LEWIS). Prize. OTL) Silver-mounted Batou to successful Conductor, and 10s. 6d. to each unsuccessful Conductor. OPEN CHAMPION, Prize X3 3s., ard handsome Silver Cup. Solos, Champions, Recitations, &c. Adjudicators :-Music, Messrs. WII,T,IAM THOMAS, Treorchy, and W. T. SAMUEL, Cardiff Literature, Melinfab," Llwynhendy. Programmes Id., Post Free lid., from- Sec., WM GRIFFITHS, Bank House, Burry Port. Treasurer, R. T. HAMMOND, Pemberton Avenue, 7392 Burry Port. Welsh National Agricultural ShoWr IN view of the visit of the above Show to Llanelli, ± a LIST OF APARTMENTS is being made out aud any Pe-sons having ROOMS TO LET at requested to send in particulars to- R. W. HARRY. 7687 40, New Road, Llanelly. SEASON 1910. The Champion Bred Pony Staliion, "TREGARON HORACE" (180 Vol. 5 W.S B., 9476 H.S.B.) Will be at THOMAS' ARM- LLANELLY, everl other THURSDAY, and will travtl to KIDWELk on the following day. For particulars apply- 7707 D. DAVIES, Bryn Stud Farm, BeynamH* PEMBREY First Annual Chair Eisteddfod TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 2nd, 1910. Mixed Choir, "Mai (John Thomas), not less tW? 40 voices. First Pt;z-, XIO and a Chair; secO Prize, £ 2 (if three or more Choiis compete), and 5. each to unsuccessful conductors. Male Voice, Roman Soldiers" (Milwyr Rhufeilligll not less than 30 voices. Prize, X4 aiid Medal, and each to unsuccessful conductors > Juvenile Choir, "Telynau'r Plant" (G wilym j,n3es)! not less than 30 voices. First Prize, JE3 a- d Batp) Second Prize, tl (if three or more Choirs compC e f and 5s. each to unsuccessful coti Ltictors. pi Open Champion, X2 2s. aud a handsome Silver CUP Solos, Recitations, etc etc. Adjudicators:—Music, Mr..JOHN PRICIC, HhymlJ and Mr D. J. WILLIAMS, Wnunarlwydd Literati Rev. GLYNFAB WILLIABIS, Dinas Cross. Program.mes, l(l.  free IA6? l ?p rc in  Programmes, Id. each, post free ?d.. frcm Ss? tades -Thomas J. Lewis, "omrnercial. Ptmbrey, W. T. Evans, Leeswood House, Burry Port. ?t'? EXHIBITION JIALl" CWMBACH BUILDINGS, VAUGHAN STREET, LLANELLY. Manager V. 13SAVT Extraordinary Engagement of the Canadian Champion, FASTING MAI* Mr. ROBERT GRAHAM, Who is now FASTING FOR 31 DAYS alld .h\t entirely on Soda Wbter and Lemonade supplied Messrs. Rees & Richards, Pwll Works, Llanelly. SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS THIS WEEK- PRINCESS CHRISTINA, The Living Picture Prof. BELL, Tattoo Artiste.. FISHING POND, with plenty of ]'QPt GRAND PICTURE GALLERY, Magnificent Paintings by MAllTlN- SHOOTING RANGE, Houpla, Automatic Arcada, PALMISTRY and CLAIRVOYANT By Mm|, JAMES. ADMISSION, -Pd. Childrei), It]. HARBOUR BILL. THE MEETING Of PAROCHIAL ELECTORS CONVENED FOR MAY 10TH, 1910t AVI L r. NOT BE HELD on that day, but upon a later date; of which Notice will be given. 7719 I J. JAMES, HOUSEHOLD AND GF,,iN, ERAD IRONMONGER, Vaughan Street, Llanelly THE HOUSE FOR VALUE IN Travelling Trunks & BagS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. SEE WINDOWS. Bedsteads and Beddiilg5 A SPECIALITY. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS AND CUTLERY SUITABLE FOR WE9DING PRESENTS^