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Ratepayers' Association.

Borough Member and the Budget.


Borough Member and the Budget. SPEECH IN = THE COMMONS. I Speaking on the second reading of the Budget in the House of Commons on Monday Mr. Llewelyn Williams said right hon. and lion, gentlemen opposite remained unrepen- tant and impenitent—(Opposition cheers)- hating the Budget, so they said, as much to- day as on the 19th of April last year, when it was introduced. It was so bad that the House of Lords, was justified, as a patriotic Assembly, in throwing it out (hear, hear). He did net hear very vociferous cheers from the benches opposite now (Opposition cheers and Ministerial laughter). If hon. members op- posite believed all that was said about the iniquitous bargain that had been made, as a result of which the Budget was to go through, why allow the Budget to pass at all ? The Leader of the Opposition had only to ring the bell, and his obedient servants at the other end of the corridor—(Opposition cries of "Oh!" and Ministerial cheers)—would "throw out the un- welcome intruder. They could not have it both ways. Either the Budget was a bad Budget, carried into law by corrupt means, or hon. members opposite did not mean what they said (hear, hear). The Leader of the Opposition struck him as being a by no means irreconcilable opponent of the Budget, and all his tall talk and tawdry rhetoric appeared to be part of a plan to dish the Tariff Reformers (laughter and hear hear). Last week they saw him throwing over the agricultural interest by putting aside the tax on Colonial corn. He had thrown over the member for Wimbledon (Mr. Chaplin), who had not appeared in the House since. The right hon. gentleman, who had an open mind and no settled convictions on Tariff Reform or anything else, reminded him of the lady on board a liner who became friendly with one of the passengers, and who, when asked by liim if she was married, replied that she was a married woman, but not a bigotted married woman (laughter).





I Llannon Parish Council.…

"Wars of the Roses."II

ILate Chief Constable.


Sanatorium for Consumption.