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IN PA It LI, 1 MEM] 1 ??T6LV ??70. LLANELLY HARBOUR I (Confirmation of Indenture oetween Uie Llaneily Harbour Trust, the Lianelly Urban District Council and the Governor and Company of the Bank of England; Agreements for repayment of borrowed moneys and other purposes; Extension of Borrowing Powers of the Llaneily Har- bour Trust and the Llaneily Urban Dis- trict Council on Security of the Llanelly Harbour Undertaking, and as Collateral Security, on Public Estates and General District Rate of Urban District of Llanelly; Payment of Interest out of Capital: Abolition of Sinking Fund; Application of Harbour Revenue: Amendment of the Llanelly Harbour Act 1S04 and Incorpora- tion, Amendment and Repeal of Acts.) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Llanelly Harbour Trust (in this Notice referred to as "the Trust) and the Urban District Council for the District of Llaneily in the County of Carmarthen (in this Notice referred to as "the Council) intend to apply to Parliament in the present Session for leave to bring in a. Bill for the following or some of the following among other purposes (that is to say) 1. To sanction confirm and give effect to i and make binding with or without modifica- tions an Indenture intended to be made and entered into between the Trust of the first part the Council of the second part and the. Governor and Company of the Ban k of Eng- land (in this Notice referred To as "the Bank") of the third part. 2. To enable the Trust and the Council on the one hand and the Bank or any other Com- pany, Body, or peson on the other hand to enter into and carry into effect indentures, contracts, and agreements in relation to the repayment of moneys borrowed by the Trust and secured or guaranteed in part or whole by the Council or in relation to the ] eduction of the rate of interest now or hereafter pay- able in respect of such moneys or in relation to the borrowing of further moneys and repayment thereof and interest thereon or in relation to the guaranteeing of the sab I moneys in whole or in part by the Council with or without security and to confirm any such indenture, contract or agreement entered into before the passing of the intended Act. 3. To alter and extend the borrowing power" of the Trust and the Council and the pur- poses for which they or either of them may borrow, and to empower them or either of them for all or any of the purposes of the Llanelly Harbour Acts 1858 to 13C4 :.nd for the general purposes of the Harbour Under- taking of the Trust, and for the payment of interest on Loans, authorised by the said Acts or any of them, or the Bill. and for the payment of the costs, charges, and expenses of the Trust, the Council, and th Bank, of and incident to the Bill for the intended Act. and the promoting and watching of the same. and the negotiations for and preparation and execution of any indenture, contract or -agreement, sand ioned or continued by the intended Act, and all costs, charges and expenses incurred by the Trust, the Council and the Bank or any of them subsequently to the passtg of the Llaneily Harbour Act 1904 in relation to the mortga.-res thereby authorised or the acts or defaults of any of the parties to the same and also fur tbe pay ment of arrears of Interest due or accruing due upon existing loans of the Trust, to borrow further moneys by mortgage or otherwise on the security of the Harbour Undertaking, and the lands, revenues, foils, rates, rents, charges, and property of the Trust. and co l laterally by guarantee or otherwise on the Income of the Public E strte.s and Public Estates Capital Moneys of the Council, and the i District Rate of the Urban District of Llaneily, and to authorise the Council to levy such rates as m.i> be rendered necessary by the making of such collateral security, and to carry into effect any agree- ment or contract between, the Trust and the Council or between the Council in id Trust on the one hand and the Bank or any her Company Body or on the other hand with respect to the Harbour Undertaking. 4. To regulat-\dci)ne, and adjust the l'jl1S, 4. To regtilat, deiiiie, aii,-i a('?j,is,, ,I.ir, of the holders of mort;;ces or other securities of the Trust and of other corporations, com- panies or persons having claims against the Trust, and to alter the existing rights, privi- leges, preferences, Tanking and priorities of such securities or claims, and to enable the Trust and the Council or either of them to give further security by guarantee or otherwise, to holders of existing mortgages -or securities. 5. To amend or repeal the present powers of the Trust to borrow and re-borrow under the Llaneily Harbour Act 1904, and to make PH)- visioa for the payment off or reduction of the existing mortgages or other debt of the Trust by Sinking Funds Annual Instalments or otherwise, and to extend or alter the period or method for commencing the re payment of the existing mortgages or other debt of t1lel Trust, or to suspend the repayment of prin- cipal money or payments to the Sinking Fund for such period as the Bill may prescribe or to abolish the Sinking Fund. 6. To empower the Bank or any other Com- pany Body or person to advance moneys for the purposes of the Harbour Undertaking, and j to make provisions with regard to any such advance, and the security to be given therefor. 7. To authorise the Trust and (lie Council and any corporation, company, or person- or either of them or any of them for .jll any <>f the purposes of the Bid or the Harbour Undertaking to enter into and fulfil contracts and agreements. and to confirm any such agreements as may have been or which during the progress of the Bill may be so entered into. 3. To alter and'vary the Llanelly Harbour Acts 1858 to 1904 and all other Acts or Orders relating to the Trust and particularly to vary and amend and in part repeal the Llaneily Harbour Act 1904 with respect to the applica- tion of the revenues arising from the Har- bour Undertaking, the Constitution of the Trust, the appointment of Trustees by Mort- I gagees and the revocation of the appointment, the mode of supplying occasional vacancies, the appointment and constitution of a joint Committees and, the powers conferred upon such joint committee and the provision for paying off moneys horrowed under the Llaneily Harbour Acts 1878 to 1904, and to make all reasonable consequential provis'ons in regard, thereto, and to any obiiga?ions incurred or to be incurred. I T \-a. ,zv ,,r 9. The Bill vi)I vary or extinguish all rights and privileges which would interfere with any of its objects and confer rights and privileges, and will or may incorporate with itself by re- ference or otherwise such, of the provisions as may be deemed expedient of the Acts or Orders relating to the Trust and the Llaneily Local Board Act 1888. and any other Act or Order relating to the Council and of the Com- missioners Clauses Act, 1847, the Harbours. Docks, and Piers Clauses Act. 1847, and the Local Loans Acts and the Public Health Acts with such modifications as may he contained in the Bill. Notice is furLher given that printed copies of the Bill will he deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons as soon as may be after leave given to deposit the same. j Dated this 1.9th day of April, 1910. j HEXRY W. SPOWART. j Town Hall, Llaneily. S< .r. A. RHYS ROBERTS, 63, Queen. Victoria Street, London, E.C., 762-3 Parliamentary A^nt.








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