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EUROPEAN POLITICS. I TWO VIEWS. GERMAN HOPES. -in, the last article we saw Russian hopes in 'Connection with the Land of Israel. But Ger- many also has hopes in this land, as may be ,seen by t;ç.e following from a Berlin paper, -Alarell, 1,,tio. Berlin, March 4. 'The "Berliner Zeitung," which is a widely ^circulated and popular afternoon newspaper, publishes the following article, under the title, "The Emperor and the French":— "The Emperor has been trying for years to "Conciliate the French by amiable attentions ¡ )f all kinds. Whenever any disaster befalls "the French, the Emperor is almost always the first to send a message of condolence or ;a subscription for tire- rfelief fund, if there be "one. He confers favours on French artists, -and he invites prominent French leaders of industry on board his yacht. The French have not always regarded these efforts with 'gratitude. "The latest specimen of French ingrati- tude is doubtless of a nature especially dis- appointing to his Majesty. We learn from --a well-informed source that the committee of the organisation, The League of Friends Of Jerusalem is proceeding to Paris. It is "Very significant that the Vice-president of he French Academy, M. Thureau Dangin, is taking part in this movement. This is 'the same man who signed the letter in which 'the invitation to the Academy mf France to .-attend the centenary celebration of the University of Berlin was refused. This new organisation declares that its programme is to prevent the further disfigurement of Jeru- salem. By disfigurement is meant, among other things, the German 'building on the Dormito and the German "Hospital on the Mount of Olives. TIt"is declared in these lrench circles that since the Timperor Wil- liam's journey to Jerusalem more and more progress has continually 'been made in the 'destruction of the medircval and Oriental aspect of the Holy City hallowed by tradi- tion. Part of the ancient city wall has al- ready been removed to make room for the 'German Church of the 'Redeemer, a bar- I)ar,-)iis structure, while the view of the Tower of David has been spoilt by the towers of the German Church, which reach like parvenus towards the sky,' and which fail entirely to harmonise with the character of the domes and towers of the ancient churches and mosques. "The League of Friends of Jerusalem now tntends to try by all possible means to pre- vent the further disfigurement of Jerusalem and for this purpose'it will establish com- munication with the Turkish Government. Whatever views one may hold regarding the Emperor's initiative in bringing about archi- tectural alterations in Jerusalem (his Majesty himself designed the tower of the German Church of the Redeemer), it is ccr- tainly highly significant that the French have chosen precisely this time to protest so demonstratively against one of the Em- peror's favourite proj ects, the outlines of which have long been known. It is signifi- cant, too, that the French have chosen this moment because his Majesty's second son, Prince Eitel Frederick, and his Imperial higlmess's wife will attend the inauguration of the Empress 'Augusta Memorial on the Mount of Olives on April 9." WILL HISTORY BE REPEATED? As we view these various corruptions in and Ground Jerusalem, we ask is there to be a 'Cleansing Of the Holy City and soil? The Bible alone gives the answer. The mosques of the Mahometans, the monasteries of the Greek and Roman Churches, and the edifices of the Protestants are so many blots on the land- scape to those who have a perfect knowledge "°f God's purpose. (And they will be de- stroyed.) "History in many ways may teach us 'this. We take one case—that of Josiah. Josiah 'W,as a king .in Jerusalem. His name came from heaven 300 years before he was bom, There are altogether seven persons whose names have come from heaven before they were born. They are Ishmael (Gen. xvi. 11): Isaac xvii. 19); Solomon t1 ebron. xxii. 9), who had also another name given him after he was '>0)'n—Jedidiah (2 Sam. xii. 25); Cyrus (Is. xliv Josiah (1 King's xiii. 2). To discernment Christ is the centre jewel of which the Bible is the setting. All its history and all its characters are but a reflection of Jesus's life .1.1-1 its various phases and missions and sur- roundings. PROOF. We can easily see proof of this by a study items connected with these nJunes. First, We look at their meanings. Ishmael means "God hears." God heard Ishmael's mother's affliction. Paul says Ishmael's mother stands as a representative of Abraham's fleshly de- scendents and the covenant of Sinai. This means that the Law of Moses was a law of afflict jon and bondage, because that no man. •could keep it—"a yoke which neither us nor fathers could keep." The second name in our list is Isaac, which "bhe marginäJ notes in the Revised Version says comes from the Hebrew word "to laugh." His father laughed when told of his birth, and when Isaac was born he was the eln hDdi ment to his parents of laughter. Isaac was the ^'bilcl of promise, and Paul told the Galatians "that he was representative of the true Israel of God, whose relationship to the new cove- nant caused them to be children of liberty and laughter. This is typical of God's plan: "first natural, then spiritual; first affliction, then laughter: but all in relation to Christ. Then another name is Solomon, which means ""peaceful." He'was given the additional name of Jedidiah, which means "beloved of "the Lord," and God adopted him as a son. In all this we easily see a: foretaste of Jesus. J csus has brought peace of conscience to many: "my peace I give you"; and he was 'the well beloved son of God. The glory of Solo moil's reign points lo the glory and magnificence of the Messiah's reign in Jerusa- lem, so vividly depicted in Isaiah Ix. and •'Other places. There is another character that seems very typical of Jesus—It is the Gentile hero—Cvrus. "His name came from heaven through" Isaiah • a century before his introduction on the 'World's political stage. He was destined to "conquer Babylon through the channel of the. "dried Euphrates. "This also will be the future "Work of Christ—-to destroy the politco-reli- ious system known to-day as Christendom, but described in the New Testament a-s "Baby- ton the Great. Cyrus' name signifies "the heir." He was "like "the heir" :i m many 'spects—brave yet modest. The heir of all things, the Messiah, will attack Babylon "through the dried channel of the political Euphrates, or, in other words, He will mani- fest himself to the inhabitants of the earth "from the land that Turkey -haS ruled over, namely. Palestine and surrounding coun- "tries. Then there is John, whose name came from heaven. It means the gift of God. He "vas a forerunner of Jesus,. Jesus's name was ',given by the angel, and it means "saviour." JOSIAH. rm tHe OIJler nanH was Josiah, and it means he Lord burns," Jerusalem had been .■chosen .as the sole place of acceptable national worship. But Solomon had desecrated, its surroundings bv placing certain 'buildings on the Mount of Olives, which "had caused the fatter to be known as the' "Mount O >rrr.p- ion." These buildings were dedicated to the statereligiolls of the surrounding Gentile nations. God had given the designs for the Temple in. lo which Israel should go. When the political cleavage took Place, and the ten tribes started (heir -separate kJngdnrn. the people were still expect to go to JOlusalolll. BI1t..lerÖhoam's elel"!], f't:1te- craft suggested that the political Te:u.ty of bis people would be weakened, and he,- ordavr.ed rival national worship in Bethel and Dan, which were under his control. This caused God to send a prophet to predict the destruc- tion by fire of this rival altar by a future son of David, Josiah by name. It is the house of David that is to destroy false religions, and it is this house that is yet to become famous in the arth through Jesus (Luke i. 32). Josiah did first clear Jerusalem from the supersti- tious relies around Jerusalem, and then burnt men s bones at Bethel. Christ, on his return, will clear Jerusalem from the alien, and cause the unclean spirits to clear out of his land, and finally burn Babylon or Rome in the great fire prepared for the devil and his angels. So, therefore, these abominable and hypocritical religious houses, belonging to Mahometan and the various religions of Chris- tendom will yet be cleared away from Ihe Holy City. Josiah repaired the Temple; Jesus will rebuild or restore the temple. Josiah's great passover occurred in a jubilee year. It was the greatest ever known in I Israel's lii. story., Before the then next jubilee David's throne was overturned, Jerusalem de- solated, the temple' destroyed, and the nation in captivity. But on the next jubilee year (he Ezekiel temple vision was given, which tills the last eight chapters of the prophet's writings. There is therefore cause for glad- I ness, even now when Zion is obscure, by a look at the future arranged for Iicr by God. I (To be continued, God willing.)

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