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Poultry and Egg tndustry


Border ChiJdren Dispute.

Calf Fatally Wounded.


Calf Fatally Wounded. I PRISONER COMMITTED FOR TRIAL. At the Police Station on Monday, Frank Brown, farm labourer, employed at Cildewt- fawr Farm, Llannon, was charged with killing a calf, valued at .85, on April 13th, the pro- perty of Lettuce Thomas. P.S. Morgan said that when charged with the offence defendant said tliat he struck the calf on the head with a brush because it was making a noise with the bucket in the man- ger. He added that the calf fell down, and that he failed to bring it round. Hy. Latham, farm servant in the emplav of Mrs. Lettuce Thomas, said that on April 13th defendant was employed on the farm. About 8 o'clock in the morning witness engaged in cleaning the stable. The defendant came to the door and said, "Henry, .come hero; there is somsthing wrong." Witness went to the cow-house, and found the calf lying on its right side, in a dying state. There was a brush leaning" against the wall. When wit- ness saw the calf the previous night it was all right. The calf died five minutes later. Samuel Beynon, brother of Mrs. Lettuce Thomas, said that on April 13th, at about 6 a.m., he went to the cow-house, where he saw the calf. It was then all right. He re-visitcd the place about 8 o'clock in order to give the calf some milk. While he went for the milk Latliam called him to the cow-house, where he saw the bull calf apparently dead. On examination he found a wet mark on its head whereupon he accused the defendant of having hit the calf on the forehead with the brush. Defendant replied, "No, I did not knock the calf." Witness told him that unless he gave an explanation he would get someone to make an examination of the salf. Defendant was, up to that tim,e, cleaning the cow-house, and was also using the brush produced. Mr. J. Campbell Hill, M.R.C.V.S., the next witness, raised a question as to the payment of his fee for the postmortem examination, and the Bench stated that they would see what could be done. Witness then proceeding said he inspected the calf at Cildewi-fawr 1<'al'ln, in the presence of the defendant and Sergeant Morgan.. It was in fairly good g'row- ing condition. On the forehead he found that a, piece of skin, about four inches wide, had been stripped back towards the pole. The loose skin showed marks of bruising, and also on the bone beneath the skin. He exa- mined the internal organs, and found them all normal. He removed the skull bones, and found a blood clot. He also came across another blood clot. Death was due to cerebral hemmorhage, caused by blows inflicted on the skull. Apart from the blows inflicted by the brush, the brain was quite normal. In answer to the charge, defendant stated that he had nothing to say. Mr. Plummer, agent for the indus:ial school, Llandilo, asked the Bench if they would place tin lad in the hands of the Lon- don County Council. Mr. Sampson replied that a prima facie case had been made against the defendant, and they had no power to deal with it. Defendant was committed to take his trial at the Assizes.




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