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Poultry and Egg tndustry


Poultry and Egg tndustry -0- FIRST "EGG TRAIN" AT LLANELLY. The South Wales demonstration egg train sbu.ied its novel campaign through the coun- ties of Carmarthen, Cardigan and Pembroke oTi Friday. The visit to Lig,nelly, where the 'campaign commenced, was looked forward to w'i.t'h unbounded interest by those interested 'iTi scientific methods of poultry rearing, and a good crowd assembled at the station. The ¡ Agricultural Organisa.tioh Society (Limited), and the National Poultry Organisation Society CLimited) are the organisers. 1 After the arrival of the train the public he- sieged the car, and explanations and demon- strations were given of the implements of. the 'industry which were on view. Expert advice was also given, reference being made to the advantage of co-operation in order to improve the status of the small farmer. In the ,even- ing a .public meeting was held at the Step- ney Arms Hotel, Mr. G. F. Blake presiding. Mr Walter Williams, 'Welsh organiser of the A.O.S., said that Wales purchased every year .81,200,000 worth of eggs, and it was contended that the Welsh farmers could keep .E600,000 of this money in tin country. Mr. Verney Carter, organising secretary of the National Society, said the poultry indus- try, broadly speaking, should be divided into two parts—the production and the co-opera- tive selling. More especially they wanted co-operation in markett'ing. TliervA was no reason why the English should not be on top of the tree in the supply of -eggs, because their markets were close at hand, and they were also in a position to supply an egg which no other country could equal in quality. With regard to poultry, the 'speaker said the Lon- don market could not secure a sumeient sup- ply, and had to send to Belgium, where they 'had to pay four shillings and nve ,shillings each for Belgian birds. The markets in which the farmers could co-operate were open to the small as well as the large farmer. Mr. Edward Brown, honorary secretary of the National Poultry Organisation Society, re- ferred to the sympathetic co-operation of the Great Western Railway Company, and said in regard to the poultry industry that' some people thought the foreigner was able to send good eggs and poultry into tins country be- cause they had a better climate than prevailed in this country. He asked them not to believe that. He had visited all the countries in Europe, with the exception of two, and was prepared to pledge his reputation that there was no climate equal to that of the British Isles for eggs and poultry production, with the exception of New Zealand. The fault lay with the people. Last year Russia sent .V,5,500,000 worth of eggs into this country, which was eleven times as much as was pro- duced in Wales. Had they ever heard that the Russian climate was the most balmy cli- mate in creation? Let them take Denmark, where the people had done more in recent years towards the development of the poultry industry than any other country. Although the climate there was better timn that of Russia, no one could say that it was better than our own. Last year the people of Great Britain consumed 256,000 tons of eggs, but the foreign supplies were more than one-half. The foreign supplies were, however, decreasing. Yet, at the same time, the consumption of eggs in this country was increasing. Wales was a country of small farms, and he had many times thought it was capable of pro- ducing four times the amount of eggs and poultry it did at present. The last poultry census showed that in Whales there were 492,000 fowls per million acres of cultivated land, that was less than one-half a fowl per acre. There had been an increase since then, but he did not think it had readied one fowl per acre. One of the prime necessities of the future was the re-colonisation of the land. The greater weakness in the past was that they had a]lowed themselves to be beaten by the foreigner, and they should, therefore, co- operate. On the motion of Mr. Joseph Holmes, se- conded by Mr. Grimths, the following resolu- tion was passed: — "That this meeting heartily approves of the idea. of the National Poultry Organisation Society in sending the egg train into South Wales, believing that it will greatly stimulate the poultry industry in the southern half of the Principality; further, this meeting urges the committee of the local Farmers' Co-opera- tive Society and the Llanelly Poultry Society to take up the question of the sale of eggs on a modern basis."


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