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Poultry and Egg tndustry


Border ChiJdren Dispute.

Calf Fatally Wounded.




Babies of all Nations.


Babies of all Nations. One of the most striking features ?}? Ideal Home Exhibition which was 11 Olympia yesterday by Her Royal Princess Christian the remarkable ing of Virol Babies of all nations, promote' Virol,Ltd.,to illustrate the \vorld-wide Virol as an infants'foof? jt!? In .he tastefully decorated courts, alld der the verandahs of an Eastern ?" ? were seen playing together babies ?'"? ?. quarters of the world. Chinese .and ??t?J babies played with African and India',b3D ieo" of all races—German, Russian, Noi'weg? $,,i Dutc?i babies, with. Cingalese, MoorÏs lcotCPf Turkish babies. THere were En.slisi? ziiØt' and Welsh babies. and babies from -'? ?i? Cuba, Demarara, Nigeria, etc., etc. dreSee¡ The gorgeous colouring of the nati?'s ?fe? of the children, together with the cost'. ? ?? the Ayahs from China, India, 13urillelli Africa, and the nurses from Germany; }.ct? Italy, and Russia, made a brilliant picto", The gathering forms an interesting ex-l-tlbit of tf the baby customs of the various ?c?o Mt? The one common interest seeming to ? babies' appreciation of Virol. j.Q !l? Messrs. Virol, Ltd., have a.rrar Iged to tDo any gifts which they may reeel,,eto, \iØt National Society of Day Nurseries, an? ??? ?'?. of this fact gentlemen holding ?'u?t? and professional positions in various c0 'Ll and colonies ar& atlowing their ?-.?u? appear, in ordet that they may con to the success of th.e exhibition. ??-?