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Poultry and Egg tndustry


Border ChiJdren Dispute.

Calf Fatally Wounded.




FALSE PRETENCES. I A NUMBER (M? BO'GUS- METIERS.' r Daniel Evans, Water Straet, was brought tir I under arrest at the Police Coart on charged with obtaining money by false P'' tences. 'Jl' Inspector -Tones, who toot: the defendant 1 t to custody the previous night, said a N\,ai,tOt was issued on the previous Wednesday for 11,1 ce lIt arrest, in consequence of non-appearance answer to the charge. He applied for 3' inan'd until Monday, Jlt Mr. Thomas Jones asked the whether he could find bail..{' Defendant replied that he was cut on P" in respect of another charge. ? The Bench remanded him. until Monday, ? granted bail in the sum of ?,10, provided t suitable sureties were forthcoming. f ? The case was resumed on Monday, I)efo0. M.essrs. R. H. Sampson and Thomas G., ri fftW, Elizabeth Ls\vis, 32 Thomas Street, k-ife Of David Le\is, Imtcher, stated that about fill o'clock on Saturday afternoon, March 26ti?, the defendant called at the shop, and Ilalid'd her a letter purporting to be signed, by ?f husband. It read thus: "Will you please ? this man the sum of .El 9s. 6d., and make ? give his name and address. From üaVet Lewis, butcher." The letter was not in llw husband's handwriting, and she handed i'"? her daughter. She told the defendant th<? had not been written by her husband, atld b6. replied that the son wrote it. That was ? ) untrue. She then suggested that he had IH\e' i a mistake, 'and that the letter should ? been taken to another David Lewis, who ?'j t a. butcher's stall at the Market. In ordet ? ascertain whether the defendant's stately; was correct she told him that her (lailg??? wonid accompany him to the stall. She Nv'? to tlie kitchen, but when she returned ths fendant had gone.< Olwen Lewis, daughter of David Le; stated that she remembered the def,,dip handing her mother the letter. On April slie saw the defendant going into the lodg! house in Water Street, and ultimately. d gave information to Sergt.-Detective 110 Lewis. ,g David Lewis, butcher, deposed that' M 010' 26th March he was at his. stall at.t.he M?? The letter produced was not writMtt by ? because he could not write. JEH? did Jl6' authorise anyone to write it- f'Q. him. 1.¡¡1' defendant had not done any work for 111.' because lie had never seen him bef ore. William Lewis, son of the last witness, s he had no knowledge of the letter. stli P.S. Hodge Lewis deposed that on Apru? .? he charged the defendant with unla?t- ? attempting to obtain the money. He cailtiODO him, and he stated: "An old farmer sent P3 O with the note from the Market." ¡ Defendant pleaded not guilty, and stqtd i that on the day in question he assisted a elil mer at the Market. He (tlie farmer) ed away for a few minutes, and when he retllf he handed him a note, and told him to ne' it to Mrs. Lewis. Having seen Mrs. LewIS" returned to the farmer, and asked him to' to see P.S. Hodge Lewis: Have you got the fart; here ? /? Witness: I do not kno'.v his name. lives near Dafen. ? Do you not think it would be better for to get the farmer here?—I know him by Sloe The Deputy Clerk: Do you wish the 1,sti to believe that you worked from tv" v cl until four o'clock with the farmer, and f you did not notice the name on the .gajl' Witness: Yes. The farmer's name is liams. 1\£!' P.S Hodge Lewis: Why did you tell e Z'" Lewis that David Lewis had sent yo"' tilere I did not say so.. W8 Why did you go away white Mi's. ????a< in the kitchen's—I wanted the fai-mel '? eiJ to it himself, and I wanted to retui'u ? work. # Do not make much of your work, becg; you are in bed half your 'time ?—I am lot- Have you been working anywhere. y e 5 with Mr. Protheroe, Penygaer. ?' Do you know any' thing of this letter (1' duced) ?—No. Did you ask a boy to deUve" it for you ?''?, Did you ask a boy to dehver a letter?? Felinfoel, and offer him threepence for ? so ?—No. sftÝ/ You 'are on your oath?—I do not know thing about that letter. j)f You are aware that there were a nliniber J boys present ?—I do not care. You can g<\ ø, fetch them. ? Can you tell me anything about this 16tof addressed to Mrs. Williams?—I do not 0 of anything .about it..tt# Is that letter supposed to be a letter il,ritto by a clerk of a works, to be delivered Il:t works again?—I know nothing about It- 1) Do you know anything about this plJrse ? No. ? The Presiding Magistrate: How many let are there ? Sergeant Lewis: Four j? Supt. Rogers reported that the d.??' was co?iniiiitfed to prison in April of0 was committed to prison in April f? ?' month for stealing a metal rod. Ho WO$ at''I present out on bail in respect of charge, to The Bench committed the prison for two months with hard. 1alJOllr.


Babies of all Nations.