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? '*??? Cowell Street, Llanelly, I PUGH BrOS-"? ? oell rdet, Llanelly, P? U?)))? GH <—?——————————————————— ??'? ?? I Compiete House Furnisher, Cabinet Mahrs, Uphoisterers, r arpet and linoteum Warehousemen. I Compare our Prices. We hold the LARGEST STOCK of. !!?f!'iQ!?M BMofS!!t! j uJtUtd?M in SoLcth Wales, a GO CARS, PUSH CARS, MAIL CARTS, B!JOU CARTS, CANE CARS, AND LANDAU CARRIAGES. Compare our Prices. I TWO DEPARTMENTS WHICH APFECT YOUR HEALTH. EYESIGHT. MR. E VAN JONES you to COWELL STREET, LLANELLY, and allow him to test your sight. Very likely ? you think that yow sight is <' all right." Probably you do not know that only one person in every four has perfect sight? Have you any reason to suppose that your sight is perfect? Probably not—except pedaps the fact -that your ey@s have always done all that was required of them. Even if that is so, YOU MAY BE AN UNCONSCIOUS SUFFERER; AJDSO IT IS A QUESTION OF HEALTH IF MORE ATTENTION ? WAS GIVEN TO YOUR TEETH. ?JLJLUJ—L-L??Ji LCn ?1 -L ?T??fh ??P'? ? ??'" '-?'? ?? ? ?' A -?-i -H t1_aux eeth. With all the Latest Improvements. EXTRACTIONS: When having Arifeial Teeth, FREE. Ordinary, I s. With Anesthetics, I s. 6d. Teeth Fitted with or oJ withQ:!lt Plates. Stoppings, fI'Q!ID 2s. 6d. Advice and Estimates FREE. Easy Terms of Payment. OLD SETS remodelled and repaired. EVAN JONES,- CHEMIST, Red House, Cowell Street, Llanelly (OPPOSITE TOWN POST OFFICE). The Worst Cases Cured! TESTIMONIALS DAILY. Positive Cure for all diseases of the Kidneys, Rheumatism, Backache, Graved EVERY CASE RECEIVES MY PERSONAL ATTENTION. A PILE CURE that Never Failed. Q-M IN-STANT RELIEF. WRITE OR CALL. W. WILLIAMS, Medka! Herbatist, NEW DOCK ROAD, LLANELLY. J. JONES & SONS, LacHes and Gents' TaHors. JUST ARRIVED, Spring <& Summer Goods F/A?e Selection o/ the Latest Designs in Ladies' Costume Cloths. Also a fine range in Gents' Suiting, uiz., Scotch Tweeds, Fancy Worsteds in numerous designs. Agents for the Celebrated Aquascutm Weatherproof Coats, etc. NOTE ADDRESS:— GREENFIELD BUILDINGS, LlaneUy. For Good Notepaper and Envelopes, ajid aU I Stationely! Stationery !—A1!. deecTiptiona oi kinds of Stationery, you wiU Sad the Mer- Stationery &Qd OS&oe Bequiaite* can now be cury Of&ce to b? the most up-to-date &u"? h&d &t W. 'B. Jon<M &nd Co., 28 Market Street, cheapest. LlaaaUy. FOR Welsh Butter, Welsh Bacon and Welsh Eggs, TRY D. S. PHtLLIPS, 80, WATERLOO STREET, ILANELLY. Also every Article in the Grocery and Provision Trade of the Best Quality at Lowest Possible Prices ESTABLISHED 37 YEARS. 7266 I MISS MARY EVANS. Teacher of Music Local Representative of the London Collegf Music; SENIOR HONOURS, CEKTIFIOATED T. 0. Wishes to make known that she is prepared to Receive or Visit PUPILS for THEORY and PIANOFORTE PLAYING. Ammanford and Kidwelly visited weekly TERMS ON APPLICATION 13, Downing Street. Llanelly. Nat Telephone, No. 0151. Important to Farmers! W.H-THOMAS & CO., CORN, CAKE & MANURE MERCHANT Has all kinds of Feeding Cake and Feeding Meats in Stock at- y .A U X HAL L' STOR E 8 Inspection Invited. Lowest Prices on applicatioD ANALYSES and PURITY GUARANTEED. Farm Seeds, Oats, Barley, Clover, &o., always in stock, and sold at Cheapest Market Rate. Agents for the Noted MOLASStNE MEAL Telegrams, "Palatine," LIanelly. All Communica- tions to- VAUXHALL. STORES. LLANELLY 4188 WHY BE DOWNCAST P If you have a constant feeling of weariness. If your appetite is bad. If your head aches, and you are miserable. If you have no heart for anything. It's your liver that's troubling you. A few doses of Dr. TYE'S Dropsy, Uver and Wind Pills will give you new life and vigour, and make you feel that after all the world is a brighter place than your bilious fancy bad led you to imagine it. Have a supply in the house ALWAYS, then you will be able to tackle the bother as scon as it makes its appearance. Price, Is. 1d. and 2a. 9d. per box. From all Chemists and Stores. S. J. COLEY, 57, High Street, Stroud, Gtos. < 7429

Poultry and Egg tndustry


Border ChiJdren Dispute.

Calf Fatally Wounded.




Babies of all Nations.