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BURRY PORT. On Sunday evening last, at Bethlehem I Chapel. PwlL a very successful rehearsal was held in connection with the forthcoming .Welsh Baptist Singing Festival of the dis- trict. Mr. David Owen, Tabernacle, conduc- ted. — o— The fixture lists of the iirst and second I elevens are almost complete. The prospects for this season appear bright. -0- Burry Port has been deprived of a staunch and sincere friend by the death of Mr. John Owen, grocer, New Street, which took place on Monday • night, in his 71st year. Mr. Owen had closely identified himself with C'ongrega- tionalism all his lifetime, and his demise will be greatly felt hy a large circle of friends. Mr. Owen was born at. Morriston on August 3rd, 1839. Shortly afterwards his parents re- moved to Burry Port, where the deceased eentleman lived for the greater part of his life, and laboured ungrudgingly in the in- terests of his fellow townspeople. He had re- I presented this district on the Llanelly Board of Guardians for the last ten years, havi ng I been returned unopposed each time. The de- ceased was prominently connected with Jeru- salem Chapel, having been a member for the last sixty years. He had fulfilled the office of deacon for the last 35 years, and had also been choirmaster foT the lust thirty years, during which time he worked hard ar)1 conducted several high-class oratorios, which were performed by the chapel choir with un qualified success. He entered the grocery trade thirty years ago, and proved himself to be a successful business man, wi-tli much tact I and ability. The members of Jerusalem. Chapel will greatly miss Mr. Owen, as he was one of the foremost workers for the cause in that church. He was of a very generous dis- position, and every charitable object ionolm him, a zealous friend and liberal supi' The funeral will take place to-morrow (Fri- day) at 4 o'clock; interment at .IF)"}" Chapel Cemetery. We tender our hewitFeit sypmathy to the bereaved widow in her s<-t- row. Now is the' time for Spectacles. Can you read this without straining the eyes in some way? If you can't, you must have Spectacles. John Walters, Chemist, Optician. &c. opposite the Station, has a special room for testing the eyes. Watch the children how they read. -o A public meeting of ratepayers was 1. e 1 d en Thursday evening last at the Council Schools 1 to consider the question of improving the condition of the playground, which is in a deplorable state. The Rev. John Rogers, thi chairman of the school managers, presided, and was "supported by the Rev. J. H..Roes, rl' J. H. Williams, Messrs. Arthur Morgan, W. V. Jones, W. Howell, John Leyshon. and others. Mr. W. R. "Levshon. the Klerk, was also present. Alette.'v'.as ).e.id f;'cm 'ie County Education Authority, and also the estimates for the different classes of work, but the committee' recommended that the oiav- ground be tar paved, which would probaoly The Chairman explained that if this work were carried out it would be necessary to con- sent to a half-penny rate per annum for a period of ten years. The Urban District of Burry Port were liable for three-fourths or the cost and the County Education Authority for one-fourth. The matter had been care- fully discussed by the managers, and they were of opinion that of the several schemes suggested, tar jpaving would undoubtedly be the best, and they also recommended that the latepayers adopt their recommendation. It would be the cheapest in the long run, and to be in order he proposed that, the work be carried out. Rev. J. H. Roes' seconded. Dr. J. H. Wilbams asked v!r- tV oi tri-t were called -upon, to Tle, the cost. Continuing, he said: I tnice it that it is the dutv of the. Erireatron Authi\1;,Y to keep and Dv:int.rn the schools. Rev. J. H. R-?e<: Ar-cor^ng to the Hon Act of 1902 one-fourth of the c?st of building new schools is to be b?rue by ib" < -onntv Council, and three-fourths by the District :n which the SdlOOJ ie built. Mr. D. J. Lewis: Quite so: but U.c County Council has a maintenance Fund, and I '-erta?nly think it is their duty to keep and niaintain playgrounds. Dr. J. H. Williams: These playgrounds have never been put in order since the schools were built. Mr. G. P. Lewis: These schools were not built, under the Act of 1902. When these schools were built the yards were covered with ash.es, which were completely nlShed away by the heavy rains. f After h lengthy deliberation it was decided to carry out the rec-onunendatiou of the com- mittee. Arnold's Reduced Puces. Hour d-own again —2s. 8d. ner -score: Large Crystals. 2,U1: Cranu- lated, 2?d.: Best Lump. 2d.: 2 Ih. Pot Mixed Fruit Jams for 4(L and 2 lb. Pot Raspl?rry and Sn'awh?rjy for 8d.—Ar:.o)d's Stores. 762?




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